The Energy Extraction Matrix: War of the Frequencies (Video)

7 thoughts on “The Energy Extraction Matrix: War of the Frequencies (Video)”

  1. This was an exceptional video! Yes, except for the flat earth stuff, but no one is perfect, and no one knows all the answers. I know I am still learning new stuff all the time. Just remain open to all possibilities, all is well.

  2. Why is this video in connection with “flat earth paradise” ? … Wut?!

    This is signal confusion .. I don’t think we can take this Flat Earth under PFC, as the Intel we know about from Cobra, for example, among many others, is that it is A round sphere..

  3. The Theta brainwave state is NOT where dreaming occurs as you mistakenly said: Delta is, and you completely forgot to mention that Delta (dreaming) state.

  4. Salaam, namastey dear, Thank you for this beautiful, beautiful presentation. Yes, Aham Prem. I AM Love and so we are . Lots of love .

  5. This is a very spot on summary of the situation on our planet, except for the flat Earth theory. How can someone be so intelligent to uncover the true nature of our reality and our being, and at the same time believe the Earth is flat? Must be a blind spot, maybe we all have one.
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