I had always been interested in Education, I completed my Doctoral degree in Psychology of Education and life turned me towards Teaching Foreign Languages and to become an Entrepreneur in a new country different of mine. I am Spanish national but I am settled in New Delhi, India, since 25 years.

Since childhood I have been fascinated with quantum physics and metaphysics; my decision to settle in India also helped me to become very familiar with the Veda scriptures of India. Internet did the rest in respect to the insatiable hunger to know more about everything else.

I found Cobra page in December 2012, but it was in November 2011 that I started my awakening. I should also mention that this awakening was not completely new to me: in the last 20 years, I had several episodes of strong visions and intuitions that helped me to become who I am today. I have always listened to my heart.

In March 2013 I went to Cobra conference in Rome where the New Society was getting started. As I told the rest of the participants, I had no conscious idea of why my heart told me so strongly to participate in Rome. I also mentioned that I would soon I will find out the Reason, the Purpose and my Mission for the New Society. I knew inside that in the near future by listening to my heart more inputs will come.

In June 2013 I got the next vision or “download” with the reason and the mission. After an exhausting few days where the energies to Gaia had been quite strong, I just slept in the sofa in the mid-day. It was a nap of ten minutes and I woke up with a clear idea of what I had to do the rest of my life. Then I appointed myself to the construction and development of the farm. The vision had not only the patterns of the construction following the Sacred Geometry, but the different steps to achieve the goals, the time lines involved, the resources necessary and the distribution of the subjects to be implemented in a new education.

The New Age Education had nothing to do with the traditional system of education that we all know from the school. It was more close to the Waldorf principles as mentioned in the Introduction document that I posted in New Renaissance Facebook page.

The New Age Education had to be realized not dividing the children only age wise, but allowing theadults, and considering their own degree of spiritual development, to attend the school and learn. Society is form in clusters of family where three generations mix together and support each other. In the same way the large scale of society had to be mixing the age groups, and the progression should be done not in terms of age, but in terms of human maturity.

The subjects were also divided in six, following the pattern of the Flower of Life. Each one of the points were to be one classroom dedicated to a series of topics. The progress of each of the subjects will progressively introduced into more and more scientific approach till the level of university degrees.

  1. Healing Sciences: the students – the human person should be able to know all related to feel good. That will include:
    • Food and nutrition – organic farming, cooking, etc.
    • Exercises and sports – knowledge of our bodies.
    • Healing techniques – quantum healing, meditation.
    • Etc, etc.
  2. Environmental Sciences – every person living on Gaia should know the basics of Air, Water, Earth properties. Also the animal kingdom, weather patterns, cosmic environment, etc.
    • Animal kingdom: biology of animals, including humans, biology of other animal spices, vegetables and trees.
    • Air – role of breath to ourselves.
    • Water – importance of water to bodies and Gaia.
    • Earth – soil chemistry.
    • Etc, etc.
  3. Communication Sciences – The purpose of every human being is to experience humanity, and that could only be completed when we are able to interact with our fellow humans, on earth and outside earth in a galactic society.
    • Telepathy and other means of organic communication.
    • Languages.
    • Ethics of communication.
    • Ethics of behavior.
    • Etc, etc.
  4. Art and History using Geography as a means to achieve it. With the use of current virtual computers, art and history could only be taught virtually, or by traveling using Zero Point energy transportation systems. “You would only understand the meaning of any culture if you can experience that culture and the people living there”.
  5. Universal laws – This portion will include Ethics and Regulations as given by Source Creator as well the norms of behavior in different circumstances, the ways of defense, the ways of understanding and overcoming issues.
  6. Logical thinking – of course, all mathematical formulations, chemistry and physics would be included here in different stages of progression till the engineering level.


New Renaissance School – Raisina, India

As you could see in the photos, we just started from zero. We have a two acre farm house where mango trees are planted. We started with the construction of a building to be able to spend more time and be able to start activities.

Step 1

Objective: un-learned and re-learn the value of education in order to establish the new education.

Method: practical learning oriented to show positive results in a short period of time (weeks).

Duration: 5 to 6 months.

Structure: free workshops with incentives.

Location: village named Raisina, located 30 Km from New Delhi, India

Location of the Workshop: developed farm 2km from the village.

Timings: weekends .

Funding: none, it is only the good will of the organizers to do so. Hopefully later we will get funding for the creation of larger groups, larger objectives.


Our target group will NOT be the small children, but the middle age children of 10 to 14 years of age. Usually at this age group the dropouts tend to be a norm in the community due to the fact that they start becoming useful at home, a helping hand in the house and in the fields.

We need to organize workshops related to seeding and planting techniques, developing sustainable organic vegetable gardens with simple irrigation systems they can create at home and in the surrounding fields. This will give a sense of self sustainability and self-confidence to the students and by extension to their families. This will also improve the trust in the new education.

Those workshops MUST be practical seeding and growing of certain basic varieties of vegetables so, in just a few weeks we will start showing results to the children. The fruits of their effort will be real vegetables and will be carried home for consumption.

This can be extended to other seeding varieties and this first step should take a minimum of 6 months without any attempt to introduce any other area of education, values or philosophies. This is done just to regain faith in the new education; to show that the new education is at “the service of society” and not vice versa.

Since the seeding a few plants will not take long time, we need to organize open games for the children, so they are motivated to come next weekend. Showing also a few videos and giving them some snacks will also help. A Calendar will be created and maintained with dates of planting and varieties planted.

The results of the first group will not be shown in the next two or three weeks, therefore we will commence the same process with another seeding batch of different vegetables. We may also use some time in preparing garden techniques and other practical tips. After 4 weekends, the first batch of little seeds will be transplanted. After another 3 weeks the next step in the process will start and grooming the plant will be explained. We will also show labeling and timings with the use of calendar.

We can also use some time to use a few “values” applied to planting, care and love for plants and the positive effects. Rhyme songs, educational cartoons on planting and nature, importance of water, etc, using multimedia as a helping tool.

Ok, now you got the idea. It will take just three to four months to start getting the first few vegetables, and those will be shared among the participants. We have to create a criteria of distribution based on values. The criteria of distribution should be proposed by the adult organizers and accepted democratically by the children during the course of the training. We should not get confrontations on the time of harvesting and distribution.


After three or four months, the children should be able to introduce the organizers to a larger group of the community in the village to explain the concept of the new education and its role in the new society.

Once the first step is achieved, we will extend the education to larger groups of children.

Role of “first group”: The first group of students will guide and train the second group hence they will practice what they have learned, a feeling of being active participants and being valuable “service to others”. At the same time we will teach them more grooming, more seeding, and more advanced gardening techniques, more values, more knowledge in different areas in a holistic manner This way of education is complex for the teacher, hence the importance of training the teachers.

After 6 to 8 months the level of confidence will be high and we can plan the second step: “Nutrition and Hygiene”.

Laura Benito
Director General
Instituto, India

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  2. Dearest Laura,

    Thank you for sharing your exquisite vision and action taken for the new school! I am in hopes that we will indeed establish a similar norm all around the world, especially here in the “United States”, where it feels as though we are in worse shape today with oppressive, controlling, boring school system. I have always felt drawn to Waldorf style teaching and “pedagogy”. You have connected to Source and your work and ideas are deeply appreciated and valued! thank you!

  3. Laura,
    Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring narrative of moving in a positive way towards creating a tangible change in you personal life that will reverberate to your community and the world at large.
    Warm regards
    victory to the light
    Rob Potter


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