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  1. the problem though is:

    1) Most people wouldn’t know if nobody told them. Most people are not that inquisitive & self-curious. this is the fact/truth/reality. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the genetics makeup or what, but that is the truth/fact. Only very FEW people, even today, who are *naturally* curious & inquisitive, and also open-minded.

    2) Most people are too busy already for daily reality of survival needs, in other words, they are being pressured or ‘forced’ everyday to just simply care on how to make money to serve breads/food on the table, everyday. without even being conscious about this! So, this is probably also the main reason why most people in this world/planet cannot learn, or let alone glance or interested at what is the real “Truth”.

    these all are the everyday’s reality that I’ve seen & observed, also based on my real-life experiences in this ‘worldly/earthly’ reality.

    Therefore, I strongly feel/think that unless something BIG & MAJOR happening, unfortunately, most people won’t be able to “wake up/awaken” or any sophisticated terms you’re using, basically, to know/learn about the “truth”.

    – from Indonesia-

    • Oh, and actually if I still may add:

      3) Most people don’t like theories, especially too-complicated theories & concepts. Most people -I have observed & witnessed carefully- only want one thing: the real hard PROOF, so that they can EXPERIENCE in their DAILY PRACTICAL everyday’s reality.

      Other than that, all those ‘nice theories/concepts’ will usually simply be ignored, in other words, most people simply will not be interested.

      Please understand all these important truth/facts/reality.

      • N,
        Yes you are commenting on a very simple uncomplicated post. For those who demand proof none will be given until it is too late for them to prepare and they will have to adapt accordingly. For those you have eyes to see and ears to hear and say yes. The universe will respond and say yes. Do not look outside for answers they are inside of you complicated and or simple it is up to you! Be the change enact solutions stop waiting for the RM or GFL to fix the world it is in our hands it is our responsibility by good thoughts words deeds and actions motivated to enhance the source of all that is good beautiful and true. thats not complicated is it!


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