Yes, there is an economic gridwork/system for all on NEW Earth. It’s been a project “in the works” for many linear years now. It’s been a re-distributing of the funds and resources from old earth to NEW, just like the animals and Soul’s in Earthly forms walking, living, existing here too. Yes, this is a very real physical plane of existence….

We’ve been observing (and experiencing) over many linear years as the structures and systems of the old collapse/deconstruct/fall, the simultaneous “replacement” of a whole new system (this is called materialization on a higher dimensional plane of existence/timeline as each exists the “false matrix system” that was built on hidden agendas and separation (human-self-first) consciousness…

The old ley lines/gridwork of the old earth gone, the physical realities created/held together by unconscious programs continue to dissolve at an increasingly rapid rate for all still choosing to live in those realities (the physical body must be cleared/cleansed of the actual programming that created this by merging one’s own energetic field of higher light consciousness (Soul/Higher Selves/Universes/Galaxies) into their physical earthly body form fully) in order to vibrate up/out/onto/across multiple/infinite dimensional planes of existences, while maintaining a physical body and continually anchoring lighter density realities and shaping them into physical form…..

For all ascended beings, holding this vibration all of the time, realities are very different than they were in the days (vibrations) of the old….

Realities are dreamy, lucid and constantly shift about… Union within also means Union with “out”. As your higher selves descend and take residence up inside of your body with your human you, your separation will be made visible for you to see it and dissolve it, integrate it, unify it and return all to love from within again. This merging process changes your DNA and genetics too. This process occurs over your entire human lifetime here. Not just one day or a week or a year. It’s always been happening. It’s only awareness and realization that are new.

As with all things on each dimensional plane of existence, there are jobs, families, animals, homes and all new systems already online. Each of you are responsible for achieving the vibrational frequency with your whole BEing and Body (Head/Heart/Every Cell) in order to become an INTEGRAL PART of NEW EARTHS structures, societies, civilizations, cities and network here. You are the ones that contribute to your highest existences here. You are the ones that make it happen, with all that are and DO.

You have been provided with the Ancient Key Codes, Knowledge (Technology), Tools, Resources, Opportunities and everything you need to accomplish the EVOLUTION of your NEW Earth, by attaining the ability to vibrate out of the old dimensions and into entirely new ones. You each old the knowledge, the abilities, the answers…. what you must cultivate is your ability to step-up to the plate, to actually have it matter to you, to actually get over your own human’ness/separation that keeps you from “arriving”/vibrating at a frequency to continually experience NEW EARTH as your all-new-existence here.

Your Contribution, Your Energy, Your willingness to actually DO, your everything determines the dimensional experience that you have and the timelines that play out for you.

You do not get to remain separate and think about yourself first. In order to be a part of this NEW ECONOMY, where realities no longer collapse, in order to be a part of living your highest dreams and desires, you have to be fully invested, with everything that you are and have. Anything less, keeps you bound to an old dimension/experience until you are ready to leave your old ways behind…. and move on to something else….

For many years, the Forerunners/Physical Guardians, Gridkeepers & Gatekeepers have worked to activate this Gridwork and open these StarGates for all, to implement the necessary parameters and hold highest timelines/dimensional realities in place for all. This recent up-shift has had a huge impact on the transition for collectives leaving old earth and arriving here on NEW Earth too. Now, each will have to learn/remember how to live in “this new”.

Many of you are now becoming aware of the impact this has on your own lives. Each choosing a different path of “how” to come online, each having different skills, resources…. part of everyone’s process is learning/understanding how the physical realm works in conjunction with your consciousness here. Many now move into the “System Support Roles” and your current “job” is to support the NEW systems fully and shift your focus off of old earth completely, come together, unite, share the knowledge, share your resources, your connections and step-up/offer your support in a way that contributes to the whole now.

You receive SUPPORT as you become the Supporter, you receive all that you “need” in response to how invested you are. What you invest you, your money, your time, your energy, your resources… this MATTERS more than you realize (for awhile)….

Your willingness to step-up, to BE a part of this NOW…. this is what brings you into the fold of what is already stable, what is already formed, what already works through a Unified Existence now…..

Your answers are in the things that create the most discomfort for your little human, they are in the things that challenge you to be bigger than your little you, to open up more than you thought you could and to contribute in ways that you would not normally consider…..

The Gatekeepers and Gridkeepers (You are included in this too), these are the ones that will never lack for anything ever again. These are the ones that benefit, receive, are gifted and live in magic and bliss, these are the ones who have dedicated their whole existence to all of us (in this dimension and all others simultaneously too).

To come online with NEW Earth, your whole physical body and physical reality must be re-worked. It’s a huge undertaking and transformation process that affects everything….. These re-workings are occurring at an exponential rate now, that continually increases (no it’s not going to let up, it just changes “how” you are experiencing as you go). Having the KNOWLEDGE of what is truly going on will make it easier for all. This KNOWLEDGE is a KeyCode within itself.

Gatekeepers and Gridkeepers hold the Advanced Knowledge that guides, provides, assists…. this information can ease transitions…. without it, these process can be harsher/rougher/tougher than they actually need to be. This information and TE-KNOWLEDGE must be distributed via mass proportions for global impact to be accomplished with greater ease…. many of you have the ability to make this happen and for those who step up to unite for all of HUmanity here, reaching all collectives (old earth and new) will create that bridge between “both worlds” for mass collectives to transition easier & “faster” than ever before….

Re-educating according to highest consciousness of “how” NEW EARTH Realities work, ease the struggle, eliminate suffering and drop the resistance when those who hold the positions to reach masses come forth to realize that their own arrival on NEW Earth hinges on their own participation in what’s available to all stepping up (answering the Clarion Call) for fulfilling those Soul Roles that are important for all here.

For each of you, truly look at your own gifts, truly look at your current resources, truly see how your ENERGY and Contributions can make a difference and then TRULY CARE ENOUGH to get in there and make it happen, drop your own separation that you hold, come together…… “your arrival” on NEW Earth actually depends on it.

Now, back to NEW EARTH’S ECONOMY and Re-Distribution Project. This will continue to occur as your/Gaia’s gridwork is continually re-tuned….. This is a challenging process, for your bodies are offline a lot when the encodements for these new Systems are being “loaded” embedded in the Crystalline Structure for all existing on/holding NEW Earth frequencies….

For years, may of you have been a part of “receiving” the infinite wealth, abundance and gifts that is “made available” in response to your own contributions and dedication here. This will continue to increase a gazillion-fold as you continue honoring your own Soul’s Paths, fulfilling your own Soul’s Purposes and Galactic Missions here. Ease and simplicity is a part of this. The most challenging for each multi-dimensional is when the body is “taken offline” for these huge upgrading processes…. be patient and honor, for when each process is complete (like today), everything aligns and comes back online at a much higher frequency and all new timelines “arrive” for you to experience with more bliss, magic, joy, happy, abundance again.

Yes, the heavy integration and crystalline upgrade times can be daunting and challenging, especially when it takes all of your energy just to BE. This is a huge process that requires all of your attention, so yes, you often have to let everything else go…. it will be okay, let it all go and honor what you feel/know inside (as always) above all.

The deeper we go, the more your body must re-code, re-calibrate, re-everything….. Slow all down, simplify, cut everything out that does not contribute to what you “need” and isn’t supporting your current processes….. this is all up to you to determine…. reversing every mindset of how everything is supposed to be is a huge process for each…..

Humans are never going to understand this…. you must honor and come from integrity to YOUR PROCESS at all times. Until one opens their heart/mind (Soul) fully, there will be resistance, walls, fears, struggle, suffering, fight…. you will have to choose how much you are letting it “COST YOU” (yes, this all plays into your own abundance here)…… for what you allow ENERGETICALLY directly affects your own physical reality now.

There will be times that you know you must “get through” the current situation and that a new one will present for you. You must be open to this and grab it, go for it and dissolve the doubt/excuses your little unconscious human makes for you….

We are Super Quantum  – Which means you are no longer bound by anything of the old. You need not try to do anything linearly, as this will/can create struggle/suffering/hardship for you. You must open up to bypassing the linear constraints of “before”. Linear = grid-lines…. those are gone….. other than in your own mind of how you see/connect things…..

Non-linear means you hop, you jump, you skip, you collapse, you obliterate you don’t color inside the lines anymore…. it means that you have the opportUNITY to do anything you desire, however/whenever is in highest alignment, by not waiting for “time”……

You occupy a space which allows you to energetically and holographically move however you desire. Your heart must be open, your pineal gland activated (inner vision), your listening tuned to a higher frequency too….. You must be willing to side-step, go around and often completely ignore the old rules…. they were your prison you believed and insisted were true….. now you must challenge your own beliefs and CREATE NEW ONES that look totally new, totally different and push your little human beyond those old self-imposed limits once held deep inside your own human body/mind…….

Physical REALities are as you CREATE them to be, as you allow them to be, as you transmit them to be, as you believe them to be……

If you want to be a part of RECEIVING all that already exists, all that is fully abundance, a wealth of infinite riches that blow your human’s mind here…. then you must be willing to dedicate and commit you to a whole new existence and you must be willing to step-forth and come together to BE a PART of our NEW……

These cosmic alignments and Gaia’s increasing POWER (Schumann Resonance) is to bring all online NOW. All is to dissolve all of those veils of amnesia and return all to full consciousness again. Your human will get fed up/done (a whole lot), as this is key here….. Until you are “tired of the old”, your resistance won’t go, your heart won’t open, so these frequencies wear you down, weaken your systems (to rebuild new systems) while you are purging/clearing/cleansing the strength of your old everything……

We are oscillating between a multitude of frequencies daily…. shifting from SOULar, to Plasma, to Gamma (oh thank god!), to over-stimulation & over charging ions/neutrons/protons, to evolving the cellular structure of your bodies so that your cells actually generate a new form of energy which works completely different than the old. Your carbon-based to Plasma/Silicon bodies take great care to complete each one of these processes that need to occur for all….. The recent atomic codes activated and the Advanced Genetics continue to re-code, re-build, re-structure, re-distribute, re-calibrate, re-everything on a daily basis now.

You will have to re-structure how your life currently is…. you must align all yourself or it will align for you to move you to a higher density plane of existence…. with your human kicking and screaming or with your Soul awake and honoring, it’s totally all your choice….. Your dominant aspect determines all of your individual and collective experiences here. You determine which aspect to give dominance to…..

Going forward, these upgrades will increasingly continue for all. The immensity is beyond and will require that you shift your own mindsets to shift your own experiences with this. Where you hold separation (are disconnected inside), struggle and suffering are the experience, because of the perceptions one still holds. Where you are unified/connected/fully on-board, it will often be challenging for your human body, yet the rest of  you will experience with greater ease and all will come easier to you because of this…..

Do your Soul Searching, do your observing, do your seeing and “test” responses based upon what you put in, what you do….. You will start to see how easy this can be….. When you are truly ready to transition fully to NEW Earth too.

I love you. Super mega powerful is how we do our new! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Guardian of our Galactic Gaia/NEW Earth, Gatekeeper, Gridkeeper and Foundational KeyCode Holder here

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  1. Nice pep but I just have not been able to make the transition no matter how bad I want to no matter how many years I’ve tried. The word frustrated doesn’t even express how frustrated I am with the whole process of trying to transform myself to a Higher Dimensional Being, just when I think I’m on the right path and everything is going good I fall right back into the same shit all over again. I read the PFC and all other information I can find, I pray, I meditate and watch all the Ascension videos I can get ahold of but can’t break free of the three Dimensional BS. What can I do to break through the barrier?


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