It’s disgusting how bad racism is. It’s even sad to this day that we still experience. We don’t just experience racism in the act from whites to blacks. But, blacks can be just as racist to whites as well. It’s quite understanding that whites were the first to draw blood against so many other cultures and colors. Yet, it makes absolute no sense to backlash against those same individuals. The human race should have no hatred, the human race should love and protect each other no matter what the color, sex, or religious background someone has.

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  1. not all whites. can’t say the Irish have enjoyed much “white privilege”. as much as anything else, I wish the race issue would vanish. I wish nobody would ever mention it ever again. when I go for a few months without hearing anything about racism, I’m able to look at black folk as normal people. when I hear about racism this and that, then I start paying attention to my thoughts when I see black folk. “does he think I’m racist?”.. “is he good, is he bad?”.. “did he steal something?”.. “is he violent?”.. even one small innocent though turns into an avalanche of negativity when I’ve been hearing a lot about racism. when I hear nothing about racism though, I don’t have any strange thoughts of any kind when I see black folk. I just see another guy. no more stories about racism!!

  2. … and not only children. How about our animals, even worthless enough to be misused, slaughtered, eaten. And the ‘lowest’ of them all: our insects. It takes my breath away.

  3. This video was very informational..It is so easy to manipulate a child and it can be done in 15 minutes. Imagine a lifetime worth of programming and mind control. The damage is inconceivable. The kids seem coherent and aware of their thoughts and yet they still proceed to parrot what their teacher told them about someone who they have been friends with long before that day. Thank you for sharing. Light and love.


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