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Archangel Michael is making it very clear that the time has come for a very long needed reform on this planet. That the time has come for each one of us to take our responsibility to take part in this reform. We must, and we will do it NOW.

Something We Can Choose to Do

Michael speaks in depth about the suffering in so many war-torn places mentioning many countries in the middle east like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine etc. and even Saudi Arabia. He would not be recommending that we actually travel physically to these places to give support in some way. He tells us something that many of us may not be aware of namely that we can send one aspect of ourselves to a place of our choice. “Send one mighty warrior aspect of yourself to be a beacon of hope in at least one war-torn place. Do not deplete yourself by sending many aspects.”  When we do this, we can “think of your warrior self, holding My sword.” We can “choose to place ourselves in places of squalor or places of power.” Those Lightwarriors to feel that they have the capability and strength might choose to stand beside some powerful dictator type politician at this time in a stance of peace.

Michael points out that because the USA has a history of dominance and interference in other nations affairs that someone {from the US} coming as a physical person to a war situation even having the best of intentions might seem intrusive. However, by sending one aspect of ourselves without interference to hold the peace is a powerful tool this time.

Generally speaking we underestimate the power we have as divine creative beings to affect change and on that note, I will now relate from my notes what Archangel Michael says regarding meditations.

The Amplification Effect of Meditations.

Those among us that have been following Cobra’s updates from the Resistance Movement have been taking part in regular weekly and other special meditations now for 5 years. We have seen amazing evidence time and time again in the power of meditations to calm down very dangerous situations around the globe and bringing forth the New Gaia energy Grid. This is some of what Michael said the other day on this subject.

Meditation alone or in small groups or in large unified meditations is an enormous undertaking. BUT what we do before and after the meditation is also key. He mentions that Archangel Gabrielle has given us the gift of a new Golden Grid on Gaia. This grid connects us all in a unified whole. When you come together in global meditation that grid is deeply established. In collective meditations the amplification effect is huge. There is a multiple effect, a squaring effect. The huge power of collective meditations is a squaring effect. When we agree to join in collective meditation we have already ignited peace within in our divine minds and hearts. Michael reminds us that in our approach to life this peace is necessary that we carry with us throughout our days.

Silence Is No Longer an Option

Michael says “those of chaos have no trepidation about expressing allegiance to the chaos. We can see this in their body language, in their facial expressions and in that they think that it’s all right to bomb and flatten cities and make children starve.”

All to often He says Lightworkers can feel isolated. Not isolated from Source or Love but alone in the chaos. Often, they remain quiet when someone says something abusive, they can feel shocked and taken aback and then He says, “Silence is no longer an option.” “never engage in fighting or abusive arguments but understand when you declare disagreement with your voice you create more of it.   Instead express the truth of your being, believing in peace, love and harmony. When you express like this in sound/voice ~ the light is inside the sound ~ that you believe in Love, when you declare with divine authority how fighting has never achieved anything.

He and Steve then discuss how the level of inhumanity has grown in the type of conflicts today. How innocents are slaughtered who are not participating in the struggle for power. There seems to be an ignoring attitude at this new level of inhumanity. This simply cannot continue.

In part 3 tomorrow I will tell you what was discussed between Steve and Michael regarding the money / resources that will be returned to humanity after The Event.

Therese Zumi

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  1. Sashwat pranam Shree Shree Archangel Micheal , Yes, indeed , silence is no option anymore. In the sovereign Integrity I am and we are present. So be it. So it is . I AM.


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