TZ here; We should not even imagine that things will be done the same way on this planet after our transition. There will be new ways of thinking and being that will very soon become normal to us. So, do not even dream that the old NWO controlling patriarchal type of leadership will even exist in any way shape or form. It will simply not happen. We will not tolerate it. Divine Mother / Goddess has other plans and she gave us guidelines ~ a checklist if you like of how she sees things being handled already many years ago. So, I am reposting this just as Steve has done ~ see source ~ agreeing with him that we need all the reminders we can get now that things will never be the same again on this planet in the near future.

The Divine Mother on Building Nova Earth

March 4, 2018 By Steve Beckow

I was going to write an article on what building Nova Earth involved and I came across this message from the Divine Mother in 2013, which said it all.

I recommend that people compare their vision to what the Mother says here. It’s like a checklist.

“The Divine Mother Blesses Nova Earth Day, Feb. 14, 2013,” through Linda Dillon, at

What do you do in creating Nova Earth? Well, dear hearts, you have taken the mantle of responsibility for what we would say is the human component. And what does that mean?

It is so broad in some ways as to boggle your mind, because it is everything from what goes on within your home, with your family, with your neighbors, with your animals, with your gardens, to the streets, to the highways, to the buildings, to the anchoring of cities of light, to the renewing of workable — your word, dear one — sustainable institutions that are reflective of concern, respect and honoring of the truth of the human spirit.

It is the anchoring and the claiming and the full demonstration of your creator self. Is it a tall order? Yes. But it begins right now. It began in December. It began in the previous December. It began 25 years ago. It began when Yeshua walked the Earth, when the Buddha sat. It is underway.

How do I know which undertaking to apply myself to? This is part of the muddling that I was speaking of, the beginning of that planning of where to start, what to do.

Does it bring joy to your heart? Does it ignite that wonderful smile in your tummy? Does it make your feet tap, wanting to get going? Does it feel like love? Does it feel that you could take this project, whatever it is, and show it to me in full confidence and pride that this is something that you are offering yourself, each other, and the multiverse, the omniverse.

Now, if it does not give you that feeling, then set it aside.

Go on to the next idea. Because the inspiration that you are being flooded with — and I mean each and every one of you; you are not in a lull, you are overwhelmed with ideas. So, go to the next one, and say, all right, is this the one that makes my heart sing? And it may be a multitude of steps.

For example, it may be, “I am creating harmony and harmonious relationships within myself, with everything. With my animals, with my plants, with my food, with my drink, with whatever partners, or friends, or family.” And then I expand it to my community, to the political stage, to the offerings, to the homeless, to the hungry.

And then it expands to a state or provincial level, to a national level. Or maybe your starting point is working from the mega to the minuscule. Maybe you are beginning with ending hunger in Africa and then working it backwards.

But do what feels like unbridled joy. That is how you create Nova Earth. That is how you say, as a human, as a creator race, this is how I work with the elementals, with the kingdoms, with the devas, with the planet, with my guides, with my star brothers and sisters, with the Company of Heaven. No one can be excluded.

I know. My vision is infinite. And so is my plan. But I share with you my knowing. You are doing this. You are already underway. As your Mother, as your support, I could not be more proud of you.

You have not just heard the clarion call, you have sent out the clarion call. And we hear you. We honor you, and we support you, dear heart. Each of you. Each of you are precious to me.


Therese Zumi

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  1. I just want to share some love with all those dear souls who contribute to the creation of Prepare For Change. From the depths of my heart I say Thank You!! For ALL that you share..


  2. Last year i had the knowing that in the New Heaven on Earth, the frequencies will be so much higher that we will be feeling a perpetual state of bliss. Negative thoughts can not form in this high frequency Earth. I had a thought-question about negative energies that just lasted less than a second and totally dissolved back in to the state of bliss. Not having even the recollection that it never existed.
    So it was very clear to me that in the New Earth, negative which is of a lower energy will simply disintegrate as soon it is thought. Eventually we all will learn to just have beautiful unconditional Loving thoughts being manifested in the New Heaven on Earth! Much Love to All!


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