Message from James Twyman

There are two parts to this Peace Action – to have millions of people join us on March 21st for the “Levitate the US Meditation,” and to encourage a grassroots movement of people attending upcoming Donald Trump (and other Presidential candidates) rallys wearing the T-shirt (see picture below) “Meditating For Peace.” Can you imagine what would happen if the cameras focused on a group of people at every rally wearing these shirts and meditating during the events?

Levitate the United States

Perhaps the most important synchronized meditation you will ever be part of!
You are not going to believe where James Twyman is going for this important synchronized meditation – A DONALD TRUMP RALLY. (And you thought Syria was dangerous.)
Love the US or hate the US, you can’t deny how important the United States is to the world. With the strongest military and the largest economy, the decisions that are made here impact every person on the planet. Even if you don’t live in the US, we need your support.
Lately, as hard as it is to watch, it seems the US government and many of its citizens have gone completely insane. In fact, the leading Republican candidate believes that quoting Mussolini, banning Muslims from the US and insulting entire nations is the path to being elected President.
Scarier still is that so many people are listening! It’s time for conscious people from every country to unite in bringing sanity back to the US. It’s time for a worldwide synchronized meditation focused on elevating all the candidates for US President.

On MARCH 21 James Twyman will at a Donald Trump rally, and millions of people will be sending prayers of peace not only to those present, but to the entire US. This email is meant to plant the seed and start getting all of you excited about the possibility of a massive, prayerful response to the strange happenings in the election for US President. We will announce the exact time and place of the rally as information becomes available. GET READY!

…what would happen if a handful of people were present at every Donald Trump rally wearing a T-shirt that says simply: Meditating For Peace. They won’t say a word, just sit quietly and pray during the speeches. And what if every time it happens thousands of people from around the world participated energetically? You’re invited to join James Twyman at the rally on March 21st (city to be announced) and at every rally in the next several months. Our goal is to inspire Peaceful Sit-ins at every Donald Trump event, as well as other candidates for President. We will continue to share information and ways to make T-shirts and attend the rallys.



Planetary Heart Meditation, March 11-13
Spread the word. Three and a half million people will be on the ground in New Delhi, India from March 11 – 13, and over ten million people will be meditating from around the world. We are asking our Peace Partner Network to join them at NOON in your local time zone for ten minutes of meditation each day. This is our chance to send energy directly into the heart of Mother India, and in doing so, impact the entire planet. JOIN US!
CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO – go to link here:




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  1. This is to answer Therese and Tye.

    Thanks for the welcome! By the way, every Sunday, at 2PM New York time, I meditate with thousands of others for the liberation of the Planet and for the Event.

    ‘’I am not sure how much that you know about the NWO – the cabal – the power behind all politicians…’

    Well, I’m a fan of Jim Stone. I go to his Website (jimstone.is OR EVERYDAY, first thing in the morning. In my opinion, this is the most useful site on the Net. If you want to know what’s really going on, go there. In the last century, I was a fan of Joe Vials whom had a similar site…

    Like Sheldan Nidle and others say, with the Event, there will be new governance in most countries in order to bring the Golden Age on. Didn’t it cross your mind that a representative of this ‘new governance’ might already be running in the race for the US Presidency? The Cabal seems to think so. Take a look at this: This is why I’m a fan of the Donald although I’m not American. Incidentally and still according to Jim, those who back Trump are the upper tier of society and those who back ‘Hillary’ are at the bottom of the tank…

    As for the outcome, according to Jim Stone, since ‘Hillary’ wasn’t fried for her e-mails, that means that with the help of the Diebold machines (electronic vote), she will be appointed as President by the Shadow Government no matter what.

    Concerning ‘Hate’, it makes my skin crawl when I hear that word. There is a whole ‘industry’ based on those so-called ‘hate laws’…

    Well, I think I’ve covered all the points I wanted to. Thanks again for the welcome!



  2. Two questions for Therese Zumi Sumner: Can Trump fans join in (although you just insulted their candidate)? Would you prefer Clinton instead as President?

    • First I know this was not directed at me however I would like to reply;
      I’m sure anyone interested in peace, is of course welcome. As for those of us that are awakened, I hope, they too realize there is very little difference politicalky whether you have a Republican or Democrat, running the president of the US Corporate Board both parties are utterly corrupted. I cannot in good conscience bring myself to support either, my vote may just be for a write in: “Nothing”.

      Second: I wanted to make a correction on my prior post;
      It was “Killing is Essential” and I think aired originally on History Channel or PBS. My apologies for the error. My point in suggesting it, was to point out, that hatred, ANY hatred, leads ultimately to killing. Hate must be stopped at the beginning, with understanding, compassion & love. That may be simplistic to some but, this must permeate humanity’s culture replacing hate and war, the alternative is in the age of Nuclear Cobalt Neutron Scaler etc., weaponry, is genocide and ultimate annihilation of our species and most, if not all, life. We must stop hate where it begins, I know, because in my history I’m as guilty as anyone in hating other races, I was once a firm Republican as well, and it took fundamental change in my heart and considerable (no doubt with help from higher entities) deprogramming, for me, to see this. I pray one day all of, humanity will.

    • Hi Louis
      Anyone who sincerely would like to meditate – focus upon – peace on earth is welcome I am sure. I am not sure how much that you know about the NWO – the cabal – the power behind all politicians – I would have to say almost everywhere on this planet but most definitely behind American and European politicians today. In 2012 I met someone at a gathering of people for an event in Scotland. This person had a friend who worked in the White House. She witnessed Barack Obama as he exited a room some hours after his inauguration ceremony. He was in that room to be briefed by a group of people. When he exited this person noted that he looked like he had aged 10-15 years in those few hours. My guess is that he met the NWO bosses and found out who really runs the show. The point of writing this here is that I believe it does not matter really one bit who is chosen as president – because whoever they are they will have little or nothing to say in office. Two real politicians one John F Kennedy and the other Olof Palme were murdered by the cabal because they dared to speak out. So whoever sits in the White House has a gun to their necks at all times. I don’t know if this answers your question at all. Frankly I do not believe that anyone collaborating on this website would like any of these candidates for president. We all want so much more. The truth about the cabal and the NWO will soon be known by everyone on this planet and the leaders of this NWO will be arrested and nothing will ever be the same again. TZ

  3. We have so many gutless, simple minded people in the US that the majority think that someone else will fix it. Everyone will suffer greatly unless all of us rise up against the empire and stop the collapse of America. I don’t know about the rest of you but there is a noticeable change week by week that I perceive that the Empire is crumbling and We the People will die in the process.

  4. No doubt Trump feels “Killing is Necessary” (see the historical documentary by that name as I recall – warning it us very disturbing but, I feel a necessary too, to educate) just as Russia, Germany, and Italy once did. Trump must be stopped but, more so, simple seemingly innocent RACIAL HATRED, MUST BE STOPPED, before it leads to its inevitable fully developed stage, or what we call: GENOCIDE.
    Yes meditate but, the cameras focus on the loudest and most outrageous, I do not believe anything short of the Event can stop this radical right hatred and brainwashing campaign promoted through the leaders like Limbaugh Hannity Rove Ryan etc, whom have brainwashed a segment of the American public, and are deeply in need of deprogramming.
    Sorry just my opinion, and yes, Trump and his radical right brainwashed nut jobs deeply disturb me, I just wish everyone at his rallies could see that video “Killing is Necessary”, it too, is deeply disturbing but eye opening educational and after seeing it, they might then, see him for what he is, a monster, that should not be given a soap box let alone a national stage to “preach” his harred from.

  5. Hopefully, the tee shirt will be a beautiful color that will be noticeable from the air via cameras etc. this way they will stand out from the crowd as people are grouped together. Just a suggestion. Just the title on the shirt …in a group….will be hard to be seen.


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