The Genesis Formula, the Vesica Piscis, the Flower of Life, The Kabbalistic Tree of Life and the Star of David

 Copyright by William John Meegan
Presented with author’s permission


Sacred Geometry has all the appearance, to the uninitiated, of having little or no purpose other than generating beautiful symmetrical patterns.  To those uninitiated the meanings of the patterns coming from this genre of thought appear to be in the eye of the beholder.  Those teaching Sacred Geometry give the impression that they are more or less guessing at what the symbols of the science are conveying.  Where did the ideas come from that expresses the DOT, the LINE and the Circle: the rudiments of the science?    What does it all mean?  Is this the end all and be all of the science of geometry, to produce patterns that have little or no meaning?  Such questions makes one realize why Plato insisted that the initiate have at the very least an education in the SEVEN LIBERAL ARTS: the mathematical and the grammatical arts: the Trivium and the Quadruvium.  For such training was, for all intent and purpose, the Baptismal Fount of the Mystery Schools of antiquity.  Pouring water over the brow of a new born baby is symbolic of educating the child in the religious teachings of its culture.  This ostensibly is the sole reason why the child has a Godfather and a Godmother present during the Baptismal Ritual because they have sworn an oath taken on the responsibility of the child’s religious education; however, modernity is ceaselessly forgetful and/or gives little thought to the rites of antiquity.

The sacred scripture is symbolically the Promise Land and it is by tilling that soil, ‘by the sweat of thy brow, all the days of thy life,’ that the initiate can hope to see God and live.  The sacred scriptures are also known as the Waters of Life: the Baptismal Fount.  This is why Christ called himself the Waters of Life.  One has to irrigate and plow the fields that are the sacred scriptures.  Thoughts are seeds that one plants in the fields to plow under with silent meditation.

The First Chapter of Genesis

The first rule in reading the sacred scriptures is that the text interprets itself.  There are very stringent and succinct rules and regulations that become apparent and they must be followed conscientiously or chaos will ensue.  There are twenty-two (22) letters and five (5) final letters, which make up the Hebrew coder.  Each of the Hebrew letters has a symbolic meaning and an alphanumeric designate; however, each of the twenty-two letters is also a word, which is spelt out with several or more letters giving it multifaceted definitions and/or a unified comprehensive theme.  The Hebrew coder is grouped into nine columns of three rows according to their lowest common denominators: meaning that those letters that have the same digit 1-9 are interchangeable.  For example: ALEPH (1 – Elohym[1] = Moon[2]), YUD (10 – Yahweh[3] = Sun[4]) and QOPH (100 – Most High El = transcendent) can take on each other’s attributes seeing collectively they represent the Trinity as defined by Christianity.   These twenty-two plus five final letters exemplifying the Hebrew coder are the powers of creation that engenders the Word of God.

It should be understood that the internal compositional structure of the esoteric science gives irrefutable evidence that the Old and New Testaments were written simultaneously, no matter what the histories[5] of these cultures have to say on the subject, to augment each other exoterically and esoterically: they have a symbiosis that engenders the Word of God.   Neither the exoteric nor the esoteric is the Word of God: these tools of communication merely engender it, which can only be ascertained by the individual desiring to know God.  This last cannot be transmitted by word of mouth.  It is similar to Virgil, Beatrice and Saint Bernard guiding Dante[6] through the three realms of spirit: Inferno, Pugatorio and the Paradiso.  Dante is finally left on his own to envisage the Trinity.  There is a chasm that cannot be traversed between two individuals and this is it.

One astounding piece of evidence representing the symbiosis of the Old and New Testaments and the fact that they were generated simultaneously is present in the last four letters of the Hebrew coder that spells out the word CHRIST (krst)[7] in Greek using Hebrew letters [Qoph (100), Resh (200), Shin (200) and Tav (400): these are the first four letters into creation[8]].  “The New Testament is a very terse and succinct commentary on the esoteric science codified to the Old Testament”.

There are exactly 434-Hebrew words in the first chapter of Genesis[9] and there is only one Hebrew letter when spelt out that has that Gemetria value and that is DALETH, which is the fourth letter and has the symbolic meaning of DOOR.  Here, immediately, the text of the Torah interprets itself as the Door to creation; however, DALETH (4 – door) can also take on the attributes of MEM (40 – waters) and TAV (400 – Mark on the Forehead: i.e. Kundalini Serpent); thus, the first chapter of Genesis is explaining that it is the door to creation, the waters of life and that it is the Kundalini Serpent all wrapped up into one comprehensive idea.  Christ told us in the New Testament that he was the door and at another time he said that he was the waters of life and of course we know that he is the serpent crucified to the cross.

The following pages will outline in more detail the concepts laid out in the last paragraph.


The first written letter of the Torah is BETH.  This letter symbolically represents the Old Testament; however, BETH is not the first letter of the Torah: PEI (80) is.  Pei is the seventeenth letter[10] of the Hebrew coder.  PEI inundates and surrounds the letter BETH in the white area of the page[11].  It is something that is not seen and is not known to be there.  PEI represent the esoteric (New Testament); whereas, BETH represents the exoteric (Old Testament).  These two letters, having a symbiotic relationship, are exuding the secret of life[12]; thus, the entire Old and New Testaments are commentaries on the interface between BETH and PEI.  BETH and PEI literally in their symbiosis represent the Tai Chi symbol of LIGHT and DARKNESS: i.e. the Vesica Piscis and this will be discussed and demonstrated further on.  The main problem that confronts the initiate is to envisage the esoteric, contemplatively, codified to the exoteric.

BETH being the first letter of the TORAH is spelt out Beth (2)-Yud (10)-Tav (400): 412.  This is a septenary[13] 1, 2, and 4, which represents the birth of ego-consciousness.  The very concept of 1: center, 2: up and down and 4: north, east, south and west is reinforced into the conceptual concept of the first word of Genesis: BERESHITH and that will be discussed below.

In studying the letter/word BETH it is seen that Beth represents a container, Yud represents the Sun and Tav represents the waters, which is all outlined in the first word of Genesis: BERESHITH and then as commentary in the first two verses of Genesis.  On a purely contemplative level BETH should be envisaged as a sphere with the Sun at the center, which would make it a Dyson Sphere.  Note that the letter YUD is equidistance between the letters BETH and TAV: as if inferring two radiuses.  Note that within the letter BETH both the letters YUD and TAV reside.  In other words this is what is contained within BETH.  The moment that a center is identified a diameter of that circle is conceivable.  In the case of the sun, as in a solar system, there are infinite possibilities for diameters to be conceived; but, what about the letter TAV that represents the door, the waters of life and/or the Kundalini Serpent?

PEI must not be forgotten, in all of this, by any stretch of the imagination, because it is the key to understanding the letter BETH.  PEI by itself is not just PEI: it is Pei and Beth combined in equality; whereas, BETH gives no credence to PEI’S existence: this is why Pei is not recognized in the Dyson Sphere.  It is known that PEI represents symbolically both PEI (female – Moon) and BETH (male – Sun) because Pei is symbolically the Mouth of God and the entire texts of the first chapter of Genesis interprets it as such: the Tai Chi symbol; whereas, BETH  does not include PEI in its entourage because it is self-centered representing ego-consciousness.  The moment that the spiritual light (transcendent) comes into the world it splits off into opposites: Yahweh – Sun[14] and Elohym – Moon[15]: the waters of creation.  All opposites are variations on this duality.  PEI being the Mouth of God denotes a set of 32-teeth: upper and lower creating in the center an unseen Vesica Piscis: Word of God.  There are precisely 32-uses of the word Elohym (God) in the first chapter of Genesis and this will be discussed below.  The word Yahweh has the Gemetria value of twenty-six (26) and the word Elohym has the Gemetria value of eighty-six (86): combined they represent two-hundred and eleven (211): RESH (200), YUD (10) and ALEPH (1): 2 + 1 + 1 = 4: the Door or the Waters of Life or the Kundalini Serpent.  In other words the door swings both ways, there are two serpents wrapped around the Tree of Life and there are two parts hydrogen and two parts oxygen in the compositional makeup of water.  It is when Pei is recognized by Beth in the Dyson Sphere that the conditions are ripe for the Trinity to be in consensus and a new heaven and a new earth are forthcoming and the creation of the word BERESHITH is in order.  This is why “the spirit of Elohym hovered over the face of the waters” in the second verse of Genesis.  The old heaven and earth has to give up the ghost: in other words the sun has to set: the old sun god is dead and a new raison d’être is on the horizon.

The nuances in the letter MEM (waters) was extremely interesting in how it was structured esoterically.  The letter MEM is spelt Mem-Yud-Mem or “the waters above the heavens and the waters beneath the heavens” with YUD (firmament) in the center as outlined in the second day (Gen. 1:6) of creation: suggesting that the ‘firmament’ is the Vesica Piscis.  Water being two parts hydrogen and two parts oxygen suggest 22-letters in the Hebrew coder.  Yahweh represent 26 = 8 and Elohym represent 86 = 5: combined they create a set in the Fibonacci sequence of the Golden Ratio.

Once it is recognized that the letter PEI is inundating and surrounding the Dyson Sphere (BETH) then it is easily visualized that the text of the Torah is dealing with a binary system: not a two star system but rather a Sun and Moon system and within the center of that binary system is the ‘waters: Yahweh = Sun and Elohym = Moon’, which is the Vesica Piscis.  This is known because the fourth day of creation explicitly states that the two great luminaries were placed within the ‘made’ firmament (Gen. 1:6, 17).

It is now known that there is a Vesica Piscis in this analysis of the letter BETH/PEI.  PEI (80) is spelt Pei-Aleph with a Gemetria value of eighty-one (81 = 9 x 9 square = Kamea[16] of the Moon); thus, it can be seen why PEI symbolically represents the Moon.  ALEPH symbolically represents Elohym, which the Zohar says represents the Moon. Each of the letters PEI and BETH represents their own Dyson Sphere, which each places some of its waters in the center and the Sun and Moon circles these selected waters: the reader should not jump to conclusions here and imagine that the water is the earth.  The earth will come into the mix shortly.  The reason that PEI and BETH are seen here circling the waters is because both the Sun and the Moon affect the tides of the oceans.  In psychological parlance it can be said that both ego-consciousness (sun) and the unconscious mind (moon) affects the life of the individual.

Stop here for a moment and briefly consider what has thus far been culled out of the written letter BETH.  A great deal of information has been ascertained from just the study of the letter BETH from the Torah’s written text.  How does it help the initiate to know that all of this above data is compact into this lone letter BETH: couple with the knowledge that PEI is part of its construct: BETH is married as ONE[17] with the letter PEI?  It has been learned that BETH is a container and PEI[18] its esoteric companion.  It has also been envisaged that PEI represents a Star and as a mouth has 32-teeth: both these symbols will have strong influences on the main body of text in the first chapter of Genesis.  It has been noted that in representing symbolically a binary system BETH/PEI form a Vesica Piscis.


Christ tells us in the New Testament, “For where two and[19] three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them (KJV Matt: 18:20)”.  This is apropos to the discussion we are about to enter into.  BETH has to recognize PEI and this means that it has to humble itself: ego-consciousness (Yahweh – Sun) has to submit to the unconscious mind (Elohym – Moon).  The moment that Yahweh rests the devil will have its way so-to-speak: remember the septenary, which is defined by the number seven (Sabbath)?  Yahweh had accomplished his goal.  It is just like the human being going to sleep at night.  Ego-consciousness has to submerge into the unconscious mind to obtain R.E.M. Sleep if the body is to be revitalized.  Just like the man coming home at night after a hard day’s work.  He sits down in his easy chair and endures the tongue lashing of his wife: nag, nag, nag: each of us succumbs to the dreams of our subconscious mind.  This is the symbolism exuded into the world regarding our relationship to the psyche.  How we relate to the psyche is how we relate to the world around us: that is why the maxim reads: KNOW THYSELF.

RESH is the second letter of the bible and it is spelt Resh (200 – 2)-Aleph (1)-Shin (300 – 3): hence you can see why Christ’s statement “For where two and three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them (KJV Matt: 18:20)” is apropos here.  Aleph being in the midst of Resh and Shin is in a sense separating SHIN from RESH.  In fact the word BARA the first three letters of the bible spell out the word ‘bara = to choose, select, separate, create’.  It is because BETH recognizes PEI that RESH can be inserted into BETH forming the word BE-RESH-ITH.  As the Zohar points out in the Prologue all of creation has to come through BETH because it is the physical (exoteric) manifestation to PEI’S esoteric nature; thus, the letter RESH (200) is a higher form of BETH: at least initially because it can be reduced to the lower common denominator of two (2). The letter/word RESH in this regards represents a more or less ‘spiritual radiance’ or spiritual sun: or it can be said that the initiate experiencing this has received a vision: a new raison d’être. The old personality has died and a new one is emerging.

RESH is defined as first; thus, when the first verse of Genesis is read it is referring to what is taking place in the word ‘RESH.  For in the word RESH “Elohym (God) is separating the beginning and ends[20] of the heavens and the beginning and ends of the earth”.  It is possible to see Resh and Shin as heaven and earth because as two (2) and three (3) they reference the second and third days of creation.  In the second day it talks of the heavens and in the third day it speaks of the earth.  There is an infinite amount of data that I can speak of relating to interpreting the word BERESHITH but I will refrain from doing so; however, I must speak of some of it.  Notice how YUD and ALEPH flank the letter SHIN, which symbolically represents the ‘earth’; whereas, in the word BERESHITH only Elohym is flanking RESH rather than both twos: RESH and BETH.  Before the first letter of Genesis there is four letters[21] inferred and we’ll get to that next; however, it should be noted that QOPH is the first letter next to BETH from the transcendent standpoint.  This makes ALEPH and QOPH flanking the heavens.  So when the first verse of Genesis says, “Elohym separated the beginning and ends of the heavens” it was referring to Qoph being within that Trinitarian mix: the word ELOHYM infers all three persons of the Trinity: Aleph-Yud-Qoph, in the first verse of Genesis.

Look at the word BERESHITH:


Notice how YUD separates the Earth from TAV (waters), which has been previously determined to be the unity of the Sun and the Moon.  Then take notice of how ALEPH separates SHIN from RESH and BETH (heavens) and this same process is carried out in the transcendent (empyrean), which will be discussed shortly.  This is brought out because TAV represents the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and RESH and BETH represents the Tree of Life.  This distinction is made because RESH and BETH is a split pair of twos; whereas, TAV is Yahweh and Elohym are united.  In every respect this present analysis is an interpretation of the second and third chapters of Genesis.  A perfect example of this interpretation is found in Michelangelo’s fresco panel: The Temptation and Expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Notice how Adam is picking fruit from the left side of the tree and how Eve is accepting the fruit from the serpent that is getting the fruit from the right side of the tree.  The angel (serpent) with cloth on has to go around the serpent’s side of the tree to browbeat the Adam and Eve being expelled from the Garden of Eden or is that Adam, with his hand gestures, telling the angel-serpent to just leave him and his wife alone (“get out of my sight”).  In fact in the third chapter of Genesis Yahweh cannot see Adam and Eve, “where art thou Adam”.


Compare the lettering of the word BERESHITH in relationship to this panel on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  The serpent is on the limb that represents TAV and this is said because both serpent and angel are wrapped around that tree and the serpent has to reach across Yahweh’s limb (YUD) of the tree, which was initially abandoned, to feed Eve (SHIN); being that Eve (SHIN) is a proselyte of Elohym (ALEPH) and for all intent and purpose EVE is Elohym (ALEPH); whereas, Adam has to reach across ALEPH, which is in fact is reaching across Eve to obtain fruit from the tree representing RESH[22] and BETH.  It can be seen that the angel was not concerned with the Adam and Eve with fair faces like hers because Adam (so-called head of the household – secretly it is the woman – she let him think he’s in charge) is eating from her tree; whereas, the serpent’s proselytes: Adam and Eve with scaly faces are being harassed by the angel (also a serpent).  The angel with her dress cloth on is a girl not likely to stay at home around the tree with her husband.  She would rather be off venting her rage out on somebody.  It is not too difficult to see, here in this fresco panel that the angel is moving (pouting, brooding) over the face of the waters (TAV) very much like the spirit of Elohym does in the second verse of Genesis.  Yahweh’s angel is obviously not satisfied with the situation.  This kind of tirade is precisely what Yahweh does in the third chapter of Genesis when he vents his rage out on Adam and Eve.   Michelangelo’s frescoed panel is demonstrating that Yahweh is in the Garden of Eden when goes on his tantrum; whereas, Adam and Eve are already in the desert and this is why Yahweh cannot see them.

There is of course numerous other interpretation of the first word of Genesis, which I have published in a number of books[23] but would not be unsuitable for this presentation.


A study of the word BERESHITH is in order as far as its structure goes.  The curious aspects of the word BERESHITH is that it has a skip lettering sequence in it that begs analysis.  The fact that TAV, SHIN and RESH are found in this skip sequence calls up the story of the alphabet in the Prologue of the Zohar.


Then YUD, ALEPH and BETH have to be considered in relationship to the previous analysis conducted on the letters PEI and BETH above.  It was not difficult to see the alphabet coming in and going out of creation once BERESHITH’S six letters were separated into two rows.  The Lord of the World that is discussed in the alphabet story in the Zohar is of course Yahweh (YUD).  This is why YUD is seen at both ends of the spectrum of the Genesis Formula.  The powers that be must parade before him.  Here in the above illustration I have only gone out to Daleth because the mathematical pattern on the TRANSCENDENT side would theoretically have to mimic the one ending with TAV on the BERESHITH side: ‘as below so above or as above so below’, in order to meet the criteria laid out in the second day of creation: ‘waters above the heavens and the waters beneath the heavens’.

The fact that the Zohar Prologue gives a commentary on the Hebrew coder going in and out of creation points the word BERESHITH representing symbolically the Second Coming of Christ.  In the alphabetic tale told in the Zohar, all the letters paraded before the Lord of the World and each was rejected for one reason or another leaving only BETH and ALEPH yet to make their petitions to be considered as the conduit for creation; thus, when viewing the word BERESHITH it can be seen that Aleph and Beth had their individual discourses with the Lord of the world: YUD.  Then the question is asked, why are TAV, SHIN and RESH coming back into creation?  It has been pointed out above that the last four letters of the Hebrew coder spell out the word CHRIST (krst) in Greek using Hebrew letters.  This; therefore, would make it the Second Coming of Christ.  In looking at the letters PEI and BETH interface being PEI is the 17th-letter and BETH is the 2nd-letter that totals to nineteen as in the 19th-letter of the Hebrew coder: QOPH; thus the spelling of the word Christ[24] (Qoph-Resh-Shin-Tav) is found in the first word of Genesis: BERESHITH – “in the beginning”, along with ALEPH and YUD combining all elements of the Trinity.


Further analysis of the GENESIS FORMULA brings out some startling mini-diagrams of topic already discussed in the analysis on PEI and BETH.   In taking the ten letters/numbers pattern in the Genesis Formula and putting them into a circle it was not difficult to see a mini-pattern of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life illustrated with just the Sefirahs.  Again putting the ten letters/numbers into a circle and breaking the two fours into two twos provided twelve parts, which produced a mini-pattern of the Zodiac/Calendar year, with the Star of David in the center: notice that he four ones produces the first butterfly pattern.  There is only one way to produce two like patterns with the other eight signs/months exuding the Star of David in the center.  Finally, putting the ten letters/numbers into the Area Graphic Program in the Microsoft Excel Program produced the Crown of Creation.  Jewish Kabbalistic legend says that the Crown of Creation will be found at the beginning of the Torah.  I place these images here to emphasize what was discussed previously about the Star and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and leave them as prophetic illustrations of what is to come in the main body of text of the first chapter of Genesis.

The Zohar says that BERESHITH represents the six ordinal directions.  Though it doesn’t mention it the Zohar had to be making reference to BERESHITH’S six letters.  Beth would represent east and Tav west and Aleph would be up and Yud would be down leaving Shin for the north and Resh for the south; thus, this signifies a sphere or a cube.   In fact that is not difficult to envisage seeing there are 31-verses in the first chapter of Genesis and 31-words in the first day of creation: 31 is the cube of pi: this last becomes intriguing when we consider the Flower of Life.  Doing the math on the sphere the radius would be two since BETH is said to be the conduit of all creation.  The diameter would be four and the surface area of said sphere would be 50.26…; whereas, the volume of said sphere would be 33.51…  It cannot be coincidence that there are 50-chapters in the book of Genesis and within those chapters there are 1533-verses, which is the reverse of 33.51.  The bible can only work with whole words, verses, chapters and books.

In looking at the letters PEI (80) and BETH (2) again it is seen that they total to eighty-two (82) or brought to their lowest common denominators they represent eight (8) and (2).  Since they are a pair and a unit then BETH from this perspective is but 20% of a possible 100%; however, if PEI represents the Star of David, which will be seen within the confines of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life in the main body of the text of the first chapter of Genesis, then the letters BETH and RESH may well be inferring tetrahedral geometry[25] seeing that both these letters are spelt out with three letters: each forming a triangle on a two dimensional surface inferring two tetrahedrons on a three dimensional level.


If this is so, then there would be 20% at each end of the axis poles.  This puts four letters in the transcendent and six letters in the real world.  Tetrahedral forces work in planetary spheres at about 19.5° at the axis poles.  At these geodetic locations on all planetary orbs in the solar system there is an upwelling of forces: sun spots, volcanoes, storms, earth quakes and visual scarring on the surface.  Double 19.5° and 39° is the quotient; however, the bible is discussing these ideas in percents not degrees.  Yet, being curious I took the amount of verses in the book of Genesis and multiplied it by 19.5% (1533 verses x 0.195) and obtained a quotient of 298.935 or the 299th verse, which is at the end of the eleventh chapter of Genesis.  This is at the end of the antediluvian times.  The beginning of the twelfth chapter of Genesis, which is in the modern times, has Yahweh telling Abram to get out of his father’s house.  Is that not equal to the upwelling of forces?

The 39% and 61% ratio brings up the idea of the Golden Ratio and I believe this fits in with what the tetrahedral forces are trying to convey: that it is both the spiritual and the material that generates the text or symbolically life in the universe.  It is as if there is an eternal war going on between the spiritual and material planes of existence and this hidden conflict may well be represented in the upwelling of forces all planetary spheres.  One has to wonder if the energy released, because of this internal and perpetual conflict, on a planetary scale is what the ancients built Ley Lines[26] on.

It should be pointed out that both PHI and PI are further codified to the text.  Consider BETH for the present analysis to represent the number one (1): because it is one letter.  The word BERESHITH has six (6) letters and there are twenty-eight (28) letters in the first verse of Genesis; whereas, there are eighty-(80) letters in the first two verses of Genesis.  Brings these numbers to their lowest common denominators the result is: 1.618 or the short formula for PHI (the Golden Ratio). The Golden Ratio was inferred in the Fibonacci set found in the combined Gemetria values of Yahweh and Elohym. By the way if every set in the Fibonacci sequence was analyze it would be found to represent a 2/3 ratio (“For where two and three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them (KJV Matt: 18:20)”). Also notice that the eighty (80) letters in the first two verses of Genesis infer the symbolism of the letter PEI.  PEI is codified a few more times in spectacular patterns in the first chapter of Genesis.  I will discuss them below: however, note how the text is constantly reinforcing its position on symbolism by given redundant examples.

When the word ELOHYM is studied it is shown to esoterically hold within its structure the formula for PI: Aleph (1), Lemmed (30 = 3), Heh (5), Yud (10 = 1) and MEM (40 = 4): going counterclockwise from the number three (3) it reads: 3.1415 or the short formula for PI.  Consider that by putting the five letters that make up the word ELOHYM into a circle preserves the knowledge of the formula for pi as the diameter of a circle.  This becomes exceedingly important as the analysis of the texts continues.  We have already seen that PI was well used in the analysis of the sphere that the six letters of BERESHITH generated.  These mathematical patterns are by no means aberrations in the texts.

The sacred scriptures often uses numerical figures that appear to be too large as seen with PEI and BETH in the example above representing tetrahedron geometry; however, as it has be demonstrated the text does adjust itself when it has sufficient data to work with.

Finally, on this point I want to bring to the attention of the reader exactly what the Genesis Formula was created to convey and I think it was done very well with the example of the tetrahedral forces.  When taking the ten letters of the GENESIS FORMULA and placing them out in an array it is found that the Vesica Piscis appears.  Note that the four ones (1s) produce the two intersecting cycles that create the Vesica Piscis.  It is easily seen in this diagram how Elohym (Trinity) separated the ‘heavens and the earth’.   The mini-Kabbalistic Tree of Life image also preserves the image of the Vesica Piscis.


The fact that the Star of David and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life are indelibly linked in the esoteric construct of the first chapter of Genesis indicates that it is the tetrahedral forces that dominate and govern the psyche and hence the universe at large.  I am wondering here if this knowledge that is preserved in the psyche of humanity and in the literature of antiquity around the world is not a dire warning, to the future, that these tetrahedral forces should not be tampered with on a physical level; rather, these forces can only be tamed on a psychic level.  I am thinking here that the terrible mythical lore surrounding the destruction of the high civilizations of antiquity (such as the mythical lore of Atlantis) was due solely to the advancement of technology coming to a state where arrogant scientists and corporations think they can manipulate these dynamic forces for their own profit.  Woe to the governments around the world that do not rein in these arrogant scientists and corporations for it will become their responsibility, in the aftermath of the coming[27] worldwide catastrophes, to leave  behind megalithic monuments to their failure, as a stern warning to all future generations.

Think of the legacy these ancient sages have left humanity in their wake.  After the destruction of their highly advance civilizations they created great megalithic civilizations solely to leave a warning, to the future, of what happened to their cultures.  They then wiped away all knowledge of advance civilizations.  They went out of their way to destroy all advance technology.  Look at the traditions of the America Indian who would not allow anything to develop unless they first considered how it would affect those that would come after them for seven generations.  Look at the Catholic Church’s attempt to stay the advancement of science and failed.  Apparently the Church saw the coming catastrophes and left behind monumental works of art relating solely to this warning that antiquity has left humanity.


The Kabbalistic Tree of Life can only be envisaged by the researcher listing the thirty-two (32) times that the word ELOHYM is listed in the text of the first chapter of Genesis along with the accompanied word that each use is associated with (see chart below).  The pattern of the 32-Elohyms is found to be exactly that which is found in the traditional Kabbalistic Tree of Life: 10-Serirahs (10-times the word ‘said’ is used), 3-Mother letters (3-times the word ‘made’ is used), 7-Double letters (7-times the word ‘saw’ is used) and 12-Single letters (there are various words used totaling 12). It was not difficult to locate the apex of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life once the thirty-two (32) ELOHYMS were placed into a circle sequentially: 1-32.


This sequential ordering of the 32-Elohyms becomes extremely important as the analysis continues.   In noting the four categories of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and where the SEFIRAH are the outer frame of the Tree of Life literally embosses itself in the cycle of 32-Elohyms.  It is quite interesting to see that eight (8) out of the ten Sefirahs pair off 180° from each other.  The last two Sefirahs pair off by virtue of not being 180° from each other.  These last two seem to be floaters of a sort seeing they would be represented in the central column of the tree.  What I mean by floaters is that depending upon how the tree is viewed it can appear to be two cubes one on top of the other.  If the reader remembers the mini-Star of David in the GENESIS FORMULA where the two fours are split into four twos then it is possible to envisage these two last Sefirahs as floater representing an additional two Sefirahs forming a three dimensional image.  It is quite interesting that in viewing the Kabbalistic Tree of Life as two cubes (rather than two circles) one on top of each other forms a Vesica Piscis in the center.

Eerily though this 2/8 ratio brings up images of the Beth/Pei interface; however, PEI was already in the mix so-to-speak because as the Mouth of God it has thirty-two (32) teeth, which demonstrates that PEI is esoterically all over the first chapter of Genesis.  Nonetheless it is not too difficult to complete the Kabbalistic Tree of Life from the data (word associations) that is at hand; however, note that the scriptures is defining a Natural Array pattern for the Kabbalistic Tree of Life rather than the traditional pattern.   There is precedence for this in the original source materials from whence the esoteric science originated, which allows for the writing of the sacred scriptures of the world (see Universal Mathematical Matrix).


Before I continue the analysis of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life another graphic image needs to be aired.  The twelve Single (Elemental) letters designated ‘E’ in the four circular charts.  Six of the Elementals pair off into three pairs 180° from each other forming a perfect Star of David.  It is not quite perfect because when the star is studied it is seen that the points of the star are separated by four or five positions of the Elohyms.  That is quite curious seeing that we just went through studying tetrahedral geometry with the PEI/BETH interface.  Note that to the right and left of the axis poles of the star there are eight positions of Elohyms on each end; whereas, in the center of the star there are five positions on the left and five positions on the right.  Consider the Star of David as two tetrahedrons where the axis poles control a total of 16-Elohyms and the center of the star controls 10-Elohyms: that is a 5/8 ratio or a set in the Fibonacci sequence of the Golden Ratio.


When analyzing the word structure in the six days of the Genesis Creation Account a very startling discovery was made.  In day one of creation there are 31-words, day two has 38-words: combined these two days have a total of 69-words.  The third day of creation has 69-words and the fourth day of creation has 69-words: this gives a grand total of 207-words in just the first four days of creation.  When looking at the Kabbalistic Tree of Life it can be seen that the third through the eighteenth positions (3-18) of the Elohyms are all housed in the first four days of creation.


The word LIGHT in the first and fourth days of creation has a Gemetria value of 207.  The aggregate of three to eighteen (3-18) is 168.  The aggregate of 32-Elohyms is 528; thus, 168 is the diameter (PI) of the circle with a circumference of 528.  Again the formula for PI is used to precision.  The text is interpreting the LIGHT as PI; however, it has already been determined that the word ‘ELOHYM’ represent PI.  The entire first four days of creation are also called LIGHT.  The text is defining what LIGHT is.  Saint John in the New Testament is referring to spiritual light when he says, “God is light and in him there is no darkness”.  Here in the first chapter of Genesis the LIGHT is Sunlight not transcendental light.  When subtracting 168 from 528 the quotient is 360 and a circle has 360°.  Here above it is easy to comprehend what is being said in the second verse of Genesis when it says, “the earth was without form and void and darkness was on the face of the deep”. This above image, depicting the entire first chapter of Genesis, certainly does looks like a Tai Chi symbol.

Notice what is being conveyed here.  Each of the 32-Elohyms is a circle with a diameter (microcosm); whereas, the large 32-Elohym placed in a circle also depict PI and a 360° circle (macrocosm).  This same concept of microcosm and macrocosm is built into the word LIGHT and its larger version spread over the first four days of creation and the first four chapter of Genesis.


When further analyzing the calculations in the first four days of creation relating to the four categories of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life a number of interpretations come to the fore.  The five SEFIRAH: 3, 7, 10, 13 and 15 total to 48, the five ELEMENTALS: 5, 6, 9, 11 and 17 total to 48, the four DOUBLE letters: 4, 12, 14, 18 total to 48 and the two MOTHER letters 8, 16 total to 24.  The aggregate of 3-18 is 168 or the hours in a week and this 3½ patterns points to a seven day week but it also points to the coiled serpent (lingam) that lays dormant at the base of the spine.  The ascent up the central column, which is being symbolized here, suggests the rise of the Kundalini Serpent.   In the mundane world this tree is known as the Kabbalistic Tree of Life; however, the bible defines it as the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.


Humans in the material world may turn everything topsy-turvy but nonetheless it is what it is.  We can all laugh at ourselves because in Yahweh cursing Adam and Eve out he puts an angel to guard the Tree of Life with a twirling flaming sword: we can only pray that the angel keeps us mortals away from it; though, it is an awful pity that he’s rarely successful.  The symbols of the sacred scriptures can become confusing because of the nature of the opposites.  If the New Testament says LIGHT, DARKNESS, TREE OF LIFE or any symbol it is diametrically opposite to the Old Testament and vice versa.  Even Saint Paul complained of this in his epistles.  We human tend to think we are talking about the same thing, when talking about any given issue, when actually we are at cross purposes to each other.   You can take it to the bank, Christ is the Tree of Life in the New Testament and Yahweh is the Tree of Life in the Old Testament.

In continuing the mathematical analysis of the text the fifth and six days of creation have a total of 206-words, one word less than found in the Gemetria Value of LIGHT.  When the count of words is continued to the end of the fourth chapter of Genesis it is found that there are a total of 1449-words divided by 69 a quotient of 21 is obtained.  There are 22-minor chakras in the Hindu chakra system.  The 22nd group of 69 is found in the first chapter of Genesis: there are 69-groups of words held together by 80-hyphen[28]: these 69-groups of words totals to 142-words.   The 1449-words in the first four chapters of Genesis can also be divided by 207 giving a quotient of 7-LIGHT CHAKRAS.  This demonstrates that the first four days of creation represents but one LIGHT CHAKRA.

Theoretically each LIGHT CHAKRA symbolizes one day of creation in the Genesis Creation Account; thus, when reading the seven days of creation each of the SEVEN LIGHT CHAKRA in the 1449-words of the first four chapters of Genesis should be read in sequence.  For example when reading the first day of creation then the first four days of the Genesis Creation Account should be seen as representing the first day of creation.  In reading the second day of creation then the fifth and sixth day of creation (plus the first word of the second chapter) should be read as the content of the second day of creation, etc., etc.

If it is doubted that the Hindu symbol of the Kundalini and its Chakra system has anything to do with the Judeao Christian scriptures then the reader should view the West Façade of Chartres Cathedral.  There the Mystical Body of Christ depicts the same pattern as that of the Hindu Chakra system.


It behooves me to point out that the Judeao Christian scriptures are not the original source material that inspired their writings.  The Universal Mathematical Matrix[29] makes that claim.  I developed this matrix from out of the MONAD as a commentary on it.  It should be pointed out that since I claim to have discovered this matrix on my own volition, without researching it or knowing anything about it, this demonstrates that any culture in any time or clime can envisage it and start religion all over again.  This matrix is the source of all religions on earth: bar none.


In analyzing it I discovered that it was used in writing the Judeao Christian scriptures, Dante’s La Divina Commedia and great deal of Christian art.  Initially, it doesn’t look like much.  Above I have presented a group of patterns developed from out of this matrix and a few of those patterns were esoterically codified to the first chapter of Genesis; thus, it can be seen why this matrix is the original sources for the writing of the Judeao Christian scriptures.  I have also placed image of the FLOWER OF LIFE here so that the reader can visualize the cube embossed in its makeup.  Only three sides of the cube can be seen: the top and the two front sides.  It is especially important to visualize the top.  I see both these symbols as having a symbiosis: they are in fact the same symbol expressed two different ways.


In placing these two images side by side I want to illustrate that the Universal Mathematical Matrix is but one side of the six sided cube that is  the Flower of Life in a three dimensional form.  Both these images go out to infinity in every direction, which posits them as the same symbol. As it can be seen the red and blue circles represent the Vesica Piscis and if the reader has studied the matrix above with the Kabbalistic Tree of Life it can be visualized that the Tree of Life is a representation of the two circles forming the Vesica Piscis.  The pedals in the Flower of Life are the numbers in the matrix.  Note that the numbers not representing pedals represent the fixed signs of the Zodiac and are the reason the first letter of the bible is BETH.  There are 18-numbers represented by the 2, 5 and 8. This matrix was originally a 9 x 9 matrix: Kamea of the Moon (18 / 81 = 0.22222222…): PEI and BETH.  This goes to the heart of the Genesis Creation Account.

Last but not least, I want to state unequivocally, that I could not have envisaged what the Hebrew texts or its coder was conveying without Sacred Geometry.  Sacred Geometry is one of the lost keys to reading the sacred scriptures.  Modernity diminishes the sacred sciences, specializing in them through different disciplines, separating them when in fact they should be seamlessly merged as one.



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  1. This will come as a shock to many and many will absolutely disregard this as they are unable to cope with the degree by which they have been deceived. But people deserve to know! Flower of life = Daisy of Death. Unfortunately, the so called “flower of life” is not sacred geometry, it has a negative effect!

    • Here, take a look at the correct shape of the Lotus of Life. It has nothing to do with the very negative “flower of life” with its Metatronic distortion that is promoted to lightworkers.

  2. Sacred geometry is a fascinating subject to me and after learning about it through the material and knowledge that is offered in the Flower of Life workshop and the School of Remembering, plus the same geometric patterns present in the Tzolkin calendar of the Mayan wisdom keepers, I’ve made many drawings in order to find out for myself that all platonic solids can be found in the pattern of the Flower Life, present here in this article.

    There’s a kind of magic popping up often, certain “AHA” experiences, when you try to physically work out drawings and 3D objects of Platonic Solids, that brings a deeper understanding in a felt sense. And also, as I perceived it, one tends to observe and recognize the geometric patterns that are present in nature.

    Like in the heart of the sunflower, the structure of a pine cone or the honeycomb in a beehive, with its icosahedronal shaped segments. The openings with 6 edges, multiplied in a perfect match. One part of our body we can’t see ourselves is the spot on our head where the hair grows out in a spiraling way. That’s sacred geometry too 😉


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