Some people have a strange knack for leaving us completely drained of energy, struggling to regain our emotional fortitude. These are the toxic people of the world, the energy vampires who use our life source to fuel their own wicked being. They slowly siphon off our emotional, physical and psychic energies.

The energy vampire sounds like a nasty person you’d be able to spot if they were walking down a busy street. But, they’re actually everyday people like me and you. They’re our friends, family members, coworkers, acquaintances. Our sons, daughters and partners.

The truth is that anyone in our lives can become toxic to us if we’re not careful about the boundaries we establish. Vampiric people choose to leech off of people they know aren’t going to stop them. So, it’s up to you to protect yourself.
Here are six types of energy-drainers that you should consider getting out of your life:


The Victim / The Martyr


Everyone knows a person who just loves to play the victim, no matter what’s happening in their life. They believe that all of their suffering is not caused by any actions they personally take, but caused by the actions and doings of others.
They have zero self-esteem, so where do they look for it? In others, who will always be there to compliment them, reaffirm their existence, and approve of what they’re doing. They seek out validation in the only way they know how: making others feel bad for them.


The Narcissist


The narcissist vampire operates just as you’d expect him or her to. They place their needs and desires before everyone else’s and expect you to do the same. They live entirely under the control of their ego. These people tend to be quite charming and charismatic at first, but quickly make you realize just how harmful to your well-being they truly are. To spot one of these people, look for someone who make you feel small.


The Steamroller / The Dominator


These fascinating energy vampires are the people who are utterly obsessed with being superior to others. They view themselves as the “alpha” humans, with everyone else beneath them. But, this facade of power only exists because of their deep insecurities and fears of being weak. So, they choose to intimidate people more often than not.
They see the world in black-and-white, offering up no compromise for the gray areas in life. These are often the racists, bigots and sexist individuals on our planet.


The Drama Vampire


This type of energy-sucker is one who creates drama in everyone’s world so that they can feel special and worthy of attention. They’re the gossips that you’d expect to tell everyone that certain thing you told them never to tell anyone. They avoid any real problems in their lives because they feel that they are victims.


The Judgemental


The judgemental energy vampire is one who outwardly judges others just as much as they inwardly judge themselves. They have incredibly low self-esteem; they choose to only see the flaws and imperfections in others, because that is all that they can see in themselves. They gain an ego boost by belittling those around them.


The Innocent Ones


Not every toxic, energy-draining person comes into your world for the sole purpose of wreaking havoc. In some cases, the people who feed off of you are doing so unknowingly. These could be best friends or children who have come to rely on us a little more than they should.
While it’s important for you to be there for the innocent vampires, you must also recognize how important it is for them to be self-reliant. You cannot be the answer to every one of their problems. If you are, you will eventually have no energy left to support yourself and the things you like to do in life.



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  1. I believe there are invisible vampiric entities who attach themselves to, and feed off negativity being generated by unaware persons. (Loosh) When these individuals engage in conflict with, or seek emotional comfort and energy from others, the vampiric entities are attracted and attempt to generate more loosh (negative emotions) from both humans. This can become a feeding place for more vampiric entities, if the humans involved do not have awareness and disengage from the negative emotions.
    I have found that using the Pleiadian Shield is very useful as protection for most attacks, whether physical, emotional or mental.

  2. To answer your question David Toro
    may I suggest you listen to what the Plaiedians have to say about these matters, they are more than clear.

  3. The Celestine Prophecy talks about how all of us who have not tapped into the infinite qi source of the unified field, or Goddess, or oneness, compete unconsciously for energy and are all one of four types of basic personality that function off each other until you become aware which one you are most commonly and then make it a conscious objective to stop fighting for energy and tap into the infinite source. They are called the Control Dramas in the 4th chapter of the Celestine Prophecy. There are four Dramas: (1) the Intimidator, (2) the Interrogator, (3) the Aloof, and (4) the Poor Me. I just realized that I am the Interrogator and my mom was too and my dad the aloof, though my mom played all of them quite often and I became mostly interrogator and often aloof (so she couldn’t get the information out of me). It’s fascinating stuff and I highly recommend it because while the above talks about protecting yourself, you are probably also guilty of energy theft – we must first acknowledge our own role to break out of the system!


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