TZ here; A last minute reminder of the solstice meditation in 8 hours’ time. We gather with peace and love in our hearts and unite to support the Light Forces in preparation for Victory of the Light. We have through our ongoing meditations and gridwork of many kinds succeeded in laying the foundations for the new Light Energy Grid on Gaia against all odds. Recently Archangel Gabrielle has gifted us with a new Golden Grid on Gaia and ANY Light work that we do is further anchoring that Grid. This is what Archangel Michael said recently about meditations and their effects.

After He mentions that Archangel Gabrielle has given us the gift of a new Golden Grid on Gaia he continues “This grid connects us all in a unified whole. When you come together in global meditation that grid is deeply established. In collective meditations the amplification effect is huge. There is a multiple effect, a squaring effect. The huge power of collective meditations is a squaring effect. When we agree to join in collective meditation we have already ignited peace within in our divine minds and hearts.” Michael also reminds us that in our approach to life this peace is necessary that we carry with us throughout our days.

Here is the link to the post last week with the details you will need. I was informed yesterday that at least 16 audio language versions are now available for this meditation.

Victory of the Light

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  1. The Black Stone was dissolved and all primary anomaly associated with it was removed around the time of the September Equinox. What does it realize around the time of this Solstice?
    We do continue with the mass meditations and also individual meditation to integrate and heal the shadow aspects. Today is Thursday, Thor’s day. “Into the modern period, Thor continued to be acknowledged in rural folklore throughout Germanic regions. Thor is frequently referred to in place names, the day of the week Thursday (“Thor’s day” derived from Old English Þūnresdæg – “Thunor’s day”; originally Þorsdagr in Old Norse).” Source:
    The hammer of Thor continues and planet Earth does receive more Light. Something is going, for example:
    The New on the Horizont: “The last battle between the Light and the dark is raging and the dark forces are “outgunned” and overpowered by the light forces now and stand no chance. The dark plasma weapons are being removed and the 4 dimension is being cleansed completely from all the dark energies and all dark technologies . Next year will bring a new beginning for the planet earth and a extraordinary future is indeed assured for this planet nothing can stop that. Keep shining your light and don’t be discouraged by all the nonsense around you because it’s all coming to an end. Continue now with the mass meditations and also individual meditation to integrate and heal the shadow aspects.”
    According to Cobra: “Diminishing power of the Chimera group is the main reason for many initiatives currently being carried out that will break the quarantine status of planet Earth sooner or later. The first one that succeeds will trigger an avalanche of more breakthroughs that might well be synchronized with the timing of the Event. These initiatives are NOT a prerequisite for the Event, but each positive initiative that pierces the Veil accelerates the process towards the Event…When a certain critical mass of surface humans goes beyond the Veil, the Chimera will not be able to control the Disclosure and First Contact process anymore.
    Falcon Heavy is going to fly beyond the Veil on January 2018:

    • Thank you Sun for this great comment and links ~ especially about ” Falcon Heavy is going to fly beyond the Veil on January 2018: ” Therese Z


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