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  2. According to COBRA:

    “The Light forces are waiting that September 28th mass Ascension / blood Moon tetrad eclipse / asteroid impact / end of the world / NWO inauguration meme collapses as nothing extremely drastic will happen on that day,”

    Nothing will happen this is another fake/”mayan” date

    I have enough of this lies

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  4. Alright… so I just read the full article and I must say, it did not include any kind of source or any kind of proof for this claim. Then, there was this one comment there which states that the “source” is us, if I’m not mistaken.

    Personally, I find it to be quite ironic. If I have to presume, this is probably a work of a delusional religious fanatic, pretty much like every other self-proclaimed “prophet” of history. A person who “predicts” the end of the world, who wants to see the planet burn in flames and chaos just for what? To prove that God exists? To rub it on the face of the “non-believers” and tell them “I told you so”? Or to just maybe make himself feel special–or “unique” rather–because he can see the future? Nothing is going to happen on that date or any other upcoming “apocalyptic” prophecies.

    We don’t fully know how the universe works but one thing is for sure though, on a cosmic level such as this one, nothing happens in an instant or in just a blink of an eye.

    This was a good read nonetheless, for a fiction article that is.

  5. How do you know this will happen?

    I have heard that scientists say there has been no change in Schumann frequency

  6. a few things just do not feel very real in this posting. i would have liked to post a comment at the source at Zon news for the author Aingi , but there was not an active link for comments. 1) “for those whose schuman resonance is stabilized at 17 or above” ? different sources for the schulman resonance say it is up to 13 (from 7.8) this is of the earth and not of humans. i think the source for this data should be noted in the article.
    2) ” 2.3 billion will ascend”
    i kind of have to laugh.

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