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Music lets us harmoniously bring our souls together with our vessels.   For too long, we have been bombarded with nonsense and crap from popular agents of distortion by the advertising demons of Madison Avenue in New York City.

I stopped listening to mainstream rap (what I consider crap) music around 2006, when I figured out the message behind this music.  At the time, I believe my soul was upgrading to fulfill its contract with Divine Source and somehow I immediately “just knew” how to eradicate the evil system that was in place.  Maybe one of the principles of Prepare For Change and its groups is to bust up all the evil systems.  Perhaps the Prepare for Change groups are actually ”system busters!”

Anyway, I have always loved hip-hop music. This music goes a way back—I’m guessing as far back as the Atlanteans, Lemurians, and the Egyptians.   When I think of the great, soulful  hip-hop artists, I think of Prince Ea, Chance The Rapper, KRS-One, and a whole bunch of others.

Hip means popular and hop is a movement or style, so hip-hop means popular movement or popular style.  This music is not the rap or crap music that has been put in the mainstream since the 1980s, such as gangsta rap.   Hip-hop actually spreads a message in an artistic way that everybody can understand.  I feel the movement of the true hip-hop artists needs to be fed and encouraged so that this loving, artistic and popular movement can flourish.

One of my favorite hip-hop heroes is Prince Ea.   Now, I’m a guy, but I am never ashamed of crying when I see heartfelt messages of truth and love.  Prince Ea makes me cry.

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Love: The Answer to Every Problem

Prince Ea was born and raised on the north side of St. Louis Missouri. He is 27 years old, a poet, filmmaker, and speaker.

Here is what Prince Ea has to say:

“We have a limited number of breaths on this planet. This realization is what led me to create the content I produce now. I am grateful for every moment, every unrepeatable miracle, and while I’m here I want to reach every single heart on the planet to show them that at our core we are Love, we are free, and we are one.”

How about that, folks?

He Makes Videos…. and makes smart cool again

Tshirt available on PrinceEa’s website

Below are some videos that include Prince Ea, as well as some videos of reactions from students and teachers.

In the first video below, we’re watching some scenes behind the scenes as Prince Ea works on his end-product, a video, which we’ll see in a minute.

Watch first, The Making of the Video

And here’s the video!  He’s helping to change the school system — He is taking on the Common Core federal educational mandate with his hip-hop!

What do you think?

I Just Sued the School System

Next, watch this one.   Love that title!      I Just Sued the School System

So what about students?   What do they think when they see this? Let’s see what they have to say.

Watch this one next:  Prince EA Reacts to Teens Reacting to the School System

And then the teachers!  Watch a couple of   Teachers React!

It’s all a pretty good take on what’s going on from this guy from St. Louis.

If you’d like more information about Prince Ea, he has a website:

And here is a website where America’s artists and storytellers come together to talk to teenage America.

Have a great day!

Jeffrey Arto participates in the Renaissance Group of Prepare for Change.



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  1. I applaud the evolved youth of our future. Come on in & show the rest how it’s done. Viva Le Yutes! lols.


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