The secret motive of the LGBT crowd has been exposed, and it’s worse than anyone ever imagined.

Some liberals claim all the LGBT crowd wants is “acceptance” and to be left alone, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Parents everywhere should read this with caution, and take note of what LGBT activists want to do to your child.

LGBT activists are determined to have the world adapt their agenda.

Even worse, they’ve finally admitted publicly who their true target has been all along – young children.

Believe it or not, LGBT activists actually hold massive conferences, training their supporters how to target children.

During one particular conference set to “train” parents on how to discuss gender with their child, one out of control leftist who authored the book  The Gender Creative Child went on to explain to parents how children as young as two-years-old, can “determine” their gender.

Yes, this woman actually believes in “pre-verbal” cues that can “alert” parents their child’s biological sex doesn’t matter.

LifeSite News reported:

“I have a colleague who is transgender, and there is a video of him as a toddler—so he was assigned female at birth—there is a video of him as a toddler tearing barrettes out of then-her hair and throwing them on the ground and sobbing.

That’s a gender message! And when it happens not just once or twice or three times, that’s a gender message. Sometimes kids between the age of one and two with beginning language will say “I boy!” when you say girl. Those two words: “I boy.” That’s not a pre-verbal, but an early verbal message.”

This woman is so deranged, she actually thinks a little 2-year-old girl ripping barrettes out of her hair, is doing so because she thinks she is really a boy.

And even worse, this woman expects parents to actually teach and adapt this type of nonsense!

But this isn’t the first time raging LGBT activists have targeted children.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, Planned Parenthood released information on how to talk to 3-year old children about being “transgender.”

And then there is the little 5-year- old boy  who is still traumatized after being forced to sit through a transition ceremony in his classroom.

The attack on our children must end.

To be crystal clear, the LGBT community will not stop, until it brainwashes young children into bowing down to their way of life.

They’ve infiltrated schools. Churches. Businesses.

There really isn’t a place left that hasn’t been touched or destroyed by LGBT activists.

So moms, be on guard. Take caution.

Insist you know the curriculum your children are being taught at school.

Pay attention to the media shows and movies they entertain.

Know who their friends are, and how they spend their free time.

One glimmer of hope remains – LGBT activists have underestimated the power of conservative moms united together.

If we can continue to expose the true secret motive behind their sick and twisted agenda, perhaps more children can be spared from having to undergo the unthinkable.

What are your thoughts on LGBT activists targeting children as young as 2-years-old?

Do you think a young child has the ability to give off “non-verbal” clues regarding their “true gender?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.



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  1. What a twisted article. How does this crap get on PFC? What sort of frequency is PFC supporting, high or low?

    My awakening hit me in 2012 and I knew I was gay and came out by 2007 when I was 16. Waking up has made me value my sexuality even stronger.

    “LGBT activists”? I am not an activist. I am a HUMAN, period. Dehumanizing a group with labels is the first sign that proves the myopic arrogance of an author. Considering them as humans is more than they can handle.

    Moreover, I remember having sex/puberty education in 5th grade, around age 13 or 14. I don’t remember anything about gay sex! My sexuality and my humanity — the basic truth of myself — were completely disregarded by the school system. Same thing with health classes in later grades. Little things like this have lifelong impacts. That is why “activists” have induced changes.

    Parents don’t get to decide the sexuality of their children — “conservative mothers” don’t have any power to make them straight when they ARE gay (or god forbid, genuinely transgender) nor do LGBT people have the power to make straight kids anything but. So it is necessary to teach complete sex education, because children will learn who they are by osmosis. They are not being changed by coercion. If those linked articles about the kids’ confusion etc are even true, the education was done wrong. Make it better, because it’s not going anywhere.

    Do you know how confusing and awkward it was in 5th grade and later health classes to learn about sex that was, at best, half accurate to me? If ensuring children are informed about who they are by the system designed to educate them (which fails in plenty of ways I know, but little steps), then I guess that makes me an “activist.” A human advocating teaching another aspect of humanity.

    “One glimmer of hope remains – LGBT activists have underestimated the power of conservative moms united together.“

    This isn’t a glimmer of hope, it’s a glimmer of bullshit. These women will never have any sway with me nor come anywhere near the family I will build. They will have no influence on my children because I will teach them all about adults that try to enslave their children based on their views.

    I don’t care what the sexuality of my children will be — but I’ll make sure they understand it. More than these cheap-witted “mothers” will ever do for their children.

    Edward Morgan, shame on you. You are not fit to represent PFC and the frequency of its cause. Shame on you for propagating content that is not only myopic, but discriminatory against being lightworkers. Because conservative mothers definitely aren’t leading ascension with their energy or their attacks.

  2. Thank you PFC for having the courage to speak on this issue, because it can get ugly for those who do. We’re saying that we shouldn’t try to convince infants and toddlers that they’re the other gender, and that somehow makes us Hitler who wants to send all transgender people to the gas chambers. We’re saying there’s an extremist problem and they proved our point. We don’t want young children to have ghastly surgeries or take drugs that destroy the body, that means we think transgender people have no right to exist. The intellectual dishonesty is staggering. They’re just name calling, saying we’re “hateful”. It’s an empty attempt to put us on the defensive when they’ve never even made a point. Scroll through the comments, there’s only one type of opinion that’s containing hate and it’s not me or PFC. Saying we want to oppress or exterminate an entire group of people is about as hateful as it gets. Just because we don’t want to try to convince infants they’re the other gender, how am I wrong? How are we even having this conversation?

  3. A kid who dislikes having stuff forced into their hair is displaying a desire to choose NOT to be forced to have an adult ‘make’ them do things.

    WTF, are kids your personal slave? Are kids now ‘required’ to conform to some adults world view? Hogwash. As a child I recall adults imposing their stupidity on kids. The LGBT thing is a personal thing to best accepted by adults, not a thing to be ‘interpreted’ then forced onto kids.

    There may be an element of truth to this article: the Satan worshiping, child abusing, human sacrificing crowd may be doing ‘damage control’ as of late, I have been noticing LGBT ‘safe zone’ stickers placed in public areas. esp in areas where kids are…

    Seems a local “judge” and buddies are spearheading this program.
    Interesting how judges wear black cloaks…
    Interesting how 60% (in my country) of cops are abusive to their spouse…

  4. Just by the very fact that they want to start the indoctrination period pre-verbal shows how intensely these out of touch LGBTQ etc people are.
    Let kids be kids.. let them discover sex for themselves in what ever form that takes…but to start indoctrinating them to a way of life that constitutes less than 0.03% of the population (I’m talking Transgender not Gay men, Lesians etc), that’s best left for a professional to help with when the time comes. I’m a man but I started at a very early age playing with Dolls. In fact I loved them! BUT those toys had no influence over me becoming anything! I knew I liked girls from about the age of 5yo because I wanted to be around them all the time. No one say me down and explained to me that I was probably Trans…and as if that would have made a difference! I became

  5. Children as young as two can determine their gender. I identified as a boy at two years old and twenty four years later still identify as male, regardless of my biological sex. These activists are 100% correct. If people like you were listened to these people I would have been saved a lot of unnecessary suffering as a child. But let’s continue to pretend transgender children don’t exist, shall we?

  6. For sure in homosexual -lesbian world there are many nice people as bad ones.As in any group.As they want to be respected they should start respecting themselves and accept themselves enough to love their being different and like it as it is. So they would not feel they have to try to oblige the world to be like them to normalise their choices.We are all different and if we love ourself enough we do not need to impose ourself to others,nor let other decide who or how we should be.I think it would be much more Healthy to teach male children to cry and express their feelings as female children usually are let doing,or teach females to have self esteem and be like they want. What I mean is breack the stereotypal behaviour taught acceptable for a male or female.This would really crumble the wall among men and women and let anybody be like they want.I do not like the fact toys for males are all about violence and war and toys for females all abour pinky superficiality and i do not like children to be bullied because they like other “gender”kind of activity.This has not to do with sex but with basic freedom in personal feelings and choices.I think also sexual gender identity starts later so when children are little they should be simply let in peace of being as they are and just be educated to respect others no matter how they are and want to be.As always the key is respect.What I do not like instead is the raimbow symbol which is a traditional symbol for universality and spiritual connection to be used as symbol for this movement because this movement does not represent universality as not everybody on earth shares their choices and moreover it is the symbol of the raimbow warriors and raimbow movement so it was stealed to other people.Anyway the raimbow tribe of warriors as described in the old hopi prophecy is fighting its fight to save the planet from total destruction.And this yes it is a very important thing.American Indian people had a nice way to integrate homosexuals letting them being as they liked but for this century they talk of another problem to focus on and another raimbow as solution,a much greater problem to solve. the one of our mother Earth polluted and destroyed by selfishness and disregard.And the raimbow of the people of all colours recreating and saving natural environment.This is a very important thing to focus on…..

  7. Very well written article. Children are not ready for talks about gender fluidity until they are a little more mature around puberty age. Pushing this agenda on children and parents robs them of their god-given right to choose for themself and begins the slippery slope of creating trauma they may never recover from. Study how people in other countries raise their children. They allow them free expression but don’t press ANYTHING on them until they are older and their brain is more strongly wired to handle it.

  8. I believe there is one aspect of the whole that is not being talked about. I do believe there should be an “age of consent” where sexuality becomes a choice and not forced on the young developing minds by someone else’s beliefs.

    Here is an article that really emphasizes the need to let the natural creative forces surface within the body of the Being inhabited in their respective bodies. By forcing a Being in a new body to be what a dysfunctional belief systems prescribes the natural creative powers within every Being are not allowed to develop, naturally, to find who they really are and what they have come to Be.

    Please read this complete article and share it with those in any community, LGBT or otherwise in hopes that they will awaken to the FACT that they do not have the right to tell any Being who they are, only to be a guide in the many experiences available to all who come to this planet.

    Matthew’s Message via Suzanne Ward — August 18, 2018

  9. Not sure what age the human mind completely understands sexuality. Be my guess not till there 20 something. This is not funny I find it to be totally appalling about children and what there exposed to. There should be an age set to engage in any sexual moral conduct. This is just part of it.

  10. I’m quite frankly, a little surprised by the sheer amount of hate and fears bleeding through this article.
    The writer has shown their true colors and the obvious slant doesn’t allow any room for acceptance of something they clearly don’t understand.
    Uniting isn’t about shunning what you don’t understand.
    Educating yourself better with case studies may be more helpful for developing compassion, understanding, tolerance and YES, eventually acceptance!!
    Hatred and fear are obvious in the timeline we live on now. And they won’t be accepted.

  11. Be mindful about your headlines. “LGBT Activists” This is a mighty big group and not ALL think this way. This headline should be on the cover of The National Enquirer. It is sensational and may
    be based in facts about a group within a group but does not represent the whole.

  12. ok, so, as a dedicated lightworker who also happens to be a young gay man, the amount of crap in the article is astounding. I have seen a few articles about the lgbt posted on this website that are fueled by hatred, dis info and worst of all organised religon (hypocrisy at its finest)
    first things first, i completely agree that there is a cabal/chimera adgenda using the lgbt to suppress certain energies, lord knows ive certainly seen it amongst my community.
    however as has been stated many times by many truth tellers and contactee’s the incarnation process is completely controlled by said archons/chimera so it is completely plausible that a soul has been put into a body that was not of there choosing. I do agree that they should wait until they are able to completely comprehend there choices before undergoing such drastic measures.
    the galatic codex also states that every soul as the right to exist and express themselves however there i am presence pleases, provided its not causing anyone else damage etc. so just because you dont understand another person does not give you the right to condemn and persecute another individual/s no matter how different your views and beliefs are.
    I also have never met a person with an agenda like the author of this article is suggesting. though im sure at higher levels there will be something of its nature.
    what i have seen and deal with far to frequently is young lgbt people who have been have been horribly abused and thrown out by people with the beliefs similar to the authors.unfortunately they usually stay homless and are forced into prostitution and drugs merely to stay alive. please use your higher intuition instead of judging and persecuting. we are all one and i find to many forget this important truth.

    • as a lesbian I completely agree that this article has no business promoting hatred of an entire population. Leaves who’s in charge here suspect about the agenda they purport to promote. thanks for speaking up.


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