For centuries art has been used as a tool for telling the human story. What we look like, what we do, artistic expressions of our society – all are encompassed in centuries worth of art.

Now is no different. We see in film and music today, people calling out various aspects of our society that need to be observed. Whether it’s bands talking about the prison like nature of our world or films drawing upon the underlying consciousness that makes up all of life, the reflection triggers are there.

It’s no secret that in our society today we are faced with many challenges that are long overdue for change. In fact, humanity is being challenged a great deal to deal with those changes… now. It’s part of an overall shift in consciousness sweeping its way across our world.

The following drawings by Al Margen offer an opportunity to reflect on what our society has become. What do we do with these feelings as they arise from looking at these images? Begin with yourself. How do you feel about the images you see? Are you contributing to what they are representing? What can you do to change yourself and your own behaviours when it comes to what you see below?

Through acting on this change yourself, from a peaceful non judgmental or damning way, you inspire others to do the same. It’s one thing to simply look at these images and be amused, it’s another to begin acting on what they represent.

We choose to act. Change Starts Within.



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  1. Now, there should be a compilation of art, that’s a reflection of what’s wrong with Racial Marxism. (South Africa could be an example of a Racial Marxist regime. Also, I wish The Epoch Times could write an article on Racial Marxism.)

    A brief description of Racial Marxism can be found here:

    Esther Brown

  2. Ooooh, I almost forgot…STOP GOING TO CHURCH…As commanded in bible at Revelation 18: 4 (Get OUT of Her MY People)

  3. The POINT is are we SEEING what those drawings are telling US about SUPPORTING “The System” we live in (Government/Religion)…Disconnect from the system and the BEST way to accomplish this is by: NOT voting…NOT Buying via CREDIT…NOT buying anything NEW if you can get it used…CASH out your paychecks…Get OFF their wired grid if you can…DO NOT buy cars that run via Gasoline, or at ALL…Use Public transportation and ride bicycles (I do!)
    Do NOT send your children to School or Colledges (You can get a PHD in a pubic Library!!!)
    NEVER watch Cable TV, or listen to radios…Throw your wireless devices away, or make VERY little use of them (Use a Line Phone as much as possible)
    Just use YOUR Mind about how to disconnect from THEIR SYSTEM…its not hard.


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