Star Light Universal Crystalline Beings
Star Light Universal Crystalline Beings  By: C♯

Always sing our highest vibration every thought, word, & moment of the day. When one gives unto another through this energy, much joy it brings in helping another spirit.

If the note is not of the same tune or if the note is to high or to low, one will be misunderstood as if playing the whisper game as children in a classroom circle. At the end of the whisper chain, the message was physically different than to which it begun.

So under-standing that our words are not of importance as much, as our tone, dialect, gestures, & facial reactions. Therefore, our Electro Magnetic ‘EMotional’ selves is of the same as our tone, dialect, gestures, & even ones facial reactions.

To sing is easy, but we have to find the core engine to speak too and pay attention to the very moment to moment interactions one has within a split second or 10 seconds. Each frame is a new picture, a new note, a new moment that says 1000s of words. We have choice over our song and symphony we bring in life; if we desire it.

Our logical brain may not be capable of interpreting the physical life of minute day to day intervals, but our brain in totality is of the likeness of an antenna.

Just a very very extraordinary organic powerful antenna that transmits and receives. If one sings love, love is what comes back. If one sings of hate, hate is what comes back.

How does it do this, one may ask?

As simple as I can describe this; within the central structure of the brain, we have a gland called the ‘Pineal Gland’ – This gland is of the same symbol as our eyes, a pine cone, Vesica Picecs, female vagina, concave egg, and bell like structure all built around sacred mathematics and beautiful intelligence.


So what happens when one is of high vibration, his or her central nervous system is electrified with radiant magnetic energy or a tickle down your spine ‘cold chill’ as an example.

As you are reading that last message, you may be having a cold chill now for the simple thought of it.

The reason of the egg or double bell shape is for the fact it acts as a Piezoelectric or crystal membrane. The shape amplifies and converts all spirit essence, soul, and intent into one language called EMotion. It is a natural shape that ancient history understood very well, but for some odd reason, we are taught none of this in public schools. This organic geometric structure is even equivalent to a seed.

Piezoelectricity: “It is derived from the Greek piezo (πιέζω) or piezein (πιέζειν), which means to squeeze or press, and electric or electron (ήλεκτρον), which means amber, an ancient source of electric charge.[2]”

If the spirit, soul and body are not of one order and of one tune, we begin to create distortion, noise, dis-harmonization, or called dis-ease.

This symbol is everywhere in history! Including many others I have not spoke of. The same symbol is even included in perfect geometrical sacred structures, Astrology, the Pythagorean theorem, & sacred mathematics of ratios called Fibonacci, Pi, Phi, Golden Ratio, Numerology… The list rings a ‘bell’ for many labels throughout our history.

If one was interested in learning more, just do a 30 min search and dive into some literature or videos. One will find much knowledge that was demoralized and depressed from mainstream religious figures of our past. This art form was only shared with the highest priests, prophets, kings, & Egyptian Gods for maintaining the flock.

Know thyself: Elove, Elife, Elight – Unity
Written & Illustrated By: C♯

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