In America and world society, the issue of mass immigration from multiple countries is a common topic of political discussion. This subject is particularly popular when election time rolls around. It has been a central and age-old point of contention between political parties, yet to this day, this topic is no more resolved than any other subject in politics.

One would think that given the amount of time the debate has gone on, the combined information, education, and effort of the numerous people who have participated in this debate would have—by this point—worked to solve the situation at hand. Yet the collective political establishment has failed to even come close. Why?

Perhaps the debate does not yet have a solution, or perhaps it does, and yet this solution was not preferable for corporate and political interests up to this point. Usually, issues such as this do not reach resolution because continued conflict—whether political, military, social, or otherwise—is typically profitable for major broadcasting companies. Then again, it may be that this subject remains unsolved because the entire situation is not being considered.

The issue of human trafficking is listed as being one of the largest businesses on the planet and yields millions of dollars in annual profit from gross human rights violations—namely the exploitation of all of those who are most vulnerable to predators.

This continued atrocity of exploitation is just one of the many crimes which have been enabled by a number of questionable governmental policies of the past. Generally speaking, these policies are formed from all but complete ignorance of those who enter and exit a country and the typical hazards which such lack of oversight can be for would-be victims of trafficking.

We may have a mental picture of the seedy types of individuals who profit off of the exploitation of helpless people. Yet many of us may not be aware of the fact that many of these deplorable acts are also committed by not-for-profit organizations, official child protective service programs, and supposedly philanthropic organizations on an international scale. We will discuss these matters and more after an extensive discussion on these issues from the website, Gateway to Pundit.

According to this article, seven non-governmental organization which claim advocacy for human rights are actually alleged to be among the greatest violators of human rights.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

Published: July 5, 2018

By: Cassandra Fairbanks

German Opposition Party Files Charges Against Seven NGOs for Human Trafficking — Including Doctors Without Borders

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) has filed criminal charges against seven German NGO’s for human trafficking — including Doctors Without Borders.

The Gateway Pundit has exclusively obtained copies of the charges.

The groups being charged are Against SOS Mediterranee, Sea-Watch, Doctors without Borders Germany, Save The Children Germany, Jugend Rettet (all Berlin), Mission Lifeline (Dresden) and Sea-Eye (Regensburg).

The controversial NGOs have come under scrutiny lately for their efforts picking up illegal immigrants off the coast of Libya under the pretense they are “being rescued from drowning” and bringing them to Europe.

The Italian government recently announced that they are closing their ports to these “humanitarian” ships in an effort to stop the illegal migration. Malta has since impounded multiple Sea-Watch vessels that are sponsored by the Lutheran Church in Germany using taxpayer funds.

The captain of a ship run by Dresden-based Mission Lifeline, Claus-Peter Reisch, has also been arrested in Malta and charged with sailing under false flag. He has since been released on bail, but must remain on Malta until trial.

The charges being filed by AfD are based on a German law against human trafficking (Aufenthaltsgesetz §96) which deems it a crime to “aid or assist in illegal immigration repeatedly or on behalf of several foreigners, or for profit”. They are supported by all 92 members of parliament of the AfD, and was conceived by Petr Bystron, a former Czech refugee who is now AfD spokesman on the Foreign Committee of the German Bundestag.

Bystron is the Speaker of the Alternative for Germany party (AfD) on the Foreign Policy Committee of the German Bundestag. He went to Germany in 1988 as a political refugee and joined the AfD in 2013. He was chair of the AfD for the State of Bavaria 2015-2018. He is currently one of the top ten most popular German politicians on social media.

According to the AfD, the NGOs use their people-trafficking activity to acquire donations totalling millions of Euros. SOS Mediterranée has an annual budget of around €4 million, Sea-Watch €1.7 million, Sea-Eye €500.000 and Mission Lifeline (which just began raising money in Fall of 2017) €250.000.

“Malta did the only sensible thing,” Bystron told Gateway Pundit. “The German captain of Mission Lifeline Claus-Peter Reisch will be tried in Malta, his vessel was impounded. These long overdue steps send a clear signal to all the illegal people-smugglers active in the Mediterranean, and to the world: These NGOs are human traffickers and radical leftist No Borders activists, not humanitarian life-savers. They need to be punished, not supported.”Many of these NGOs come from Germany – the same country which plunged Europe into the migrant crisis thanks to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s throwing open the borders and providing generous welfare, health care and housing in Germany to anyone claiming to be a refugee. The NGOs have long enjoyed the support of legitimate political parties and the media, who often obtain their news coverage directly from the NGO press departments.

“It is time to finally call a spade a spade and a crime a crime. Many other European countries have understood this, and closed their borders to mass illegal immigration. 80% of Italians now support Matteo Salvini’s course, and the mood among the citizens in Germany has begun to change as well. It is only the media and politicians who continue to tubthump for illegal mass migration against all reason and the interests of their own people”, said Bystron.

Charges were filed against the heads of Mission Lifeline e.V. Klaus-Peter Reisch, Axel Steier, Sascha Pietsch and Hermine Poschmann. Also against Prof. Dr. Tilman Mischkowsky of Sea-Eye e.V., Jakob Berndt of SOS Mediterranee Deutschland e.V., Harald Höppner of Sea-Watch e.V., Florian Westphal of Doctors without Borders Germany, Susanna Krüger of Save The Children Germany e.V. and Julian Pahlke of Jugend rettet e.V..

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The Business of Human Trafficking

This issue of human trafficking has been a major topic of discussion among law-enforcement for a number of years, both nationally and internationally. This detestable business is actually the third largest criminal enterprise in the world. Even still, the subject is commonly ignored as unimportant and irrelevant by the MSM and within the arena of political debate. It is as though some politicians and news companies do not care about this despicable business of modern-day slavery. Yet its reality is clear.

A report funded by the Department of Justice was commissioned in the year 2000 to 2004 for the purpose of calculating the number of victims trafficked into the U.S. on an annual basis. This report was called Estimating Human Trafficking into the United States: Development of a Methodology and was published in 2006.

Among the many details this report offered were eight countries from which large numbers of trafficked victims were smuggled into the United States. These countries were Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, and Venezuela. The routes these traffickers typically took were (and in many cases, still are) concentrated on the Southwestern border between the U.S. and Mexico.

The total number of trafficked victims that came through the border was upwards of 45,000 to 50,000 annually, though these numbers fluctuated over time. According to the ASPE and the Department of Health and Human Services, the means of estimating human trafficking rates are not as accurate as they could be at that point in time (circa 2000 through 2009).

In all of this, we may find it particularly strange to see that the issue of human trafficking has received so little attention since the 2009 report until today.

It is possible that there is more data available about trafficking statistics. However, if the apparent scarcity of this information is true to reality, we might consider the possibility that past governments and organizations refused to oppose these heinously criminal activities, and therefore did not bother to keep tabs on them.

If everyone involved in government were benevolent in their intentions, this ignorance would not make much sense, seeing that human trafficking represents the third largest business in the world. For what reason could the majority of government interests (as well as the majority of the MSM) have for ignoring such a massive problem of organized crime?

According to multiple sources, many government officials are actually invested in this type of trafficking and seek to profit off of multiple ventures of such profitable criminal activities. In the past, there appears to have been a token effort to stop this trafficking across U.S. borders. However, we might imagine that if these government interests intended to truly solve these problems, they would employ more direct efforts in doing so. They may have also kept better records of their efforts beyond the year 2009.

Now we have this new detail of NGOs and not-for-profit organizations being alleged perpetrators of these crimes on an international scale. These organizations are supposedly known for their benevolent focus and good will toward humanity. However, according to multiple sources, including the group Alternative for Germany, many of these organizations merely act as a front for the support of the third most lucrative criminal activity on the planet.

As serious as it may be, human trafficking is not the only issue which plagues world society in such a severe way. There is another issue which is equally as devastating and yet, has been just as easily ignored. This is the rampant issue of international drug trafficking. According to research, this is an issue that is just as prevalent within the United States as it is on an international scale, and even more so. In fact, in most cases, the U.S. is the largest importer and consumer of illegal drugs in the world.


During the year 2012, an estimated $400 billion was made from illegal drug trafficking on the international level. Within the U.S., the profits made through the sale of illegal drugs is currently estimated between $200 and $750 billion, and up to this point, there has been little to stop it. Naturally, it is difficult to stop criminal activity from traveling across borders without creating complications for more benign people who desire to enter a country. This is the unfortunate reality of the situation the U.S. as well as many other countries are facing.

No Excuse for Ignorance

Naturally, if it were not for the presence of the law-breakers, there would be no need for immigration restrictions. However, criminality appears to be a fact of life at present. Consequently, it is important to recognize and the deal with the fact as justly and fairly as possible.

At this point, as much time as the public has had to become aware of these rampant issues of human and drug trafficking, the fact should be common knowledge. However, the corporate media has apparently refused to fully inform the public. This seems to be a significant reason as to why the hysteria surrounding issues of immigration has been so common within Western society.

It also stands to reason that if criminal interests are professionals in their trade, they will be exceptionally good at evading law enforcement. Most criminals will learn to lie and successfully deceive even trained officers. This is why every individual who demonstrates the willingness to break laws must be screened so as to prevent further and more excessive criminal behavior.

The reality is that these examples of organized crimes do occur on an international scale. Therefore, it only stands to reason that borders must be carefully watched in order to prevent these crimes from crossing national lines. This may be the quickest way to free the unfortunate victims of trafficking.

The fact stands that security only exists for the lawless—those who are deceptive, dishonest, and who disregard human rights as important. In a situation of functional security, questionable individuals are detained and examined, while those who obey practical rules are allowed to pass. Before these decisions can be made, however, the true nature and intent of each individual must be determined.

As things stand, it does not appear possible to deliberately leave borders unguarded against these threats without either being completely ignorant of world events or without, in some way, being involved in these aspects of organized crime. (Although, being a willing enabler of these crimes is a possibility as well.)

Continued Ignorance vs. Solving the Problem

In general, in order to successfully bring human and drug trafficking to an end, it is important to set a standard of respect for the laws of a state/province/country so that those who inadvertently violate these standards have every opportunity to avoid such violations. This makes life easier on would-be immigrants, as well as the serviceman (and women) tasked with keeping borders secure and safe for all those who respect the laws.

As we might imagine, it is not possible to prevent the problems of drug and human trafficking without having effective security checks at border crossings. It is also even more difficult to maintain safety and civility within a nation if the very organizations tasked with supposed humanitarian action are major violators of human rights.

Let’s consider the true reality of the present state of the U.S. with regard to human trafficking.If anyone in an official seat had the intent to bring human trafficking to an end, they would need to ensure that the major routes which traffickers take are highly guarded against these criminals. If the situation improved over time, the laws might become less stringent in order to ease the difficulties of all those affected. However, initially, any solution to a problem as serious as human slavery can appear more stringent, given the severity of the state of the world.In order to stop the problem of trafficking, it is necessary to cut off the routes which these traffickers take. It is not very possible to simply ask these traffickers to stop doing what they’re doing. Those who smuggle drugs avoid border crossings simply because they do not want to be searched. Those who traffic children and slaves will typically pretend to be parents and family members, as these criminals would obviously not want to be caught. Consequently, they do everything they can to deceive authorities and continue with their “deliveries.” (This applies to the situation of every country facing these issues.)

With all that we’ve observed thus far, we might be curious to know why these facts and principles have not been discussed in corporate media here in the U.S. If human and drug trafficking are so significant on all fronts of the United States, then why does the corporate media so often manage to ignore this significance when discussing the topic of immigration. There appears to be a clear answer.

Falsehoods of the MSM

Naturally, anyone who is educated about these issues and desires to change the status of the U.S. from being the world’s largest importer of illegal drugs and human slaves will understand the importance of effective law enforcement. Further, any respectable media company that has taken the time to inform themselves about these multi-decade-old issues will take care to present the situation in a thorough and balanced way. However, this is not what the mainstream media has done in recent months.

If we have been observant, we may have noticed a common tactic of propaganda being used in MSM news reports lately. This tactic is known as false dilemma, and has been applied in numerous ways as the MSM delivers propagandized messages regarding the issue of human trafficking and immigration.

False dilemma is a tactic which presents two different positions of an argument and fictitiously proposes that these two choices are the only two perspectives that exist. In reality, there are countless perspectives to choose from as we contemplate any subject. Yet this propagandistic tactic ignores (and even attempts to circumvent) the ability of audience members to think for themselves and form their own conclusions.

In the case of the MSM’s discussion on immigration, the false dilemma has been, “Either you accept unlimited numbers of illegal immigrants into your country without exception, or you are racist and don’t care about human life.” Of course, we can see the falsehood within this statement, as we are now more aware of the complications of the situation.

We now know about the rampant issue of child and human trafficking and how crime syndicates and (allegedly) crooked corporations use this mass migration as cover for this trafficking. So then why does the MSM continually throw this false dilemma at the public instead of telling the whole story? Why do so many media companies choose sensationalist fluff over balanced and thorough reporting?

It is true that the U.S. is only one country in the world. However, up until this point, the United States has been number one on the list for illegal drug importers and one of the most faithful consumers of human slaves. Consequently, when we discuss the need to end these issues in the world, the U.S. in particular is obligated to clean up its act.

Security and Humanity Go Hand and Hand

In simple terms, the concept of a country is much like that of a household. Though there are a number of differences between a house and a country, in general, the concepts are similar.

There are a number of rules for members of the household as well as similar rules  for guests. The benefits of being a household member or a friend of the household may be many. However, the responsibilities and expectations of the house apply more so to members than they do to new-comers. Even still, in order to maintain civility, there are certain rules which must be obeyed by all.

Naturally, any house will have a door, and on that door there will be a lock. Around the walls of that house, there is likely an outer boundary, and depending upon zoning rules, there may even be a fence. Each of these exists in order to maintain the property of the household and to ensure that the house is not encroached upon by ill-willed intruders. If a violation of property is committed, the owners of the home have the right to ask the violator to leave the premises. In such a situation, there are laws which are designed to help guard the rights of the occupants as well as the violator (even after they commit a violation).
Granted everyone obeys the laws and respects the rights of those around them, the situation will typically go smoothly. However, this is assuming that the laws are written with a balance in the rights between those who violate and those in charge of the house. If we were to transfer this situation into one of immigration, there would be a number of differences, but the general ideas would remain the same.

Now, in the above situation, if we were to introduce actual laws which enable intruders to violate the civility of a country by attempting to smuggle human slaves and dangerous, society-destroying chemicals into that country, we might clearly see the problem with such laws. According to multiple sources, this has been the exact situation in the United States and multiple countries in the world for a number of decades, and it is only now that something is being done to end the trafficking.

Again, it is unfortunate that those who may desire to respect the laws of a nation are made to undergo a stringent process of checks and balances. However, it may be even worse for those who are forced to live in slavery with no hope of being rescued without proper security checks in place.

Free from Boundaries

We can all look forward to living in a world in which borders are a thing of the past. However, in order to achieve such a world situation, each of us must work to inform ourselves and to do our part to ensure the very reasons for the existence of borders no longer exist.

These reasons are the fact that human and drug traffickers exist in multitude—some being corporations and NGOs while others are smaller street gangs who use these foul businesses as a means of income. Whatever the case may be, it is imperative that we give freedom and relief to those who have fallen victim to these crimes against humanity.

The U.S. among many countries has a history of ignoring the reality of human trafficking. This includes government officials, the MSM, and the citizenry of the U.S. Unfortunately, many people have found it more convenient to ignore these victims and only to focus on the supposed issues which the MSM tells them to. However, as we have observed, there is far more to take responsibility for.

When we do this and relearn how to take care of all of those in need (and not simply those the corporate media focuses upon) we may find the issues of immigration, of economy, and all of the other points of contention within society appearing to magically solve themselves.

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  1. Universal basic income in all countries of the world would solve the situation and yes, of course, stopping financing local wars and schools of hatred.So that anybody could live and feel safe in its own country and travel in FULL RESPECT of other people if they feel like and not for need,Quite the opposite of what Sorrows (sosos or soros) has created,together with american funding of violent groups around the world,recycle should be the key at this point.We have to regenerate the planet recreate ALL habitats and military people and states should recycle themselves in useful beings versus destroyers .We all need to live but we cannot afford anymore the creation of wars and destruction to give even more power and money to war creators and rich elites.We humans cannot nor the planet can afford more destruction as well.This immigration game is a trick to steal richness in africa , from corporations while the inhabitants kill each other in futile wars or go away, it is also a weapon to create confusion and sufference in europe and hate among people.We can create abundance for all the planet giving everybody acces to basic needs and then everybody can start cocreate paradise on earth.We need farmers inventors artists. people who use energy to create useful things and a joyful reality and everybody has the responsability to bring the necessary effort for cocreate this New Earth. So many ideas and solutions are coming out so it is just all about focus,come together and start.Run away is not a solution never was and never will be .Everybody can make its part to change this planet for the better …about immigration in europe… .when you go abroad and you depend on other people to survive expecially on organizations and some are of corrupted people. you are in a weaker position and you become a servant.As the men who had to let a priest sexually abuse them as recently discovered ,or prostitution for women or drugs selling or many other things like that which are not fair and take away human dignity .We can do better and abandon definetly middle age but we need a common effort.All of us.It is the difference between paradise or hell ,it is worth the effort.Let’s start.


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