Therese Z here; This piece is simply my retelling of Isis words to us on the 27th of November in Laguna Beach California 2012. Isis is Cobra’s wife who sadly left us recently but who I know that I shall meet again on Nova Gaia.

The 21/12/2012 was the date that marked the end of Linear time. This is the end of the time on earth when we look at our reality as being a past, a present, and a future. Isis explained to us that everything is going to speed up now. Everything in our lives is going quicker and quicker. With the new energies now coming intensely to our planet, we are in a spiral time. We are coming into spiral consciousness. We are now noticing the differences in our bodies as they adapt to this new energy. There are many different symptoms people experience now because of this adaptation of the energy. Some of these symptoms are dizziness, changes in our sleeping patterns, our heart rate, blood pressure, etc. These new energies are also bringing us new eating patterns. We find it becoming difficult to eat certain foods. We will notice how it’s less comfortable wearing synthetic clothes. We may temporarily feel we are losing our bearings.

This is spiral consciousness; we are experiencing a touch of the 5th Dimension. Gaia’s Heart is beating faster. Scientists measuring the energy in the earth and our energy have discovered it is identical. In the last decade the speed of Gaia’s energy and ours has increased at an enormous rate. So our heart is beating faster because it is aligning with the Galactic Heart. There will also be other odd symptoms. All these symptoms will continue to accelerate. We can all help other people as they start to go through this. For example when you find your heart beating faster – slow down, meditate, focus on your breathing, inhaling and exhaling deeply.

Surrendering to Goddess Energy.

Aligning with Goddess energy is aligning with-experiencing the Goddess Dance. Ok so when you are experiencing some of these symptoms the key is surrender. The things that are the most effective are the things that are the simplest. {Here as I write Isis words I am reminded of how people have complicated meditation, exercise, etc.} Isis goes on to tell us that the last 8 year cycle from 2003-2012 was the time of the return of the Goddess. We must all now awaken the Goddess energy inside. Isis wants to teach us now how to bring in the Goddess energy into our being and when She is part of us she {Divine Goddess in her many aspects} will stay with us forever. Isis message is to bring into ourselves and to ground the Goddess energy.

Goddess Energy is very Powerful.

The message is that Goddess energy is very powerful and very important. Isis told us that she herself did not really understand just how important it is. This energy has been suppressed for Millennia. Gaia is a feminine planet. Saturn has more masculine energy. So we have been disconnected from the Heart of our Mother earth. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO BE GROUNDED. Being grounded will help you to release the fear, and is our protection in connecting with Mother again. When we are grounded we will feel more stable and connected. It is important to be connected with Source {see ‘Sacred Temple of the Heart Within’} and to be connected in our heart with unconditional love. We have the code for all of this within us-it is in our DNA. {The Spiral-you remember?} There is only one way the Cabal/Darkness can reach us and that is through our fear. {Here I must point out that after talking to us Isis danced with us ~ all 70 or so people of all ages and both male and female}The dance we are about to do is to help us to get back into our power, our emotions, and our love. This is our right. Because of all the programming we have been subjected to generation after generation we have forgotten what our rights are. This dancing will also balance our chakra’s allowing our Kundalini energy to rise so that we can become beings of light. Therese Zumi comment here; No wonder the ‘holy mother church’ tried everything it could to get rid of women’s powers through witch hunting, burning, and drowning. Through suppression of female energy whatever way it could. Isis continues telling us how our Chakra Energy centres are in the process of changing their colour and vibrations and integrating higher vibrations and frequencies.

Isis told us how when she was a child she was always dancing. She just danced and danced for hours on end. Different Goddess’s entered her body giving her their different energies. Movement to the left is Feminine; movement to the right is Masculine. When you dance you turn into the spiral. The Galactic Federation came and showed her the Milky Way and the double light spiral. When we danced that afternoon in Laguna Beach with Isis, she reminded us of the importance of focusing inwardly during our dance. We were not to look at others and connect with them nor copy their movements, but to FEEL FROM WITHIN which movement our body desired to take and follow it. She used different music, to change the beat and the tempo from time to time. We really had a fantastic experience and she danced among us moving like the wind throughout the room and helping us to change the pace and the energy.




Accepting ourselves in the dance-our bodies start to change.

When we dance, accepting ourselves as we are in the process, then magically our bodies start to change. This is something that Cobra and Isis wish everyone to understand. Isis explains that we all have our own beauty and shape. What we all need to do now, is change our self to heal the whole. {See article ‘Healing ourselves-Healing the whole’} Each of us is unique with unique gifts to give. A healthy feminine aspect is non-competitive. When we accept our self we do not have to be jealous. When we live like this accepting our potential, then we will cooperate and support each other.

Through dancing we can learn to support ourselves and each other. We learn to respect others. This is what Goddess energy is all about respecting and supporting one another. What is really important is that someone who really has contact with the Source is not jealous. The dance should be a dance of liberation ~ a dance of joy.

The New Society we are about to form.

This is the energy of the new society we are about to form here on our planet. The energy is one of cooperation, respect, support and unconditional love. Are you ready for this? When you look at another person, look at them with adoration. If you cannot do this then there is still work you need to do to heal and love yourself. Learn to adore. Adore the beauty of nature, adore the ocean, adore your creativity, your dancing time, and adore another human being. See the spark of God and Goddess within them. We will dance for all of this.

We must have compassion for other humans. As we learn to love and accept ourselves totally – knowing we are part and parcel of the Divine Goddess and God, we will grow in our ability to have compassion. When we heal our weakest points we become soft. We develop tenderness; this is true strength of being. We must all now dance and heal to experience this tenderness and also our extreme power and passion. We must learn again the passion and the compassion that lives in us. We must learn again the joy of light and celebration. Let’s all prepare for the parties worldwide, when this planet is soon finally liberated. Let us be the ones inspiring others to dance at these parties worldwide.

Strangely enough I looked up Zumba dance videos on You Tube last night having decided to start to dance at least 15 minutes every morning before 11am. So today as i wrote this, I took a break and started to dance. I intend to do this daily now and am convinced that within  few months I will be a stone+ or 9kg lighter! What an amazing way to lose weight and get in shape in a short time, and know that I am balancing my entire Chakra system simultanously!

I end here by saying Thank You to Isis for this information, and Thank You to DaNell Glade for great notes.

The next piece I write here will be the detailed account given by Isis of the Chakra system and how it is now changing {see link below.}

Written by                Therese Zumi Sumner.                22/01/2013


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