Unbelievable That We Are Here at All – Do Not Miss This Video

Listen here to Nassim – many of you will recognize him from the Thrive Movie – when he tells us about the comet TWICE the size of JUPITER – the largest planet in our solar system – that flew through our solar system last winter {video from 2013} !!! This video is posted in relation to the post that I made a few days ago ‘Something Big Came OUT OF a Black Hole Recently’.
Nassim says while showing evidence of this event here on the video that NASA did not talk about this at all because they thought that we were ‘toast’, {that the entire planet would be like a piece of burnt toast}.
He says that this object flying through our solar system should have disrupted the orbit of several planets in our solar system and also at least created huge tidal {tsunami} waves here. This video was added to the comments section after the post linked below from a few days ago.

Floating in grace -Nassim Haramein

A Black Hole Is a Hyper Dimensional Wormhole or Stargate

Also I add here a Q and A from the latest PFC interview with Cobra related to this subject for more clarity.

Richard – Cobra, what is the difference between the portals and black holes which link distant places to the same universe and the one’s which link places in different universes?

COBRA – Black hole is just a concept which is used by current science to describe a certain reality of hyper dimensional worm holes.  Those hyper dimensional worm holes connect two different points in space/time continuum and the distance between those two points is not an issue because higher dimension they are always connected.  And this is the principle based on which the worm hole operates, or those star-gates operate.

Link to this Cobra interview conducted by PFC

03-21-16 Cobra: March Interview

Here a link to the other recent post for clarity;

Something Big Came OUT Of A Black Hole Recently!

Related youtube video:

Nassim Haramein on psychology and dynamic of the solar system


Therese Z

29th March 2016 at 1001 AM CET






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  1. Could Nassim and Cobra get together for an interview? I for one would love to hear the conversations between them and it would be good food for thought i would imagine.

  2. There is one problem here and that is a problem having to do with dates. Under the first video (Floating in Grace) it says that it was posted in 2013. This does not mean that the presentation by Nassim was actually given on that date!

    I remember that ‘mammoth’ presentation by Nassim Haramein very well. I think it went on for at least eight hours straight! It was, i think, his first large presentation on video.There were many comments from a very spell-bound the audience that day…….

    To my knowledge it was his first major presentation and was given at least ten years ago……

    I have been trying to find a first date on which any of the many shorter videos (say 10-15 minutes long) that all together actually make up this very large presentation was posted, this without much success thus far…….That would at least bring us closer to the actual date of this enormous object visiting our SS.

    Of course all of this does not diminish the importance of this post and the adjoining videos. It is just something we have to be aware of that a posting date is definitely not always synonymous with the actual date the video was shot and posted for the first time. So the presence of that humungous object in our Solar System must have taken place about ten years earlier than stated here….

  3. Thank you for this update, I believe that I think it’s highly significant and key to what we’ll going to see as part of humanity’s awakening sense of reality. That grasping of a cyclical forward motion through space, in itself following a spiraling path, is what I think the Mayan people knew. How their calendars should display that motion through space, by using cyclical rythms and extrapolation by the use of number 13. Think about this: 4 is to 7 is what 7 is to 13, that sort of relationship, never turning in on itself, but always evolving due to that thoraxical nature. Planet Earth’s and our collective consciousness, is informed by the other planets in our solar system (with the sun as the major informant, working as a lens to transfer energy from the Galactic Center) with an extra force or factor to reckon with, being the motion through space, our blue planet Earth hurtling through it. Due to the alignment with Galactic Center, in progress for some time and now completing, we’re receiving clear energy aka intelligence, a process similar to looking at a movie in reverse, of separate parts cut off of a hose aligning themselves, returning to the moment before the hose was cut to pieces, so that the water can flow through, causing lady Gaia to reach up and remove the blindfold from her eyes. And we’re going to follow that example, I think. I know I will.


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