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  1. Please help reunite Harmon and Carolyn Dare Wilfred (of Dare Foods Ltd Canada)…forcibly separated by political retribution for almost 3 years now! (married for 20 years)

    Below are CIA/Clinton shadow government whistle-blower & Vietnam veteran (exiled in NZ) “Harmon Wilfred, America’s First Refugee” closing arguments to his 16 YouTube documentary case interviews at (includes interview outlines with evidential links)

    Coincidence or Preponderance of Evidence – Closing Arguments

    – These are my Closing Arguments to the Court of Public Opinion – You be the Judge!

    – Wilfred v Canada PM Justin Trudeau, Clintons’ CRA “Financial Assassin”

    – Wilfred v New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern, Clintons’ “Jailer”

    – Wilfred v US President Donald J Trump, Clintons’ “Enabler”

    Twitter & Facebook: @harmontweets #AmericasFirstRefugee #GetemAllFired #ExclusiveWorldCitizen

    Harmon can be contacted at: [email protected] Carolyn at [email protected]

  2. Aim For Truth

    We the People Make Official Charges of 28 Counts of Treason

  3. Thank you Dane, for all your work… and of course Mr. Shipp…. and ALL Whistleblowers are true PATRIOTS …. NOT those who just want to follow orders…ick! Some people will do anything to pay off a mortgage!

  4. Every Name of the shadow government Ses link Below

    They cannot be fired, when they retire they receive the same salary for life

    aprox 8000 ses members, Obama appointed 7000 ….

    Hope galactic Ascended Masters, Ashtar and Galactic Federation Use the hammer of Thor to quarantine these 8000 Satanic Ses Members


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