4 thoughts on “Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick”

  1. Maybe originally. Putin was appointed by Yeltsin after all. But Cobra as well as many other sources indicate Putin is on the side of the angels/Pleiadians. Q anon and David Wilcock etc indicate Trump is with the “white hats” though he’s perhaps done deals in past with all sorts. Time will tell. Meditate, pray and as for waking up the still brainwashed by the MSM – Rich Man’s Trick is a very useful starting point.

  2. This is a must see documentary. Very well produced. Methodical analysis, very hard to dismiss the factual presentation. The perfect ‘red pill’ for family and friends still in the Matrix.

  3. the magic show goes further than this ha ha

    the same rich guys that made Trump made Putin


    Peace and Light


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