Humans are Waking Up: For First Time in Recorded History, Schumann Resonance Jumping to 36+

by sagittariuscraig

On 1/31/2017, for the first time in recorded history, the Schumann Resonance has reached frequencies of 36+.

This is a big deal. In 2014, it was considered anomalous for the frequency to have risen from it’s usual 7.83 frequency to somewhere in the 15-25 levels.

Here is what it looked like in 2014:

And an article discussing how strange this was back in 2014:

Now it is spiking at well over 30 for the past two days.


Site where this info is from (where you can track in real time):

Then click on “Schumann resonance” on the left. The site needs to be translated.

According to Wikipedia (, the Schumann Resonance “are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.”

It has long been suspected that human consciousness can impact the magnetic field and create disturbances in it, particularly during moments of high anxiety, tension and passion:

According to the above article, “As human beings we have extraordinary potentials we have hardly begun to study much less understand. Creative gifts, intuitions, and talents that are unpredictable or emergent may become stabilized in generations to come. Hopefully, we can learn to understand both our emergence from an essentially electromagnetic environment and facilitate our potential for healing, growth and non-local communication.”

Many have been reporting the feeling that time has been speeding up. Could the increased frequencies have something to do with this?

People on YouTube are actively discussing these anomalies:

For more info on global consciousness and the “science of interconnectivity,” here’s another good resource:

It includes a link to the Global Consciousness Project (, which seems to correlate to the increase in the electromagnetic frequencies in the past 48 hours.

As the previously cited article ( states:

“For many years this resonance frequency has hovered at a steady 7.83 Hz with only slight variations. In June 2014 that apparently changed. Monitors at the Russian Space Observing System showed a sudden spike in activity to around 8.5 Hz. Since then, they have recorded days where the Schumann accelerated as fast as 16.5 Hz. (The graph is usually blue with some green, and no white.) At first they thought their equipment was malfunctioning, but later learned the data was accurate. Everyone was asking, what’s causing this intermittent spiking activity?”

“Is the Earth’s frequency speeding up? Since the Schumann frequency is said to be “in tune” with the human brain’s alpha and theta states, this acceleration may be why it often feels like time has sped up and events and changes in our life are happening more rapidly.”

“These emerging resonances are naturally correlated to human brainwave activity. So this means, we are changing. Many years ago I was trained in EEG Neurofeedback, so I looked at what these accelerated frequencies might be telling us about human evolutionary change. A 7.83 Hz frequency is an alpha/theta state. Relaxed, yet dreamy—sort of a neutral idling state waiting for something to happen. A 8.5 – 16.5 Hz frequency moves one out of the theta range into more of a full calmer alpha state with faster more alert beta frequencies starting to appear. (This correlates with slowly waking up cognitively). Since the Schumann Resonance has had sudden spikes between 12 – 16.5 Hz (see pic’s white areas), I found this even more interesting. In Neurofeedback, 12-15 Hz is called Sensory-Motor Rhythm frequency (SMR). It is an ideal state of “awakened calm.” Our thought processes are clearer and more focused, yet we are still “in the flow” or “in the know.” In other words, Mother Earth is shifting her vibrational frequency and perhaps so are we. This may be one of many signs that we are AWAKENING.”

“Scientist’s report that the Earth’s magnetic field, which can affect the Schumann Resonance, has been slowly weakening for the past 2,000 years and even more so in the last few years. No one really knows why. I was told by a wise old sage from India that the magnetic field of Earth was put in place by the Ancient Ones to block our primordial memories of our true heritage. This was so that souls could learn from the experience of free-will unhampered by memories of the past. He claimed that the magnetic field changes are now loosening those memory blocks and we are raising our consciousness to greater truth. The veil is lifting. The blinders are coming off. If true, it raises even more intriguing questions.”

“Whatever is happening, it’s clear that this acceleration may make you feel more tired, exhausted, dizzy, depressed, and even strange as you raise your own frequencies to be more “in tune” with the New Earth. Adaptation is not always an easy process, but keep in mind it’s all part of your own unique AWAKENING.”

What are your thoughts on what will happen if we maintain spikes of 30+?

2/2/17 update: we are now in our 3rd straight day of 30+ resonance, and it seems like it is getting more constant / stronger!




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  1. While its great to see articles like this that speculate on a relationship between the Tesla Resonances (thanks Perlito for pointing that he deserves the real credit for this) and a “collective conscious” the speculations here seem a bit off. The Tesla Resonances are created by electrical activity such as lightning and have a fundamental harmonic at 7.8 HZ, this one has always shown the highest levels, the integer multiple harmonics at higher frequencies 14.3, 20.8, 27.3, and 33.8 have always been lower historically. Now, it is argued that what we are seeing at 36 is a Tesla Resonance harmonic…so it is both much higher than expected in amplitude and the frequency has shifted – essentially a different signal entirely. The frequency of 36 HZ corresponds to human alpha brainwaves – these are thought to be associated with waking, higher levels of mental activity such as problem solving. The question is, why does this have to have anything to do with the Tesla Resonances?…this could be brainwave synchronization among millions of humans coming in to sync. My theory is that the internet has resulted in mass brainwave synchronization at ELF frequencies…there is much much more to this story (much of it is negative and most people don’t want to talk about it) that I can say but in regards to this article that is where I am at as of today.

  2. In 1900,the freq of the earth is 8hz according to Tesla. It was ‘redicovered’ by Schumann in the 50’s. If the Schuman freq is increasing and causing havoc to our mind (e.g.stress, etc), could we not have a device that will produce the 7.83hz if the shuman freq increases? Are w supposed to stick to 7.83hz even if the natural freq shifts?This is an interesting experiment!

    • [PFC 0317] Aaron – Ok, this about The Event. Is the Schumann resonance a useful indicator of our progress and readiness for The Event?
      COBRA – No. (OK)
      Lynn – Is there an increase or decrease in the Schumann resonance within the last 100 years?
      COBRA – The basic Schumann resonance stays the same but there, I would say quite drastic oscillations happening lately.
      Lynn – Is the fluctuation a positive thing or a negative thing?
      COBRA – It is simply an indication that something quite intense is happening in the plasma and it can be both. What is happening very lately is a positive thing because the light forces are clearing the negative plasma. [PFC 0317]

      The guy Gregg Braden in Awakening to Zero point. He says when the earth’s reaches A RESONANCE frequency of 36 cycles per second, that’s when we reach zero point – the collapse of the space time continuum and the knoll zone which also collapses. Some reports say that the earth’s resonance frequency is 16. If that’s true, we may be having . . . if he’s correct then . . . that would be that the ET’s are holding off. Can you talk about . . What is the correct resonance frequency right now?

      COBRA – OK. There is a lot of misinformation among new age circles about the Schumann resonance frequency. Actually, there are multiple Schumann resonance frequencies. The main one is about 8 Hz. That has remained the same. That has not changed.—ref rp0415

      Rob – OK. Good. Can you comment on the Schumann resonance? Is it coming down, or whatever? Can you comment on that?

      COBRA – There has been a lot of claims about the Schumann resonance. Schumann resonance is not just one frequency. It’s a series of frequencies which is actually describing the resonance frequencies of the ionosphere. It is not changing. It is simply that there are certain pique key frequencies that excites the ionosphere. This has been theoretically proposed by Dr. Schumann in the 50s and has been actually measured much later. And it is not connected directly with consciousness in the way people understand, but yes there is a certain. . . one of the main of those frequencies is resonant with the frequency of the human heart – that is true. But this also has some cosmic meaning because there are other galactic resonance frequencies and Schumann resonance frequencies are synchronized with the galactic frequencies on a certain level. —ref rp0814

  3. I find it quite inetersting to realize, as a former musician, piano tuner, rocket scientist and solar physicist, that the 36 cps frequency is the second octave above the basic alpha frequency of 9 cps to which the article refers as the EEG frequency of the human brain in it’s alert state.

  4. Why did this show up in my Facebook feed?! Sounds like you’ve been doing more than coming up with conspiracy theories hahahahaha!

  5. So many tiny pieces of information all scattered in the replies. Each perspective has something to do with the full picture.

    The EARTH is doing this. The nickname for the Shumann Frequency is the “heart beat of Gaia”. Her ascension is the litteral physical moving up in that beat to a higher frequency.

    Humanity incarnated on Earth… to go WITH Earth on this ride up in frequencies to change many, many things that have repeated in the past, like a stuck record. Many humans have assisted in this process yet many more have desisted. So it is the ole’ tug-of-war.

    But no matter what, this Earth Ascension is happening and on tract. By May 2017, the Shumann Resonance will be very high and staying there. This is the catalist behind so many people today, acting, acting out and some going crazy. I was given a image in my mind about this earlier today and it is very much like when you boil water, that ‘rolling part’ before the bubbles.

    Human bodies are electrical in nature, thus we feel it. We feel lightening should we be standing close, and too close it can fry us. Many of our aches and pains, headaches and anxieties can be related to the pulsations moving through Earth from above and below. Rest, water, rest… repeat!

    Just look at humanity now. Many are making great stides with creative and new ideas, others are polarized arguing about presidents and policies to no end, and others are hiding out, feeling scared and anxious. And really much more than that. This is the chaos time, just be strong.

    To ride this through, stay in personal peace. If you move out of it, move back in as soon as you can.

    Peace Everyone! This will be an amazing year! Thank you for this post!

  6. Here’s a view from HeartMath, offering a way to live through this change of Schumann Resonance.
    The energy that created your life is the energy that can heal your life:

  7. Perspective governs vision….. Those with good perspective will see better things.. And those folks blessed with a prospective of lesser attributes Will find more of the same… It is a heightening of ones awareness… But it’s still up to you as an individual as to how you respond to your visions… If you Love the world in the world Will love you back… So…. If you were good at it before, then you should be better at it now…… And if your energy is slanted in the other direction perhaps it might become obvious that it’s time to change one’s perspective….. You do have that ability…….

  8. At 05.08 Gregg Braden begins to talk about the Schumann Resonance.
    At the end of this short video, Gregg suggests how to live through this change
    in the heartbeat of planet Earth and its effect on our physical body-cells.
    Protection in a material way is a choice made by physical survival instincts.
    Protection in a spiritual way is a choice that transcends the fear of those instincts.
    They don’t necessarily exclude each other though, to be clear.

  9. I have been experiencing a tingling type of swirling sensation in my body for months now. It is at it’s worst when I am trying to sleep. It’s like restless leg syndrome of the whole body. And I have to move with the energy or its super uncomfortable. Has anyone experienced this and could is be related to the awakening/ascension/shift many are talking about?

    • I have also, but it’s probably because of high blood pressure or it could be panic attacks. I’m not exactly sure, but I doubt it has anything to do with this.

    • I can relate to what you’re describing, Catherine. In 2013 I’ve had a couple of months with all of my body cells vibrating, at least that’s how it felt like. It wasn’t restricting my move through my days in relative comfort, it was a strong presence of vibration all the time and I was attending a training with lots of energy-work.

      I’ve found reports of other people, in the virtual world with discussions and comments, calling it a “firing” of their body cells, a form of release or a detox, sort of. At that time I was physical active much, with walking and cycling.

      It’s something I do and need much, to feel okay and fit. My physical body has at this moment also a very strong urge to move, move, move. Dance and jump, stretch and bend, martial artlike moves too.
      Tough physical excersize does wonders of good to me and calms my mind, at the moment. Being mad and wild too, within the safe atmosphere of my own living room, with a large space in the middle. I’m not sure if this is related to the Ascension process, it probably is. I try to treat it in a way that satisfies this need to move
      and where it will end I’m sure it’s a good place 😉

    • After going thru the restless legs sydrome from 2015 to last year i now have difficulty sleeping. Nothing much has changed in the past year in my life so i must face the fact that this increase of Earth activity must be having an effect in me. Am going back to meditation to gelp me sail thru these times in peace and acceptance.

  10. If any of you study physics it’ll completely destroy this head trip you’re taking – so I advise against it. Also you’ll want to avoid any understanding of resonance and how to read charts.

    • there are some things that defy our current (limited) understanding of physics. the schumann resonance however is not one of them.

    • Not if you study the Unified Field Physics of Nassim Haramein. A good starting place is the film about his work and our holographi interconnected universe, directed by Canadian Malcom Carter:

  11. In the nose cone of change is the destroyer aspect whose function is to break up the old, crystallized forms. This is essential in order to allow the new growth on all levels.

    • Very well said, Jeanne Richeson. This, to me, is the Kali energy,
      the quality to destroy that what doesn’t serve life. The courage
      to make use of that quality is quite a rare treasure, specially for
      women. By their natural instincts, they want to care and nurture.
      Create….. life. Grow flowers, vegetables, cook and feed their children.

      Destruction seems contrary to those instincts and the urge to create.
      But when we look at the hormonal cycle of women, going through
      their monthly period, each time a little egg-life essence is dying
      and returned to planet Earth. That’s a destruction that is part of natural laws.

      And what about the sperm of living beings, flowing without creating life?
      The mediator present in that destructive Kali energy is proper tough love,
      void of sentiments. It’s how I perceive it, also in this way that it’s not a
      masculine quality, although it seems to be just that. It’s including the heart
      and feelings to the full, but thoroughly spiced with wisdom.

  12. First to mind; Things are not always what they seem to be or more accurately what you perceive of them.”

    Life is so theoretically speculative from every which point of view that it makes it absolutely hidden right before our eyes.

    I bet everyone that reads this and even the more than those few,

    that you know more than you think you do and probably dont even have to think about anything to have what you want need are have whatever.

    I am twisted from every which angle and remain completely stumped to all and everything. I wonder of those whom can relate to any of that and if you did then, god bless and good fortune.

  13. I have to say, I can actually feel the increase in waves and it feels wonderful. I’ve never felt better in my life; such peace. Things are manifesting rapidly for me and prosperity and abundance are endless.

  14. “Eu só sei que nada sei” … “A Consciência da nossa total ignorância, é o princípio da sabedoria” ….

  15. The creator has come down to earth to meet you, His creation !
    This news will break very soon.
    (Remember Him as a point of white light, shining in a sky that is red in colour at 4 a.m. for 14 days. Remain celibate, don’t eat flesh and you will get response from Him.)
    Om shanti.

    • Vijoy Jha, the view that is held by most religious institutes, manmade, is that God is separate from human beings. And that HIS way overrules ours. That’s a misconception to me and a deliberate attempt to keep humanity running like foxhounds after a rabbit tail, round and round until exhaustion sets in.

      How in life’s name are we supposed to live in freedom when working hard to earn our Heaven is key?

      I don’t believe that all texts in the Bible are fairy tales, but much of their interpretation has moved to serve the fixed dogmatic stance in many churchfathers. To me, it’s us human beings finally arriving at a point in time where we can embody our soul fully, the shining armour of our true being as creators.

  16. The shuman resonance is very real, and it is what keeps us grounded sane and conscious. Astronauts have to replicate that resonance in order to stay in space for extended periods of time, otherwise they lose all memorieand go into a type of psychosis of fear and paranoia. HAARP is in my opinion the force that has been manipulating it for some time to bring us to a space of fear and survival which brings out our worst qualities and separates us from our humanity. Whether these statistics are right I do not know. I know that the electromagnetic field around the earth has been weakening and from environmental manipulation from haarp and cern. Both very real and scary things in the wrong hands

  17. It is sad when people are just publishing some pictures with no real data and making claims that are not true. Not to say awakening is not happening – but there are no data here that show actual change of Schumann resonance (or Earth heartbeat for that matter).
    It all sounded just a little bit too grandiose to be true and scientifically grounded. So I clicked on some links that were mentioned in the article (including the Russian one thats used as a proof – I do read Russian – and there is no out of normal data in those observations I can assure you)
    The article as written literally reprints the other article (by a different author) from 2014 (which did in fact report temporary out of ordinary spikes in frequencies that in fact could have very well be associated with solar flare activity)
    Check the original article reprinted discussing strange anomaly back in 2014:
    And here is the link to the original image from 2014 – that indeed reported short term anomaly in data in that time period
    Very different from the picture in the title, isn’t it? Because the picture in the title just shows normal fluctuations.

    • The chart moves daily so unless you went to the site on January 31, 2017, you and most everyone missed what the chart ws showing. I went and it was mind blowing! I could not get a screen shot and so that is just what happens. So no “true picture” is no fault of the posters… unless they had some type of capture ability to get that nearly white chart! This is very real and we will see the spike again and again, until it stays high by May of this year.

  18. The schuman resonance frequency is the frequency with which EM waves from lighting discharging bounce around between the earth, & the ionosphere. This space is known as the “Schuman Resonance Cavity.” The frequency is the average rate of human brainwaves, & all life on Earth’s surface evolved under these conditions. The reason the frequency is CHANGING is because humans have been blasting giant holes in the ionosphere, which then close, and increase the physical SPACE of the Schumann Resonance Cavity. The Schumann Frequency CHANGING, doesn’t have anything to do with humans THINKING differently, it has to do with himans blasting giant holes in the ionosphere. It is NOT some indication that humans are “waking up,” or some other such nonsense, it means that humans who suffer from fatal myopia have made another decision to tamper with things they don’t understand. This is NOT a good thing, it’s a frightening thing.

  19. Arent high brainwaves like 36 indicating anxiety and fear? Thats what brainwave charts say. And it would make sense at this time. Can anyone help me understand why 36 is good?

  20. OK…please can anyone give an explanation of what all this is? I have never heard of Schumann Resonance. Please if possible a simple(if possible) explanation of what this is.

    • The schuman resonance frequency is the frequency with which EM waves from lighting discharging bounce around between the earth, & the ionosphere. This space is known as the “Schuman Resonance Cavity.” The frequency is the average rate of human brainwaves, & all life on Earth’s surface evolved under these conditions. The reason the frequency is CHANGING is because humans have been blasting giant holes in the ionosphere, which then close, and increase the physical SPACE of the Schumann Resonance Cavity. The Schumann Frequency CHANGING, doesn’t have anything to do with humans THINKING differently, it has to do with himans blasting giant holes in the ionosphere. It is NOT some indication that humans are “waking up,” or some other such nonsense, it means that humans who suffer from fatal myopia have made another decision to tamper with things they don’t understand. This is NOT a good thing, it’s a frightening thing.

      • I believe, Shaun, that history isn’t repeating itself regarding physical conditions connected to a magnetic polar flip. Destruction of living beings is related to its level of consciousness and at this time on planet Earth, consciousness has begun to flower, gradually. Against all odds perhaps.

        The Schumann Resonance rising is part of a natural process and at the number of 36 human consciousness will resonate with that “pitch” and wake up fully, at least, those who choose to be part of it and start the ascension process.

        The fact that the Schumann Resonance has risen from 7,83, the level of physical conditions in comfort on planet Earth, for human beings, has shown us how much countries’ populations begin to stand up against their governments. Look at the disclosure of lies, in the medical industry, the banking system, the collapse of a religion, with many members walking out, I mean the Roman Catholic Church. The awakening is in process, we’re all swimming in the river of change.

        Some try to hang on to the bank, for safety, restricting their progress in a lack of trust. “Oh, let’s hang on to wellknown concepts and our inflatable comfortable chair!” Others flow in the middle of the river in fast forward mode, relaxed, in surrender to that flowing force of change. With eyes wide open, alert and at ease at the same time. We are that change as much as we are changed.

  21. We still have a lot of work , ahead of us.. the ones that will not awake are encased in so much negativity and are already caysing problems for loved ones / friends and family..
    People’s masks are being revealed and the Truth is being sought and revealed..
    Bug things are happening this 2017… you make it through this year. . Hold on tight for 2018..
    Spirit Healing find me on Facebook

  22. It is not Schuman frequency, it’s taos hum; someone is fucking with ionosphere, maybe weather control, etc.

    • They are manipulated by Soros , identical to the Ukrainian fake upraising. Is that higher consciousness?Plenty of news sources show who does it and how, yet sheep are sheep. So much for change…!

      • Soros? Muahhhahhahahhahahahhah. Only the sources of this corrupt gov, wich we need to stop from abusing this nation, say that. Nobody else. The governing coalition is using the same obsolete last cenutry obsolete propaganda hoping that Romanians don’t read history. Well, nice try, but we do and now we can be influenced only by FB and Twitter. The Schuman Resonance is going up because Earth needs to flush out soon dangerous organisms like them and you. We will all see it soon!

      • There is no manipulation. We are fighting a sick fear-based government who still believes they have the power over the people. Well, it was just the illusion of power because the real power stands within people’s hearts. Romanians “fight” with their hearts, fight the bad with goodness and kindness, this is why there is such an overwhelming happy and peaceful atmosphere at the manifestations. I’ve been there, so believe me for it’s true. This event in Romania has spiked the human collective consciousness way above the bar, without any doubt! And the Schumann resonance measurements show it.

  23. It would be nice! But there is a lot of pain. I’m sorry my beloved angels. Yes we must be prepared for a change, but our love and energy will be taxed, heavily. Freedom has a price. More than ever we must pull together. The frequency is far too high.


  24. Yes, dear Edward , the ancient sage from India said all the truth in love of all beings of mother Gaia and like newly wed bride as New Gaia, New Sophia, Nova Earth opened her heart for all of us to be with her in the journey and we are with her knowingly or unknowingly, that is the love of the Mother.Thank you so much. Victory of the light , love and peace forever more. Namastey

  25. Well, we don’t actually know what the data means…..does the Earth resonate independently of humanity or because of humanity? Things are changing that’s for sure. I am feeling it, but what interpretation I would put on it is up for deep contemplation. Ma Gaia may be getting ready to jettison us all, or we may be getting ready to get on board. Personally I’m not holding my breath for the latter. Is this what happened prior to the 11,600 BCE (or there abouts) cataclysms? Great article. Thanks!

    • Hahahaaaaah! Good one!

      Yes, this article fails to go into the science behind this idea. But its absolutely out there. Solar-induced DMT state, human behavior, and more. Check out this article by Biophysicist Dieter Broers…

  26. Very excited for all of this and to be here on Earth to witness the birth of a new age. Birth is a painful event, albeit exciting! Love or hate Trump- matters not… this maniac is doing exactly what I have been telling friends and family he would… he is shaking the establishment! I don’t agree with 90% of who he is, but what I do get excited about is the fact that his crazy unpredictable NON-PC way of going about things has shaken those who have been content to sit idley by because it was “just comfortable enough” to now finally get involved. Life is to be lived, life is MOVEMENT, life is change and we are changing!! Yes – hatefulness and prejudices are coming out of the wood work… these are not new things, it’s just that they are now being brought to the surface in a more prevalent way. If you have ever initiated a detox regime for your body, then you will understand, all of the toxics are brought to the surface, hidden deep within, is very nessasry in order to be purged and eliminated from our body. It’s time now for a worldwide detox… and it’s not always pleasant, but the end result is very much worth it!

  27. I think that as Mother Earth travels through the galaxy, there will be a major purge. This is partially how the New Earth will be created. The folks who are not aligned with this new frequency of love and freedom will be checking off the planet. You know, bluntly put, dying. They have not prepared their minds and body for this kind of frequency, it going to be a PURGE. Yes like the movie, but Mother Earth will be doing the house cleaning herself. Stay positive folks! Keep it light. This ain’t over yet. I see a thousand years of peace coming!!! 😃☀️🌈

  28. Amazing how “awakened” individuals huff and puff like the big bad wolf. My love to all of you, including the huffers and the puffers.

  29. Hmmmmmmmmmm… Didn’t see spontaneous evolution in 2012, Nibiru has been due to arrive at least 3 times since then but never showed up, and I’m getting very impatient with humanity to wake up to the political and physical documented conspiracy facts let alone wake up to the spiritual sides of reality. I hope this is actually happening but it seems most people are followers and are happy to be led by leaders who don’t want what’s best for all of us.
    I wasn’t so upset that people voted for Trump, what upset me was that people really believed that Trump and Hillary was the best such a huge country with millions of people could do.
    Humans have a looooooong way to go in waking up.

  30. Chronicles 7:14 ” …. and I will HEAL their land” – whatever the earth is going through the hand of God is behind it so it has to end just fine.

  31. No-one FREES us. We break our own bonds. We are the divine masculine/feminine One. We are unconditional love and we are beginning to become conscious of this great truth.

  32. Reposting this since no one seems to be responding to my query.

    “Could someone confirm with a source that the electromagnetic spectrogram shows a 30+ frequency. As I was told the frequency is ranging up and down within the range of 7.5-8.5 like it always have. I would like to hear an expert (scientist) opinion on this.”

    Please dont say check the link. I’m not a scientist so I have no idea how to read a spectrogram.


      • i was not clear about the increased heartrate of EARTHMOTHER. it appears to me that THAT is her response to the decreasing magnetic field in and around her. , NOT the other way around.

        and……as the magnetic field weakens, we begin to absorb MORE LIGHT gamma rays from the GREAT CENTRAL SUN… it is possible that THIS INFLUX OF LIGHT is triggering the population with extreme negative orientation to go INSANE,…DEMENTED, CuKOOO……

        hehhh…..(they, the cuckoo heads including all ETs who messed up our earthwomen and children also have been initially infected with light, with all their rapings and eating human flesh, these earthwomen et al.,, carry lightcodes in their DNAs,….. they did not see that coming…!) ….that their lighbodies are also coming on-line……..,oooooooohhhh….THAT is PAINFUL.
        I think our lightbodies are being activated one stage at a time………………………………………….
        I’m really really getting impatient.

        I THANK YOU ,

  33. Making Mankind Whole Again!..This IS the event humanity has been waiting for 11,800 years!Enjoy it! Love it…Tell your friends!..Shout it out from the mountaintops!..We are FREE at last!

  34. I have a had sore muscles and joints for years, but the past couple weeks the pain has been unbearable. At times I feel cramps through out my body that I can only describe as labor pains. I am learning that I am an empath and to love myself so that I may love others. I think it is from this Schuman and the unrest in the U.S. We are indeed waking up. It is exciting, but scary. Kind of like childbirth.

    • For 26 years, I went thru these massive changes without any problem.Just some transitory headaches here and there. Then, about 2 years ago, my IMMUNE system began to unravel. This, I believe was brought about by my cellular mutation. Our DNAs have been mutating furiously perhaps waking up and putting together the introns (those junk, cut-up things around our DNAs….. thanks to all the solar radiation and coronal mass ejections of light rays above the visible light.. This condition, immune dysfunction… created for me a galloping PSORAIASIS . It is the mother of all human diseases,….in other words,…the breakdown of the immune system will FIRST be marked by .psoriasis-like skin disease syndrome. Then,…about 5 months ago, I got hit with systemic BLASTOMYCOSIS………..a fungal infection brought about by my beat-up IMMUNE system. I live in the ocean side of the tropical pacific. NO doctor, NO drugs, NO hospital. No nothing. I have to self-diagnose and order antifungal drugs from the local pharmacy,… which my doctor relatives in Manila , look down at. Then… I heard that SPIRIT has left an option of killing us off thru impairing the immune system. Huhhh…… but,….I am under the service of SPIRIT. I don’t control anything. I’m ready to whatever.

      By the way………FYI………..the first stage of LIGHTBODY activation for all humans was done last month. My body started to emit light, like a lightbulb. It lasted for maybe less than a minute, twice. I think we will undergo 3 stages of activation………..then, ..we’re home (that is, if my Spirit allows me) 🙂

  35. I am so grateful to finally see the chang coming. Fill your hearts with everything from compassion to unconditional love. All will be as it should be for our highest and best.

  36. Fascinating. The Ra material says the same. That every 75,000 years like clockwork, the Earth moves into the next vibration, in this case moving from third density to 4th density, or the density of love. We have to raise our by vibration to match.

  37. Noticing the categories below also. Great site! Yes, Ascension is happening. “We’re all going Home together and it’s going to be wonderful” (Doctor Mackimmie, author of “Presence of Angels” )

  38. These three days of “peaks” coincide with the 2017 Avatar Wizard Course in Daytona Beach, FL that began its annual 13 day consciousness elevating/exploring cours on Jan. 31, 2016. It concludes on Feb. 12 at 5 p.m. EST.

  39. This explains a lot about what many have been experiencing. While it’s interesting to contemplate or realize the changes in our experience with which these changes coincide, it is a little disconcerting to me thinking about what kind of changes in experience the earth is going through at these new frequencies.
    If 7.83 was formerly described as the earth’s “heartbeat” then it seems the earth must be “waking up” as well.
    What does this reduction in the elf magnetic field do to our planet, and in turn to us?
    Is this quickening of the heartbeat a sign of distress, adrenaline, or fear? If the resonance is truly linked to living consciousness, then based on current perceptions, at least locally, that would seem likely.
    We know that stress causes disease in people. What will continual spikes of this nature do to the planet?
    Also, if 7.83 is the frequency is ohm, which many relate to the sound of creation and manifestation, what is the nature of this new sound and related phenomena? I know that beta states encourage activity and excitement, which might (or might not) be a good thing for human consciousness but do we want the earth itself getting, well, too excited??
    Very interesting times for sure!

    • Dear Amanda,… THIS IS WHAT I KNOW ABOUT YOUR QUESTIONS… it is a point of view, not presented as truth with a capital T. I have seen the new Earth thru astral travel, and the rest, in my meditations.
      ..The whole 3rd Dimension is going to metamorphose from CARBON to Crystalline. It means that when we are done,….there will be NO more 3D Matrix. and we will have become crystalline beings, inside the upper 4th dimension. This is called the era of 1000 years of PEACE AND PROSPERITY. The GOLDEN AGE. I don’t know when this will happen, but within your lifetime.
      How is this transition going to happen…? Earth Mother has a lightbody , just like all of us humans have, ready to be activated by those beings in charge of this EVENT.We call them the ASCENSION SPECIALISTS, an aspect of PRIME CREATOR. We will undergo what is called a 3DAY DARKNESS where we will basically go on stasis and our SPIRIT will activate our lightbodies. The initial signs to look for will be…1….the Earth will put on her brakes , slow down her spin and come into a complete stand-still. This will be marked by earthquakes and roiling and shaking of earth. 2…the electromagnetics that is keeping us inside the matrix will dissolve…marked by Earthmother;s heartrate going up (schumann) It will release us from the grip of the Matrix. All the negative energy blockages will release (without this magnetic glue) 3. the sun will dim and eventually be blotted out. They said this light coming from the GREAT CENTRAL SUN…THRU OUR PHYSICAL SUN is so intense, so compacted ,so dense that our sight will not work…it will appear very DARK .The energy of this Event is that of DELIGHT, JOY, GRATITUDE, UNCONDITIONal LOVE. THIS IS WHAT WE ALL HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. don’t go into fear.
      When we come out of this, we will NO LONGER be HUMAN. We will have become LIGHT, a library of living light…all the knowledge we gathered from all our incarnational lives are inside our lightbodies . We will NOT eat flesh anymore, our metabolism will have been changed. We will have control of our bodies and you can reprogram it as you wish. We become impervious to old age, decrepitude , diseases and death…..and Earth Mother will have become a beautiful crystal ball , softly emitting light.

  40. This resonates with me…..back in 2010 I was shown my path choice and my memories brought back to me with the veil being lifted after nearly 50 years
    During that time I channeled many messages and at the time many didn’t make sense
    I was told to be patient and the signs that the work needed to be started would be shown
    Recently I read over these channelings and found that the signs had appeared
    I called a circle together for the first time 3 days ago and started my work
    Many light workers have been called to do the same
    Amidst all the hatred and division that is happening around us we can choose (free will) to stand united
    It is through trauma and disaster that we can find again our faith and compassion

  41. Still, don’t look outside yourself for redemption or a saviour, ascending is one thing, I don’t think it comes without birth pain, and those who are of a low vibration are going to find the going tough. There will be difficulties ahead for all of us.

  42. Is there any way to know what the Schumann Resonance measurement has been going back decades, centuries, and millenia? Is there research, evidence, and/or studies on this specifically anyone could point me to? Thank you.

  43. You guys stole my post from Reddit verbatim? #NotCool

    • Great post, Craig.
      Thanks for the intro to this phenomenon, first time I am hearing about it… yet live my live (I hope) by constantly trying to raise my consciousness and helping others raise theirs with joy, truth and love.
      This ties in well with a breakthrough I’ve felt in the last few days!
      Man, as if the future wasn’t exciting enough already!
      Good times ahead 🙂 Thanks again.
      Ps. If nothing else this site did route me to your post on Reddit, so I’m thankful for that.

  44. I have to say that I was surprised to see this, what with all the insanity in the US right now. Almost half it’s populace elected a narcissistic, megalomaniac to be in charge of the country and it peoples well being. It appears that many wars will result from this new dictatorship. I have witnessed more hate, anger and attacks on social media than ever before. Suddenly it appears that there are more “closed minded” or unenlightened people than it ever seemed before.
    Somehow this reality and the rising of the Schumann Resonance don’t seem to jive with each other, or what is being said the rise means.
    Personally I have been utterly depressed, terrified and unable to get motivated toward anything for a couple weeks now.

    Anyone want to take a shot at making this all make sense???

    • Dear Lou, do not despair, all is going according to the Divine Plan: (Timothy 3:1-5) “But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people. (Jude 1:18-19) “In the last time there will be scoffers, following their own ungodly passions. It is these who cause divisions, worldly people, devoid of the Spirit.” (Matthew 24:10-12) “And then many will fall away and betray one another and hate one another. And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray. And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.” (Matthew 24:21-22) “For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, and never will be. And if those days had not been cut short, no human being would be saved. But for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short.” (Matthew 13:49) “That is the way it will be at the end of the world. The angels will come and separate the wicked people from the righteous”

    • OR it is a time of great awakening no matter what side of the political spectrum you are on. YOU say that Trump is a dictator – I disagree. My reading of geopolitics going back 40 years tells me that we (the US) and the world at large have a chance to now overthrow the globalist dictatorship of the New World Order instituted by the financial banking elite. Theirs is an anti-human agenda of eugenics and depopulation. Trump is aware of this and against this (check out his vaccine stance – vaccines are the biggest fraud in medical history and part of the plan). This stirring up will cause great anguish in some but it will help them to re-evaluate their complacency and grow! Many of these anti-Trump protesters are ruled by emotion and woefully unable to even articulate their thoughts – led by the mainstream media. Trump is not perfect by any means but he is a catalyst for many good things. You will see this unfold.

      • Oh and here we go… Trumpain troll go troll your fake truth somewhere else. Yarn so bored of ignorant people put out there propaganda.

      • Thank You, HappyHolistic, for speaking the Truth that so many of us agree with. We know that there is a lot of ignorance out there, as well as greed among those who would sell their souls and surrender their integrity for money and a false sense of worldly power.

      • Uh, happyholistic.i strongly disagree with your statement about people being unable to articulate when it comes to their thoughts on Trump.ive posted intelligent statements in opposition to Trump and am appalled by the insulting,usually sexual replies. I fail to see enlightenment in racist, fear based imperialism.

    • Lou, this is a number 1 year; meaning the end of the old cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. It’s a big deal. This may sound strange but we almost needed a trump to uncover our dirty underbelly so that we could finally see what is really going on in this country and the world. We never would have gotten here with Hillary or Sanders. This administration is going to show us just how terribly manipulated the American people are, how racist, etc. etc. etc. We probably would not have gotten here without this dichotomy. Humans don’t like change even when it’s in our face we end to deny it. We cannot deny what holds us back now that it is in our face. This craziness will bring us together. It may take several years, around 6, before we settle into something that resembles villages where we work for each other instead of big business.

      Let go of feeling bad. Get with a group and speak up. This is our time to move towards unity. Get to know your neighbors that you don’t know. Grow food, have others join you. Give your gifts to the world. The only time we fall apart is when we do nothing to create change. Don’t take it all that seriously. Don’t be afraid of death. We are always of the Source. Time to simply be LOVE. Good luck!

      • Thank you so much Ria, Your wisdom struck a cord with me and brought tears to my eyes. I had been doing ok with all of it and actually had been telling upset friends and children that this/he may be scary but it is a catalyst to change. A change that needs to happen. I felt strengthened by my deep belief in a higher spiritual purpose in all of this. But then I started reading all the crazy news about bringing back torture, banning immigrants, gutting the EPA etc.., swallowed it hook line and sinker, and became, Idk, depressed? terrified? unsettled..
        Your words help tremendously and helped to validate what I already know on a deeper level.
        Thank you so much for taking the time to share them…

      • By far one of the best responses regarding the state of our planet that I have come across. This is why although I do not agree with hardly a single thing he has come up with, said, done, etc. (and no i did not vote for him) I do hope that he brings great change. Thank you for sharing. This is most certainly what we need to be doing.

    • Hello Lou, I´ll risk a shot!!…..I´ve also noticed very strong energies in the past week, not only with myself but also with certain people around me. I have said many times on facebook that the election of Donald Trump to presidency is a massive wake up call. We cannot be idle about human rights and honouring all life forms on planet earth any longer. Life in all forms is the creation. We did not create ourselves. We have a source, a vibration, a sound…we are life itself. Life is of itself is totally honourable, respectable and precious. However there is another little part of ourselves, which is egotistic and must be addressed…it is obligatory to heal this part of ourselves which considers itself “apart” from everyone else, either better than, worse than or simply different…..and that part takes on many masks. So all the not so good which happens….happens to push ourselves towards the collective good, as we make decisions to protest and remark on the “unfairness” of certain individual decisions to divide us, threaten us with war, torture rape, killings and on it goes. Look at what humanity has created. And we have created this. It is now our responsability as individuals to clean up our personal mess, for the good of the collective whole. We raise the vibration of humanity everytime we forgive, are compassionate, kind and loving……doing goodness is all inclusive, no-one or life form gets left out….

      Take a quick look at what happened to the people who could not enter into USA,….so many people came out in support, offering a place to stay for free, taxis offering to take distressed people to their destination, …to resume it brought out goodness in people to go and help others in need……well that´s where we need to reside permanently. Doing good. Being patient, tolerante and kind. Pacifically protesting and stating what we want and what we and others need. Conciously being a voice for those who don´t have one. Signing petitions etc.. To resume we must wake up and participate in what matters in Being Human. Honour the creation of which every life form is part of….dear Lou , hold kindness in your heart and compassion for all.

      • Thank you Lindsey for reminding me of the good in the world and to focus on self, being loving, kind and compassionate. Getting into fear causes me to forget these things. Being aware of ego, focusing on love, being present and meditating will be my focus. And NO MORE NEWS!!
        Thank you so much for your kind, wise words..

  45. Could someone confirm with a source that the electromagnetic spectrogram shows a 30+ frequency. As I was told the frequency is ranging up and down within the range of 7.5-8.5 like it always have. I would like to hear an expert (scientist) opinion on this.

    • For what it’s worth, gabriel, here’s a link with visual impressions of the Schumann Resonance changing its frequencies up to this day. With a reference to another source with more detailed info, though some of it is in the Russian language. The rise in frequency, of the Schumann Resonance, is part of a natural law.

      It’s a recurring event, a once in a lifecycle-time process, changing the consciousness of humanity and the planet under its feet. It’s not a unique phenomenon, happening as a one time event, in our present timeframe.

      Planet Earth is a living being and she reacts, as much as our consciousness does, to the influx of Galactic waves of energy, coming from the Galactic center. It’s what’s reported by scientists as well, for it’s possible to be noticed with our present manmade celestial devices. It’s what astronomers may call “the journey of planet Earth, our entire solar system, moving through the photon belt”.

  46. Although there is a link between the Schumann Resonance and human brain wave activity, I personally believe that Gaia is influencing us, as opposed to us influencing the Schumann Resonance. It is Gaia who is ascending, and taking all of us with her! The entire planet is rising in frequency and I think it is the planet’s changes that are causing the differences in us. But I have to agree that this seems very indicative of the imminent Ascension event! Yay! About time!

    • You esotericjenovi are the only one to have seen that it is the EArth that is raising ITS frequency and effecting our Brainwave patterns, not the other way around. The Schumann resonance frequency started to rise after an astronomical event in 1987 called the Harmonic convergence. The SRF was used as a secret Military frequency for communications, and had remained constant since it was discovered in the early 50’s. When it started to rise it obviously caused some concerns for the Powers that Be. When they investigated the possible cause for this unprecedented shift, they found that the SUN had increased its frequency aswell, and they also found that the Galactic SUN had also increased its frequency. The Earth therefore is rising in frequency in response to our Sun which in turn has correspondingly raised to the harmonic of the Galactic Sun. It is now humanity’s challenge to keep up with this frequency change by changing their consciousness – eliminating FEAR, acting with Love and Compassion, Forgiving rather than condemning, and evolving in to our next higher form. The spikes in frequency are causing a kind of madness in minds who have not yet raised their frequency to match the Earth. The frequency ranges correspond to the Fibonacci scale.The 3rd dimension frequency is between 5 – 8 hz (7.83 hz), 4th dimension is between 8 – 13 hz, 5th dimension is between 13 – 21 hz etc. Earth is ascending to the 5th dimension (21hz) but the spiking will likely go into higher dimensional ranges to ‘pull’ our consciousness upwards. Those who resist or otherwise fail to match the frequency will find that they go mad, get a terminal dis-ease, or will attract to themselves a FEAR that will end their life. You cannot continue to live on a planet if you don’t resonate with its frequency.

      • Thank you Steve B. that’s very well thought through and clear, what you present here. The year 1987 was the year of the Harmonic Convergence indeed and the ancient Mayan stargazers, in their codices created from deerskin or treebark, called that year “The Transformation of the Industrial Revolution”. meaning, that all hard matter and matter of factness in material trade and business world would come to an end. Not as a punishment, but as a natural dissolving of what mattered regarding matter, in people’s minds. It’s all about the belief system in our Darwinistic view on life, that all that matters is matter, which results in a fixation on physicality and a denial of death as a threat to what matters to those who think their view matters most. Forgive me, I can’t resist playing with words here, need a dose of humour as spice. A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down lol

  47. Nice to hear about the increase in the Schuman frequency of our mother gaia, oh yes, she is going into resonance with the universal flow of unconditional love, nobody can stop it from happening.

    I love it 💖

  48. Luz, your statement could be perceived as judgemental and condescending, which I feel sure wasn’t your intent. People are at different places in their Spiritual experience and have been exposed to different modalities. “There are no limits to the paths to Truth/God.”

  49. Higher frequencies create more complex organism. It’s the missing link oin our evolution. Evolution happens quirky and jerky, jumping to its new evolutionary form. 3 things change DNA, gamma rays, chemicals and frequency.

  50. Times are changing fast. The end of an era and begining of a new order in world is the outlook from my side. I have come to this site and learnt about this phenomema for the first time. But I do get the intution that the Awakening or the Change is coming fast. In fact faster than expected. Our level of God consciousness is raising and the doomsday or The day of liberation seems to be very near. May be a few years only.

  51. This change in the Schumann resonance perfectly coincides with the heaviness and blah feeling I have had the past few days. It is comforting to know that this is because of positive change that is happening to the world and to Humanity. Just a few years ago, I read that there were only 17 hours left in the day because the Schumann resonance had accelerated. It would be interesting to know with that would be now. It also accounts for people rushing so much while they’re driving or trying to get tasks done. There just isn’t enough time anymore. However, the good news is we are entering The Great Shift in Consciousness. Yay! <3

  52. Get to nature as much as you can. Preferably if you can get to mountain terrain, warm climate, eat fruits (eat the sun!), breathe good! Google the triple point!

  53. From my own experience, people claims that their perceived time is moving faster is caused by a difference in their personal vibration and their environments vibration. If the environments vibratory rate is higher time would be perceived to happen more rapidly, if your vibratory rate is higher than your environments, time would be perceived to pass more slowly. Again this is from my own experience. So it would indeed make sense that time seems to accelerating if the resonance is increasing and their personal vibratory stayed the same.

  54. Thank you for this valuable information, Edward Morgan. I knew that this Schuman Resonance is accelerating. Cobra mentions in the Turkey interview that liberating events in etheric realms can have an effect on the planetary grid. It can be a strain on that grid and he explains the reason for a huge earthquake in Turkey, years ago. He explains that such a liberating event caused tectonic plate movement on planet Earth, as a reaction to that strain.

    At the moment, my tectonic plates are under strain lol. As many others around me are also in the same vibe, it’s extremely challenging. It’s a real crash course in waking up and making things very very practical, taking good care of myself, organising a place to live in quietude and with as much solitude as I need, very much!, right now. I wish I was a hedgehog in England, living under a Devon hedge with a friendly neighbour feeding me, at times.

    I’ve admitted this to myself, the only company I can be with and be completely at peace, is myself and the solitude of nature. In silence with the voices of nature, the birdsong, the wind and the warmth of the sun on my face. Emptiness and simplicity is what I need right now. Listening to the only voice that counts, inside.

    • Marian~ I can relate to every word you say. My favorite company is myself and quiet – which is a challenge since I have a small child and a spouse. Let me know if you figure out how to be a hedge hog and have another feed you. : )

      • Thank you, Victoria, these last 5 days are truly deep digging inside the hollow caverns of my soul, it seems and when I’m between people I find myself rolling up like a hedgehog, to protect myself against….. the onslaught of “the madding crowd” or the lurking of invisible dangers in moments of panic, feeling overwhelmed and insecure, not knowing where to be or go, so in want of being left alone and at peace. I’m in the middle of moving home, after moving 3 times in one year! Unrooted.

        Hence the image of a hedgehog, living under a hedge and a kind neighbour feeding, me at times. When people around me feel the difference in my energy, they reach out energetically, to check me out. I’m very sensitive to that. I’m learning fast now, to lighten up and dare to see what’s behind all of this defense mechanism. I learn to melt my seriousness on that subject of protecting my space.

        Ánd find a way to not have to roll up like a hedghog and hurt those around me with my prickles, which are my words and my haughty taughty facial expression. It’s hilarious, when I look at it in truth.

        At times, when someone suddenly begins to talk to me and ask questions about my origin or my reason for being where I am and why, in rural Devon, my instinctual reaction is that I want to spit like a snake and tell that person it’s not of his of her business. I’ve done that several times and it’s not really pleasant to hear a hollow laugh behind me, after walking away.

        Hence my turning around and offer my apologies, making up with that person. It always ends with a good laugh about myself in company of the other person. And in the conversation that follows, I receive helpful explanations about what makes rural Devon folks tick. I’ve lived all my life in a city 😉

  55. Is obvious have you ever heard of ascension? that explains everything – The earth and humanity are ascending ……that is the cause the other signs you mention are the consequences……I am surprise to find a text like this in among a population that is spiritual – Isn’t it clear for you???? Good Lord!

    • Good lord luz, lol, we can’t possibly be informed 100% about what’s hidden in all the nooks and crannies of our existence in all levels. We’re not the Good Lord, you know? We’re not here because we know it all, we’re here to explore and grow, find out on highways, byways and dead end allies, at times.Being spiritual isn’t the same is knowing it all. I do recognize the feeling you share though, make no mistake. Be happy with sharing your part here, thank you for that.

  56. The Awakening should include to the awareness that we don’t have to live by the Western school of monetary thought, i.e., the interest-bearing monetary system and the fractional-reserve banking system. Those are relative creations, designed to enhance some at the expense of the many. Out with them. A Jubilee, and a New School of Thought regarding ‘money’. Which rightfully is but a medium of exchange; i.e., a means to an end. Not an end in itself.

    And then, we’re on our way into the New Age. Which, with the level of technology that we have attained, is going to be something to behold.

  57. Thank you, I like the idea that we are collectively waking up. Whatever it is, it does seem to indicate something good for our Mother Gaia.

  58. I do really feel it happening ! it is “The Event” ! at last we are going to be freed !
    Yeeeehoo ! Hooow !

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