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telepathic technique

We’re in Time of Emotional Clearing

At present, humanity seems to be going through a very intense time of emotional clearing and in the last two to three years this phenomenon has become ever more urgent, as well as increasingly disruptive to our lives.

As this process unfolds, it inevitably means that personal relationships pop up as areas of stress or conflict, and often it can be difficult to know how to best start dealing with such situations or people. Many times, those relationships can be quite toxic, or have wounded you so deeply that it feels impossible to deal with them in a face-to-face manner.

For others, it may be more a matter of sharing a delicate issue with another, which initially could be tricky to do directly. For other people, it may be that there are things left unsaid to someone who has now passed over.

There are endless examples of situations where communication needs to occur between you and another – or even a group of people – yet you feel challenged to do so in a more direct way – at least to begin with.

This is where the “Telepathic Technique” has shown an amazing power to be able to heal many personal relationship situations. In order to help resolve some of these old wounds, you might like to give this amazingly powerful, yet simple technique a try.

It will cost you naught but a few moments of your time. It can be done from the privacy of your own space, and no-one needs to know that you seem to be “talking to yourself!”   If nothing else, it can serve as a “practice run” before choosing to deal with someone face-to-face.

How To Do This Telepathic Technique

Step 1 – Find Yourself a Quiet Spot

Firstly, find yourself a quiet area where you won’t be disturbed. Take the phone off the hook, throw the cat or dog out the room; make sure the kids can’t come barging in… and then set up two chairs – one opposite the other. Sit yourself in the first chair, and then allow yourself to go into a deep, meditative or prayerful Space.

telepathic technque
Visualize the person you want to talk to.

Step 2 – Imagine The Person You Wish To Communicate With

Once you feel comfortable and Centered, imagine the person with whom you need to do some Healing work as sitting in the empty chair opposite you. Another way to facilitate this part of the process is to place a photo of the person you wish to connect with, on that empty chair opposite you. Or, you could simply write their name on a piece of cardboard, and place that on the chair; whatever works best for you.

Step 3 – Connect Yourself Energetically

telepathic technique
Connect in your mind

As soon as you have a sense that they are there – Energetically; their ‘Essence-self’ – imagine a powerful beam of Light going from your heart to theirs – if this is comfortable for you.
Also, see another beam going from your mind to their mind. If that is asking too much of you, under the circumstances, then just imagine a cocoon of Light around them. See that cocoon as a symbol of your intention to transact something fundamentally positive and Healing between the two of you.

Step 4 – Start The Communication

Then, in your mind, open your heart to them. Remember, this is all happening strictly within your own mind and your ‘imagination’. This is why it’s called a telepathic technique.

Start speaking to them silently, within your mind, or if you have the luxury of privacy and a sound-proof room, then you can speak out loud – if you prefer. But frankly, it’s probably better to do this all silently within your own mind-space. It also doesn’t really matter whether you keep your eyes open or closed – up to you.

However you start communicating, at this point in the process – if necessary – you can really let them ‘have it’, with full emotional force. Especially, if you feel this will help the Healing process from your perspective.

telepathic technique
That person you are talking to?   You’ve visualized them, while you sit by yourself.

Don’t Be Afraid To Say What You Need To Say When you do this Telepathic Technique

You may indeed have some very valid and justifiable anger towards this other person, for what they may have said or done to you. So, you can be as blunt and to the point as you wish when ‘speaking’ to them – from within your mind.

So, as you start off this process, you may initially need to un-load and vocalize – within your mind – whatever emotions you’ve been sitting on for ages; unable to express face-to-face. Tell them how you feel about what happened; what it did to you; how it wounded you in some way. Be clear, concise, honest and accurate.

The great thing about this Telepathic Technique is the reality that you don’t have to deal directly with their ego-mode self, which inevitably would only respond in a typically defensive – if not offensive – manner.

The Communication Can Be About Other Things Too

Telepathic technique

For other people wanting to do this technique, there may be no anger to their situation at all. Indeed, you may be dealing more with a lot of guilt about something you may have done or said to someone else.

Whatever the specifics of your communicate to this person ‘sitting’ in the chair opposite you, the main thing is to allow yourself – as honestly, and as clearly as possible – to say exactly what it is you want to say, but may have found impossible to do face-to-face.

Take As Much Or As Little Time As You Wish

This communication can go on for as long or short as you choose, providing you feel complete at the end of it, and have said what you needed to say.

Step 5 – Visualize A Positive Outcome

Be Clear And Concise In What You Want

Now that you’ve had a chance to truly ‘unload’ your emotions, or your thoughts to that person needing to be communicated with, next, state what it is you wish for yourself, as well as from them.

Then, using your ‘mind-power’ – or by doing ‘creative visualization’ – generate a mental vignette in which you see yourself in a state of resolution. This may be in the form of seeing you both having a cup of tea together; walking along the beach together; receiving a caring letter from them; giving each other a hug.

telepathic technique
Visualize a positive outcome!

Perhaps see yourselves talking on the phone, or Skype, and again visualize that you’re both open to each other; truly listening to each other, and starting to mend the breach that had formed in your relationship – as a friend; a sibling, a past lover or partner; a work colleague – whatever the circumstances might have been.

Perhaps you want an apology from them. It may be that you owe them an apology – in which case you can already ask them to forgive you while doing this Telepathic Technique.

For others, it may simply be that you have an important meeting or interview coming up with someone, or even a group of others, and you’d like to pre-empt that occasion by having an opportunity to express to them – clearly and concisely – what it is you wish to convey. If nothing else it will provide a wonderful, empowering opportunity to practice what it is you wish to say to them.

Or, your ‘mental vignette’, where you visualize the final outcome you’d like from your Telepathic Session, may be that you see yourself receiving a letter confirming that you were successful in that interview. Whatever it is you’ve chosen to focus this Telepathic Technique on.

Finally, it could also be that you wish to never again see, or be in contact with the person you’ve just connected to telepathically; that is O.K. too. But, what this process allows you to do is in a sense to ‘formally’ let them know exactly what you may have been wanting to tell them for a long time – albeit ‘only’ telepathically!

Don’t Under-Estimate The Power of The Telepathic Technique

telepathic technique

Nevertheless, don’t underestimate the power of such communication. I have seen so many near ‘miracles’ of Healing occur between so many people, over so many years, that it more than convinces me that such ‘mental’ communication is very real indeed, and can have marvelous results in mending a wide range of past emotional wounds, or preparing for a situation ahead.

It’s not as if the recipient of your ‘communication’ suddenly pricks up their ‘ears’ – as it were – and consciously knows you’re connecting to them telepathically. Nevertheless, several decades of using this technique with many people convinces me that such communications are definitely received – albeit unconsciously.

By the same token, this appears to be enough to initiate a change in often long-standing circumstances, from which deeply Healing results have so often be attained.

You Have Nothing To Lose By Using This Telepathic Technique

Frankly, there is nothing to lose when trying this technique, other than a lot of hurt that may have been haunting you for a long period of time. Keep in mind too, that retaining such wounded emotions locked up in your body is a sure-fire way of generating all sorts of ‘dis-ease’ in one’s body, or dysfunction in your life. Our minds – through our thoughts and their subsequent emotions – absolutely do have an effect on our daily life situations.

When it comes to acknowledging this basic fact of reality, Newtonian based science hasn’t quite got there yet, although ample research in the much more advanced field of Quantum Physics is vindicating a demonstrable link between our thoughts and emotions, and how that impacts on which hormones and other chemical messengers we send out into our body.(1,2,3,4)

The More Focused The Process, The More Powerful The Results

Keep in mind that doing this type of communication – as specifically described above – is far more focused, and hence far more powerful, than you simply ‘talking’ to someone in your mind while you’re doing the dishes – or one of a myriad of other routine things. Any ‘communication’ under such latter circumstances will be diffuse, unfocused and hence also of less value in achieving your end goal.

Step 6 – How To End A Telepathic Session

To end such a Telepathic session, it’s most important to disconnect Energetically in the correct manner. You might first like to offer them forgiveness, or ask for forgiveness – if you are ready for this step, or if this is appropriate to what your need to communicate was all about.

Next, create a powerful cocoon of Energy, which you place around them, as a symbol of your Love or Compassion – or simply well-meaning towards them. Then see those ‘beams of Light’ you connected to their mind and heart simply dissolve. No need to cut them or break them, or anything quite so aggressive. Once you’ve done these steps, get up, and do whatever is next on your list of things to do that day.

How Often Do I Do This Process?

You can do this Telepathic Technique as often as you wish. If the issue you’re trying to Heal has been a deep-seated one, extending back over long periods of time, then you may need to repeat this communication once daily for a while.
Ironically, often it is the other person who may end up contacting you… and don’t be surprised if they say something along the lines of: ‘you’ve been on my mind so much lately… I felt I needed to contact you.’ The number of times people have reported back this sort of scenario is simple beyond coincidence. Much more would appear to be at work here!

Well, now it is up to you. Yes, on one level it may appear like some sort of ‘hocus-pocus’. But, if you’re entangled in a rather deep and painful emotional situation, which you’d truly like to resolve, then this Telepathic Technique may be just the thing you’ve been looking for to start off a profoundly Healing process between you and the other person concerned.

Peter De Ruyter is a consultant and author of a number of books, including  Coping With Candida;   Living with HIV/AIDS–A practical guide to staying well;    Lifenotes – A user’s guide to making sense of life on planet earth;  Sluggish Thyroid Syndrome – Why tests keep coming back ‘normal’, yet you continue feeling unwell;  Antibiotic Resistance–Calamity or Opportunity, Exploring Alternate Paradigms and Options.    Other of Mr. De Ruyter’s ebooks are available on Amazon. Peter De Ruyter is retired and lives in Sydney, Australia.


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