Do you have pain that just can’t seem to resolve? Do you have some annoying symptom that you wish would go away? Are antibiotics not clearing an infection? Do you have a child with developmental problems? Do you know a male with infertility issues? Do you have increasing facial wrinkles?


There has been 20 years of research and testing that have gone into the devices that I am about to share with you.  The Deta-Elis Company has expertise in electromagnetic bio-resonance therapy devices, which help people, get rid of their problems! As this research was conducted in Russia/Ukraine the website was also originally in their language. It is mostly translated into English on the website that I am documenting: You will note on this website that they say some things that have not been revealed to westerners. Healthcare in the west is really NOT healthcare it is illness maintenance. This is big business in the west. We will save this discussion for another day.


The Deta-Elis Company has several models to choose from (professional and non professional) depending on what your intension is for its use. If you go to the “Products” section of the site: you will see the various models. There are also videos that describe many aspects of the devices. These devices can be used both by professionals and people without medical training. There is customer support and also a contact in USA for additional questions. Here we will be looking at three most commonly used devices: Deta-Ritm, Deta-Ap and Deta-Cosmo.

Remember that it is easier and less costly to keep people healthy than to treat disease.


Deta-Ritm provides healthy regulation and detoxification of organs. It is highly effective in preventing disease by riding the body of pathogens. Its mode of operation is electromagnetic therapy based on resonant frequencies of organs and systems.


Deta-Ritm prevents stress, overload, fatigue, irritability and tension. It increases the bodily efficiency, focus and vitality.


The “back fatigue program” is used for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the spine: removal of spasms of the back muscles and spinal pain due to osteoarthritis, treatment of degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, spinal injuries, damage to intervertebral discs, vertebral artery syndrome, lumbago and backache.


The antistress program facilitates calming effects and gets rid of disturbances of sleep, stress, insomnia, mental and physical stress, neurosis and depression.


The Deta-Ap is specifically designed to kill micro organisms. A range of programs use specific electromagnetic frequencies for each type of organism, which destroy micro-organisms at the molecular level. The electromagnetic coupling between the molecules is torn during exposure to Deta-AP, so the microorganism literally splits into molecules – as shown on the following video:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Deta-AP – Antiparasite device

Virus, bacteria, fungi, parasites and protozoa can cause an unending amount of problems for humans and their pets. According to estimates in the United States, now in the world 95% -99% of people have parasites.


Worms – are parasitic, that live in the human, animal, plant.


Virus – infectious agent that can live inside living cells. Viruses are very well adapted to the environment, so the medication does not always bring the desired result.

Bacteria – bacteria, unicellular often. In everyday life, the number of bacteria is a huge amount, for example on the handles trolleys major stores up to 1,100 colonies per 10 square centimeters. There are many ways to protect from bacteria, in particular, are the devices deta.


Fungi – the realm of nature, combining eukaryotic organisms that combine some features, both plants and animals. Fungi can grow on the tile, stone, concrete. These parasitic plants, animals or humans cause skin lesions, organs, mucous membranes.


The simplest – a group of organisms that were previously attributed to the animal kingdom. In humans, protozoa can cause a variety of abnormalities in the deviations in the work of the organs. Settle in the organs and lead to serious illnesses such as malaria.


Deta-Cosmo is the first cosmetological device of the company Deta-Elis. But unlike many cosmetics that affect only the appearance, Cosmo operates precisely and deeper. Its know-how is a unique quantum console, which works in conjunction with the already famous Ritm-15. High constant therapeutic and cosmetic effect is achieved by dual action of low-wave electromagnetic radiation and light quanta. Ritm-15 treats our diseased organ – it is our therapist. A quantum console – is a cosmetologist, which eliminates defects on the face, caused by the malfunction of the body. Session of cosmetic device is comparable to Botox injections.

Basic programs of the device Deta-Cosmo

  1. Smoothing of facial wrinkles -the program strengthens collagen columns and returns the skin’s elasticity.
  2. Improving of the faces tonus – removes fatigue, sagging of the skin, improves skin tone, rejuvenate, slows the natural aging process, improves metabolism.
  3. Regulation of female endocrine system
  4. Regulation of male endocrine system The hormonal background of the middle-aged men disposes to disturbances, which leads to the appearance of age spots, sagging, and dryness of the skin and, as a consequence, the loss of male confidence, malaise and weakness. The program is used
  5. The violation of urination
  6. Prostate adenoma
  7. Acute and chronic prostatitis
  8. Cystitis
  9. Urethritis
  10. Orchitis
  11. Potency disorders
  12. Improving the work of liver – normalizes liver and removes the main sign of chronic liver disease – spider veins. It is slightly elevated above the skin surface small pulsating tumor, from which in the form of rays diverge small vascular branches
  13. Stimulation of the nervous system Symptoms of nervous exhaustion:
  • Chronic fatigue, constant sleepiness and lethargy
  • Presence of anxiety and negative thoughts
  • Bad, intermittent and shallow sleep, trouble with falling asleep
  • Arrhythmias, increased heart rate, pressure surges. Risk of hypertensive crisis.
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Unexplained constant increase in temperature to 37 degrees
  • Chronic nagging cold, stuffy nose, runny nose and cough

      14. Regulation of the stomach
      15. Regulation digestion
      16. Freedom from astriction
      17. Stimulation of kidney function – swelling around the eyes speak of serious violations in the body, it is either a violation of water exchange, or abnormal kidney function.
      18. Normalization thyroid function
      19. Regulation of the cardiovascular system
     20. Improving the work of spleen
     21.  Pancreas and healthy skin
     22. Vision correction

These devices are not covered by medical insurance in the USA however they are worth their weight in gold if they perform in such a way that you maintain a state of wellness. If you don’t have good health the quality of life goes down, as does one’s will to live.


This is exciting new information! As with all information, I urge you to use your own discernment. Not everything is right for everyone. Always research important new information. Nothing discussed here is meant to be a substitute for medical advice. This is solely meant to increase your educational knowledge base. No one at PFC has any vested interest in this or any other company mentioned on this site.


I hope that you find this information helpful. Please share this with friends especially if they have issues that they want and are willing to overcome. It is my pleasure to share with you.




Angel Eyes


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  1. Hi, Angel Eyes
    I am Avi, here in Paris.
    We, at th PFC group in France have a member that suffers from a severe rheumatoid polyarthritis. This is very painful disease. We try to support her as much as we can.
    We think this support can be our own ‘Event’.
    Do you think one of these devices can help her ?
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