This is a great start.  Good concise words to law enforcement and explanation of the problem, as well as what progress has been made.  I would like to hold the vision of a society where men and women would not even consider or participate in ANY way in exploiting children.  Wow – that’s what we at PFC are preparing for – a new society where that just doesn’t happen.

But for now – let’s round up those misguided and perverted souls.  (Yes, I noticed the maritime law flag on your left – Jeff’s right).  And thanks to the law enforcement men and women who sincerely serve the people and uphold virtue and make a difference.

Human trafficking is a growing problem, and  any mass media organization or talking head that now claims these atrocities against Humanity are “conspiracy theory”, are simply outing themselves as shadow government mouthpieces and are complicit in the coverup.

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  1. Let the arrests begin with Podesta and the rest of those dark elite and we will all know the event is near or has happened. It is time all good people stand up and take action. When will we also see 911 arrests, how can any logically thinking person not see the lie in that event?

  2. Tony. We do Recover. Do not give your abusers power over you. If everything exists in the now, then the child who will be successful at suicide exists within you right now, as does the child who ran and escaped the worst of it. In an alternate universe there is a You, who has recovered, and has a life filled with light and love and hope. You ARE all of these people, right now. Speak to that child brother, as though he were your own because he is. Pray to the other who has managed to get farther than you for guidance. Live in integrity. Love something. These are real and powerful, and so are you.

  3. My childhood had left my unable to function in society. It left me unable to trust or relate to people. It left me parinoied of strange people, unable to be myself, all ways on edge. People treat me accordingly and the effect is that I still expereance the effects today. I have a couple failed suicide attempts and no real hope of any kind of future. Sertanly no hope for any kind of real friendships or companionship. I wish there was someone, anyone that could have helped me at 6 years old. A few years ago I’d sent a messeged seeing if I could contribute to your work but it’s obvious that what little I once had to offer is long gone. I hope you can prevent any other children from growing up only to have a life as wasted as mine. Be careful with them, they may not be physically abused, that does not mean they do not have scars that go deep into there core. Those ones can be overlooked or dismessed and go untreated. They can wreck a life every bit as much as the other scars.


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