Are the Truther and Disclosure Movements so riddled with saboteurs and Cabal Agents that the Cabal laughs at us. and serve no ones purposes but theirs? I doubt that., but it is easy for me to believe the there are agents among us and here we find those that would have us believe that all on the net are false. It take a cynical should to choose that everyone has sold out.
Are the Truther and Disclosure Movements so riddled with saboteurs and Cabal Agents that the Cabal laughs at us? Do they serve no one’s purposes but theirs? I doubt that, but it is easy for me to believe that there are agents among us, and in this article we find those that would have us believe that all on the net are false. It takes a cynical soul to choose that everyone has sold out.

This article brings to the fore the concerns the writer has about infiltration of alternative websites by the Cabal and the Disclosure process, and apparently these doubts are shared by many people. Recent reports that the Internet’s alternative news sources are compromised and on the take to report fantasy and misinformation seems entirely believable to her.

I would advise her to look at those reports with the same view point- paid liars telling her what they want him to believe and report.

She is also discouraged by reports that the Secret Space Program Alliance is negotiating with the Cabal for a limited disclosure, a time frame of fifty to one hundred years is mentioned by Corey Goode when reporting these conversations. Common sense will tell you that will not work. Most of us have had experience with secrets, and that experience tells us that far more damage is done by rumors than truth. Once the knowledge that we have been lied to about any number of important things is believed by the public, the credibility of the authorities will fall into a hole a thousand feet deep and they will never be able to say anything again without being called liars, traitors and thieving scum. People will realize they have been keeping the lid on on their barrel of deceit with murder, intimidation and blackmail. Clamor for their removal from all positions of authority will become deafening. No role in the administration of society will be left for them at all.

Limited Disclosure? They are as brain dead as the Zombies in the movies they have foisted on to the public as entertainment.

We all know it has happened and IS happening… but are we aware how? Just how discerning ARE we? Are we clever enough?

I’m going where a lot of people don’t want to go because they don’t have the courage to face the truth. They want a black and white template to follow so they know who to trust.

In light of the download of information by certain undisclosed parties to Thomas Williams and Drake of the Cosmic Voice show, I am revisiting this. I’ll get to them in a moment.

I haven’t been popular with some for my negative comments on the David Wilcock/Corey Goode/James Corey/Michael Salla disclosure program—and I use the word “program” intentionally.

I am ALL for disclosure. Total, 100 per cent, full, no holds barred, nothing held back disclosure. What I am NOT in favour of is blindly granting amnesty to the criminals without even knowing everything they did—in exchange for the so-called “truth” about the Secret Space Programs. (SSP)

I know that over time I have been mislead in many areas and believe things that are incorrect because I trusted various individuals to bring us fact, and I am up to the task of facing the lies, throwing out the false information and assimilating the painful truth. As Thomas said on the show on Wednesday, the Internet is full of lies.

Just because I liked and respected David Wilcock at one time, however, doesn’t mean he has been left alone by the cabal to spread his truth bombs untethered.

As I have said before, the union of Wilcock, Salla and Corey was a little too slick—and now the Gaiam TV disclosure episodes—which probably contain truth, but also of half-truths and coverups of what has transpired in the Secret Space Programs—are heralded as the best thing to come along in decades to wake up the public. Says who?

I have mentioned my feeling that what they are NOT telling us is AS important, or possibly MORE important than what they are revealing.

But why disappear/poison/assassinate David Wilcock when they can USE him to their advantage? Team him up with some other “respectable” fellas and let em’ go—sharing the pre-approved information the dark is willing to let out because they agreed to partial disclosure.

They can be controlled—and I’m quite sure they are. Keep in mind that we are told the SSP people proposed FIFTY YEARS to give us disclosure!

You probably read that Cobra confirmed in a recent interview that Corey’s journey to Agartha described things just as reported in a book, and Thomas Williams has revealed that much of Corey’s information is data shared previously by others. So… is it new? Groundbreaking? Is he a “whistleblower”? Are his and Wilcock’s lives really in danger? Are they continually harassed and poisoned as they report?

Cobra also said he was unable to confirm that Corey was in those meetings as he claimed. Just sayin’.

Now Thomas Williams and Drake, who, next to Cobra, are my go-to guys for the truth, are saying they got a data-dump last weekend and Thomas has been offered an opportunity to head up a foundation to help repair and rebuild America.

That’s an awesome idea, but there is one little catch some people don’t like. He was promised funding later—but to begin with, WE, the People are asked to donate whatever we can afford to kickstart the program.

I trust Thomas and Drake and know them to be true patriots who have done everything they can to wake people up, educate them as to the truth, and the lies, and to instigate action.

I listened to the February 24th Cosmic Voice show recording a second time and slept on it, and I am concerned.

I am concerned that as astute and street-savvy as they are, that they may be in the cabal’s sights as the next ones to infiltrate and control—because they are a threat.

We have been asked right off the bat to consider reversing our views of Obama and Putin. I’m still waiting to come to terms with who is who in my own mind and I’m not about to decide now whose side either one of them are on. That’s minor—as it’s only a decision—but it’s leading.

There was also some negative information given to Thomas that doesn’t sit right with me. Call me a Pollyanna (wouldn’t be the first time) but I am anticipating a much more pleasant and rapid move from our current deplorable situation to our Golden Age than Thomas suggested as a result of the information given to him.

Humans are very emotional creatures, and often loyal to a fault. They may overlook signs that someone they liked, respected and enjoyed hearing from—like David Wilcock—could have been compromised.  I hesitate to use the term “blind follower”, but it may amount to that. Thomas believes Wilcock and co. were co-opted by the cabal and are probably no longer who they were, or something to that effect.

I urge Thomas and Drake to very, very carefully consider what has happened, and to tread slowly and softly when deciding their next steps.

Assuming that Wilcock/Salla/Corey were approached by the cabal, we don’t know how it was done and I submit that it COULD have been in a very similar way as what just happened with Thomas Williams last weekend.

Some very friendly “patriots” in the Alliance could have approached the three and offered them an opportunity to team up, to continue the disclosure work they have already been doing individually, and share even more about the Secret Space Programs.

They were probably honoured, excited, and ready to do the world a great service. Who wouldn’t be?

I think you see where I’m going with this. The cabal can be very persuasive, and since this is the end game, they are going to go further and further to ensure they stay in the game. That means taking out the opposition—but not necessary by eliminating them physically. It might mean just getting them to work FOR them rather than against them.

Soul-swapping… mind control… handlers… What could be better than having guys like this on your team; their “fans” gobbling up every word?

You may or may not have heard about “the Ambassador” who tricked Ron Van Dyke. Yes, the gentle and smooth-talking Ambassador who was in control of releasing the “funds” was a fake. After all those conference calls to show what a respectable and trustworthy guy he was…

I heard through the grapevine that all the Ambassador wanted was to get Ron’s YouTube/Facebook subscriber list.

From the “grapevine”…

Have you been to the site that is promoted through the GoldFish Report? They want $200 per consultation on how to fill out the application for theAmbassador’s “money.” So, they are conning people out of $1,000 for their applications for $millions. It’s a swindle.

We may think we are intelligent and discerning enough not to be tricked—but are we?

I guess time will tell, but again, I would hope that Thomas Williams knows exactly who he is dealing with and won’t be talked into leaving his full-time employment to be part of the con game. We need Thomas and Drake on our side—especially now. They’re an invaluable team.

I hope they have protection and assistance in determining who is who, and what to do.

And if the “foundation” is for real, then I hope they come up with funding as they have in other countries. Promises don’t cut it in the reality we currently occupy. The cabal hasn’t been castrated yet.

I hope all is well and these are merely the musings of a mad-woman.  ~ BP

Cabal Infiltration of the Truther and Disclosure Movement

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  1. Wow. Didn’t mean to stir a hornets nest by my comment, in fact until notfied of ‘eleveneleven’s’ post by email I’d no idea any other comments were even added (I think some of my email is filtered or something, like my twitter account locking up from April to July without notice). I honestly had never heard of David Wilcox until two to three years ago, Thompkins this month, and Corey Goode until a year ago. So to me, Wilcox being called the grandfather of the Disclsure movement is some surprise to me and I had to smile about that… There are so many aspects of ufology, after forty odd years in this, I doubt anyone can keep it all, in their heads, though at 54yrs, I try…lol.

    Actually most folks online, I’d thought, think of Dr Steven Greer as the Godfather of Disclosure (though he admits in one interview it was Eckankar neighbors of his that first sparked his interest, so for hm it was these neighbors), or Steve Basset of Paradigm Research Group lobbying congress all these years but, if you asked me, I would have to say the guy that wrote Chariiots of the Gods or even, more so, perhaps Gordon Cooper as one of the earliest ‘modern’ ones calling for disclosure. I guess it’s all in whom you first heard about it from but, disclosure did not begin with the petition to the WH or UN, it began long long lonnnng, before, we were ever here, there were guys in the forties talking about FooFighters, pushng in their own way for answers and well before that, there were Rennisance paintings (media of the day) challenging the ‘state’ and church dogma which showed UFO!s, in their way calling for disclosure, and in between a few thousand newspaper articles I am sure about these lights and craft seen in the skies calling for the governmemt to tell what it knows. So I am not sure whom the “godfather of disclosure” is, because this fight predates, all of us, alive today, hopefully it will not,, outlive us though,,,!!

    I do want to add further: Dane Arr put it well, I agree 100%, but, put another way: the University educated masses, or more accurately hgher education “professionally brainwashed and programmed” masses, are trained not to accept evidence presented and they do not have the capability in most cases to find it themselves from within nor can they go on faith… We will hear much of this kind of negatviry from that sector (minority) as disclosure by disclosure information leaks out. There will be much division as is intended by CIA NSA etc agents of disinformation. What is true? Wilcox Goode Cobra Nidle Green on and on, there are those that claim much, I can’t say that this persons claims or that persons claims are accurate for certain. We need to keep an open mind about everything because if even a fraction of what Full Dosclosure has been indcated to be,, is accurate, we will all be shaken to our core as our understanding of everything gets turned upside down.

    Like I said, I do not know whom is telling “the truth” whom is telling “truth wrapped in illusion” and whom is layng an outright whopper, knowingly or otherwise. This remains to be seen but, I have an open mind, just not so open my brain fell out, no.

    Honestly, All I can rely on, (if one can truly even rely on that, considering, the technology I have read about from Popular Mechanics issues in the 1970’s to early 1980’s and more online since about nano tech, energy fields, microwave cmmunication, surveillance tech’s, the list goes on and on), is my own eyes, ears, and inner revelation from what I can only hope and pray, is truly a ‘higher source’ than some government agent, using some advanced technology. I just thank God that I have these UAP experiences (ongoing) because they seemingly show up, when I am most, in doubt, and these sightings and photographs I’ve taken (in the hundreds now), usually help me to put my thoughts in a more positive light.

    Regarding my above post I do, stand by my words, we need disclosure now and, I regret if these comments offended anyone, it was not my intent – I wasn’t slamming individually anyone, I was slamming profiteering on this aspect of what I feel should be free information and no, I do not oppose covering production expenses but, I do oppose personal profit by being a part of the disclosure movement. Many people have suggested I write a book and publish my photos (other than providing free via Dropbox and Twitter). I have always opposed this idea and feel very strongly against this but, I do understand some of the other viewpoints expressed and Thank Everyone for their input as well.

    Finally and not to confirm or deny validity of anyone’s story but share something of my own here which certanky ‘ties in’; I can confirm one thing of relevance,
    I too, have had my apartment (when I lived in Missouri) buzzed by the EXACT same chappers some have claimed harassment by (more recently it is often daily low flying airplanes but I now live in WI., far more rurally than in MO.), the recent pictorials about this were the exact same helicopters I have witnessed on many occasiona either buzzing my apartment or circling the area (in fact once I photographed one, which I later noticed in the pic, was being shadowed by a UAP, which I found this kind of funny, they watch us, we watch them, the UAP in this caee at least, were watching both)
    Yet, to my point,, considering US military’s havng such advanced technology that they, can no doubt detect UAP craft even cloaked perhaps, I do however, have to question and would love to ask Corey and David, How can we assume it is indeed ‘military harassment’ when they buzz our residences?? As I have had UAP hang over my apartment cloaked on occasions -usually the most emotionally stressful ones- then suddenly makng a great roar become visible and move off – thus I must wonder if “all” of the buzzing of that apartment by these military choppers is indeed harassment despite it might seem so to us on the ground, or,, if they were driving off some unseen negative entities in cloaked UAP, that did not perhaps, have our best interest at heart? Just a question I have, that recently “hit me” and am curious if we are viewing that aspect of all this, in the correct light. “Could” it be, there are some factions of our US military, that are trying to ‘PROTECT US’ by buzzing our residences, after all, they cannot exactly fire missiles at such craft,, can they, the downing a UAP / UFO in a residential / suburban area back yard would be an incnceivable PR Mess especially in light of the truth suppression the last sixty years plus, so perhaos,, this is the military’s only viable option for some reason… Just a consideration,, that maybe just maybe some of this so called “harassment” is in fact protecting us…?

    This is the kind of reverse twist of facts we ‘understand’ now, that we might expect through Full Disclosure by the way, it will set our heads spinnng I am sure, hopefully soon. May the blessings be.

  2. Full Disclosure is about ending the slavery of humanity.

    The technology that has been repressed to line the coffers of the banks, oil and energy moguls that has enslaved us and has caused the imbalance we now face in society. If we had the free energy devices and other technology developed through the tax payer investments and no longer paid for electric, heating bills or gasoline –families could easily survive with a single income once again. That is what the spirit of Disclosure is about… freeing us from enslavement and balancing out the scales of advancements that we’ve had kept from us. We’d have much more time to pursue our spirituality. Free from the worries of making ends meet, being worn out from doing too much for too little, not having enough time to spend with our loved ones or for spiritual growth. I’ve seen other negative articles with non-specific ridicule of Corey and David before, written by authors who adamantly declare their allegiance to “Full Disclosure” movement but still go onto pick apart the motivations of the pioneers of the very movement to which they’re so dedicated?? Really? I consider David Wilcock the God Father of the Disclosure movement. Painstakingly he has revealed secrets and stories and provided evidence time and time again. He’s counted down to disclosure and wanted this more than anyone, of that I am certain, he is the one keeping score. Yet, he is still a truth seeker as we all are…and they aren’t doing shows on Gaia TV for the money if they were about the money, the “Cootie Balls” or Cabal, would’ve made them both multi-millionaires to make sure they’d disappear & fade into obscurity.

    Another thing. Although you believe William Tompkins didn’t reveal all that much new information (I think he did, only from a different angle) its not so much what he revealed in his interview but WHO he is, what clearance level (Cosmic-Top Secret) he has and his jovial candor that was so fantastic!!! Tompkins is the Grand PooBah, O.G. Godfather of the Secret Space Program!!!! In at the start and still in it obviously. Corey never said he is advocating partial disclosure, he’s a messenger. You do know that right? He’s made that clear on countless occasions. He was reporting what the Cootie Balls were trying to finagle with the Alliance in their negotiations… where they were in them rather.

    Our salvation isn’t going to occur via secret negotiations. Our salvation is going to come from what WE allow to happen. If we want full disclosure we have to visualize ourselves; using renewable energy devices in our homes, vehicles and businesses; seeing news anchors take shifts discussing the data dumps on 24/7 Disclosure News Network; learning to use food replicators; forming local/national citizen committees that subpoena government politicians & black project operatives & special interest lobbyists to testify in hearings; see 2 year term limits on all elected legislators signed into law.

    What we shouldn’t be doing is bashing the pioneers who have survived long enough to tell the truth. The fact they’re still alive tells us they are careful or protected.

    Finally, I believe Corey and David don’t reveal absolutely everything they know to protect their sources. Every level in the above top secret clearances is further compartmentalized into protocols meant to attach certain intelligence to specific operatives. So if there is a leak their handlers got a real short list of suspects. Many whistleblowers lost their lives or lost loved ones for coming forward. I’m sure there are many people with above top secret clearance who don’t like the injustice they’re participating in or witnessing, but are too fearful to step forward and have nowhere to hide if they left.

    I also believe its a good sign these Cosmic Top-Secret operatives Clifford Stone and William Tompkins have come forward. I’m grateful for Gaia and the new media outlets available to us now. Especially since the mainstream media networks are all owned by the Cootie Balls. They’ve ruined investigative journalism, the voice of the people, for truth and righteousness. Now what makes news?? Some Ray-Ray come lately Rap Star wore a DRESS in his MUSIC VIDEO!! Celebrities and what they wear…. thats what they feed us. No new discoveries to benefit mankind, oh except the latest cell phone release. Fear.Drama. Viral Videos. Cops either getting killed or getting away with murder. People sad & mad. Syria Destroyed…Everyone buying it and nobody saying nothing!! Never any good news! Never anything worthy of a Pulitzer Prize thats for damn sure. Why investigate and put a story together if it never gets broadcast and you don’t get credit? The one true American vestige, perhaps the greatest of all, Freedom of Speech, founding fathers put it FIRST for a reason. They would be so appalled by what this country has become…of that I am sure.

    I wonder if George Washington would be as motivated to win our Independence from Great Britain if he could see the harm, lies and deceit the citizens of this once great country have endured at the hands of the people who have sworn on a bible to serve and protect us as a Nation??

  3. I did not see my comments that posted earlier. Why is that?
    In a nutshell: we must continue to do our inner work, fine tune our tools and find the answers to these and a gozillion other questions. I’m all for discussing, sharing, connecting dots, etc but together and not criticize others works. They have a right to present and we have a right to discard. We are being bombarded with info and that’s done on purpose. The focus to me? Unity, inner growth, love. Take the information the speakers of our time present, consider it, feel it, choose and let it be. Wisdom. Patience. Dan, thanks for posting this and thank you for mentioning T.Williams here, I am listening to him now and am enjoying it.

  4. a last note – sorry, I just thought of this and want to share with all; CIRCUMSTANCES DON’T MATTER, ONLY YOUR STATE OF BEING MATTERS. Take that as you will. in service, Kat. xox

  5. When I first started to read this, yes, I was concerned, we are at war after all but then I paused; Let us continue to fine tune ourselves so that we are not easily tripped up. Continue to collect your data and see how it sits. Meditate more, be in silence more and de-clutter more for that will be of the utmost assistance as this narrows down.

    No need of worry or confusion with all the intel that’s out there (also done on purpose to confuse us) & all the shenanigans team dark side is up to. We are calling forth into manifestation Full Disclosure & Planetary & Human liberation now. Let’s send that message/energy loud and clear to the over lookers of this “experiment.” It seems to me that we are WAY behind to where we should be as a species/planet. And lastly; one thing we must tap into that is not one of our best qualities is PATIENCE. The dark ones have loads of patience. I’m calling for Unity & patience & JOY.

  6. The stakes have already been raised for the Cabal, since on July 11, 2013 Pope Francis signed an encyclical that ended their immunity for the crimes we continually complain about. Short of an all out war in which all rule of law ends, their goose is cooked.

  7. I posted this because we need to discuss it. The first line of the article form reminds of what people who don’t believe in life after death say, they disparage those who do by suggesting that they lack the courage to face the truth.

    That is not the case at all. Believers have done heavy research and know all the possibilities confronting those who questions reality, whether it is life after death or the existence of secret technologies and extraterrestrial beings. Usually an open minded person educated in the University system is trained to question until firm proof arrives.

    Their problem is believing that they can get this proof from outside of themselves.

    In this arena, that is not how it works.

  8. Not sure of the timing as to when it happened, but you may have noticed that all comments have been taken down from that particular post. By whom or what, one can only conjecture.

  9. We’re being Screwed at every turn there may be a financial reset but no such thing as abundance of funding set aside for the masses, that’s a bad joke. Disclosure is anybody’s guess, the way things change the way they stay the same. All of it about disclosure, suppressed technology, financial reset is all about the seeping of information to play on people’s emotions to make a dollar, it’s pie in the sky.

  10. At the end of the day, we don’t need to trust or distrust anyone to create what we all really want – disclosure etc. What we all really need to do is focus on raising our own vibrations, on being what love does, what love thinks, what love says, and sending this love out into our world.

  11. The Cabal involvement in this business started when Corey Goode appeared on the scene. I can’t remember when exactly that was, but the energy changed dramatically at that time…… from marginally suspicious, to blatant RED FLAG compromise.

    Since then, I’ve ditched Wilcock, Salla, Cobra, Drake, and all the rest of the ‘usual suspects’.

    It’s one massive con-game, and we are always going to be the losers..

    • Wow – I thought the original article was cynical and distrusting! Seriously, who do you trust given the list of persons whom you lump in with the usual suspects?

      The original article was disconcerting to me – because I’ve been in contact recently not only with the person who wrote it but also with the person who started the Disclosure Petition – who happens to be a staunch supporter of Corey Goode. I understand that the long delays have caused a lot of people to get upset and embittered; over the interim period we’ve lost homes, jobs, loved ones, marriages, etc. A lot of people who were very hopeful in 2012 now have turned cynical and frustrated. I know it has been a tough road, but most of these individuals you have mentioned are simply people trying to survive in a very tough environment.

      Repeated death threats, difficulties in making ends meet, attacks from scalar weapons designed to alter one’s emotions & memories – all of these are factors in why various ‘voices’ in the Disclosure & Truther movements. I mean, look at the link below to see how a loyal Cabal operative gets treated when they are about to squeal on something bigger:

      Instead of eviscerating these people publicly when they refuse to go ‘as far as we want them to go’, we need to give them all support as much as possible. The Disclosure/Truther movement is more like building a body of evidence and scientific knowledge; there will be disagreements regarding interpretations of certain events and phenomena, but as long as there is a concerted effort from the majority to work toward uncovering the truth… eventually the truth will prevail.

      Has there been infiltration? You betcha! Full Disclosure takes down the whole system – the curtains go up, the rigged game ends. Everybody has to be accountable for what they’ve done. But this can only happen in a calm and controlled environment – mob rule is what these people fear, for they worry about being tortured and publicly executed. That is all they know, and that is all they can conceptualize.

      If we cannot even show respect to those willing to come out publicly in favor of Disclosure (even if there are subtle hints of Cabal influence steering a narrative here or there), then why would Cabal whistleblowers come forward at all? They would simply be thrown to the wolves despite their efforts to belatedly do the right thing.

      I hope you reconsider your highly negative stance in this regard. The more we show unity, the more whistleblowers will come forward, and the more aggressive existing voices will be revealing Intel to the masses. It is time for us to come together and end this madness forever.

  12. Discernment is certainly important…I too noticed the 50 year timeline in Cobra’s report and paused. Anything is possible when it comes to the cabal and co. Makes me wonder. Hmmm

  13. As well meaning as this post is, it, unintentionally, sows further seeds of division – of the very kind that a major source cited above has urged people closely following this movement to avoid. That is, instead of comparing information between sources and trying to find the most likely middle ground, it compares the validity/loyalty of the messengers. It presumes certain people have been ‘corrupted’ and this ‘corruption’ is somehow a moral choice. ‘Thinking’ morally, when thinking intellectually is required, leads to this sort of a misunderstanding.

    For instance, it’s not impossible to find a middle ground about the ‘library’. Any of the following could(or not) be true:
    (1) CG was deliberately shown something he could physically access because the alternative may require higher abilities.
    (2) IE civilizations are forbidden from — or have decided not to — taking SSP delegates to the alternative, at this present time.
    (3) IE civilizations discussed are not as advanced as they would like us to believe (or we have interpreted they are, based on information provided). Other than irrelevant sensual details, nothing about the sort of interaction between CG and IE civilizations revealed so far in these disclosures suggests the latter are necessarily spiritually that superior.

  14. First, I am for full open complete publicly broadcast disclosure, to include disclsure of all the cabal crimes (which could end all wars), disclosing money trails, their scams, constitutional violations and restoration of the US Constitutional as originally intended with a fully ratified Bill of Rights (including expanded “human rights”), complete disclosure of black projects including and especially any and all suppressed technologies which could in any way or any time, benefit humanity, revelation of any untold human history known, and yes, complete disclosure of anything in our skies at any point in human history and complete utter disclosure of what is known by any human being as to what is “out there” be it extraterrestrial, extrasolar, extragalactic, or extra-dimensional. Yet perhaps the most important disclsures will bring spiritual liberation to our planet, disclosing the crimes of organized religion, whoch should not be underestimated in its benefit to humanity. I also fully believe that those incorrigibles committing the crimes against humanity be prosecuted fully because that process will help the world’s people to heal. Combining FULL DISCLOSURE with prosecutions, will bring about a unifying aspect to humanity never known on this planet, it will truly bring us together in a way unknown, because we have all, been used & abused, by these evil people and their dark overlords.
    Secondly, I had not heard of this “application” ‘business’, it is however, one of the oldest cons in the book, use someone’s greed for a lot, to con them out of a little, $1,000 is by no means a “little” to me but, to someone greedily hungering for ‘prosperity funds’ I keep reading about everywhere in the disclosure movement, it would seem to be (which is, of course, the con). This would be a terrible crime, selling applications for, and a terrible criminal perversion of something pure. Besides the fact of the damage it could do to the disclsure movement in the main stream media, which might be the intent. This belief that there will be some kind of personal funding is all well and good if it comes to pass but, I do not think anyone should count on it until it appears and sending off money to get it, which certainly to me, is a scam. Nor should we truly focus on any of these financial possibilities as there are much more important matters at stake. If there truly are funds to benefit humanity through seizure and redistributions of ill gotten gains, and or sequestered funds such as the Global Debt Facility spoken of, then yes these funds should be used in the best interests of humanity as a whole, first, to heal the planet and build infrastructure for the next ten millenia. If anything remains, and personal efforts can be redirected from toiling to earn a living to working to better oneself and instead service to humanity, through basic needs of every man woman and child on the planet being provided for them (instead of funding wars as example), certainly these remaining renewable funds should be applied to this goal but, too many people in the disclosure movement I feel, are too focused on obtaining these so called prosperity funds, and not focusing on planetary, spiritual liberation. They are setting themselves up for scammers out there preying on their hope, greed, and dreams, which truly is one aspect of what the disclosure movement is all about, ending that evil -greed- itself, in our midst, forever, and changing the very nature of humanity and goals of living through spiritual liberation and re-education of the meaning of life. Those, are worthwhile goals, true liberation of the planet from evil and the dawn of a new age for humanity, of peace, of love for one another, and of bettering ourselves, our planet, and our species, along with all species in the creator’s master plan.
    Thirdly, Thank you for posting this article, it said much that needed to be said, we all hope the disclosure movement stays pure yes, and full, complete, disclosure comes, today, tomorrow or next week/month but, fifty years, NO that is far far too long we already waited that and more, there is too much suffering daily on this planet. Disclosure must come now, as fast as the plans can possibly be put into effect, people are dying because of a lack of disclosure and worse, the thus far, endless suffering, from cabal wars, must stop and the divisions and hatreds among manknd (and yes, womankind) healed. Disclosure must be done now, at the earliest possible date allowed under the heavens, the evil must all stop, and stop now, for every living person, every living soul, every living thing on Earth.

  15. One thing I don’t understand. ET should know all about us, every thought and every move. Are they not allowed to use that down here, or do they need human confirmation for using? They have mine. I do believe they know everything about us.
    And David Wilcock. If anybody knows the rules it’s him. You could turn it around and make sure after these rumors nobody listens to him anymore. What could be offered to him to make him step to the other side?
    I get unbelievable mails for money, from different directions. All about the holy thing. But my opinion is ‘if it’s not for free, take it back home’. That being said, let’s go for the end.

  16. Do we really know what is going on


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