Understanding the Pink Light

It may be worth to be taken in consideration, and are we also entitled to consider, that in order to visualize properly the Pink Light, we have to understand it at least in 3rd density terms.

We are also entitled to consider that the 3rd dimensional visible veritable Pink Light is to a great extent the 3rd density counterpart of the metaphysical Pink Light which carries the energy we consider to anchor on the earth…

So, a proper understanding of it in the earthling physical terms, concerning its visible spectrum, will help us at an unconscious level to visualize what it in fact should be.

Think at first that the power of light frequency emission (relative to human perception) is proportional to 1/f (frequency). The more the light emission to the red, the less that is to the violet…

For the average person might seem very interesting the definition of ‘pink sound’, definition rooted on the analogy of what is from a spectral point of view the visible pink light.


“Pink noise or ​1⁄f noise is a signal or process with a frequency spectrum such that the power spectral density (energy or power per frequency interval) is inversely proportional to the frequency of the signal. In pink noise, each octave (halving/doubling in frequency) carries an equal amount of noise energy. The name arises from the pink appearance of visible light with this power spectrum.[1] This is in contrast with white noise which has equal intensity per frequency interval.”
=> source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pink_noise


An example of ‘blue sound’ and ‘blue light’:…

“Cherenkov radiation is a naturally occurring example of almost perfect blue noise, with the power density growing linearly with frequency over spectrum regions where the permeability of index of refraction of the medium are approximately constant.”

“Cherenkov radiation also appears as a bright blue color, for these reasons.”

“Blue noise is also called azure noise. Blue noise’s power density increases 3 dB per octave with increasing frequency (density proportional to f ) over a finite frequency range”.

An educated speculation,… or, let say it even ‘assumption’ might lead us to the idea by which these colours which we speak about are some kind more alike to the ‘colors of sound’ in higher dimensions, at least in the way in which might be comparable with 3rd dimensional physics, to be understandable.

i.e. the pink light we visualize might be a result of a ‘1/f’ of a certain ‘higher dimensional band’ of ‘frequency’,… expressed at least in earthling understandable terms…

More detailed, the soft pink healing energy might be considered a kind of ‘1/f’ (in 3rd dimensional understandable terms) of a certain ‘band’ of higher dimensional energy.

at least this may be our ‘educated guess’ from a particular point of view to a general one. (from 3rd dimensional to higher dimensional).

the same might be with the violet and others…

Violet light, and ‘Violet Flame’…

How much ‘violet’,… and how much as a flame…

What is it?… a narrow band of hardly visible light of the end of the visible spectrum,… or a more brighter and wider spectrum of light?…


Violet noise[edit]

“Violet spectrum (+6 dB/octave)
Violet noise is also called purple noise.
Violet noise’s power density increases 6 dB per octave with increasing frequency[9][10] (density proportional to f2) over a finite frequency range.”

In terms of light, yes, density proportional to f2 (square of f), but it also depends ‘how much’ over a finite frequency range?…

What we can say, is that it should be as much as not to reach the end of spectrum (at red bands) with its lowest value, but however as near towards the ‘red’ band… so that to have a reliable lumen output for the light source…


The Pink Egg Light.
Something that we have to bring in a more visible form…

There is the intent to create a veritable pink light egg shaped light source with the scope to bring into the 3rd dimensional world the metaphysical pink egg full of energy of Love, as it’s 3rd density visible counter part.



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  1. when we use the coloured light tosend to the planet we use white light very softly coloured,not coloured one.This brings better healing effect.


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