Dear Benjamin,

Although I am NOT one of your subscribers (I wish I could be), I am definitely one of your faithful readers.  And occasionally I post in Facebook groups articles of interest that originated from your blog.

May I put here in writing, for the record, my response to the article on the technological deal with the Nazis which was posted on your blog a few days ago.

Here is my personal response to it:

According to a few sources (Benjamin Fulford’s blog is one of them), the Nazis in Antarctica and in Patagonia (Argentina) are negotiating a “Peace Deal” with the U.S. in which they will give humanity their advanced technology and we will let them return to humanity and join the Earth family.  I attach here an article by Dr Michael Salla from today (not attached).

But before you get into it, let me state the following:

  1. The Third Reich sold humanity to the Dracos in return for technological help and joint warlike expeditions with THE DARK FLEET of the Dracos inside and outside the solar system.  In return, the Dracos got many millions of human slaves and human meat for consumption.  Yes.  My relatives were among them.  They also got an access to high power positions in government, finance, health regulation, the industrial arms complex, and NASA with the help of the Paperclip Project.
  2. One of the technologies given to the Nazis by the Dracos was LIFE-EXTENDING TECHNOLOGIES.  This means that it could be that some of the most evil people on planet Earth are still alive today.
  3. Project Paperclip is responsible for the slow degeneration of the U.S Republic—the making of the FDA into a Big Pharma puppet, and the slow genocide of humanity by Big Pharma.  It is also responsible for some horrendous projects involving millions of innocent children, in experiments that are related to “Time Portals,” Mylab, Super-Soldiers, etc.
  4. The programs of “Handlers & Silent Killers,” the rise of the pedophilia all over the world as a tool for controlling the world governments—all of this came out of Project Paperclip.
  5. Are we going to let the grandchildren of those who committed these heinous crimes come back as if they are clean and good and merciful, unlike their forefathers?  And how do we know that they are NOT the original criminals inside younger bodies?
  6. Are we going to allow ourselves to be bribed again, and exchange the future of humanity with some Nazi technology?
  7. Are we going to say, “Thank you so very much, and now we will forgive you for selling planet Earth to the Dracos”?
  8. Those who may have made this deal (if indeed it was made) could well be clones of the originals (!) or even reptilians in a human-like costume;  i.e looking like human beings but in fact being Reptilians.

The above is my personal view on the matter.  Thank you for finding the time to read it.

With respect and appreciation of your courage and work for the betterment of humanity,

Dear AHZ,

Thank you for your views.  When Dr. Michael Salla came to Japan, they had a bunch of North Korean goons prevent me from meeting with or talking to him.

I stand by the view that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.  Repeating something endlessly, a la Joseph Goebbels, does not make it true.  I have countless tales of Draco-Reptilians, etc. but have yet to see an ounce of real proof.

As a journalist I must deal with firsthand information and things that can be proven true in a court of law.  Most of the alien stuff does not pass that test.  Clearly, at the very least we are under some sort of quarantine because I do not see aliens walking around the streets.

In any case, as far as the Nazis are concerned, rest assured that any and all criminal and unethical activity is being ripped out, root and branch.

—Benjamin Fulford



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  1. I also agree in total with AHZ.

    Why are we putting the fox now to guide (protect) the chicken fence? Why would a-n-y-o-n-e continue in a New World without significant changes on significant matters, let’s say, People’s Knowledge, own Involvement and Consent from now forth? Not the US nor some other, nor The Nazi’s nor.. anyone of that making any deal- for us.

    Yeah, sure, I pray for the bad ones too, to open up and melt their cruel evil hearts by The Light of God, if possible, yeah sure why not, but I also know that:
    Evil exists. And does not change. Never. Ever.

    Get that- and you get how Evil works. Never ever again!

  2. I agree with Kennyboy and Deva and others from other Posts commenting on here on thsi site..

    There is something called ‘Controlled Political Opposition’ or ‘Controlled Pressure Groups’. I put both Benjamin Fuldford and Alex Jones from Infowars in that group..

    Don’t trust anybody. Don’t believe anyone. You, God, Mother earth, our family and friends and angels up there.

  3. perhaps Benjamin does not belief,,,but i do,,,,,and we also
    have the Annunaki still to deal with,,,you know,,the ones in human bodies
    that is my opinion,,,

  4. When a “Group” of “Negative” ET’s such as the ones controlling the so-called SECRET Space Program talks about a “Deal” like the one proposed in Ben’s post…One has to wonder…Since WHEN did THEY get the RIGHT to ANYTHING, that belongs EXCLUSIVELY to “Divine Providence”??? AND, given their track record of “Bate & Switch” (Making Fake deals)?
    They are NOT in Position nor can be TRUSTED to make a deal with, and according to the info contained in the “The LIE the Vatican told” they are Damned into the SAME fate Lucifer/Satan IS.
    Watch a follow-up video that proves this, entitled: “The LIE NASA told”!
    I Never fully trusted Fulford anyway because I learned from his beginning he was RELATED to the Rotten-Feller family …So I STILL believe he is acting like “Mole” (A go between) for BOTH sides of the so-called NWO folks.
    So I’m inclined to agree with AHZ about “Dealing” with the Nazis…and MORE toward the view presented in the LIE series videos (Vatican & NASA Lies)

  5. I can’t say that these ideas have not crossed my mind, but in the end I chose to forgive. If they still are cold-blooded they will not pass through the solar flare, so there would be no worry of evil getting through. Being the children or grand-children of these people, they were taught that this is the way of life. If they choose to repent and allow love and service to others into their hearts, they will pass through the flare alone with the rest of us.

    I try to think of myself being raised to not know service to others and divine love. If I discovered that there was a better way to live and choose to embrace it, I would hope that I could…and would, be forgiven by my brothers and sisters and God. It would be our honor and duty for me to help them. I don’t want to discriminate or harbor ill feelings a that would make me be just like the parts of them I didn’t like. Two wrongs do not make a right.

    As we know the pain of living in poverty, ill health, confusion, etc. I feel we are blessed because we have a better understanding of why all people should be equal in all ways. We have a better idea of how beautiful life would be if we all had a home, free food, free electricity, free (and advanced) medical, free education and free transportation for all. And, everyone would have a job that is service to others…a job, no matter how low or how high the position, is just as respected. I dream of the new world where we ALL go together, or we don’t go at all. A world where we can laugh, dance, sing in joy and embrace our neighbor. I am SO waiting to meet my cosmic family. I want to see all the different types and embrace each and every one. But I want ALL of use to have that opportunity as well.


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