Speaking about technology we always tend to think at something smaller every day. It has to be electronic and to have lots of ICs or chips on a silicon board inside. Of course a color touch screen and plenty of options in the menu. But… what if the technology is not always outside? Nothing new, again. Let’s think of nanotechnology and we already moved to something that can be inside of us, inside our bodies. What if the technology can be of some other nature than physical? Nanotechnology is only one step away of ethereal technology meaning with components smaller than molecules. Well…

Let’s switch the frequency a bit and talk about raising the frequency. This is something that we hear more and more lately. Ok, where is that button to turn it all the way up and finish the job for once. It’s no button here. But let’s think of the fact that we once were in One and had both the masculine and the feminine frequencies. And suddenly those wore separated and today each one has more of one and less of the other and so we live in duality. What has this to do with raising the frequency? Quite a bit. Remembering (if we can) or trying to reach back the other missing part will drive us to raise our frequency.


Let’s take here an example. We have current on the wall at 50Hz or at 60Hz. If somebody comes and split this in two we will have only the half of the vibratory frequency. In the same idea any awareness is a part of our vibratory frequency. Meaning if I am aware of my hands but not the rest, I have a vibratory frequency. If I am aware of my whole body I vibrate at another higher frequency. If I am aware only of myself is one situation and being aware of more persons will put me in a higher vibratory state.

If we go on this path that awareness is vibratory frequency we can come to another example such as the local awareness. How many people are stating often that they are from x neighborhood or from y city? This is their awareness on that moment and therefore their vibratory state or frequency signature. When walking on the walk side, usually the awareness is in a state of “I’m walking on a walk side” and that express the vibratory state of that process. What if you were aware of the fact that every moment you “walk the planet” and the planet is traveling with big speed through the Solar System, if it does and is not flat and stays in the center J… That is totally other frequency of vibration which is given by the level of awareness. So being more aware and knowing more of who you really are IS a process of raising those frequencies we talk about.

You can be aware of the fact that we ALL live on the same planet. And life doesn’t know about borders and different languages and is not only your country that matter. Think that contamination doesn’t take into account the political border organization. And yes, it helps a lot to speak more languages because you can understand – and make yourself understood by – many more beings and that is raising the awareness and the frequency. And if always you try to do things you already did but better, is also raising the frequency. And if you always try to do other new things is also raising the frequency because all this is extending the awareness, the understanding of All That Is.

Now what if we already have some sort of very advanced technology already in our bodies? Something that allows us to do impressive and amazing things? (We would call it this way at the now level of vibratory frequency) Hope one day we’ll all find out. Let’s dream on on this topic and see if is far away or at least a bit close to the truth.

In Love and Light,
Energy Kool

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