By B.N. Frank

The FDA has announced that some flea and tick medications can cause adverse reactions in dogs and cats, issuing warnings to pet owners and vets. Meanwhile, the CDC has announced that people are getting sick from pets and the antibiotics are failing to work.

Over the years antibiotic resistance has continued to rise to dangerous levels and has become somewhat of a growing public health crisis. According to the CDC, at least 2 million Americansbecome infected with germs resistant to antibiotics each year, and more than 23,000 suffer fatal consequences.

Earlier this year in April the CDC warned there were 221 instances of unusual resistance to “nightmare bacteria” — carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) and other dangerous germs in 27 different states.

There have been two very sad stories reported recently about a woman losing her life and a man having his hands and legs amputated due to infections caused by dog saliva.

Research has already proven that exposure to all sources of cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation can make bacteria exposed to it antibiotic resistant.

Unfortunately ALL flu-like symptoms and conditions can also be caused or worsened by exposure to cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation, “Dirty Electricity” and other sources of electrical pollution (Electrosmog).  In the 1950s, doctors and scientists referred to illness from exposure as “Microwave Sickness.”

It’s now more commonly referred to as ElectroSensitivity (ES) or ElectroHypersensitivity (EHS).  Misdiagnosis is common without diagnostic lab testing.

Research has already confirmed that exposure can cause a variety of health issues besides boosting cancer risk.

There are no vaccinations that offer protection from Microwave Sickness.

All of us are being exposed to more sources of wireless radiation and Electrosmog than ever before in the history of humankind.  Making personal choices to reduce our exposure will help but it may not be enough.  In the U.S., state and federal legislation is allowing the installation of more cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation infrastructure everywhere – including in front of homes – despite increasing opposition.

Utility “Smart” Meters are also exposing us to harmful radiation and Electrosmog.  Some citizens and organizations are still fighting for the right to not have them installed on their homes and throughout their communities.

There are many peopleorganizations and communities fighting all of this.

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  1. I had a chuckle when I read the title of this article. The FDA and CDC are 2 organizations not worth trusting with your health and safety,they are criminal organizations.
    Using a poisonous Mold to treat an infection is insanity at best. People have been so brainwashed and indoctrinated with BS that even nurses tell people to take them for every tiny infection you have. Whether it be a skin infection or tooth abscess.
    Our bodies have immune systems unless you have destroyed yours and that can happen by overusing antibiotics or living like a typical American, and that is by choice.
    Antibiotics are not the only way to kill microbes AND they do become resistant because that’s what they do to survive!! I have seen people almost killed by doctors using antibiotic after antibiotic on a person until they became so riddled with Fungus they became so ill they wished they would die.. So perhaps these individuals in the article weren’t killed by the bacteria or microbe, they were killed by overdosing on antibiotics prescribed by a moronic conventional doctor. Kinda like when they tell us people Die from the Flu when they really died from the Flu shot.
    If I had an infection on or in my body , I would address it quickly with Colloidal silver. Bacteria doesn’t become resistant to Silver,neither do Viruses or Fungal Infections.
    I have personally used this exclusively for many years.
    I have had many people tell me Silver is a hoax. I personally do not believe that as I have seen it cure my cat, my kids and myself. People have told me silver doesnt even belong in the body, I tell them to keep using antibiotics and see how well that works for them and their overall health.
    Antibiotics were Not designed to be used in the way they are used today! If microbes are resistant its the medical systems fault, as well as the CDC and the FDA.
    Corruption Squared
    And as far as the 5G goes. Get as much metal out of your body as possible. Metals make you an antenna. Move away from big cities if you can. Have you ever wondered why they want everyone congregated in one area. Hmmm


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