NEW YORK: Crime and immigration patterns in the US are not linked, with places with higher immigration levels experiencing lower robberies, burglaries and murders, according to a new study which comes shortly after President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban order.

Researchers explored whether larger scale immigration patterns in communities could be tied to increases in crime due to changes in cities, such as fewer economic opportunities or the claim that immigrants displace domestic workers from jobs.

“Our research shows strong and stable evidence that, on average, across US metropolitan areas crime and immigration are not linked,” said Robert Adelman, associate professor at University at Buffalo in the US.

“The results show that immigration does not increase assaults and, in fact, robberies, burglaries, larceny, and murder are lower in places where immigration levels are higher,” said Adelman

“Facts are critical in the current political environment,” said Adelman.

“The empirical evidence in this study and other related research shows little support for the notion that more immigrants lead to more crime,” he said.

Previous research, based on arrest and offence data, has shown that, overall, foreign-born individuals are less likely to commit crimes than native-born Americans, according to Adelman.

The researchers drew a sample of 200 metropolitan areas used census data and uniform crime reporting data from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for a 40-year period from 1970 to 2010.

“This is a study across time and across place and the evidence is clear. We are not claiming that immigrants are never involved in crime,” said Adelman.

“What we are explaining is that communities experiencing demographic change driven by immigration patterns do not experience significant increases in any of the kinds of crime we examined,” he said.

“And in many cases, crime was either stable or actually declined in communities that incorporated many immigrants,” Adelma .

Adelman said the relationship between immigration and crime is complex and more research needs to be done, but this research supports other scholarly conclusions that immigrants, on the whole, have a positive effect on American social and economic life.

“It is important to base our public policies on facts and evidence rather than ideologies and baseless claims that demonise particular segments of the US population without any facts to back them up,” said Adelman.

The study was published in the Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice.




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  1. I live in Sweden and I can see what is happening here: no-go zones, gangs, shootings, rapes etc etc. How can anyone possibly believe that what is a fact for European countries (increased criminality as a result of increased immigration) will not be a reality for the US (unless it already is)? Immigrants from countries like Syria, Somalia, Libya are overrepresented in crime statistics. Why don’t you google for Peter Springare?

    • We should not put all immigrants in the same basket. Unfortunately Trump is racist and is using the “terrorist Threat” from the middle east to do just that! The situation is Sweden is different than the situation in the USA. The great majority of immigrants coming into the USA are from our neighbors which are Latin American Countries. Those neighbors immigrants pose no threat to our National Security. The problem in Sweden is just like in Germany, a maliciously planned and made up problem with the sole purpose to infiltrate & destabilized Europe:

      “LEAKED! Official Agenda for the destruction of Germany”

  2. I think we all know that statistics are the servant of the statistician, and of course, he works for someone too. When the intent is to twist the truth to make it mean what you want, who better to hire than a PHD in statistics and psychology. Nice to keep the lid on a problem until it is ready to blow sky high.

    The industrial democracies have always needed immigrants to maintain control of society by having a continuous supply of eager workers, but in the era of liberal democracy this has morphed into a humanitarian mission without concern for practicality allowing any made up reason to immigrate equal to having relatives in the country or a job waiting, so the idea that someone may use their ideals to sabotage their societies seems not to have occurred to them.

    After all, when the goal of those promoting a particular social policy is the breakdown and collapse of society, it may be best to focus on them rather than the innocent civilians who have been manipulated into being where they are not wanted and have no where else to go.

    Just because they are innocent does not prevent them from being used for evil. It does not prevent their children from disappearing, it does not make their young men free from the influence of those with an evil agenda.

    The innocent are being used for human shields by the adherents of Wahhabi jihadism while the media calls them Muslims as if they are Sunni or Shia instead the death cult of Saudi Arabia that other Islamists regard as the source of all their problems.

    The strange subservience demonstrated by American Presidents toward the Saudi Royalty astounds observers from American culture. What can explain treating a tribal chieftain with such high regard? Can it be only money, only money that turns these leaders of Great Nations to behave like subjects instead of Sovereigns themselves?

    If indeed the specter of Satanism, human slavery and child sacrifice casts a long shadow over the Global Elite, then the absolute power wielded by the Saudi King may be regarded as the favor of Satan, that this monstrous evil is what the American Presidents are subservient to and it is because the KSA has raised itself up entirely upon the bloody sacrifice of innocents throughout their sordid history.

    The pedophiliac Elite have regarded the Saudis as already being where they so long to be, able to be unchallenged in all affairs and on all issues. Able to order life or death unchallenged. Able to suppress all information regardless of privacy or truth. Able to murder any person they claim deviated from that they say is right.

    Within the populations of Muslims sent by by the Soros funded Arab Brotherhood there are many Wahhabi Jihadist who are determined killers of all who do not practice their faith. They feast on the innocent parties who do not have anything to to do with the issues except that those issues have put them in harms way. How many of the 30,000 condemned men released from Saudi prison to go kill people in Syria are now traveling in Europe and some even in the United States? Too many to pretend that it does not matter.

    When media stops pretending that all Muslims are the same, and begins to look at the particular facts involved in what is clearly a staged managed assault on the democratic governments of the world with the intention of causing them to fail and force them to adopt rightist authoritarian governments that will belong to the Elite, who will own them and live above the law. Just like the King of Saudi Arabia.

    Innocent people? We are ALL innocent when it comes to the incredible evil of the Elite.

    • Ok, but Cobra has been clear the refugee crisis from Syria is artificial, meaning we are creating this and we’ve learned that 80% of the Islamic refugees entering Europe are not even from Syria, but from other African nations and predominantly are young male men, as if they are staging them for some future event. This entire refugee crisis has been created by cabal, so to allow it would enable the cabal right?? Israel and Saudi Arabia have accepted 0 refugees.. why are the Islamic refugees not being relocated to nations predominantly Muslim and in much closer proximity to that region?? I know and I think we all do, the goal is to destabilize Europe and maybe America, more chaos, per Cobra, this is their goal, chaos.. division.. We are all 1 of course, but right now, per Cobra, Islam is a mind control religion and they have very different views than western cultures in terms of treatment of women, the feminine aspect that the cabal has tried so hard to suppress. Islam suppress all feminine energy, women are treated as slaves, possessions, cover their faces, don’t vote, can’t drive, is this what you want to in Europe and America??

      • What we want is for Donald Trump to address the real issue and source of global terrorism: The “Dark Cabal” instead of blaming innocent countries and people. What the Government is currently doing is promoting racism and creating separation among all Americans by focusing blame on the wrong groups while maintaining business as usual attitude with the Israelis & Wahhabism perpetrators of terrorism from Saudi Arabia. Until we lean to discern facts from fiction we will keep going on circles in total confusion only serving & further advancing the NWO plans.

  3. That’s a very wise and diplomatic answer, Edward Morgan. I often ask myself the question “How to direct my anger in a constructive way?” In Holland the population of mixed parts in cities,with immigrants that are welcomed by the Dutch government and aren’t illegal, found a solution to the angry outlet of frustration in young Maroccan men, including the phanatism of their religious belief system and their behaviour towards Dutch girls, by organising their fathers, now serving as neighbourhood-watch”. “Fathers” they’re called.

    It’s a wise and diplomatic solution, for “they” long for peace as much as “we” Dutchies, in essence. Hostility as a cloud hanging over a neighbourhood is a breeding ground for all sorts of drama. “They” know this as much as “we” Dutchies.

    It’s one way to make these boys listen and change their behaviour. It’s a trial and error attempt, requiring much patience and sometimes there are acts of revenge, due to this mediation. “They” are living with a huge network of connections and informants of all sorts and the use of psychological blackmail, forcing someone into certain actions is common practice in tribal folks. It’s the law of the desert, sort of. Most of the Dutch immigrants left tribal life and it’s a culture shock on both sides as you can imagine.

    By having an authority in the neighbourhood that is senior to these boys rebellious behaviour and opinions is helpful. Also because it’s an obligation, in “their” culture, to listen to the elders. That’s also the law of the desert. I wish it was the same for “us” Dutchies, that youngsters have to listen to elderly folks 😉

  4. The data in the graph is from Center for American Progress, which is a Soros-owned entity. To the extent that you wish to trust this data, given that, I would challenge it on two bases beyond that: 1) acts that might well be terror are under-reported as “workplace violence”, “lone wolf”, “random violence”, and other things that may well be terror-related, or related to what this is – hijra; 2) we have not (yet) let in sufficient numbers, unlike Germany, Sweden, and France, to reach critical mass. Are we stupid enough to follow their example, when we can prevent it?

    I agree totally with Doug James. You are missing the big picture here.

  5. Ok, how is it PFC doesn’t see a link with the artificial war in Syria and the artificial refugee crisis designed to flood European nations with Islam which they know won’t integrate but rather attempt to fundamentally change those cultures, laws, norms, values etc? This is clearly a cabal move, if this isn’t called out, I’m seriously wondering about PFC then, nations like Finland, Denmark, Sweden are now protesting, and women there are afraid to go walking in areas once deemed safe. It’s no secret how Muslim men treat all women, they are not equals, they are possessions to be used as they see fit. There’s not 1 Islamic nation we can point to that has equality for women. The feminine presence is always suppressed in those nations. Why isn’t this being clearly delineated, this crisis is artificial with an insidious agenda as a very high % of the refugees are young men.. see a concern here?

    • Thank you for your passionate response Doug James. You are absolutely right about the negative effects the Cabal is having through immigration and Prepare For Change Has pointed out those issues, some under the comments of this article but mostly in previous postings. Here a the link to one of those “various” articles you may want to read (specially read the comments at the end of the article) :

  6. I live in a suburb of a sanctuary city. I have lived here for three decades. Since becoming a sanctuary city, crime rates have gone up significantly. While shootings used to be rare, occurring perhaps once or twice a year, they are now a weekly occurrence. I do not support xenophobia, but I can see that giving sanctuary to criminal gang members is…foolish.

    • Yes Melodie, giving sanctuary to Gang members and criminals is a bad idea, but blanket blaming specific ethnicities or entire counties is not the way to handle that problem, there are bad apples in every country & societies…

  7. I think Sweden, UK, and Germany have a different experience, according to news reports. Perhaps the crime depends upon from which countries the immigrants come, and cultural differences and expectations: for example a culture that believes unaccompanied females may be raped, no crime; or young boys may be raped; and those that patrol their new residential areas enforcing their code of onduct and dress upon others. Let’s be wise and learn from other countries so that we can protect our citizens and our new immigrants from the terror they flee.

    • Do not listen to the “News”, just like our brother Robert Kimble explained. Thanks to Cabal controlled MSM we are blaming the wrong Countries and therefore the wrong group of people. The problem are not the refugees but the paid trained Mercenaries/Agents Provocateurs being infiltrated into those countries by the NWO/Cabal disguised as “refugees”. The Cabal want us to believe those 7 Middle Eastern countries are the cause of terrorism because that effectively further serves their Zionist destabilization agenda they already have planned for the middle East and also effectively deflects the blame away from them:

      “LEAKED! Official Agenda for the destruction of Germany”

      “All Wars Are Bankers Wars, All terrorism Is Financed By Banksters, Trump’s Extreme Vetting But Not For Banks”

  8. All crime in the world is due to the fucking cabal. Things they poison us with like GMOs, chemtrails, flouride in the water, MK Ultra I could go on for days. When are we going to kill these cocksuckers?

    • Very good observation Mr. Robert Kimble. When are we getting rid of the Cabal? When we all realized the truth source of our problems as you did today instead of blaming innocent parties in the middle East or south of our borders…


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