By Kurt Nimmo

The tech site CNet posted ways to detect and flag “fake news.”

It’s mostly more propaganda adding to the hype, but there is a useful tip.

Scrub the video below to one minute, forty nine seconds. You will find an explanation there how Facebook users can flag what they think are fake news stories.

The next time you see a story in your Facebook feed posted by the corporate media you know is propaganda or an outright lie, report the post as fake news.

It’s a two-way street: https://www.cnet.com/videos/facebook-fake-news-zuckerberg-plan-fight/

Watch attached video for instructions (click on the title of this article if you can’t find link):


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  1. Why go through all this trouble, why not simply stop reading Facebook? It’s become toxic, I’ve never found any good reason why people should use it, apart from creating anxiety and dependence in people to check the received likes and other people’s likes, in order to form an opinion, losing the ability to think for themselves. Or posting each morning what’s for breakfast or the choice of hairstyle or shoes. Rubbish.

    To me, Facebook is one of the most ridiculous social media I’ve found on internet ever. Infantile really.There are far better social media networks. For example Nextdoor, a neighbourhood network and Muut, a discussion – and forum-oriented site. Not that I use them, I’d rather talk to real people and meet them in the pub, at the bus station, or the lunchclub of the village, or in our homes, for a Kaffeeklatch or meet up for a walk over the Moors.

    There’s not much that I can call “social” in most social media, but I’m able to compare our present world with the world of the 50’s, when a few percentage of people had a telephone or tv. The women in our street sat on the doorstep, with a coffee in their hands, chatting and laughing. No cars in our street and we all played outside day by day, walking in and out of each other’s home and knowing everybody by name, in our area. The boy of 15, with Down syndrom, counted all the traffic, which was little and made notes in a notebook 😉


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