Sunday, February 18, 2018

Power of the Goddess

As we have now entered the termination phase of the planetary liberation process, it is of the utmost importance to connect with the feminine Goddess presence and nurture qualities of love, compassion and tenderness to stabilize the transition and counteract the cruelty so prevalent on the surface of the planet:

People on the surface of the planet have been programmed to believe that being soft and caring for other sentient beings is a weakness. This programming has originated from the Archons, then distributed through Jesuit and Illuminati networks and then through the mainstream media to the surface population through the meme of “survival of the fittest”.

This meme was spread among the surface population to suppress the caring energy of the Goddess, which is the energy the dark forces fear the most:

Now it is time for us to understand that caring, loving, soft energy is the energy that will ultimately transform our planet and assist the Light Forces in removing all darkness from the planet. Being soft is NOT a weakness, it is ultimate power:

It is also time now for all women to support and express the caring part of their Soul, anchor that energy in the planetary energy grid and connect with other sisters in Sisterhood of the Rose:

Or in global sisterhood:

It is very important for the planetary liberation that as many people as possible to do the following two Goddess meditations as often as possible:

Goddess Vortex meditation

1. Lift your hands above your head and begin to rotate your body clockwise

2. While doing that, sing mantra iiii (pronounced ee-ee) so that it vibrates throughout your body and visualize your body morphing into a brilliant pillar of Light, with millions of rainbow colored stars scattered within that pillar of Light

3. Keep singing the mantra and rotating. After a few minutes, drop your hands close to your body and continue rotating clockwise

4. While doing that, start singing mantra eeeaaa (eee is pronounced as e in “America” and NOT as e in “Venus”, and a is pronounced as a in “America”) so that it vibrates through your body and visualize a rainbow vortex of Light expanding from your heart outwards throughout the whole planet. Call upon the presence of your spiritual guides, Ascended masters, Pleiadians, angels, dolphins, twin souls, soulmates, soul families and other beings of Light.

5. Keep singing the mantra and rotating and stay in the presence of all those beings of Light for a while.

Return of the Goddess meditation

1. Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes.

2. Visualize a pillar of pink Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, going through your body to the center of the Earth. Keep this pillar of Light active for a few minutes. Then visualize a loving feminine presence in the shape of a beautiful Goddess descending from the sky and entering your physical body. This presence will harmonize your inner woman and make you more loving. Stay united with that presence for a while.

3. Visualize bright new spiritual future for humanity, with men and women in perfect understanding, with our society growing beyond need for wars and conflicts as all dark entities, physical and non-physical, are removed from our planet. Visualize all wounds of humanity being healed, all humanity being inspired and guided with everybody having their own connection with their own Soul and the Source in perfect balance of their inner male and female aspects.

Please do this visualization as instructed and do not change it as otherwise it will not have the desired effect.

The divine masculine presence (the Hero) in each of us needs to be activated also. The Hero is a warrior that moves beyond revenge and powerless anger into full fierce power of methodically removing the darkness in order to protect everything that is sacred and beautiful, to protect all children, women and men that can not defend themselves against the cruelty of darkness so prevalent on the surface of the planet.

Long time ago, the weapons of the Hero were the sword and the pen. Now, the weapons are his one-pointed mind, the scalar protection devices and computer keyboard. And Mjolnir:

The Hero understands that all suffering on this planet is artificially engineered. He understands that he can not force his fellow humans to awaken, as they have retreated into their Islands of Sanity (beer and football) to avoid facing the too cruel reality of Draco occupation of the planet with all horrendous child abuse and untold suffering, as it was precisely described here by Benjamin Fulford’s reader AHZ:

It is time now for each of us to unite the Goddess and Hero archetypes inside, become whole and stop fighting with each other, and unify in this last stage of planetary liberation process:

At this point I have not received clearance to release any intel about the planetary situation, and when I will be able to release it, I will.

Until then, I leave you with this video:

Victory of the Light!



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  1. I had the great pleasure in sitting with a Kogi Mamo from Columbia today in ceremony blessing Mother Earth. What synchronizities that it is on this day Cobra asks to connect to the Goddess.. I truly feel we are in the last days before breakthrough.. We must remain in the Heart..Stay pure, ask yourself who you are when you are not in that purity and all this shall pass to everlasting, never-ending bliss.

  2. The Black Stone was dissolved last year around the time of the September Equinox. What does it realize around this spring Equinox? There is going the first anniversary of the removal process of the Yalda head. On March, 2017 when there was Taiwan Cobra Ascension Conference, the operation Justice of Maat was started. And then breakthroughs, breakthroughs, breakthroughs. Early spring brings more bright light. We are more and more sunny synchronized. Mjolnir which flies as a golden lightning of justice is going to hit the ground some (March?) day. Nothing can stop this. Lightning, Lightning, Lightning. Goddess has been supporting and leading it forward. The Galactic Central Race has been supporting and leading it forward, too. There are many deeply devoted and concerned Bright Beings near the Blue Jewel. We have entered the well-illuminated final phase of the well-grounded healing and the last phase of the Galactic wars. Wars between the Light and the Dark are going until all the Light will be. “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” (John 1:5). The ancient Gnostics wrote that “The Light will overcome the darkness and banish it. The darkness will be like something that never was and source of darkness will be dissolved”. Somebody modern wrote: “Mali Nunquam Praevalebunt”. It means: Dark ones never prevail. Some day war will be over. As above, so below. Evolution must go on. Now we are in the Accumulation for the Compression Breakthrough, in the Ascension process and in Ascension window. We are becoming channels for the Breakthrough. Although this short video is simulation about supernova exploding, the energy dynamics of Breakthrough will be according to Cobra similar. Sources:
    According to Dolores Cannon we are living in the most important time in the history. A multidimensional changes for the whole universe as never before come to the fore. The White Sacred Stone is ready for pulse and flash. The New Atlantis and Ascension are not away from manifesting. Goddess wants Ascension and Ascension there will be! We are going Up-to-Golden Date, Up-to-Golden Gate. Beyond 3D and 4D. It is Unusual. Untwine. Unstoppable. Unutterable.

  3. If anyone is interested there will be two free seminars in Schwetzingen, Germany on February 23 and 24 by George Paschalidis. He will give advices based on the Tri-Anthropo-Type model and do some energy healing. He is a very strong healer and if you are able to attend it will help you a lot. I thought I should let you know since energy healing is very much needed these days.
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