A website to poke around in: www.cancer.news

Maybe you know about this website:  www.cancer.news.   I found it after listening to a video by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and mover and shaker behind another information-rich website, www.naturalnews.com.    Mike has his own research lab, where he tests all kinds of substances and their effects on the human body.

This website, www.cancer.news,  is full of good stuff

If you have your suspicions about the cancer industry you might want to take a look.

A friend of mine, a few months before she died, told me, as she lay on her sofa, “I figured out that this whole chemo thing is a scam!  It costs $50,000 a month!  I’m not paying it, but my insurance is.”   Sadly, she didn’t know where else to turn but her chemo-oriented doctors.  That January afternoon was the last time I saw her.

Take a look through this website and see what you think.   There is too much good stuff to print only one article.    www.cancer.news


Here’s an excerpt from one of the articles with the title Top 8 Ways to Heal America from Cancer:

“….For the most part, if you avoid tap water (loaded with heavy metals and toxic fluoride), vaccines, prescription medications, chemo, liquor, cigarettes, GMOs, conventional gluten, artificial sweeteners, bleached food (nearly all white foods), and high fructose corn syrup, then you’ve eliminated the major causes of cancer right off the bat. You’ve also avoided destroying your good gut bacteria and you’ve cut off most of the fuel cancer cells need to survive, spread and multiply….”

Take a look.    www.cancer.news


— Megan Edwards

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