Where have all the cures gone?  We used to think that insulin was the cure for diabetes, but now we know better.  We used to cure infections with antibiotics, but now we’re not so sure it’s a good idea to medicate every infection. We used to cure warts with the strangest things, but now warts appear to be incurable.  Are we losing the fight against disease?

We can’t even cure a common cold, how can we hope to cure cancer.

Actually, there are lots of cures occurring.  We just can’t find them. We seem to think that all true cures are miracles, and all other cures are not real.

How can this happen? There are many ways for cures to disappear. Have you ever been cured?  Can you prove it? Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with a disease, and now you don’t have the disease anymore.  Are you cured? How can you tell? Let’s look at a typical scenario:

  1. You get sick.  You go do a doctor – or maybe you don’t.  We don’t need to go to a doctor for every little sickness.
  2. Your doctor makes a diagnosis – or maybe not. Not every illness can be diagnosed.
  3. Your doctor recommends a treatment (doctors rarely prescribe cures) – or maybe suggests “wait and see”. Some illnesses need time to diagnose, others disappear if you wait.
  4. Your illness is treated, or maybe not. Most of today’s treatments are not ones for the illness, they are treatments for the signs and symptoms of illness, with no attempt to cure.
  5. Your illness disappears. Was it cured? Was it really there?

If your illness was cured, can you prove it?  Can you prove it really existed? Can you prove the diagnosis was correct?  Can you prove that the cure is complete and final?

No you cannot.

No.  You can’t.   Most cures disappear. You might believe you were cured.  Your doctor might say you are cured.  But your cure doesn’t count. Cures don’t count, because cures are not counted. If you die, a doctor fills out a death certificate and documents a cause of death.

But if you are cured – there is no form to complete. There is no tracking for cures. There are no statistics for cured. Every cure is an individual case, every true cure is an anecdote, and anecdotes are not just lost, they are simply ignored.

Cures are lost. Most, perhaps all cures are lost.

Let’s look at some examples:

Common Cold Cures

If you get a cold, and check medical theory, you will learn that there is no cure for the common cold. It’s nonsensical medical chauvinism.  In truth, there is no medicine to cure the common cold – so in medical theory, the common cold cannot be cured. If your cold is cured by health, if your illness is cured by health, it doesn’t count.

But, but, but… If you are healthier, you get fewer colds, and your health cures them faster. Health not only cures colds, healthier health cures colds faster, and better. Conventional medicine suggests that the common cold is “self resolving”. Self resolving is medical speak for “cured by health”, so we don’t care about it.

But what if it’s not really a cure?  What if you get another cold?  Maybe your cold was just in remission for a few months, and it re-emerged.  How can you tell?  Cured is not defined for the common cold. Cures are lost because conventional medicine believes there are no cures.  What if you take an alternative medicine, a herb tea, some chicken soup, and it cures your cold faster.  Was it a cure?  There’s no difference. Cures don’t count. Cure is not defined for the common cold.

Plantar Fasciitis Cures

Maybe you’re thinking “well, the common cold is different”, but is it? Let’s look at another common illness – well, not so common if you are young.  But if you are over 40 or 50, maybe you’ve heard of plantar fasciitis, or plantar fasciosis – the latest naming fashion.

The common cold can be cured with health, in 7 days or less.  If you leave it alone, it takes a week. Plantar fasciosis does not go away in a week, it takes months. Officially, there is no cure for plantar fasciosis. But many people get plantar fasciosis – and normally it goes away in about 6 months.

There are also many people who cure their plantar fasciosis in much shorter timespan. I cured my plantar fasciosis, but nobody gives a damn. What happens if you cure your plantar fasciosis? Nobody cares. If you cure your plantar fasciosis, is it really cured? You can go do a doctor and get a diagnosis for plantar fasciosis – but there is no diagnosis for cured. Cured is not defined for plantar fasciosis.

Wart Cures

Is there a cure for warts? As Dr. Andrew Weil points out – everything seems to cure warts, but nothing cures warts.  Every doctor – according to Dr Weil, has seen warts cured by the strangest things, and Weil often asks doctors for their cure stories. But officially, there is no cure for warts.  Warts cured is not defined.  Was it always like that? It’s an interesting question.

In 1996 a clinical study “Homoeopathic versus placebo therapy of children with warts on the hands: a randomized, double-blind clinical trial.” treated 60 children with warts. According to the published research, 6 patients were cured in the study. There was no follow-up, but it is likely that all 60 patients were eventually cured. Warts tend to be cured by health – but health cures don’t count.

Only two years later, in 1998, an almost identical study, by some of the same researchers, “A double-blind, controlled clinical trial of homeopathy and an analysis of lunar phases and postoperative outcome.” was completed with 30 patients.  How many were cured? The study did not report a single cure. What happened to the cures?  Were they lost?  How many of the patients still have warts?  There was no follow-up, but it is also likely that every patient was eventually cured by health. But nobody cares.  Cures don’t count.  Cures are lost.

Diabetes Cures

There are many people who claim to “reverse” diabetes.  There are, apparently, tens of thousands of people claiming to have reversed their Type 2 Diabetes. What’s the difference between diabetes reversed and diabetes cured?  Diabetes cured is not defined.

Because diabetes cured is not defined, there are no cures for diabetes, and there are no statistics for diabetes cured, even though it seems that diabetes might be the easiest “incurable” disease to cure – if cures were not consistently lost by conventional medicine.

Cancer Cures

Maybe you’re thinking, well, the common cold, plantar fasciosis, warts, these aren’t very important. Nobody dies from these diseases.  And they usually disappear.  These cures aren’t very important.  What about cancer?

Have you ever met anyone who was cured of cancer?  I have. I met someone who cured her cancer, without medicine – and then her cure disappeared. It was lost.  I’m not alone. Dr. Kelly Turner has documented over 1000 cases of cancer cured in her Radical Remission project and written about the cures in the book Radical Remission, published in 2014. However, Dr. Turner didn’t call the book “Cancer Cures”, because, even 8 years later, cured is not defined for cancer. Were any of the patients documented in Dr. Turner’s book actually cured? Conventional medicine has nothing to say.  There is no test for cancer cured. Cancer cures, all of them, get lost. None can be proven.

But… but.. but.. Aren’t there thousands of clinical studies searching for a cure for cancer?  Actually, no.  Clinical Trials.gov, documents over 63,000 cancer trials. But if you search clinical trials for “cancer” and “cure”, there are only 1890 studies.  And if you look closely, there are – as near as I can determine – no studies, not one single clinical study that has a test for cured.  If a patient in a clinical study is cured, they will be documented as a “survivor”.  But cured?  Cured is not defined for cancer. We can’t test for cured.  Cures are lost.

Mental Disorder Cures

Do you know anyone who has been cured of a mental illness? Is it possible to cure a mental illness? Is depression every cured?  What about dementia, or bipolar, or anxiety disorders, eating disorders, addictions.  Are they all incurable?

The DSM-5, the latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders contains a single instance of the word cure, “the treatment and eventual cures for these conditions“.  It seems that, according to the DSM-5, all mental disorders have the potential to be cured, but today – there are no cures to be found.

There are no cures.  There are no cured.  There is no technique to document a cure for any mental disorder. If your depression is cured, it can’t be proven.  If your alcoholism is cured, maybe it’s not really cured. Maybe it’s just in remission.

Of course, remission is not defined either.  It’s easy to claim remission because no proof is required.  But it’s impossible to prove remission (but not cure), and it’s impossible to prove cured. The DSM-5 authors might pretend to be looking for cures, but without a definition of cured, they can’t possibly find any.

The DSM-5 authors have a secondary cure problem. Let’s suppose we actually cure a mental illness.  How might that happen? We cure infections by addressing the cause, by killing the infecting bacteria. We cure scurvy by addressing the cause, with a diet containing sufficient Vitamin C.  We cure starvation with food, and dehydration with water.

But what if we cure a mental disorder by addressing the cause?  Surprise!  If we can find the cause, and successfully address the cause, and cure the disorder – then it wasn’t a mental disorder. It was caused by the cause.

If someone has depression because of a faulty diet – we can create depression with an unhealthy diet, and cure it with a healthy diet. But if we cure it with a healthy diet, then it wasn’t a mental disorder, it was a dietary illness. The diagnosis of depression was incorrect – so it wasn’t cured.

If someone has depression caused by gaslighting – we can create depression with gaslighting – and cured by addressing the cause – then it wasn’t a mental disorder, it was a social disorder.  The diagnosis of depression was incorrect, so it couldn’t be cured.

If someone has depression caused by torture or by loneliness – we can create depression by torturing them, or by putting them in solitary confinement – and we can cure it by stopping the abuse, or by returning them to the community. But if we cure it by addressing the cause, it wasn’t depression, it was abuse. If it wasn’t depression, then it can’t be depression cured.

If a mental disorder is cured, it wasn’t a mental disorder. If a mental disorder is cured, the diagnosis was incorrect.  If a mental disorder is cured, the cure is lost.

Chronic Disease Cures

In current medical theory or perhaps ‘lack of theory’, chronic diseases are incurable. It’s just medical chauvinism. Chronic diseases cannot be cured by medicines. Chronic diseases have chronic causes. Obesity is not caused by eating, not caused by overeating, not caused by unhealthy eating — it is caused by chronic unhealthy eating. The only cure for a chronic illness is to address the chronic nature of the cause. So no chronic disease can be cured with a medicine. Treatments — the common prescription for chronic diseases — cannot possibly cure. The cure for a chronic disease is health, healthicine, not medicine.

Cures are Lost

How many more cures have been lost?  Almost all of them. We don’t know. Even as we find more cures, as we cure more diseases, we lose those cures, because they can’t be recognized. Today, most cancer doctors refuse to use the word cure, and many doctors advise their staff to never use the word cure.  Cure is a forbidden, four letter word.  There are few incentives to cure, and to be honest, there are more incentives to “not cure”.

More Lost Cures

How many more incurable diseases are being cured? I’d like to know. If you had an incurable disease – that has been cured, put a note in the comments.  Let us know.

Cured is not defined for most diseases. Cured cannot be tested, cannot be proven for most diseases. Cured is not medically defined for any non communicable diseases – and only some communicable diseases can be cured and proven to be cured. We might believe that we can cure scurvy – and maybe we can, but cured is not defined for scurvy.  We might believe that fundraisers are collecting dollars to search for a cure, and researching cures for cancer, but cured is not defined for cancer, so if a cancer cure occurs, it cannot be found.

Cures are lost. Modern conventional medicine has lost the concept of “cure”.

to your health, Tracy Kolenchuk

Source: http://healthicine.org

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  1. Exactly.. there doesn’t seem to be an incentives for our current health system 2 finding a cure. it is only for thru Band-Aid medication and pharmaceutical expenses that health care providers make the big Bucks. Billions of dollars are wasted on Research for temporary fixes instead of cures
    We need to change the system

  2. I belueve and KNOW i acquired Denzovirus (Sea Star Wasting Disease) snd took 4 years to cure it myself. Doctors are WORTHLESS POORLYVTRAINED PUPPETS.


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