New Moon Virgo – Session

A gift to Sisterhood of the Rose from Florian
Florian Boschi-photo
Florian Boschi

Published on Sep 17, 2015
This is an online Multidimensional Awakening Session to align yourself to the energetic influences at the time around the moon phase of virgo. You can listen to this session once or on a daily basis. By listening to this session in a meditative state you allow your energy body to adjust in way so you can optimize your growth at this time.

This session will bring in very specific energies needed for changes that will lift you into a higher and different realm of consciousness. It will bring a more locked in and stronger pathway into our next level.
This session is valid until the next new moon. Florian watches the energy and relays what he sees.

Blessings ~**~

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  1. Therese Zumi here and would just like to say that I warmly recommend this session – beautiful! I have a few suggestions for my blog readers about how to be better prepared to take part and if you would like to read those here is the link to that article;

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