The GoldFish Report-Winston Shrout: Global Currency Revaluation

Winston explains what the Revaluation-Global Currency Reset (RV-GCR) is and its history, and why it must happen. Winston further explains why this is a non-taxable event and why Reno, Nevada is the Center of it all. Also discussed is how NESARA will extinguish the commercial Karma that many people are burdened with. Winston also discusses Limited Liability as per House Joint Resolution 192 from June 1933 and what its purpose was. Also, a BIG COUNTRY THANK YOU to WINSTON for the role he has personally played in helping to bring these changes to fruition for humanity!

2 thoughts on “The GoldFish Report-Winston Shrout: Global Currency Revaluation”

  1. This does not make any sense to me. Reno, Nevada and Las Vegas are the center of Mafia activities, a very dark organization that has a powerful influence on our government – as evidenced when the Kennedys were murdered.

  2. The REAL value of ANY country is NOT in their resources…ITS IN THE PEOPLE!!!
    Just more evidence WHY we need to get rid of the MONEY system all together!…No wonder WHY all this BS about RV’s has taken so LONG…Polarity NEEDS to END!!!

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