Cathy O’Brien – Speech in California on MKULTRA (2001)

MKULTRA victims speak out against the CIA mind control programs that have been destroying lives for many, many lives. These brave people, with the assistance of long time satanic abuse investigator, and former FBI agent, ted Gunderson, came forth to expose the truth of MKULTRA sadistic and evil nature.

2 thoughts on “Cathy O’Brien – Speech in California on MKULTRA (2001)”

  1. Su Testimonio es de vital importancia, para dejar en evidencia a éstos programas Satánicos y terribles que involucra a la CIA y agencias del Gobierno Oscuro, Donde quiera que esté ésta valiente chica, que padeció desde bebé; sólo le deseo felicidad y que esté bien.

  2. I have seen her many times, she really is a very strong woman, suffering so much and surviving thanks to her partner. He recently died and I trust he now is in a better place to help more.

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