Energy is currency in the universe. Feeling costs energy and power as variables are factored in to the experience. To conserve energy in this system, reserve your feeling.

Don’t give energy to feeling that belongs to any version of you that you do not want to support and propagate (multiply). Only give energy to that which nurtures the soul.

The system controllers seek to generate the most believable counterfeit system for humans to reside in. This equals civilization for the unaware, and a time-matrix for the controllers. In the time matrix one’s form is separated into a spectrum of different qualities and splices. These forms are the ultimate ‘cloning system’. This entire universe is based on ‘cloning’ the replicated consciousness of the original soul-awareness and separating them into a fractal-based composition system whereby complete realities are projected outward.

This world is not a simulation that is a research project. That may have been the original purpose. The project was hijacked and now this simulation became a trap, a consciousness grave where souls enter but do not leave. This energy system is the basis for the matrix. What we experience as moments of consciousness are actually composed according to the energetic requirements and foundation that one brings into the situation simply through their presence of self, the thought or bio-emissions, and repeated actions or habits and behavioral patterns which become like autonomous programming that takes on the role of being “the self”.

What we permit, energetically, to enter our lives and reside is like a contract which is interpreted as an invitation to interact with beings and thought-forms on the plane of the mind. From this perspective, the body is merely a vehicle for spiritual components. One is either guided by a source spirit within a soul-essence, or there are discarnate spiritual forces that will guide the body. The unawakened will not see how they are controlled and manipulated by energetic thought-form entities beyond their conscious perception, however there is a process to enable the desire to know.

This process is the death of the illusory self and this is often through the initiation of a kind of an alchemical process within one’s inner reality. This can be likened to a spiritual war, or this can be seen as a simple equation or process of refining energies of awareness until just the self remains as thought and impulse is distilled to reveal the underlying source components of energies and reason. The reasons are ‘reasonable’, yet they are inclusive of elements of reality that go far beyond the simple waking consciousness view.

The “mind” that we perceive as “down here”, is just as much “out there” or “up there” or even “down there”, as we’d like to think is actually here. Further more, the aspect of mind we feel is “right here”, is actually just like the tip of the iceberg and is actually a very superficial glimpse of what actually entails in a conscious experience within the universe. This universe is not the only experience, however, like the physical form, the mind that is shaped to co-exist and interact within a particular environment will not suffice to explore lands beyond that recognizable terrain. Yet, the process I previously mentioned regarding the distilling of experience down into pure awareness and thus true consciousness of the true self, which is experienced as a form of ‘super-consciousness’ (and possibly ultra-consciousness) enables one to not only navigate outside of the perceptual limits of the physical universe but to actually flip the singularity and resume a more long-term residence in a realm that appears to be more “home” than here and now. This is all a part of the system where we feel that this mind is the true mind, when in reality it’s just the extension of a much larger organism that we are connected to. This reality and self is just a component of a much larger system and that larger view is actually akin to “home-base” while this is the vacation time-share out in some foreign land.
The singularity is a kind of experience throttle where the rate of information and perspective must remain refined to a particular limit otherwise the entirety of the self that is anchored to this spaciotemporal locale will be re-rendered. Before getting into the geometric and conceptual description, one way to describe this is that the human is defined according to the realm they inhabit and the realm they inhabit is determined by their ability to correlate perception and consciousness with the higher-awareness of what their view actually entails in the overall existence of the universe.

When one begins to see beyond the ‘bounds’ of human perception limitation, that is the beginning of becoming ‘more’ than human. Still, the human is originally aware, it is the way people are now, in unawareness, that is the ‘less’ than human classification. The idea here is that the very nature of the self changes when introduced to new information that completely alters the previous conceptualization of reality and existence. This occurs for the human up to a point, at that point there is a singularity of information whereby the previous way of interacting with and correlating one’s consciousness to reality and the overall view of the universe is fundamentally altered.

Regardless of scientific definitions and classifications based on a variety of data-points, the idea here is that the human who has seen how their consciousness exists, how pure-awareness and super-consciousness exists, how the universe works and what is ‘happening’ here in ‘time’ as a nature of perception and not objective reality, that human cannot suffice with the same parameters and mode of reasoning as they did previously or that others do.

To put it bluntly, this reality is like a dream, and once one becomes aware of this, they cannot go back to sleep. The major changes are related to the initially described energetic processes that tend to interact and program the mind to generate aspects of reality that seem externally initiated. That system is part of the dream system and like a giant computer system everything is coded and numbered across the reality of time and experience. Everything plays out like a storyline depending on the code and interactions that occurred previously according to an overall script that is produced and updated depending on how the awareness of the individual character changes during the ‘production’. The idea here is that the script is designed to keep people from realizing the true nature of the production and the very existence of a ‘script’.

In short, if you were to create a simulation system, would you create a system that convinces people that the simulation is a simulation? How well would that work? Wouldn’t that be counterproductive? Thus, the simulation is programmed to convince people that the simulation is reality. This is a living, real to life ‘simulation’ that responds to your impulses, behavioral patterns and thoughts. So then, if the simulation was designed to keep people in the simulation by resisting any coming to full awareness, how would this play out in the long run?

If the soul develops from increasing self-awareness, and the system disables awareness, then would not the very essence of the soul be threatened by such a system? This is the reality ‘death-match’ between humanity and the false-reality that was designed eons ago. Who did it is a question, whether us, or someone else, the result is more or less the same. The system defines itself by its ability to reduce self-awareness into automation. Another way to see this is that if increasing self-awareness results in an increase in power over the simulation via one’s own reality being determined by the self that they are now more aware of, then how could the system retain power?

What energies would be focused to derive a power-base to generate a structure that enables a controlling force to create a ‘buffer zone’ around the overall view and continually ‘pressurize’ the area to ‘push’ awakening souls back into the material existence (matrix)? The kinds of energies here are the answer to the question. With energy, we have different qualities and formats, but ultimately higher and lower according to a polarization which is formed out of that singularity of being whereby a person is fundamentally altered by dissolving or overcoming a perceptual boundary. Meaning, the polarization is not necessarily accurate, everyone’s definition of what energy level is the polarization limit for either end is different and this is due to personal perceptual boundaries which also relates to and generates that concept whereby there is a singularity effect where one is fundamentally altered by overcoming those boundaries (or crashing through them). Yet, in terms of the mind and the body, when emotional and mental fields are polarized towards a certain orientation of belief or projected e-mission or intent (bio-emissions), then this produces an effect like a magnetic field around a magnet or a magnet temporarily magnetizing an iron bar. As long as that field is charged and polarized, this will enable the manipulation of the object through powerful magnetic fields that can be applied externally. As well, this object can also induce changes on other objects. However, the idea here is that through the polarization of energies people are then capable of being ‘grasped’ and thrashed against their perceptual limits which creates the perception of ‘ego-death’ or a perceptual boundary to the reality or self and this is what is used to keep people contained within a predictable thought and energy matrix system where their energy is used against them to create that ‘buffer zone’ of possibilities that will not be accessed because that is exactly where the exit is (a’la The Truman Show).

What this means is that the feeling of fear, loss of identity, confusion, desire to materialism and lower sensory experience, and ultimately polarity itself is what is used to electromagnetically “bounce” one’s energy back into the material plane. This makes sense because if joy brings about an ascent out of the material and mundane restrictions of being, then a system that enhances and propagates joy would effectively be a launching pad for other realms and experiences.

A system that enhances and propagates fear or lower awareness would then act as a magnetic attractor working to pull, by function of reduction and inversion of intent (giving them the opposite of what they want and producing the feeling of not wanting what is original) would effectively act like a quicksand of time-memory, feeling, self and intent, pulling back and disorganizing any attempts to release from that system.

This can be seen as simple as a large oval or circular void. In this void there is a central realm of substance and in this realm there is a materially functioning system that is guided by an energetic format of charge which produces flow. The beings in this realm are primarily knowledge and self-awareness based, yet the material realm and the energetic flow has been designed as an inversion of their fundamental system of self and what is within them is brought without through a kind of magnetic charge and the events of their experience are oriented by an intelligent script-writing system to induce the highest amount of polarity within their being to further provide a charge for the system while also enabling the system to generate a counter-oriented field of concentrated energy around the whole realm (the circle or oval shape) which then becomes a kind of ‘buffer-zone’ which repels those beings back towards the center, the material realm, based upon the amount of charge they still carry from that energetic format system in the center. Thus, the center becomes a place of attraction, while being organized through a lack of awareness, an orientation towards desire and materialism, while the outside becomes a concentrated layer of non-dual energy which is then used to bounce back those who try to escape who still have a polarized charge from that material, low-awareness system in the center. It’s just like a multi-dimensional quicksand or tar pit for souls.

The identity, the persona of the charged self here, present through the biological perceptual system, the memory, the belief system, the brain and body, is the charged self that gets “bounced back” when approaching that outer barrier. The only way to pass through the barrier is to see through the illusion of polarization in that the self as a material thing can be destroyed, can be shaped definitively, or can be limited in anyway. Only that illusory self can fear the unknown, can cling to possessions or sensuality, or can be programmed to see confusion and obscurity where there is truth and clarity. That self is the illusion, that self is the one that gets swatted back, and the attachment to that self is what convinces souls to return time and time again.

This is the nature of the ‘trap’ system, whereby one is energetically linked to a programmed version of themselves that is generated by the false-light universe which then uses that illusory self to then program the original awareness and pull energy from the soul level which is non-local and could not be reached any other way. This is simply a way to convince the multidimensional being of the soul to offer its energy here in this place through attention and feeling that is produced when the charades of the artificial persona and script (Truman Show) are applied to entrain the soul.

This seems to be the nature of this locality and format, however there is truth to the notion that this is not how every place or when is and that this place is actually part of an original that was different and liberated from such a multidimensional hijacking of souls. The main idea here is that the polarization that tells us who we are, why, and how is part of the system that bounces us back.

Imagine being a magnetic system with an alternating charge polarity. If this polarity leans one way or another to produce a primarily overall polarization then imagine that nearing the ‘outer wall’ (or inner) induces an responding alternation of charge polarity that mimics exactly the charge that you are putting off. If you’re heavily polarized one way, then that particular area of the ‘wall’ activates and switches to match your orientation of polarity and then give you just enough extra charge to repel you and bounce you back. If you polarize another way then the wall goes through the same process except in a reversal of polarity and similarly bounces the person back.

Thus, the only way to pass through is to be invisible, to not have a ‘heavy heart’, whereby one takes anything that occurred seriously in terms of defining who they are as a cosmic soul. Memories can be altered, realities can be manufactured, it doesn’t matter what you remember, but what you actually do. (Quote restructured from The Ghost in the Shell, AKA humanity).



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