As part of a request for records on Antifa and white supremacist groups, WSFC inadvertently bundles in “EM effects on human”

When you send thousands of FOIA requests, you are bound to get some very weird responses from time to time. Recently, we here at MuckRock had one of our most bizarre gets yet – Washington State Fusion Center’s accidental release of records on the effects of remote mind control.

As part of my ongoing project looking at fusion centers’ investigations into Antifa and various white supremacist groups, I filed a request with the WSFC. I got back many standard documents in response, including emails, intelligence briefings and bulletins, reposts from other fusion centers – and then there was one file titled “EM effects on human”

Hmmm. What could that be? What does EM stand for and what is it doing to the human body? So I opened it up and took a look:

Hell yeah, dude.

EM stands for electromagnetic. What you are looking at here is “psycho-electronic” weapons that purportedly use electromagnetism to do a wide variety of horrible things to people, such as reading or writing your mind, causing intense pain, “rigor mortis,” or most heinous of all, itching.

Now to be clear, the presence of these records (which were not created by the fusion center, and are not government documents) should not be seen as evidence that DHS possesses these devices, or even that such devices actually exist. Which is kind of unfortunate because “microwave hearing” is a pretty cool line of technobabble to say out loud.

You know what’s even cooler? “Remote Brain Mapping.” It is insanely cool to say. Go ahead. Say it. Remote. Brain. Mapping.

Just check the detail on these slides too. The black helicopter shooting off its psychotronic weapons, mapping your brain, broadcasting your thoughts back to some fusion center. I wish their example of “ELF Brain stimulation” was a little clearer though.

It’s difficult to source exactly where these images come from, but it’s obviously not government material. One seems to come from a person named “Supratik Saha,” who is identified as a software engineer, the brain mapping slide has no sourcing, and the image of the body being assaulted by psychotronic weapons is sourced from, who apparently didn’t renew their domain.

It’s entirely unclear how this ended up in this release. It could have been meant for another release, it could have been gathered for an upcoming WSFC report, or it could even be from the personal files of an intelligence officer that somehow got mixed up in the release. A call to the WSFC went unreturned as of press time, so until we hear back, their presence remains a mystery.

We’ll keep you updated once we hear back, and you can download the files yourself on the request page.

Written by Curtis Waltman
Edited by JPat Brown


Image via Howco International

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  1. It may be totally true or simple disinformation. Intuitively I feel you are just being fucked with, I dont beleive this technology exists and actually functions as its intended purpose. But an entertaining story nonetheless.

  2. I do not consent this shit on me my family on my relations and on the people of this world and I call for Divine and human Justice and full Divine intervention for what has been done to me and my family and anyone else who has been tracked and attacked by this people and these means.I have seen and perceived around me this kind of shit in recent years,since I started praying and meditating for peace and since I urged an intelligent use of resources to build a world worth of living in it.This means a clean unpolluted world with good relations among people and nations in harmony with all aspect of living and based on rispect love and peace. Thank you Edward for sharing the article, on Rt where I read it originally, they sayd this stuff was used by controterrorism agencies in usa” US govt counterterrorism center accidentally releases ‘remote mind control’ documents – report” this was the title of the article…. .Yes so for these people paid by taxes by american people , lightworkers who meditate for peace are terrorist,while killers decapitating children in countries like siria are worth of money weapons and any kind of military help.WHO ARE THE TERRORISTS at this point I wonder.THERE IS SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT I do not consent the use of this shit on me and my family and I ask for justice about it on human and Divine level and I want the people who used this against me and my family to take full responsability about it and pay and repay me and my family for the sufferences they inflicted on us .I do not consent the use of this weapons on me and my family or other people connected with us and I think it is time to make this kinds of actions illegal. I would suggest american people to not consent the use of their money for such deprecable purposes.This technology is responsable for suicides,for people killing other people and for many illnesses and it is time to end once and forever the use it and of any other technology which limits or oppress or endangers and control in negative way anything or anybody in creation. .May Divine justice and human justice become one and the same and win on this planet.MAY the flow of Divin bless invade anything and everything and clean transform heal all the shit ,once and for ever.
    SO victory of light of love of peace of respect of justice of Divine abundance for all beings,victory of truth of responsability and of consciousness victory of the change.and victory of the Self


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