Phase 2: Adjudication

After the Event, members of the Cabal will be taken to prisons with zero contact with the outer world whatsoever and will be isolated from each other.

Adjudication process will then start and this will involve humanity as a whole. It will be a mass catharsis and dramatic healing for humanity to see those criminals finally being held accountable for their actions. Humanity as a whole will decide what will happen to those individuals so that new balance is reached.

Amnesty will be granted to some of them. This pertains mostly to those that were born into the Illuminati and basically had no choice but to go along with the program or risk being killed. There are many good souls in there that want to get out. A few of them have already done that and are now fighting for the Light. Many will defect just before the arrests get started. Many of the younger generations Illuminati do not agree with the program and some have been secretly helping the Light forces to take down the Cabal. After the Event, psychological help will be offered to them and they will be able to be integrated into the society.

For many members of the Cabal, amnesty will not be granted. They will have to balance their past actions. Those who are unable or unwilling to do that will be removed from the planet. This must be a lawful process during which humanity as a whole will adjudicate. No private witch hunts will be allowed as this deprives others of the catharsis and balancing process. This will not be done out of revenge but to restore balance. Revenge is a trap and it does not solve anything. Just remember what happened in French revolution. After the Event, private acts of violence against members of the former Cabal will not be tolerated and will be treated as crime under common law.


By Cobra

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  1. The most profound action of love for them will be when we will participate in their evolution to the ascending Love, many of us will not accept to join them in their new way of beings because we are going to be busy with our bliss and happiness… But one day we will have to take care of them like they think they are taking care of us, because this situation is about a crazy father who thinks that all his her actions are just treatment.

  2. Many interesting “Affects/Effects/Injects” As it would seem many feel the normal gravity with Emotion. Stand back a little take a breath, yes we all have been endangered and put under “Their DC Control and Evil Plans of treatment like a Science Experiment(mice in a box lifestyles) -Slave Systems . Eye for an Eye “They” took into their own by we control we kill and we take all it is ALL Ours. Balance is the essence by universal condition. A form of Exile and Reversed standards could be a start. Complete Removal off planet is a possible better choice along with all ET Race that have been manipulating and destroying life on this planet for their benefit along with the Earth Cabals mafias and other crime government syndicates all be removed as well and DNA coded with a DNA shield system keeping them now in their permanent containment world and never allowed to enter Earths Space Systems Again. If so their DNA would self destruct. Similar to Invisible Fence They fenced us from Living Spiritual Connections to our “Source/Creator with only minimal Omni-verse Pure Energies of our God un-knowningly with us being our only small thread to truth. They twisted and and reverse changed the Given Words of God and manipulated us into breathing their evil unknown to our earth cycled minds they forced and manipulated us into!. They twisted all life, from time of the Greats sharing words of wisdom and decided to change the 10 cmndmnts – #7 Thou Shalt not Kill. yet now murder { & mass murder } is legal by their twisted laws. Its deeper in considerations to administer a proper punishment to the Dark-Cabal from simply initial emotional thought in what some are currently revealing.

    Removal from this earth and other worlds they manipulate and twist and set into a special world prior to a thought if God wishes to reprogram and rebuild these “possibly souless creations” Allow them at minimal, 1 million years in exile with the choice of possible Submitting themselves for a re-build and re-soul assigned placement by their crime level. Is possibly a more befitting suggestion. Isolation and exposure to absolute nothing. With no cell laws saying they can Wine and Dine on the Tax System which will no longer exist on earth but solely on this Prison Planet. Allow our Tech levels to balance with Clean Energy allowing Dear Sweet Mother God Earth to Recover, Breathing finally love into the air and grounds and seas and water ways once again. Airways now all free from ChemTrail and polution created by their Mechanical Matrix engines. My mind is thinking of the ending scene in the movie “Avatar” which frameworks much in change. Its time. More are awakening and learning something is dear wrong with this picture and it is really in need of full complete house cleaning. And this finally is our chance to Clean up “EVERYTHING” And now with love a common as the freckle on your nose is. Life will become “BEAUTIFUL ONCE MORE AND FOR EVER AND EVER”. In closing I myself my say ” Dear Heavenly Omni-verse Father God ” Please forgive all these … For they know not what they do – these though did know what they did so please do forgive them. Help us all to finally forgive and forget and move on now with the Universes bridged and we may be benevolent to sharing with all our loving families local and abroad. And may we Create and Restore Gods Magic back onto this kingdom and become perfect in harmony with each other and all creatures of Life and Beauty. Amen.
    Atomic.Kidd (Tim).

  3. I can relate to Cajun, it is taking so soooo long to get humanity free from so many levels of control both in physical 3d, and other vibrational levels, who would have ever guessed in a million years that us humans are under so many levels of evil control? so much for love and light and its being going on for a very very long time, and then you get these messages calling it a game, well that is about as CRASS as it gets. I totally get that freeing us from so many levels of deep deep control was not going to be a quick thing, but now its getting really boring because it just is taking soooo long, so can we hope for anything really good that proves things to us this year? many Messages seem to point to this , but then another month goes by and more messages almost saying yes we are nearly there, so close, not quite……….oh come on!!!

    • If you have been ‘awake’ to this kind of info, it is taking a long time. A VERY long time. I totally feel your pain and am in the same boat. I actually feel that ‘waiting’ is more difficult than taking action. It’s more frustrating to your mind and soul. I don’t have many answers but I would love to start a dialogue about what other’s are doing during this waiting period. What are some of the lessons we can learn or put to good use. How do we stay ‘in’ the world but not ‘of’ it. How do we ignore the media that is barfing on us every minute. The challenge is to find peace and truth. It’s my challenge every day. I went to one of my energy workers a few weeks ago because I was feeling frustrated and flat. It was only slightly helpful this time. What to do? What are your thoughts? What has helped you after all this soul searching?

      • This also fits well from Corey Goode. Do not give into the apathy and be ineffective and un-motivated. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and take some action. !!!!! It’s a critical time period.

        ” I also received fairly specific briefings from Tear-Eir and Gonzales during the last encounters. Not only are we dealing with energetic changes, it was explained to me that we are experiencing the merging of “Temporal Realities” (Related: I asked them about the “Mandela Effect” that I had recently become aware of) . We, at this moment, are at a pivotal point in our temporal reality to where our mass consciousness has a small window to push our shared reality onto the optimal time line. The energetic changes are triggering people all around us to make them ineffective and unmotivated during this important period. I have seen this energy influence in myself and those who operate around me. I hope have this report written up a day or two after my Aunt’s funeral on Monday. If it appears that I am unable to do so I will pass this briefing to Dr. Michael Salla so that he is able to do so. He is currently visiting family in Australia while on a speaking tour. My thanks to everyone who sent in condolences and words of support this past week. It has really meant a lot to know that so many out there are providing positive energy for a full disclosure timeline that would be beneficial to all members of our species. Sadly we have others of our race who have given in to apathy, fear, greed and supporting their belief systems and ego’s. It will take all of us working together to lead us to the most optimal temporal reality. Every single one of us is just as important as the other in this endeavor.”

        Thank you,

        Corey Goode

      • I’ve stopped soul-searching, Danell. I’m answering your call for sharing experiences in the “waiting room”. I’m not waiting anymore. I’m as active with others in the village where I live, or for long hours in nature on the moors, nearby. I’ve chosen to be with people of all levels of life, with different interests and views, sharing creative and communal events and activities on an almost weekly basis.

        Whenever I’m in a conversation about the global affairs at present and the intensity of all that, I drop little seeds of info. No predictions, no prophecies, just more like suggestions to be prepared and practical instructions about a 3 week storage of water and food in the home, plus cash money.

        Apart from that I’m sharing my open heart, it’s open all the time, I’m in trust and peace. There’s no frustration. I do know the fire of anger, occasionally, when I see injustice and the madness in authorities going awry, be it politics or local policies of infrastructure, frustrating communal efforts by wielding power for the sake of power. England…. ahem.

        What keeps me energized is my intention to share loving kindness and down to earth optimism, with much sense of humour. It’s radiating out into the world and towards the afflicted regions in the world, like in Syria now and Turkey. Simply put, I’m making efforts to be the best version of myself I know to be. That’s what keeps me going and that’s what keeps me happy. Being truthful in all moments.
        That’s how I move to this time of transition.

  4. when is this going to happen? people are being raped, murdered and starved all over the world by these monsters, our countries are being purposefully invaded by muslim jihadi’s. our governments are being run by monsters that just ignore our laws…this all sounds too good to be true, it needs to happen now if it ever will…

    • As I perceive it, it’s going to happen when we all realise, collectively, that we’re the ones who’ve allowed life to be like you describe here, cajun. And by realizing that truth, feel the force of our right for justice and truth rise within in company with our longing to love and be loved. That’s the fuel for the ride on our choppers, on the highway to our Heaven on Earth. Step on it….. enjoy the ride 🙂

  5. Where is god and jesus christ in all this I really don’t understand I guess. Never have seen or heard of this before justseen it for the first time the other day. Is this for real?

  6. When will this happens on Earth? The capitalism of the hole planet are still in high speed to destroyed all nature that toke miljons of years in evolution to create. A few will hopefully get a ticket to the space and make a new start of the human project, because we are doomed here.

  7. Oh you are so super inteligent. Thank you for correcting my spelling error. Back to the facts now if your done trying to school me on my spelling??? Just because the power elite are guilty of many crimes against humanity doesn’t prove any of your claims about sacred races and aliens who are going to liberate us. Can I ask you how you came upon this information? All sarcasm aside. Tell me if you can how you learned of these beings? It’s a nice story but not very believable. Be real. You want to enlighten the masses. Then tell everyone how this information came to you exactly? Tell us that story to start with if you will.

    • Tim

      You are preoccupied with aliens and the idea that others think that aliens will save us? I think you are missing the point.

      Maybe you should consider that there is a very determined effort to convince people that aliens do not exist. Do you wonder why that is? Why are you convinced they do not exist? Even is your argument is that “they” are not going to save us, why do you think our world is not being interfered with already, and if it is, then why wouldn’t it make sense that other aliens oppose them? Because you have not seen them? How do you know?

      Sorry Tim, either you are a troll or you are not paying attention to anything other than what the mainstream media is telling you. If you think for yourself, you can not really accept that the media tells the truth.

      The fantasy is that we are alone, that civilization is only a few thousand years old and that our leadership has our best interests at heart. That’s what we are told.

  8. Oh you poor adolescens soul Tim james ,you are in fact the one who has just proved yourself to be very stupid. i suggest you shut your own mouth and open your mind. there is plenty of facts on this site like the vaccinations and poisoning of the population, war mongering of the cabal, brainwashing through media etc.. Wake up mate and if you don’t like what you see here then bugger off and not see it… simple. btw its illuminati not alluminati mkay.

  9. I believe that most likely, this so called movement, this site and its makers are probably just more false prophets trying to calm everyone into a furthered passive state of mind and to gain some type of control over people and financial backing in the end. How can you expect everyone to buy into your fantasy tales? For real. If there was truly extraterrestrials on the way to save us, and they needed our positive loving spirit inside of us to be evolved, then they would know we need some real proof of their exsistence to even consider this belief system to be a possible true reality. I’m not talking about random UFO sightings either. Just because there may be UFOs doesn’t mean that this group here on this site, is founded on any concrete truth overall. Another new religion. Just what we don’t need. Especially a passive one. What’s next? Direction for Mass suicides so we can fly to another dimension to be with the light? I dont know , in my mind this sounds straight up like just more deception as it stands right now. Maybe the Aluminati are the creaters of all these far fetched stories and this site. Who knows. It would probably serve their interests more then ours if all of these SCI FI Fantasies turn out to be just that, Fantasy. That’s all this site is, stories. Stories that can’t stand as facts given the lack of evidence they are built on. Prove these tales to be true without any doubts or get lost. Put up or shut up! You ask for donations? Yea right???!!! We absolutely don’t need another false set of religious values on this Earth. We need to face absolute reality and truth. Nothing more. Who ever believes this charade as it stands must be not only really desperate, but more importantly, very stupid.

  10. See I cannot accept they the cabal are Human. How can a Human treat other Humans like this? How do they truly think they can get away with it unless they think thy have seen the future. I heard they saw the wrong timeline and prepared to go underground to escape a disaster that never happened.

  11. Taking them off the planet would cleanse this one of them. That would not preclude a path for them to receive forgiveness and to return to the light. They will not get away with anything. No one does that.

  12. Is this a survey ? Test on patience ? They have enslave us for thousands of yrs and your thinking on what to feed them ? No prisons ,take them of planet .With much love deserving intentions Let him take care of it . He’ll created them or was an it abortion ,he’ll know what to do .

    • Here is the thing, the evil would keep on being evil and enslaving us if they could get away with it, so forget the forgiveness and spiritual stuff, round em up and take em out…….and cleanse this beautiful planet of all evil……

  13. Confiscating their wealth and property and exposing them on worldwide mass media for who they are exactly by name and what they have done has some merit but they will kill themselves and as many others as they can before that happens. 3rd and 4th dimensional solutions leaves humanity’s huge negative energy revenge release to deal with and it would be an obstacle to too many trying their best to Ascend. In order for as many to Ascend as possible its best if they are removed or literally “offed” without a public stage show or knowledge of their particular demise. The energy release now from the majority of comments is similar in energy to those who enjoyed watching Madame Guillotine dispense “justice” during the French revolution. Way too much lower 3rd and 4th dimensional energy prevailing among way too many who should be starting to outpicture 5th dimensional consciousness.

  14. Oh jeez, you said planet. Us being on a planet is another Illuminati Jesuit scumbag lie. We have literally been born into a lie system. Unwillingly we go along to get along because the majority does not seem to be able to think for themselves. The reality of us being on a spinning ball in endless space is a humongous lie!

    As for the Cabal, what difference will it make when these horrible, evil, disgusting, children fucking, baby foreskin cutting off and sucking the blood out, murdering, corrupt spineless twats will continue to run the show.

    It’s about time we took our Earth back.

  15. I like the FEMA camp idea and I think they should be allowed to roam freely among themselves, forming little clicks and negotiating little power plays and we do a reality TV show ( like Survivor FEMA Camp 12)
    Immensely entertaining- for a little while anyway.

  16. From what I have read the cabal and anyone unwilling to ascend into the light will be taken to a planet that is ready for their cruel existence to further assist them into becoming one with the light!

  17. Let’s put ’em on TV 24/7.

    “The Psychopath Show”

  18. Love does not mean they go free – it is Tough love – Karma is what we offer them. If they are freed they will continue their ways – I don’t want revenge, but I don’t think we need to put anyone else in harm’s way

  19. “Those members of the Cabal that will be removed from the planet will be then taken to the Galactic Court and will be judged according to the Galactic Codex, section III:

    Some of them will be able to accept the Light and balance the consequences of their past actions. First they will be taken to virtual reality simulation chambers to understand how their victims felt and then they will do whatever they can to rectify the situation. After that they will be integrated into the Galactic society.”


  20. any integrated being would have no desire for revenge – period — we only hold the energies of love as we are integrated with the divine heart of our higher self that is love — there is NO PAYBACK or JUDGMENT – that is part of the lower density cycle of an eye for an eye suffering – it serves absolutely no purpose – as Aragorn said to Theoden when he was about to slay Grima…”NO My Lord…Let him go…Enough blood has been spilled on his account”

  21. Yes, I understand God loves all His children, even Lucifer, Satan. Love does not mean slavery of any kind, it does not man coddling, pampering, it does not mean the freedom to disregard the Universe Law of love. Gods’ gracious gift of free will means to be free to chose not to love. Gods’ reign is lawful and just. We are provided with the mental faculty to consider consequences.

  22. Why continue on with a form of penal punishment that has never worked. The lack of real long term rehabilitation and the continued craving for some form of personal revenge satisfaction is truly disheartening. I would like to see you all off the planet but being exiled does not work i.e. Wrath of Khan. Fortunately the Creator shows us the way. Put souls in certain situations where they will have to make good decisions or things will get worse for them; other than that nothing else works.

  23. I love this scenario I pray every day for this to come to fruition for all humanity. Once this becomes a reality we the people will finally begin to realize what our lives were originally intended to be like on this magnificent blue planet of abundance. We will also become aware of why we are here and what we are truly capable of. So with that said let’s all “make it happen”

    I truly hope it is soon as I would love my dear mother to witness this …..she has always believed in what I have told her that is destined to take place. Sadly it is too late for my father but He is up there assisting where he can.

    Good luck to us all.

  24. As much as we want revenge, to watch them suffer, now is the time to rise above the dark ways. Let’s end this behavior, for all time. Our children deserve a clean slate & mind, devoid of dark experiences, a generational cleansing. Let source handle the worst of them, for surely source has been there & done that. I remember watching ‘ The Green Mile,’ the electrocution gone awry, with all those witnesses. I think that’s the way of Darkness, to expose more of us & infect others with dark ways. Fellow Terran’s, we are better than this. I, too, have wanted to watch them suffer, yet realize the price I would pay is my soul becoming part of the Darkness. End it here & now.

  25. Peace needs isolation of these crazy war mongering psychopats. Thank you. Make this information main stream so they can see what they’re facing bfore the end of 2025.

  26. Being a victim of these “powers that were” myself, a big part of me can readily empathise with the sentiments posted by numerous writers above. Seeing all of the blighters going to the fate of old Saddam to a drop off a loading dock and then straightway to perdition would look and feel really good to that old, third-dimensional part of our beings. I have no doubt that such would happen if we were completely in charge.

    Here is the wider view: we are not in charge. God is in charge. God feels our pain and is intimately in touch with it. However, God is the father of old Saddam and of all from Jesus Christ to the worst of the worst. He loves all, and it grieves him immeasurably to have no alternative but to deconstruct them on the most basic level and have them no more. It is sort of like being the parent of a juvenile delinquent only much more so.

    If we do unto the cabal and its minions as they have done unto us, then we take their place and become like unto them. Remember back to 19 April, 1993. Federally employed gangsters committed mass murder at a church in Waco, Texas. The following May, a larger force of jack-booted fascist hoodlums committed a much larger mass murder at the same location. Exactly two years later, 19 April, 1995, one Timothy McVeigh et al wrought retribution by means of mass murder at the federal office building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. More than a hundred people, many of them children and babies, were killed. Scores of others were badly hurt, and much private property was destroyed in addition to the government property. What is often overlooked is that, by that act, Timothy McVeigh became like unto the people that he was wreaking vengeance against. He himself became what he hated.

  27. also.. if they do not freely go to the light than we will drag them to it… most likely kicking and screaming like little children as such. (No offence intended to children)

  28. The cabal do not enjoy the light and especially the love and harmony etc. within the light.. therefore the light will be much more of a punishment initially to them than people realize.

  29. What an amazing gift to be able to bring these guys forward for all to see. Soon is a word I have.had a lot of trouble with lately, since it is so timeless. Indeed, now the time does seem upon us but it cannot be soon enough for me. Awaken, sleeping people of America and the world!

  30. why religious services? religion is what they brought to this world. we need to live as free beings give them teletubbies to watch

  31. Put all of them in FEMA Camps, chemtrail them, feed them GMO, give them fluoridated water, vaccinate the heck our of them, provide mind controlling frequencies via GWEN Towers & propaganda & fear porn Tell-lie-vision programs!!

    • @ram segarra If we did that we would be no better than they. Remove them from power and forgive is the best way.

    • We must remember that they are us and we are them; you are each one of them, each one of them is you. Whatever we do to them, in the end, we’ll be doing to ourselves. I am an Earthling, I’ve been exposed to everything everyone has been exposed to, I am in no worse or better position than anyone on planet Earth. I choose to Love them and wish them the best, for they are I. I choose to hope they turn to the light so they can enjoy the beauty, the Love, the joy, the peace thereof.
      I think all of you should do the same thing. Love them they are part of the collective consciousness. They are you.

      • Thanks and sorry if i cause any trouble during my stay here… you are completely right, even the most darkest acts must be forgiven, we have to show’em the same we would show to us, if not, if we take the way of eye for a eye we would never evolve, the word revenge sure had it meaning before, but not now…

        Excellent message Zeth, we all have to learn from love.

        • Although it seems that the people that KILL CHILDREN have more atention than the victims… i don’t know… just sayin’… it seems that people that kill are more respected than normal civilians… ISN’T? It seems that doesn’t matter if a person kill that his heaven is there to him…

          • Forgive me for this last comment that is above this text, but… i have a fight inside of myself about what the people that for example burn the ABC playground in Mexico deserves, when i knew about such atrocity, that 49 children died being burned alive, just… something died inside of me, like, are we really gonna’ forgive such monsters, like they did nothing?… and that’s why i write that, at first i just posted that i agree with Zeth but then i wasn’t able to delete my answer i simply reply to myself, sorry guys… it won’t happen again… sorry if i cause any problem around here…

  32. I need to be able to look at them. Look into their eyes. I NEED that. I’ll bet a lot of people feel the same way. Especially the religious leaders! Like maybe if their cells were in plexi-glass, so we could come and look at them.

  33. Ju ju ju… damn, it’s gonna’ be fun, i’ll ready myself as if to watch myself a movie in a cinema, i don’t wanna lost any of the suffering… I WANNA’ SEE THEM SUFFERING, ASKING FOR MERCY, son of bitches… !!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Please can I have the reasons as to why at this stage of the so called changes, the Cabal are still running the planet pretty much business as usual? all the negative stuff being done to communities in England and Europe continues to get far worse, more money being taken from us , more rules, more
    of the terrible problems of people fleeing from Syria, and other war torn countries, and ending up on Camps Greece and in France, do you people in the USA not look at the news? its not getting better!!

    So all this light coming to earth does not seem to be helping those who are in desperate need, how can this be light??

    • All i can say right now is… simply do some meditation and find the answers there, right now all what you can see is all the information that there’s available. Be positive above else.

      • We do look at the news but it deceives us. They lie and do not tell us the truth. We have been programmed and distracted by so many things like survival, raising kids, working to make ends meet that never meet. We are corralled with blinders on and trusted our governing bodies to do our will. Many of us are waking up. I hope it isn’t too late.

    • The changes are happening inside of the population as more and more people wake up. If we do not have enough awakened people at the time of the changes, there could be much more disruption, violence and chaos because many will be unable to understand what is happening, so having a lot of people read to explain things is a major part the changes.

      Today we are seeing that the ability to print money has enable the Cabal to squeeze the life out of small business and any business they want to crush. They do no need our taxes to hire thugs and pay for chemtrails, they just print the money they need. Because this all public institutions and big businesses are locked into the “conspiracy theory” mind control game. Anyone within those institutions and corporations that takes about what is really happening is labeled, marginalized and then fired for some made up reason. So the control matrix maintains itself with self imposed suppression based on fear of being called a “conspiracy theorist”.

      So the situation will remain that those in the employ of the government, institutions and corporations will live in fear of the truth until the obvious erosion of there cabal’s power is present. The flow of funds to those involved with the reset will be the first thing to fracture their mindset and like the finger removed from the file, after that a flood of truth will engulf them and they will no longer be able to ignore it.

      remember that before the sun comes up it is almost day

      • I think this is a pretty clear assessment of the situation and I see this in my own life. The chemtrails constant over NYC create a filmy cloud over blue skies and it seems to be my biggest 3D “obstacle” as I live and work everyday but still I remain connected to Source and the deepest love of our universe (and hopefully beyond that as well). God/Source, the One behind all these so-called creator gods is our true blue connection from our hearts. These lesser gods that demand sacrifice and worship seem to have a battle of their own on their hands amongst themselves! Then it trickles down to other dimensions, ETs etc. and finally to us. Meditation and positive focus are my own “magical” tools to cut through it all, but when I see stuff like “this is what their prison will look like” it almost seems irrelevant. Do I want them to suffer? Most of us just want them to go away and while I’m not sure we have the intelligence and humility and insight to change what they have done into something we can all live with…I remain hopeful and keep looking at the obstacles I’ve created in my own life and changing those into opportunities.

        So I can’t say for sure I want them to suffer but I certainly want the rest of us to stop suffering under their insane and senseless rules and regulations.

        Thanks for being here, all of you, and thanks for this interesting post, but actually it doesn’t make me feel any better to see a depiction of their “prisons”. I can’t imagine being someone who truly believes that hurting this planet and purposely putting the rest of humanity in such imbalance will come without any cost to oneself. I don’t care what they pay as long as it no longer involves the rest of us. And I have funny “conversations” with those creator gods on some days…if only to comfort myself, I ask them “you know you didn’t create YOURSELVES for goodness sake…wake the F up and get with the bigger program!!” haha. Love to all.

      • Thank you Dane, forgive me if sometimes i write some nonsense or doubt’bout the event… thank you for give a space to explain what happen to us!


    • Look inside of you. Is there a small piece within you that wishes for the cabal that stay in power? Be honest with your feelings. And once you have found this little piece, cast it out! Bring it to the light and cut your energic connection to it. We all matter, all of our thoughts matter, all fears should be brought to light.

    • Get rid of all attachments you may have towards them.
      Is there a small piece within you that wishes for the cabal to stay in power?
      Once you have found this place in you, cast it out. Bring it to the light and cut your energic connection to it.
      All of us matter, all our thoughts matter. The more fears confronted the better the light.


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