Power of Pictures to Show the Truth

I saw this a moment ago on a readers page and felt that the message given here could not be made stronger by a million words. The saying that we have ‘a picture speaks louder than words’ is truly applicable here: Congratulations to the artist who created these powerful pictures. Thanks Sanela for sharing. Namaste TZ

Here the explanatory text in English

Cuban Artist Erik Ravelo referred to violence against children.
The first picture symbolizes pedophilia in the Catholic Church.
Second-sexual exploitation of minors in Thailand.
Third-child war victims in Syria.
Fourth-illegal trade in child organs in poor African countries.
Fifth-victims among children during attacks with firearms in the United States.
Sixth-in my opinion, the most dangerous – represents the role of fast food in youth obesity and their subsequent (premature) death.

Therese Zumi


6 thoughts on “Power of Pictures to Show the Truth”

  1. Here are a few more examples:
    The “Sustainable” movement which
    1. supports factory farms (fish and all other meat)
    2. genetically engineered food, with the BT toxin which reproduces itself.
    3. GE trees — the reason for all the forests now being destroyed by fires. Watch David Suzuki’s “Silent Forest” for all the proof you need.
    These corporations are a death cult.

  2. Those “Pictures” also depict a symbol of Jesus (Yahoshua) hanging on a “Catholic” cross…something that REAL Truth will SOON expose as being Falsehood…VERY accurate in describing the kinds of EVIL now effecting US now.

  3. Harm in any form is wrong, especially to those who cannot defend themselves, children being one of them.

    According to the artist, the pictures are labeled (from left to right) as follows: Priest, Thailand, Syria, Brasil, U.S.A, and Fast Food.

    I understand the general message of these pictures, but in today’s world, there are subliminal meanings pushed on us all the time. Most of the readers who follow Prepare for Change already know this.

    Here’s my comment:

    All these pictures use a revered symbol and event of Christianity to make their point. The cross and the crucifixion. Is this a subliminal bash on Christianity?

    All these pictures use males as the instrument of this “crucifixion”. Is this a subliminal bash on males?

    Is child abuse exclusively perpetrated by Christian religions and males?

    These 6 pictures could have illustrated their points using a mix of other faiths, symbols, females, countries, and industries, but the artist chose not to do so.

    Let’s be aware of these subliminal attempts, whether intentional or not.

    The awakening of humanity involves a raising consciousness to become aware of all its facets from the hidden to the unhidden so that we can begin the process of healing and the restoration of the Light. Let’s not do so at the expense of doing harm to other innocents.

    Victory of the Light!

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