The Positive Military from the USA, Russia and China will be the surface behind the scenes group providing technology, transport and logistics at ‘The Event’. Some members of Chinese and Russian military forces are part of the Eastern Alliance and work under indirect guidance of the Resistance Movement to liberate this planet. The Positive Military played a major role in the removal of the Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt. To this end they have had tactical support from the Resistance Movement, Positive Templars and the White Dragon Society. The historical move of the Positive Military in Egypt on July 3rd, 2013 was a big victory of the Light.

On August 16th, 2013 we learned that the Light forces are creating positive networks in military forces worldwide, preparing for the Event:

This is the most powerful positive group on the surface of the planet.

They have developed the Plan for planetary liberation with unseen assistance from the Resistance Movement. Around three quarters of the military agrees with this plan and this is sufficient critical mass for this plan to become reality.

Most of this group is not aware of the “unseen friendly hand” of the Resistance. Some of those in high positions are well aware of their Resistance contact but will not admit it as it is still classified information.

The main motivation of the Positive Military is to restore sovereignty and freedom to the human population on Gaia.

This excerpt is taken from my website page Victory Now where most of the main lightworker groups are introduced:

Operation Omega Phoenix

The Resistance Movement will have its own role in the Event and this is known under the codename Operation Omega Phoenix. This operation has two parts.

The First part of Operation Omega Phoenix has just been declassified and I can speak a little bit about it. At the time of the Event, a certain number of Resistance operatives will emerge from their subterranean bases to the surface. They will be wearing plain civilian clothes and not military uniforms. They will closely monitor the mass arrest process and will help the Positive Military and civil authority in the arrests themselves when necessary. Members of the Cabal that will be arrested by the Resistance operatives will be taken to undisclosed locations and later released into the hands of Positive Military / civil authority. The only exception for this are a few members of the Cabal that have committed crimes beyond this planet in their past and must appear before the Galactic Court. Most of those will be later returned to Earth for humanity to determine their destiny, but a fraction of them will be taken to Galactic Central Sun immediately.

Top people inside the Positive Military have been notified about Operation Omega Phoenix and they fully agree with it.

Operation Omega Phoenix ~ Resistance Movement ( HD )

Therese Zumi

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  1. All my dear friends.This time is so difficult.We are weary,our hearts ache.It is so difficult to witness,and yet we must.Our very vision contributes to the Prime Creator re shaping this world.
    I do my best,as you all do also.We hold the light,we see the darkness,we hold Gaia ,and all her children in the sacred transformation.Victory of the Light!

  2. greetings in the light and love of the infinite prime creator and Gaia Therese Zumi Sumner
    i agree with both side of comments here. lightworkers do need some real good examples of people ascending and or chemtrails ending so we can see some progress in our efforts. hang in there and keep up the light work. You referenced incidences in 2013 . As of April 2, 2018 reddit says we are up to 24,544 sealed federal indictments! a normal year is around 1,000 period. SO a huge amount of change is hidden so far… I am eager to meet our space brothers and be free to evolve. Full Disclosure Now

  3. I am just ONE of MILLIONS of Starseeds/Galactic Humans who volunteered to come to earth and help humanity during this process of transition. I am ONE of the few who hold memories of my Galactic family, home and the life I had before I was born on this planet.

    I a 55 years old and I will turn 56 years old in a few weeks. I awoke to my mission here when I was five years old. My Galactic family literally woke me up and reminded me who I was, where I came from and why I was here. I’ve spent 43 years of my life in training for this time and I spent the last 7 years of my life actively involved with my task which is to help AWAKEN Humanity by using my creativity and my writing abilities.

    Although I am not too good at meditating, I’ve participated in several mass meditations and although its’ quite difficult and challenging in this 3D Reality whenever possible I’ve done what I could to uphold the light for myself and for all of humanity.

    I agree that many of us volunteered to come to earth to assist during this time of transition. However I don’t believe anyone agreed to the horrific, degrading abuses that have been forced upon us to a point where our free will has been violated through technologies that we have no power or control over.

    We are constantly told that in order to defeat the Satanic Cabal we MUST uphold the light and maintain a high virbration. Can anyone tell me how do you maintain a high vibration when you are aware of the cabals Satanic agenda and their goals to literally destroy humanity? I wont even discuss what is happening to both children and adults locked up in underground bases and wherever else they’ve been taken too.. How do you hold a high vibration for the bulk of humanity who chooses to remain pacified and dummied down to the reality of what’s really going on, on this planet?

    Dealing with the issues on this planet is not an easy task for anyone who is Awake and Aware. Constantly being reminded to uphold High Vibrations, Meditate, pray etc. in the midst of chaos and hell is a bit much at times, especially when we are not seeing positive results of the cabals take down. It seems like its’ a whole lot of talk and not much physical action that ca be seen by the humans on the surface of this planet.

    There comes a point where after awhile all who are Awake and Aware become EXHAUSTED Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually. We need something Positive and Big to happen, something we can see and know that our work is not falling on deaf ears. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am Running On Empty Right about Now.

    The fact is the human conditions on this planet is dreadful, dangerous and deadly. I understand the Galactics can not or are not supposed to intervene, because humans have free will and we are supposed to collectively make change here on earth. How can we do that when the bulk of humanity chooses to remain asleep and ignore the information that is being presented to them? Its’ as if we’re going around in circles with no relief in sight.

    Its’ wonderful to allow our faith to carry us through this transition, but sometimes Physical Proof is needed to give the troops HOPE and to help keep them motivated so they can continue on with their assigned tasks here on earth.

    I am also well aware that much of what we see here on earth is an Illusion and that we are entrapped in some type of sinulated game created by some alien race(s) billions of years ago. As this might be true then we’ve been entrapped in this 3D reality. As Fake as it might be this illusion has affected the quality of our lives in a very REAL way.

    Praying, mediating and holding the light helps a lot, but at this point and as a Galactic Warrior I need to see some type of physical evidence that we are making progress in this battle for humanities freedom, all I am hearing is a lot of talk about Who, What, Where and When. Myself and whole lot of other people who are doing our tasks are tired and we need to “SEE” that something good is really truly happening on this planet.

    As a Galactic Human I have traveled outside of my physical body to other planets and earth is the worse planet that I have existed on. There have been occassions where I did not want to return to earth to complete my tasks here. I come back because I made a promise to my Galactic family and I am going to uphold that promise to them.

    • I cannot say enough how I have the same sense of exhaustion and want to see even a glimmer of action being taken. I won’t give in to this feeling, though; I know it too well from past personal experiences. We have to motivate even more because we will change these conditions on Earth. A message came to me the other day when I was feeling this discouragement and it went something like this: the Universe is neutral as to what we want; it’s just a matter of staying with our intention. Let’s all stay with our intention to ascend because you can believe the other side is staying with their’s.

  4. I will often tweet, post, email contacts, talk and meditate about, The Event, for four years now and most people think I am either just plain ‘nutso’ or they dismss the whole idea saying ‘it will never happen”. I must admit, even I have begun to have doubts too. Were it not for the ever present reminders hearing and capturing on camera images of, these ‘watchers’ from above. The craft have been ever present these four years (longer actually near 8 years) but, every year my sightings become more numerous or more interesting in some way. It amazes me, this path I have been shown and becoming the ‘nut’ that talks about ufo’s and world politics in the same breath.
    However, it is worth one man’s reputation, and even facing the attacks I have, even the attempts on my life, I have faced to shut me up, if this actually all comes about and the planet is lberated. It is, besdes of course confirmations of unseen craft, these little updates that keep me from losing it and checkng mysekf into a looney bin somewhere because quite honestly, were it not for my fellow lightworkers, I would have lost it long ago. So to the resistance, my fellow lightworkers, the positive military, and even the offworld light forces at work, Thank you for everything.
    May the light and truth, come to victory, SOON.

  5. New advancements in Rife technology! This the best healing technology available to people today. In my opinion lightworkers should make use of it.

    Also there is a big surprise coming from Orgonodrome soon.
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  6. Thank you all for working so hard towards the liberation of our Gaia. sending love and light for all lightworker’s safety.

  7. Wonderful work my friends!!!!! Only GOD knows what you all have gone through to make this happen . With all my respects,and appreciation for everything. Much Love! Namaste!

  8. Let the light be in ALL that is – Let the energy of pure Divine LOVE spread in and around our planet and in humanity – Lets make heaven in Paradise – Let Divine justice spread all over earth to unfold corruption and build another reality – 999999999

    When it comes to the liberation of the planet, most of the time I feel so helpless. If my mission was to participate in this movement my gift is so poor but today I just one to confess that I desire so much the liberation of our planet. That feeling is so vivid in my heart.

    Please forgive me if sometimes I have doubt of goodness for everything is melting into transmutation. It take me sometime to understand the messages that cross my path

    Dear Father mother GOD, there is so much going on in our planet that sometimes I experience confusion but you know my intentions: Thanks for your Divine protection to ALL light workers. Guide us and illuminate our life so that “what ever happens let us listen to your WILL, that whatever is said let us listen to your wisdom, what ever is done let us feel your LOVE and JOY now and ever” Gratitude dear Creator please feel my LOVE! 999999999. Big kiss and huge hug!


  9. If someone ask my opinion to what to do to pedophiles and those who perform nasty cruelty to animals I would say : Take them to the central sun to have their treatment we do not need any more of that energy in our planet or anywhere in the universe!

  10. Hello to All light workers and thanks so much for the information still I don’t understand why our skies are being spread out with toxic stuff that built clouds and avoid the sun rays passing to the earth and humanity?

    The Chemtrials are supposed to be spread by the military air-force and this is not something healthy for humanity and mother earth.

    Ok for military help and assistance to humanity we need it and even more to get out of this mess and build a different reality in our planet but why the military is doing that in which way is this helping humanity???

    If is not dona by the military why NO ONE is interfering to stop this mess on the sky?

    Thanks for your answer,

    Blessings to ALL!



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