The undeclared civil war inside the ranks of the Western elite is continuing to rage, with both sides carrying out major offensives.  Ultimately, this battle is between the old aristocratic bloodlines, strongest in Europe, and the anti-bloodline Gnostic Illuminati, now prevalent inside the U.S.

The biggest battleground continues to be Washington, D.C., where the old establishment is fighting for its life and losing against the military-backed regime of President Donald Trump.

However, the situation in Europe is also heating up intensely as the Russia/China Eurasian alliance moves to consolidate control there in alliance with some old-bloodline factions, according to White Dragon Society sources in Europe.  Germany and Turkey, reviving a World War I alliance, are leading the anti-U.S. moves there.  Also, Italy’s new government has declared open warfare against the Khazarian mafia cabal in a move that will bring new turmoil to the eurozone.

We will start with a look at the situation inside the U.S.  Here, the U.S. military is supporting President Donald Trump in some ways, while fighting against him in others.  This ambiguous stance can be seen in the form of a continuing major offensive against pedophiles and other corrupt elements in the old establishment.

A Pentagon source summed up the situation as follows:  “After 8 months of defiance, liberals are reeling from their defeat in the culture war as the NFL was forced to ban kneeling when the national anthem is sung, and nearly 8 months after a New York Times exposé, Manhattan prosecutors were forced to arrest Harvey Weinstein.”

Furthermore, the impending retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is expected to give the Trump regime control over the Supreme Court, the sources say.  This will make it possible to carry out the long-awaited mass arrests without interference from cabal agents in the justice system, the sources note.  It will also make a big difference in the culture wars, as a pushback to family values and away from promoting non-reproductive sex intensifies with Christian support.

As a part of these culture wars, Harvey Weinstein’s criminal trial is putting a lot of pressure on the Hollywood elite.  Pentagon sources are saying that Weinstein “signals with the book he carries about Communist director Elia Kazan that he will rat on other predators and pedos in Hollywood.”  Kazan’s “testimony as a witness before the House Committee on Un-American Activities in 1952 at the time of the Hollywood blacklist brought him strong negative reactions from many liberal friends and colleagues.”

Various other rats have been singing like canaries for a while now in a bid to get off the sinking cabal ship.  In particular, we now know that Jeffrey Epstein, who ran a pedophile island used to compromise and blackmail elite politicians, etc., is now an FBI informant who has been squealing to U.S. special prosecutor Robert Mueller.  This is important because Mueller, despite his past tainted by 9/11 etc., is now working for the U.S. military.  Since Trump himself has been a visitor to this pedophile island, the military is getting evidence he was blackmailed into doing Israel’s bidding in places like Syria and Iran, Pentagon sources say.

The pushback against Trump’s Zionist blackmail-induced activity in the Middle East could be seen when “the House on May 23 banned Trump from declaring war on Iran without Congressional approval, and Congress on May 24 killed a measure for the U.S. to recognize Golan as part of Israel,” the sources say.  In other words, Zionist blackmail against Trump is not going to be enough to allow these fanatics the opportunity to start their long-awaited World War III.

Other Pentagon sources, meanwhile, are saying a major victory against the Zionist-controlled banks was achieved last week and that as a result, trillions of dollars fraudulently obtained after the Lehman crisis is now going to be used for a new financial system.  The source says,

“…that a gold-backed U.S. dollar looms on the horizon;  that the U.S. government is going to stop borrowing money from the banks;  that Donald Trump may have succeeded in getting back perhaps…

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  1. I am confused. I thought the event was about this planet ‘s return to source vibration, yet I have read a few things that pop out as the event being the christian rapture. Above the article says ‘stop promoting non-reproductive sex with the support of Christians “. Is the event a religion born belief? I believe that it is about our solar system getting closer to the source vibration which will help us ascend to the fifth dimension. Am I wrong?

  2. granted transitions are needed at times, do we really want to continue on with yet another money financial system? gotta say, it is suspect to me that this will truly bring about change when it leaves many of the same systems in tact that maintain polarized thinking, job working with hierarchies, and corporations running things still. Just don’t feel this being a significant enough change and leaves plenty of room for misdirection and subterfuge. these systems are part of the same constructs that caused the original problem in the first place so leaving them in place seems like another shuffling of the board game to me. But whatever comes will be. I hope that we choose to transition further away from these same mega construct systems to a more spiritually evolved direction that focuses less on large mega structures run by distant out of reach “authorities” whom demand blind faith and trust. We’ve all had about enough of this as well.

  3. People are naive about our lack of innate spiritual capacity. While it’s a noble idea to say we can all ascend into a higher consciousness if we want, it’s another thing entirely to actually do it. Many years of self-work are required by 99% of all humanity. The 1% that is near to God is not helping much by emploring their brothers and sisters to claim their birthright. Human beings have many birthrights and we need to point to them ALL, but if you are out of work and starving then it’s damn hard to think about higher consciousness. Service to others is the one thing that’s needed the most. Bashing religious institutions as the thing holding humanity back is ridiculous. All true religions recognize our creator as the one true God and most recognise charity as a high calling. That’s a good thing. For the 99% keeping a reverence for God is important. For the 1%, we must awaken the heart, serve others, & set an example for prudent behavior.

  4. For things to change we must do things different. How are we ever going to evolve spiritually when we are hiding the facts? The main fact is that we have been out of tune with ourselves emotionally and spiritually for eons. The psychology of belief has corrupted the human genome. In so doing we have lost our relationship with our selves and with life. We have made life about death and have not been truly living. Fear has sophisticated the breath of life.

    The problems facing humanity runs much deeper then than the fraudulent banking system.

    It would do the world a world of good if everyone took viable action steps on the ground to free them from the the mental prison and all that has been created from our imbalances.

    It would do the world a world of good if the inhabitants of earth would speak the truth and take right action to put an end to fraud, embezzlement, and entrapment in both banking and taxation.

    We have been robbed of our birth right as a result of religious rhetoric. Now that we know what we know why are all inhabitants of earth not taking steps to restore our standing as source energy and creator? Numerous crimes have been committed against the inhabitants of earth as a result of word magic spells. Why do people not know that the claims made by the Unholy Roman Empire has prevented the evolution of consciousness thus the evolution of the Soul.

    It would do the world a world of good to hold the men and women in government positions, in MSM, and in corporate positions accountable for their participation for the numerous crimes against mankind and against life. Our birth right as heirs, benefactors, and beneficiaries of creation has been stolen from us. It really is time to correct our standing, claim our estate, and demand compensation for damages done over eons.


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