Planet Earth houses an estimated 8.7 million different species, with approximately 6.5 million living on land and 2.7 million in the oceans. We have an abundance of different animals and fish living all over this big blue sphere, and when you really stop and think about the vastness of this planet, it’s pretty amazing.

Keep in mind, this is only one planet; a tiny spec within this giant thing we call the multiverse. We know that 8.7 million different species live on our planet alone, so how many actually live out there? 

It’s a puzzling question, and sobering, too. Even if just one more planet in the universe held the same diversity of life, that would represent a further 8.7 million species to discover. And if one more planet has life, it’s reasonable to assume others would as well.

To boggle your mind even further, let’s review just how small we are in comparison to the universe: For every grain of sand on every beach on Earth there are 10,000 stars, and the Milky Way includes billions of Earth-like, potentially habitable planets. The Milky Way itself is only one of billions of galaxies, and we may be living in an infinitely-increasing number of universes, otherwise known as the multiverse.

Keeping the infinite and incomprehensible size of the multiverse in mind, let’s focus our gaze within for a moment. We are all souls living in these human bodies, and we came here to gain experience and knowledge. Your soul has chosen to incarnate or reincarnate into your human existence right now, but what was it doing beforehand?

Were you living on Earth? Perhaps you’ve lived hundreds of lives, continuously reincarnating again and again onto this planet. Or were you a different species, one that we’d consider extraterrestrial? Or maybe, could this be your first time ever incarnating onto Earth?

Many of us feel there’s more that meets the eye when considering those 8.7 million species living on Earth. What if, within these shells, many of our souls are actually all from different species ourselves?

If you’ve always sort of felt like you’re not really “human,” that you don’t necessarily fit in with the rest of the crowd, then welcome. Take a seat, and know that you’re not alone. Many people who feel this way refer to themselves as Starseeds; they’re simply souls that are not native to planet Earth.

Are You a Starseed?

So, you now know what the concept “Starseed” means: a soul that is not originally from planet Earth. The real question here is, what exactly does that mean to you? Does this concept resonate with you, do you feel like Earth truly is your original home, or do you feel like it’s just some made-up term to justify not fitting in? I encourage you to read the rest of this article, and ask yourself those questions as you read it.

A lot of the time, if a topic doesn’t resonate with you, then it’s probably not for you. But, if you find yourself reading this article and you’re attracted to the word “Starseed” and are curious to learn more, then perhaps you were meant to read this information.

The term “Starseed” in and of itself is really beautiful when you think about it. It basically represents someone who’s simply come from a different star, planet, solar system, etc. that’s then been planted here as a seed to help us collectively grow and bring awareness and positive change to humanity.

It is said that many Starseed children were born in the 1980s, and even more so in the early 1990s. Many people who feel that they’re Starseeds also feel like they don’t fit in with society. Some other common traits that people feel coincide with being a Starseed include:

  • Feeling like you don’t fit in with society, your social groups, or perhaps even your family. Many Starseeds may feel disconnected from their family, almost as if they’re not related. Well, perhaps that’s because you’re just new to Earth, and haven’t quite gotten used to the energies here in the same way that your family and many others in society have!
  • You may have a difficult time understanding social constructs or societal norms. Small talk may not be your thing, and you might shy away from social gatherings or feel a little left out, even when you do attend them.
  • You may not completely understand or support the economic system or the conventional education system, or even the cultural norms or religions you grew up with.
  • You may question authoritative figures and hierarchy within society, or anything else that separates us on a societal level.
  • You may dislike linear subjects such as mathematics and linguistics, and prefer more creative, out of the box subjects. You may find difficulty in expressing yourself through words and prefer to exercise creativity as a form of self expression.
  • You might remember past lives that are very clearly not from Earth.
  • You may be very empathetic and, as a result, can easily pick up on other people’s feelings and are susceptible to their energies. This isn’t always easy, as anyone who can easily pick up on other people’s energies are more vulnerable to them, taking on their negative feelings and stress.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, all of this research into our souls and reflection on who we could be outside of this human experience are the manifestation of a deeper desire to understand who we truly are. Although information like this could be helpful to some in opening up their minds to the vast possibilities that their true self could represent, ultimately the only way to discover who you truly are, beyond your personality and human identity, is to go within.

It is said that Starseeds have come to planet Earth in the masses in order to help shift humanity toward a higher level of consciousness. It can be difficult to truly recognize this positive shift given all of the turmoil overseas and even in our own backyard, but it’s important that we have faith and know that this shift is taking place.

So many issues are surfacing, challenging humanity to deal with them head on so we can learn from our weaknesses and come out even stronger. From electing Trump to exposing corrupt corporations like Monsanto and Big Pharma to the mass propaganda campaigns regarding Syria and even Russia, there is so much light being shed on the all of the turmoil that’s occurring within the depths of humanity.

More and more people are increasing their awareness and becoming passionate about topics that truly matter, all of which is helping to bring about this massive shift in consciousness. Even the climate is changing, with the result that more and more people are starting to understand and address human impact on the environment. These issues may seem disheartening at first, but they’re helping to bring about a lot of positive change within society, change that’s been needed for a long time.

Whether you feel like you’re a Starseed or not, we can all be a part of this change and inspire others together. After all, sometimes when we feel like we don’t fit in or belong in this world, it’s simply because we’re meant to help create a new one.

Much love!



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  1. When you have all the symptoms ..(Appart from my Mother, whom I felt I did belong), and you begin singing or calling out in a strange, slightly Eastern European language….I heard someone else speak a couple of the same words…it turned out to be fluent Pleaidian…well it is difficult to come up with any other rational explanation. I did not learn that one at school. I love to sing along in Pleaidian, to various songs, it’s maybe all that’s kept me saneish. Anyone else talking mumbo jumbo? Own up…

  2. Because each of us have originated on different planets, our chakra colors may vary. Don’t be concerned if you find something different than what we think we should be. During Atlantis, we had eight chakras – one over the thymus gland that held the perfect cell matrix for the body to follow as it grew. Today, because of poor diet, vaccines, war, rape and violence of every kind, including incest and abuse, for most that chakra is not available to us. We must encourage its presence. With the 8th thymus gland chakra, we have a total of 12 chakras, four above our heads.

  3. The separation in pointing out certain parts of humanity as starseeds as opposed to hive minded seeds, or non-starseeds, isn’t my cup of tea, to be honest. All human beings are in essence starseeds and made of golden stardust, on a soul-level. No one is excluded in life, from living truthfully, as I perceive it.

    As I perceive it, based on my own life experiences, not being seen or acknowledged is one of the causes of deep suffering in empaths. Making efforts, desperately trying to find acknowledgement by doing more of the same, when one can’t read the “name of the game”. Later in life I learned in a fast forward mode.

    That’s how children begin to enter compulsive care, stretching their antennas in order to control their parents erratic behavior, so that they respond adequately, expecting the reward of acknowledgement and being loved for who they are. It’s a loop we humans almost enter without exception, in various forms and often with a long lasting effect, in our modern society, a collective madness keeping up appearances.

    On a more positive note, a joyful one indeed when one can make the turn:
    The beautiful thing in being an empath, though it’s including transformation and some sort of treasure hunt, rather than instant gratification, is that when one knows that one takes on any shade, color and mood-swinging of others, identifying with the content of the Akashic Records at times, fully exposed also to any Big Bang moment in time or other effects of dramatic event in planet Earth’s past, flowing through the air we breathe on planet Earth. In that condition, thrown off guard in the role of chameleon and not being seen therefore one can turn one’s attention 180 degrees by an act of goodwill toward oneself and take on one’s own true color, shade and mood-swinging, becoming sovereign with the help of one’s surrender to truth with the affinity with oneself, within one’s heart. Isn’t it clear logic, that one can only discern when one knows the difference between oneself and the other, be it the significant other or irrelevant other in passing by?

    It’s still an open playground with numerous exits, much related to the principle of Tai Chi, for such an agile empath may enjoy the rewards of tuning in outwardly and inwardly both, depending on what the situation requires in order to set one’s sails on the ocean of life. To me, that’s the most beautiful remedy to being an empath and as much empowering as rewarding. That’s the pull-and-push game in human affairs, making use of energy to one’s advancement and securing well-being for all involved too.

    It’s in other words, the treasure hunt in finding the diamond in the blackness of coal. Or the opening of the lotus growing from the mud. Chilling out at times too, not being hard on oneself by pushing oneself to the limits. I’m winging it 🙂


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