After learning that a large batch of their painkiller pills were contaminated with HIV, the company Bayer decided to go ahead and sell their product to the public anyways.

The disturbing revelations, reported by The New York Times, prove how major corporations are capable of compromising the safety of consumers for a quick buck.

In 1984, the company knowingly sold over 100,000 vials of their product (priced at over $4 million) with the expressed permission of the FDA — yes, the Food and Drug Administration
allowed them to do it.

Complete History of BAYER — One of the Biggest Depopulationist Companies in the World

Luckily for American consumers, Bayer did not sell the contaminated product within the states, though it did not hesitate to ship internationally to Argentina, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore.

As a result of their reckless decision, thousands were killed and tens of thousands infected with HIV.

To this day, no legal actions have been levied against the company, all while “health department leaders in Argentina, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore were all imprisoned.”

BAYER Bought Concentration Camp Victims in WWII

Bayer’s public stance on the matter has remained perfectly PR ever since:

“Decisions made nearly two decades ago were based on the best scientific information of the time and were consistent with the regulations in place.”

Unsurprisingly, the colluding government “regulatory” officials at the FDA worked overtime to cover Bayer’s tracks.

As reported by the New York Times, Dr. Harry M. Meyer, Jr of the FDA urged officials to “quietly solve” the Bayer issue “without alerting Congress, the medical community, and the public.”

Bayer (Heroin to Children & Nazi Concentration Camps) Buys Monsanto for $66 Billion


By David Wolfe / Sources: The New York Times; Real Farmacy

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  1. I am certainly sure they are a bunch or murderers ( BAYER CORP) but what make me rethink about this article is the information I think there is some kind of mistake as isn´t possible to keep a virus alive in an aspirin! they could do with IV products for sure with the cover of FDA but aspirin…also IV aspirin isnt a often choice in hospitals only in some special patients with Heart Stroke. I would love to dive deep in this and know the truth.

  2. Aspirin (Bayer’s painkiller) was NOT involved in this scandal – your headline is inaccurate and misleading – if you had read the New York Times article you would know the drug referenced was a blood product for hemophiliacs. So now you’ve created an unnecessary scare about a drug which can and does save lives regularly. SMH.

    • Dear kaith, if you think Bayer is an Innocent corp. trying to help people please read the following:

  3. Disgusting stuff. Into prison with the CEO in choge at the time and throw away the key. And fine them out of business.


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