The Problem Of Objet Petit a.

One thing that blocks the employment of the Laws of Manifestation is definitely our understanding of “Time”.

In the western world we were taught that in order to get from point A to point B we should take as less “Time” as possible. We’re always racing between point A and B.

In direct opposition Eastern philosophy preaches that in order to reach time B from time A you should take the smallest length of “space” possible. It’s not also a coincidence that many Eastern Languages (Chinese and Japanese for example) are pictoric and have multiple possible meanings for each character. It’s because they are NOT linear.

Therefore, we can more easily understand why both cultures not always get along very well. One views time as a linear progression (western languages / speech are a progression of meanings coded within a succession of characters) while the other one understands that the core issue is to manifest a range of potentials within a given space (a character or a symbol for example).

Now many people who are following the unfolding of the Event for many years, including myself by the way, are developing the “dangling” carrot syndrome, whose symptoms include manifesting expectations that seem not to materialize causing a certain degree of frustration.

To understand this we must first recognize also how deep within us the real rabbit hole goes.

Although some spiritual teachings approach this from the perspective of avoiding creating expectations and consequently avoiding frustration, the question I would like to address here is a bit more “out of the box”.

The hypothesis I’m working on at this moment is something along the lines of “what if the problem is not related to manifesting expectations but to an extremely deep and distorted inception about what “Time” really could be?”

Just follow me on this. Let’s use imagery.

The Dangling Carrot and objet petit a

Imagine for a moment that you’re, in fact, a rabbit chasing a carrot. You have always been taught that if you run “fast enough”, “good enough”, “brave enough” or “smart enough” you would get that precious carrot right?

Now imagine the view point of someone that knows that in reality you’re not just walking or running towards the carrot. That in reality the carrot and you (the rabbit) are also both spinning.

That someone knows that in reality you can’t reach the carrot just by running but in fact you’ll get the carrot when you just synchronize the rotation, the spinning, the vibration and velocity, or when you become ONE with the carrot.

If in theory that someone, which has that deep occult knowledge, could use it to mind control the whole world making them believe they are chasing their dreams, aspirations and fantasies when in reality they were just part of the most epic wild goose chase ever witnessed…

And has in all occult and really important knowledge it has all, at some point distorted and made to be “mainstream”, incepted in our consensual reality.

In this case the carrier of this particular inception may have been a prominent psychoanalyst from the 60’s called Jacques Lacan:

And just in case you’re wondering Objet petit a IS the Dangling Carrot:

Desire, in other words, has little to do with material sexuality for Lacan; it is caught up, rather, in social structures and strictures, in the fantasy version of reality that forever dominated our lives after our entrance into language. For this reason, Lacan writes that “the unconscious is the discourse of the Other.” Even our unconscious desires are, in other words, organized by the linguistic system that Lacan terms the symbolic order or “the big Other.” In a sense, then, our desire is never properly our own, but is created through fantasies that are caught up in cultural ideologies rather than material sexuality. For this reason, according to Lacan, the command that the superego directs to the subject is, of all things, “Enjoy!” That which we may believe to be most private and rebellious (our desire) is, in fact, regulated, even commanded, by the superego (Source).

Could our societies have been stealthy and and in subliminal ways programmed to bury this so deeply in the collective unconscious, so very deep that no one “should” ever find it?

If they do this with so many other aspects of mass mind control, it’s a given possibility.

My opinion is always that if they can, they’ve probably done it already…

This premise that desires are ultimately unreachable is an entropy fueling inception into belief systems that blocks manifestation itself.

It increases entropy and chaos and decreases the probability of manifestation of a desired outcome because it INCREASES the number of potential outcomes.

It’s likely more embedded in our neural networks through cultural programming and social engineering than we would ever like to admit.

It’s the root of the non-manifestation – the dangling carrot.

The only way out of this mental trap prison hole is through the same degree of mental deprogramming.

To understand the Laws of Manifestation implies a mind challenging understanding of the Natural Laws which is NOT addressed in any way by mainstream science in a coherent perspective.

However there’s a marginalized, but validated by mainstream science, lab experiment which is called the double-slit experiment. It’s one of the arguments that can be used to substantiate the immaterial nature of the Universe:

But that’s not even my point here.

The point is that you’re changing the outcome by just looking at the potential for that specific outcome to manifest.

While we can easily relate to the immaterial nature of the Universe concept we should take a deep breath before diving into the why the outcome changes when we look at it.

Understanding the possible mechanics of the Natural World may lead us to the desired outcome: the point in Time where our intended reality (Space) will manifest.

We will have to dig into alternative models that explain the mechanics of our Natural Universe for a better understanding.

In that regard I’ll use my favorite alternative model which is the Reciprocal Systems Theory founded by Dewey Larson:

The consensual reality’s point of view of “Time” is a kind of Arithmetic progression:

This means that the difference between terms is constant. It is quite linear.

Larson’s proposal however is that Time is a Reciprocal aspect of Space and that they are an aggregate in which the ratio of change between those two aspects is what produces scalar (vector space) motion.

In this proposal Space becomes the visible and tangible part of the Universe while Time would be the immaterial, intangible and subtle aspect of the materium.

Time, being reciprocal to Space, would be described as vector also but, most interestingly, it would have the 3 dimensions needed to define the motion (the vector).

Then Space could also be interpreted as the masculine, directional, creative, tangible and active aspect of the matterium while Time would be the feminine, receptive, rotational, emotional, cosmic and intangible aspect of the matterium.

In case you’re wondering by now what a heck this has to do with the Event, just stick with me for a few more lines. I’ll get there.

There may be a communication problem getting in the way of manifestation. Using the RS model we can say that when a specific intention is sent you’re sending waves, scalar waves from Time A to Time B. It’s not by chance that once someone said that thoughts are electric and emotions are magnetic. It’s because they produce motion in Time.

And the emotion (energy(e) + motion) produces a magnetic field which has a current. The complex that produces e-motions and thoughts is therefore our mental, etheric and astral bodies which then produces the reciprocal reactions in the spatial body (neurons, cells, chemical reactions, feelings, ect).

Psychic abilities are therefore the non-spatial bodies (mental, etheric, astral) senses triggering reactions in the spatial (material) body.

What we call “Ascended” beings may well live in a reality where they can master this relationship of the space / time aggregate where they manifest just simply being fully aware of this complex from the view point of Consciousness. Consciousness is the Awareness of how it works and when you just know just how it works well… it works!

What we call 4D or 5D beings may be living in a reality where they can read, transcribe and manipulate aspects of the space / time complex however they live, in a lesser degree than we do, in the Mystery of Not Knowing the Absolute, but they intentionally interact with it to resolve their situation.

Ascended or psychic beings (4D / 5 D) most likely DON’T understand our perception of linear “Time”.

This creates a serious communication issue. Because each “Time” you ask “when” to an Ascended or highly psychic being he may ask you back “what is when? What is tomorrow? What is a year?”. But he would not use words, probably an e-motion which you could not easily interpret.

Their understanding is most likely one of Convergence of Potentials and therefore the communication must be centered around images, e-motions and where to channel the “flow” within. The speech in linear form as we use it in communicating with them may produce a wide range of misunderstandings that we can spot in many channeled texts. Because we’re reading something that is made to be felt and converge into… For them communicating with words must sound so primitive I can barely imagine it…

We are on the other side of the spectrum, most of our “Time”, and we recognize the existence of the Absolute through religious doctrines inceptions BUT it’s deeply seeded within our emotional bodies (etheric, mental, astral) the impossibility of Knowing the Absolute and therefore we don’t interact with it to resolve the situation.

When I say “resolve” what I’m really talking about is potentials. An e-motion is a potential in Time for a certain outcome. But it’s not the “outcome”.

The “outcome” happens when the spectrum of potentials is narrowed to ONE. The ONE recognizes itself as single potential and that’s where everything in this Universe is organically heading – what we call the SOURCE.

The Source expresses the ONE potential through what Rupert Sheldrake calls the Morphic Resonance or Morphogenetic Field.

It is my assumption (the ME who lives in the Mystery of NOT knowing) that the force of the ONE single potential is what holds the space / time aggregate in place. It’s the Force or the Universal Field of Consciousness that keeps everything going in Syntropy, away from Chaos and flowing. What Larson called The Ethical Sector in his last and unfinished book.

Also it’s my assumption that the Source Field doesn’t generate emotions by itself. It’s the interaction between our Space / Time multidimensional bodies AND the field that creates emotions, feelings and the sense of BEING. It’s the CONNECTION. It’s link we react to.

In contrast psychic beings (4D or 5D) Intentionally connect to IT, interact with IT and reduce the likely outcomes in the process. Hence they move in Syntropy, the opposite of entropy.

Now what does this has to do with the Event you ask? What does this has to do with Ascension?

Well when you understand the mechanistic aspects it’s always a lot easier to get from Time A to Time B remember?

As we interact more with psychic beings and develop more of our own psychic abilities we must understand that we call “Time” in reality can simply be something like a potential for an outcome.

All the manipulations we are subjected to in terms of “Time” are just intended to increase entropy, chaos AND the number of potential outcomes, aka “timelines”.

While we were asleep someone came up with the idea of “linear time” to make the “rabbit” chase the “carrot” instead of being synchronized with it – the wild goose chase.

And they got the extra benefit of throwing “Time” at us (aka emotions through subliminal and cultural programming) to put us where they want us to be in Time, without we realize it, and therefore creating their manifestation of their intended reality.

Therefore, IMHO, the Event is the journey, the flow towards the momentum of the ONE potential of the infinite Syntropy of the Source.

When that ONE potential is reached, even if it just lasts a “moment”, the synchronization activates and starts a chain reaction with a blast through the Source field that makes every star on it’s way to “sneeze”.

The “sneeze” it’s the acceleration, the rise of an octave in frequency, the Big Convergence towards the ONE potential where everything thereafter will interact in a new complexity of potential outcomes.

A nodal point therefore.

However, ME who lives in the Mistery of Not Knowing, I’m assuming that the these ratios, that speed of change is commanded by Consciousness but Consciousness itself, being a totally different field all together, doesn’t work with scalar progressions or vectors because it’s OMNIPOLAR and APOLAR at the same time.

OMNIPOLAR means that the Source is capable of being its fractal parts, the Spirit sparks, the Souls and achieve motion in whatever polarity it desires, while it’s APOLAR by being capable of being the ONE at the “same Time” (which means all the “Times”).

Also the Source’s Feminine and Masculine aspects could be expressed in the same way because the polar and expansive “breath” of the Source could be interpreted like the Masculine aspect while the ONE and apolar state could be interpreted like the Feminine Aspect.

If there was any mathematics that could explain how it works I would say that the Source “breathes” exponentially in a geometric progression. As we get closer to the single potential the multipliers decrease.

This could mean that the Co-Criative Group Consciousness has always been converging at a steady pace but as the emotions associated with a particular outcome become more visible in the horizon and more seeded in our emotional bodies the common ratios of the multipliers can change.

So let’s assume for example that the big cosmic Event was scheduled for March 4 2018, exactly a year from now. Plans were made, dates were set, processes would start to meet those deadlines.

And let’s assume also that, by some sort of miracle, all beings on this planet would have access to that intel.

With today’s consensual understanding of linear “Time”, emotions attached to that date would sprout everywhere. Emotions most of people can’t regulate properly because of programming, trauma, mind control, ect.

Because we lack the collective understanding of what “Time” is we would be looking at the Event from the double-slit perspective, throwing “time objects” to the middle of the road unconsciously, obstacles in temporal landscape in the path to the “space” (reality) we envision.

So we would INCREASE the number of potential outcomes, increase entropy and POSTPONE THE EVENT.

Even if the date in linear time would stand (which I doubt) one year would feel like 10 or 30!!!

So, from our current and limited understanding what could be the more correct approach?

We know that if we reduce the potential outcomes to ONE the Event happens. The potential outcomes are narrowed when WE create coherent resonance fields in our collective group consciousness, when we SEED e-motions (temporal objects) which work as a kind of an Attractor point, a convergence point that narrows the likely outcomes to the Space (reality) we which to manifest.

Then we must seed the ideas, increase the Convergence and Increase the exponential ratio of coalescence of our collective co-creative Consciousness.

This is what our weekly synchronized meditations are intended for.

When you manifest your intent you send waves back and forth in Time, you change the present, the past and the future.

Because e-motions are magnetic fluxes they attract more resonance and build up from there.

Those changes are picked up by the Source through it’s morphic field which then increases the coherence of the Source Field creating more compression upon Space / Time cells / conjugates.

It’s like Oneness doesn’t destroy Duality, it simply keeps it more or less coherent , more or less in balance, more or less in Syntropy.

In my opinion this IS the compression breakthrough. The ONE bringing order and balance to Duality which is the Natural Universe and it’s laws.

Each “Time” we go up a notch the common ratio, the multiplier, goes up a notch too. Since the Source is interactive and Dynamic it responds too by increasing Compression upon Duality.

The Source is always jumping an octave each time it breathes, it’s simply our non-interaction, our non-connection that delays the perception because WE trying to travel IN SPACE when in fact we should be doing it in SPACE AND TIME – the Two halfs of Duality.

The point here is that, if this geometric progression of the Source is at the very least a possible outcome, the conclusion can be that everything which is synchronized IS an Attractor point, a magnetic flux that build up and add up to other fluxes with the same resonance.

Then the Source responds to that coherence and like the giant and infinite springboard it is it makes everything jump to the next level.

The Source is always listening.

But are we listening?

Are we focused on our e-motions, are we creating the temporal (e-motions, thought forms, thoughts, images) landscape to get to the desired “Space” (reality)?

Are we disciplined and coherent enough with our e-motional patterns?

You see for me there are only two possible ways the Event is going to occur.

It would either happen because we’ve collectively passed the point of exhaustion and we are at the “nobody cares anymore” point, and when we’re at that point we remove the double-slit effect upon it, effectively detaching from it, releasing it and that would cause it to happen. However the “nobody cares point” is absolutely the worst case scenario not only because it could take ages BUT because the amount of suffering on this planet is not something we can tolerate anymore at this present moment. The “nobody cares anymore” point is definitely out of the question.

So it leaves us just with the other option which is to make it happen.

And “make it happen” implies that some prerequisites are met:

  • To fully understand, to the best of our knowledge, the extension, mechanics and practices of the control Matrix: you can’t beat what you are unaware of.  This includes the concept of “Time”.
  • Unshaken and fully determined focus;
  • Complete and probably almost “military” disciple: focus on what expands yours and others Consciousness and Connection to the Source or Co-creative Consciousness must be practiced in all fronts of our personal endeavors;

I hope that shedding some light on a possible design structure and mechanics of our known Universe can also make more people understand the importance of meditation, synchronization, visualization and discipline in the Manifestation process.

The same applies to the process of spreading information and building up the critical mass for change.

Each “Time” we vacillate towards something that also manifests itself in the temporal landscape because it creates a new potential, a new possible outcome and increases entropy – the exact opposite path of the Event.

Just like most people I’m not quite “there” yet, but I’m starting to recognize this path, it sounds familiar, I’m just beginning to grasp now what interacting with the Source may be, instead of just reacting to it.

The good news is that we’re just beginning and we can create all the “Time” we need.

Anyway the expression “stay tunned” is definitely going to get a whole new meaning from now on.

PS: It’s not mentioned in the text above but words, written or spoken, may not have the necessary properties to support all the multidimensional meanings that describe the structure and mechanisms of the Universe and therefore they may somehow limit our perception of the bigger picture. 

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  1. I’m so glad I came across the post! It took me weeks to look for the information you have mentioned above
    and it is a genuine blessing to find someone as curious about this subject as myself.
    What I am trying to say is the importance of this issue cannot be hesitated.

    People who increase it are all worth appreciation regardless of the fact that I, personally, do not fully share your views.
    Anyway, thank you for sharing your expertise!

  2. In reading the comments you get a sense of the many different places we, as hopefully seeing the tip of the iceberg, are committed to the event and all it implies. Marian’s reference to guinea pig struck a chord with my psyche. I for one am done with the treadmill that someone put in my cage to exercise me. It is time as another commentor said for the Event to occur. Cobra’s insight into the nature of time and the illusion we are in, was enlightening, but on the other hand frustrating. This particular guinea pig is fed up with the experiment and ready to move forward. Hopefully my frustration will not further whatever timeline we are on!

  3. Greetings Again, I have given this a few more well deserved reads, and I think that there is indeed twTwo Divergent paths, one of Unity and one of Individualism.

    Indeed, from the Higher Perspective, the Linear Vector of Time which we Experience each day in Reality, is one of the Moment in the Now. It is Interpretation of Observation which leads to this Higher Perspective. That is why the Interpretation of Symbology allows our Imaginatory Mind to Bridge the Gap between Physical Reality and Spiritual Reality.

    If we imagine the 3rd Density Physical Material Realm and The 4th Density Realm of Immaterial as Two Sides of a Coin. The Passage from One Side to the Other Side without Lifting a Finger, one must overcome the Time and Space Duality.

    The Imaginatory 6th Sense Mind allows for a Mental Transition through Thought Interpretation of the 5 Sense Reality with the Higher Dimensional Senses. As such it is the Singularity of the Consciousness of the Now that is Experienced by the Individual.

    This can be seen in the concept of The Klien Bottle.

    Here, a Non-Intersection is added in the Path to the Goal, by eliminating Time and Space Linearity by Standing in the Gap/Intersection and allowing the Traversal to Pass Through You, Your Imaginationatory Mind. As long as every Interpretation of the Physical Enviroment is Accepted in Context to the current Moment, experience through All 6 Sense without Fear or Expectation, the Loop is Closed.

    The unfortunate truth is a large number of Humans still follow the 3rd Density mindset. They Observe the “Carrot” as Obtainable and Expect to reach it one day. Without taking the necessary steps to Reach it, we can Dream of Achievement without ever Reaching It.

    Perhaps, the 21st December 2012 Expectation, was an Overloading of the Quantum Physical Perspective of what is Found in the 3rd Density Now, which caused us to remain a mundane and consistant Reality. The Entropy Expansion of Expectation of those who live their every day lives, without knowing of Alternatives. For that, I most definitely agree with your perspective.

    However, the December 2012 Ahau date adds 1 Tun=360 Kin to that to give you December 16th, 2013 and then another 7×360 Kin gives you November 9th, 2020. December 7th then finetunes the Mayan Chronos in 28 days to complete the circle in 1+7+28=36.

    Adding 7 Tun with 1 Uinal (to sychronise the addition of the 1 Tun from December 21st, 2012 to December 16th, 2013 at the end of the time count) and 7 Kin or 7×360+20+7 = 2520+20+7 = 2547 Days to the Mayan end date of 13 Ahau 18 Mac then calibrates the overall Precessional Summation of Grand Rounds in a Projected/Predicted Synchronisation of this “Grand Mayan Age”.

    The overall “Times of Great Transformation” aka “End Times” of the Universal Metamorphosis encompass a Decade, say a 10-12 year period as one third of a 36-40 year period to mirror the agenda of 2000 years ago. This was from 7BC to 34AD in the modern reckoning of time.

    It also and most significantly relates to the ‘Great Platonic Change of the Ages’, say from the ‘Age of Pisces’ to the ‘Age of Aquarius’, which associates the angular size of the Sun of 0.53 degrees across the Galactic Center as measured at the December Solstice.

    This ‘Transitional Precession’ of 9,360,000 days or Mayan Kin as 25,626.8 “Civil Years” begins in 1980 and Ends in 2017/2018 and correlates the Mayan Daycount Calendar as a rather Precise Cosmic Chronos or “Measure of Time”.…e-de-alpha-draconis-omega.2/page-25#post-8887

    Now, because this 38 Year Precessional period, say, can be said to have ended on January 19th-21st; 2017 as a projected beginning of the ‘Age of Aquarius’ and coinciding with certain political transformation upon planet Earth; as well as a time warped period from 7BC to 6BC to 31AD to 34AD

    This is the Adjustment of the 2012 Timeline to the 2020 Timeline; can be seen in a different calculus in the ancient code charts of The Elders of Thuban. The Charts Align With All the Prophecies (we can find) in the BIble and related Ancient Texts.

    The Elders of Thuban Document the Expected Cycle Looping, things Expected to come to Pass Again, and things which are Happening in the Now. This isn’t a Linear Trajectory… As Observation and Free Will Manifest Reality, but given the “tools” at our disposal, we Predict rather than Fantisize.

    I hope that clears some things up…
    – Fates

    • For all of those whom are experts in this field, ref article below:

      The Great Precession of Earth in Mayan Time from March 1st, 23,815 BC to December 6th, 2020

      The Mayan Calendar of Pacal the Great 26 Decoded in the Synchronization of Calendars and 5 Tzolkins


  4. Colaborama:

    As it may touch a deep place in our consciousness for many of us, your inspirational analysis will be sending me back into my files for Dewey Larson and many others as I re-read it again and again.
    Just taking on the enormous subjects you have so masterfully examined is quite a chore, but you have shared your journey to understand them so very well, I can only hope that many others who read them are equally thrilled with what you have taken up and explained so well.

  5. Thank you for this perspective understanding. There is a small thing to consider, and that is History tells you where the “Carrot” comes from. For every step Forward, there is a step Backward; if there is any Observed reality, it should be considered as a Cause or Effect.

    To look upon the Movement of the Heavens, the tracking of Human Events, the effect of Prophesy on Collective Expectation; whether we like it or not, Mass Observations have left deep grooves in the Collective Consciousness.

    Think of it this way, there are those whom Do live with Expectation, and in this Action, the Doubble Slit experiment, creates Self Fulfilling Prophesy. This is a persistent one because it affects Reality.

    If you had no reference to The Past, it will be equivalent of the effects of Dreaming. When we experience Dreams, it can be very real to the Observer, but it doesn’t stick to a Collective Reality Timeline; one like ours in which the time of day rises and sets with the Sun.

    Now, when something has Occurred, it echoes through the dimensions. Sometimes, such as the Yuga Cycles, the energy returns. When it does, we have cycles of Golden Ages for example. The Expectation and Reassurance of a Responce and Manifestation in Reality; are often not forgotten.

    So, therefore, set your Compass towards somethings, such that you are not Lost at sea. Set a Goal and Meet it.

    As for The Event, many have Expectations already about what will happen as intel has been disclosed as “At The Time of The Event”. So, what is in our Future? Perhaps, timing involved? We shall see…

    – Fates

    • After reading your comment, Fates de Whynot, I had to take some time to formulate mine as a response to it.
      There seems to be a flaw in the argument that history teaches us or shows us how the human and collective human consciousness functions, by looking at the end results of that functioning coming from a fixed paradigm. Cause and effect, of course that’s legitmate and we’re used to live by those laws.

      And also it’s true that past experiences of our human collective have left deep grooves, but these grooves are memories, not tracks left by wheels in the soil. The interpretation of what’s in our memories can change, as I perceive it. For memories are often connected to emotions and an interpretation of what’s remembered.

      To me, there’s a quality of fluidity present in our definition of past, present and future, for I remember once upon a time I moved through a healing process where an issue was solved and I felt pieces of the puzzle, meaning memories related to this issue, shift and fall in a new place, showing a different picture. The content of my memories changed by a new interpretation of what took place in the past, a revelation arrived at in my present moment. That motion of energy is in the realm of magic to me.

      This is what transformation is about and I didn’t make efforts to bring that about. It was a shifting as a result from stepping in a new place in my present moment. It felt as beads being attached to a thread, one by one, forming a necklace. And that necklace was who I was in that present moment, in a new configuration.

      As I perceive our present situation on planet Earth now, there seems to be a fading away of rules, fixed methods and a status quo seems to become a thing of the past. We’re pushed to jump in an abyss lol

      • Very interesting perspective, and I agree with you very much so, thank you for your reply.

        It does seem that paradigms and expectations, lead to presumptions/innacuracies in the observation of things; giving pen to history a distortion of actuality. Being closed minded veils the opportunity to expand in awareness, however, accepting all data as factual does not necessarily prove validity.

        Historical reconstruction can occur in the mind, intentionally or unintentionally, changing our reckoning of memories. This requires no action (unless intent is applied) since it is an interpretation. In such, I agree with your that the present moment, all can be taken in mental perspective, which does indeed lead to transformation out of the 3d perspective into the “New Earth” perspective of higher awareness.

        To recall/focus upon history of the past, in order to be an effective communicator and creditable source of information to others, let your understanding of observational experiences flow naturally in resonance with your material. The abstractions of the higher dimensions allow for a deeper nature of things, more than words, or even symbols, can describe.

        Sensing the observed reality, tracking the stars in the heavens, the Earth beneath our feet, factual truths of the past, et otherwise in the physical 3d persistent reality, however, can be physically documented, a beautiful aspect of the world we share. We take those peices of the puzzle all around us, sometimes from inner intuitions and sometime from outer experiences, to make some sense of it all.

        It is up to you who you truly are and where you desire to go in the next moment, and I am happy to walk with, and share my journey, with all of you.

        – Fates De Whynot

  6. Oh yes, I can relate to this part of your article much, colaborama
    “Just like most people I’m not quite “there” yet, but I’m starting to recognize this path, it sounds familiar, I’m just beginning to grasp now what interacting with the Source may be, instead of just reacting to it”.

    In my case it’s not the dangling carrot, it’s the pondering of free will and the condition of free will, accepted or not accepted by us. Or acknowledged.

    But your article sparks my pondering more of this frustration and weariness of waiting for The Event.
    I’ve replied to comments of PFC members complaining in this mode and what I feel present in it is the
    assumption that somehow an authority or saviour, should “do the job” for them and make them happy, fulfilling a promise almost, though the promise was never made.

    I’ve made a comparison, in my thinking through of this attitude and its cause, with the moment in time when we humans, as humanoids experienced a brainfunction, speech and consciousness for the first time, when we were guinea pigs for the Gods, Nephilim, those beings of another world that were the creators of us first humanoids, using monkey genes and their own genes in a mix with trial and error.

    These experiments must have been painful at times and the cause of much suffering, I presume. What if our souls or genes are waking up to those memories of a long ago past, causing a strong desire to be free from being manipulated and experimented with, the desire to be safe, saved by an authority outside of ourselves? Saved by the Gods? I’m almost sure that once upon a time we must’ve received beings from outer space, perceiving them as Gods.

    What if the present frustration about that “dangling carrot” is a regression into that dependency, that state of being a guinea pig, that was part of our long ago past and determined our existence or non-existence at the same time? In a way, free will seems to play a part in this subject of waiting in frustration, chasing the “dangling carrot”.

    When we keep in mind too that religion has copied the role of these ancient Gods, our Makers, by keeping their followers in a subservient mode, in an obedience to rules and laws in order to enter Heaven later, never now, that it’s not much different from being a guinea pig, isn’t it? The certainty to earn Heaven is never given, really, so that doubt and uncertainty creates a similar “dangling carrot”.

    The ancient past of our human origin and the present day ruling of religious institutes both, seem to keep us humans in that mode of chasing the “dangling carrot”. First we have to live up to the ten commandments and maybe… oh maybe… God will grant us the honour of entering His Heaven. Not ours.

    Once we find the bridle to our power in free will, healing that mode of being a dog listening to “His Master’s Voice” I believe we’ll be able to embody our soul and create, from free will,our own Heaven. The essence of our chasing of the “dangling carrot” that desire to reach for…… or to dream the impossible dream, seems to be this embodiment, this merging of our physical body with our soul. Whole.

  7. I found the article so interesting and food for thought, however, I was unable to finish the whole article due to its length. I was wondering if there is a reason why all articles are so long? wouldn’t it be easier be more concise and reach a point, so we can have enough time to read more articles. Just a thought

  8. Althought this may be from a certain viewpoint partially correct, and with all due respect, meaning no offense but I disagree somewhat;
    I would think as the PS implies, there is more to it than this limited viewpoint. First: We in the awakening / awakened community, or at the very least, I, hope believe trust, that there are those in this Resistance Movement that are,, as alleged, in governments around the planet, and intelligence comminities, etc, and are, like Cobra is alleged to be, in the position to be in direct contact with these higher ET forces or light, as it is or has been asserted, that these individuals are in communion with such, and there is understanding between us/them ET/Human. Second, discussing ‘outcomes’ is non productive, only one outcome, and the stated knowledge, that there are forces withon this ‘Resistance Movement’ with the ability, technocally, militarily, financially, to accomplsh the mass arrests, financial reset, and the release of controlled suppressed technologies. Third, that the assumption it states herein that its somehow one or all, our individual viewpoints that is/are holding off the event, is it seems in my view, from the things I have read on PFC, incorrect. Because,if it is reliant on every human out here in the world, I can tell you, there are a lot of morons for which, the exhausted last choice, scenario, is the only option because they are just that, morons ie: asleep. If that is the case, yes, people will become frustrated and lose hope, and I have to ask if, that is the point being made here intentionally, if so, we in the PFC comminity will not accept it. For years, followers of PFC, a lot of people whom have invested their lives into this effort E-Motionslly and otherwise, have been putting everything on the line here for this result. The Event must come, and be made manifest, and I am not going to give an ‘or else’ here, so as not to express anything negative because there is no, other option, but, only that highest viewpoint, it must be manifest, as soon as the forces of light have set the date, “in time” and by God that better come soon, because it has to. We do not, control that, any more than I control the hundreds of UAP which I’ve photographed. We May have an energetic part it that, through thought, prayer, meditation and as a whole may play a role therein but, it is not our sole will that decides the Event, just as one sticking theur thumb out on the roadside does not dictate whether a given vehicke stops to give them a ride. No, we have waited, we have prayed, we have meditated, we have written, we have invested our time energy and thoughts hopes dreams into this process, its time that ‘Event tour bus’ stops and picks us up. It is long past for the Event to occur, this should have occurred in the 60’s or early ’70s, or even 80’s 90’s or the last 17 years at any point, now it must be. There is now, no other option, as far as I am concerned, there is no chasing the carrot only awaiting those that are in the position to trigger it, to do so.

    • Tye A Hampton, this part in your comment “…it must be manifest, as soon as the forces of light have set the date, “in time” and by God that better come soon, because it has to. We do not, control that, any more than I control the hundreds of UAP which I’ve photographed. We May have an energetic part it that, through thought, prayer, meditation and as a whole may play a role therein but, it is not our sole will that decides the Event, just as one sticking theur thumb out on the roadside does not dictate whether a given vehicke stops to give them a ride”, reminded me of what I believe is affecting this process of Awakening and the coming Event.

      There’s a tendency to look at this process of Awakening and the nature of The Event, from a duality point of view, with a logic of “cause and effect” ” this and that” and “this or that”. One of two possibilities or one way to define our reality and to foresee a future. What if we’ve entered unknown territory? The first thing that is required is making ourselves familiar with the place. Not writing laws in stone, good heavens… please no!

      What if you and I are subject and object at the same time? In this bubble of expanding life and consciousness, where transformation is taking place on all levels in all directions? Linear thinking can’t hold its position in that dynamic.

      What if my choice in this moment, to fully engage in welcoming The Event makes a difference, even without waiting for others to do the same? Just focussing on what my deepest desire is and bring that to the surface, manifest it, make it real. To me, there’s no need for enforcement or haste, struggle or fight.

      There’s something truly magical in this transformation, as I perceive it, that throws us out of the comfort chair that the way we think life unfolds is in the paradigm we tend to hold onto, out of habit, out of the need to ground ourselves in existence. Only we’re not in the same place anymore now, we’re moving on.

      To me, it’s something that is related to the final initiation Don Juan’s apprentices were invited to go through, their jumping into an abyss. Letting go of all known tricks and treats and surrender to a new hu-man presence on this planet, embodying one’s soul fully and wholeheartedly. The world of magic requires determination.

      By the way, in my view, the hitch-hiker does determine his being picked up by a car passing by, due to his attitude, you see? Our entering of the 4th dimensional frequency and higher, offers us even more power to make manifest what we choose. Count your blessings!

      • Marian, first, in reference to another recent post of yours actially another article, I wanted to say, that your comments are always welcome, we are all, living this experience together, everyone’s opinion matters, even if I do not always agree with. Sometimes other viewpoints spark thought in the individual which causes new growth, other times we do not agree with at all but, this makes the opinion no less valid. I am sure the staff of PFC have a number of times preferred to throw out my comments but they have posted even strenuous objections to articles, that, is true journalism. Allowing room for even the most opposite opinions.
        Second, that said; Thank you for the reply, although I agree with you in a minor way, that there is a factor of thought involved, I definitely do not agree we control it. The countless UAP that I’ve witnessed by example, do at times react to my thoughts, which seems to indicate either an intelligent operator OR some effect which I have (sometimes) but, at other times there is zero reaction. I tend to look on the Event the same way, there may be some influence I as an individual can have by adding my positive energetic thoughts, prayers, meditation for, the Event but, I neither control nor direct such a massive worldwide scale Event involving seven billion lives on the planet. My opinion, that would be self delusion, no offense intended.
        PFC had an Event Breif, and countless posts, referring to the “Resistance Movement”, key people alledgedly in the militaries, government, intelligence agencies, etc., in not just this country but alledged many countries on Earth yours and mine included. The Event, is dependent on these peoples action, and support from benevolent ET groups as I understand this.
        No one controls these individuals, they have free will. When and how events, or, the Event, plays out, is not one person’s choice, were such as you state it so, after six years of telepathic requests, the benevolent ET’s would have picked me up, or beamed me up, already, and I would in some way be assisting them in some fashion, from above, or would have borrowed one of their craft and gone off to a cosmic joy ride around the universe on a sight seeing trip. No, experimentation with this, visualizng etc., for six years, has shown I can have an effect, if it is within their will, but, it is not my choice as “the hitchhiker”, thst the vehicle stop and oicks me up (which is why I used that metaphor). Believe me, if it were my choice, the Event, woukd have occurred three years plus ago, the moment I read the Event Brief, if not, years prior.
        We can influence, or ‘cast a vote’ for (or withold our support of, though, short of the EliteScum I cannnot imagine why, one would) but, we do not control the result, that has been my experience, and despite every attempt otherwise with meditation prayer vidualization etc., I do not control these Resistance people, or the ET groups allegedly behind them.
        Yes, I certainly welcome the Event, any major, overall, “positive” change, would at this point, in America, be welcomed, unfortunately little (sure a few smalk positive things here and there but, life experience has shown one can always find a few good things, the overall direction however, is another story), as far as I can tell on the national stage here, “little” is getting any better. The Event is supposed to be, a radical reversal not a little thing.
        I await the RM to take control of the MSM, arresting from the President to Supreme Court to every last member of US Congress, to every Federal Reserve officer, to Governors of nearly every State Capitol and the top people in the biggest companies and trans national corporations guilty of crimes against humanity, and at this point that is most of them, just as the Event Briefing inferred, and that is just here. To me, that dicument is the foundation which PFC is built upon, and the reason we all got involved, that is, the ultimate general guide, as laid out by the RM. If that has changed, then PFC and the alleged RM lose much credibility, and this becomes, a few people wishing, an exercise in fantasy, ie: self delusional thinking, and I would hope, I have not deluded myself in this way with belief in fantasy and something that never will occur…
        We have faith, that the Event, will occur, I personally have faith because the ET’s craft are present, and not only have I seen, photographed these but, they do on occasion, react to my thoughts yes but, my thoughts, do not, control them, nor the Event. If I could, I would have brought it on already, I have been “welcoming” such action by the RM, as described, since I first read the Event briefing. Stopping a mad man like Trump, and the cabal cronies in control, of the entire planet, is in my observation, going to take more than wishful thinking. YES, my wishful thinking was the Event, happened already.

        • Thank you for your honest reply Tye A Hampton. I’ve got a feeling that we’re on different pages somewhat. To me, it seems that we try to show each other the difference in the paradigms of doing and being. I believe that our state of being decided for the moment of The Event.

          In realms of being there’s no influence, no control and no decision in ways of telling others and make them act in ways we tell them to. To me, there’s only an action of bringing one’s dream into manifestation and all outer forces obey to that move. It’s outside time and space.

          It’s not that I suggest I’m doing it right now, but there’s a strong sense of truthfulness in what I described about the essence of creation here. I think we need to be vigilent in discerning the forces of creation putting their weight on the scale before the veiling and these same forces putting their weight in the scale after the veiling.

          Nothing of what I share in our conversation is part of wishful thinking, I know this is true in the depth of my heart, for I’ve learned the lesson of wishful thinking in a very painful way.
          It’s part of an awakening due to that pain. “A crack in the egg where the light enters” according to our troubadour Leonard Cohen.

          In all that’s said and shared between us here, there’s much chewing going on and tasting of views we shared. I like that, thank you! I’m a work in progress and so are you I guess.
          Or should I be careful and not be bold in making such a statement about you? 🙂

          • Agreed, aren’t we all. Not sure there is a ‘right answer’ only what is right, for each individual. I value the exchange as well..
            Thank You.

      • some of the replies here, as yours is Marian, are as juicy as the article. As you said and as is said and/or intimated by Colabaroma and others talking about the Event, the Event is being created now in our consciousness, which has an affect on the world, event or no event. i wish i had more time to discuss the article. but i leave with a question: Is/can the event be a dangling carrot for those unwilling or uncapable of being brutally honest and engaging in the “military ” discipline colabarama states???

        • Hi Peter.

          My intention is to show that the Event is not a dangling carrot because cosmic cycles happen because natural laws in this Universe always lead to that. It may be by design like a “safety precaution” by the Source to insure that even if the primary anomaly (evil) infects a specific zone those areas can eventually be purged and purified.

          So it eventually happens.

          The issue the post addresses is that desires and fantasy are contaminated by social and cultural inceptions which are disconnected from the “web of life” reality and that distortion was further amplified by the concept that they are unreachable because they are intangible.

          This creates the “dangling carrot” (a mental construct that creates chaotic and dysfunctional emotional patterns) that steers us away from the desired Space “(reality).

          It’s a domino effect of distortions more accurately.

          You must understand that in the 20th century, science and psychology was heavily contaminated by materialism and that remains a problem today.
          And we have this inceptions and distorted ideas running loose on our physical, mental, etherical and astral bodies because they were never duggen out of there and they are buried very deep and run in “automatic” pre-programed mode.

          What materialistic sciences fail to see (among many other issues) is that desires are emotional fluxes and fantasies are from the astral plane which is the holographic plane of existence where you “train” your lower plane bodies for things to come and heal by reliving and realizing patterns. In the Astral plane objects have no “volume” if you can recall your “Astral trips”. Objects exist but they only have 2 spacial dimensions and therefore everything feels extremely light and morphic.

          Coherent Emotional fluxes create Attractor Points or Aggregating Factors.

          Coherence amplifies Resonance and accelerates Convergence to a single outcome.

          Chaotic Emotional fluxes INCREASE potential outcomes and your temporal landscape gets “polluted” with obstacles = Postponing the arrival of the Event (desired outcome / space / reality).

          Makes sense?

          Highest Frequencies

          • This indeed makes a lot of sense, I would be arrogant to presume I know the Time of The Event. That “Timing” is aligned with something beyond my current data, so I cannot comment.

            Cobra is indeed on point with the fact that Physics are changing indeed!

            A fourth Special Dimension will open up to occupy already existing 4D spacetime. This can be called 5D hyperphysics and as it relates to the 12D membrane cosmology, it will allow the existing quantum dynamics to access a new degree of freedom.

            This means that the “Dark Energy'” will become usable, say in the vacuum/zero point energy so many clever inventors are already envisaging in a incomplete science of the 4D spacetime matrix.

            This of course will then allow the plasma energy of that timespace to “Materialise” from their boundary energy state into the hyperspace of the then ‘invaded’ Old World.

            The Planck parameters apply to the 12D cosmology but graduate in terms of energy bifurcation. There are hyper-electric and hyper-magnetic parts, which enable the Planck law regarding light and the Einstein law regarding matter to hybridise.

            Presently this hybridization is restricted to the subatomic realm of fermion-boson interaction between quarks and leptons.

            With the infusion of the superstring space, the restriction of the quantum mechanics to the atomic scales will become magnified and the micro quantisation can use quantum entanglement to render it macro quantisation.

            Volume, Planck Time and Distance; The New Earth…

            – Fates De Whynot


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