This is a chilling message my friends, but it must be stated clearly.

Yes, they torched thousands of homes in California, but they are now using their weapons on cars—with people in them. There is no other explanation—and many reasons why they are doing this. Many. We have discussed the multi-pronged approach to the globalist/dark cabal agenda so many times over the years.

The war is hotting up, I’m afraid, —scratch that, I’m not afraid. We can do this, but must understand that Humans are the targets. They want 90% of us gone and their thrusts of the sword are no longer happening in the shadows. It’s out there for all to see and this is no time for denial.

It’s no longer a war fought in the courts—although that is still happening. It’s no longer only a war fought at the polls. Americans are seeing what happened there.

These psychopaths are using weapons paid for with trillions siphoned from taxpayers; stolen by the Nazi “Project Paperclip” group (look it up) who developed the ability to go to the stars and left us here, Earthbound. They became a “breakaway civilization” and they have technologies, anti-gravity ships and weapons they don’t want us to know exist.

You thought Star Trek was pure fantasy, didn’t you? They love to tease us and they laugh at our gullibility. In truth, WE are the entertainment.

Hollywood is their den of iniquity where people sold their souls for wealth, fame and power. That is why they attack President Trump.

These beings are all about war. They have caused all the wars on our planet. They thrive on it, they eliminate millions of us in the process, and grow rich and powerful with each conquest and regime change.

They have their own armies and continue to murder innocent civilians, all the while covering it up with lies delivered by their talking heads. Some have suggested firefighters in California are paid mercenaries actually starting fires. That is inconclusive but not outside the realm of possibility.

Their people infiltrated all governments on the planet and now that President Trump, Putin, and most others are standing up to them and dismantling their corrupt systems that have enslaved us for millennia, they are growing more brazen—and desperate.

This is the final battle. We are drawing them out and there is no other way to free the planet, but there will be collateral damage. You are seeing it now in the middle east and in California. Murder, plain and simple.

To complete this liberation process Humans have to accept the truth and fight back. They have to stop fighting amongst themselves as they’ve been programmed to do. They must unify and fight the enemy.

It’s not easy because the dark lords control everything. EVERYTHING. Even the way we think. They have us under constant surveillance and see everything we do. They listen. They watch. They kill.

They have provided military-grade equipment to police forces so they can bully us, torture us, or kill us if we rebel. They must show us that they will keep us in our place. Victims.

They invented religion to circumvent our natural spiritual process— our direct connection to Source or Creator. They provided priests to bridge that gap and deceive us. They kept us separate and alone. “There’s no intelligent life out there.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

They are master geneticists and tampered with our genes eons ago. The result is all that “junk DNA” they claim we have, and they told us we evolved from apes. They took over the education system to dumb us down with lies just like those.

They lie about physics so we can’t figure out how to progress and when an inventor creates technology which would be a threat to their ability to keep us small and dependent on them, they suppress it, steal the patent, and or use it to enhance their own lives.

They only allow us to have technology which suits their agenda. They keep us preoccupied with television “programming”, computerized toys, and use our electronics from TVs to refrigerators, to phones and tablets to spy on us and track us.

They own nearly all the media in all formats and manipulate the perceptions of Humans with their treasonous lies. They masque what is happening in other countries. They blackmail and bribe politicians and rig elections to stay in power. They murder those who get in their way or threaten to expose them. Human life is of no consequence to them. They consider us chattel and their property; their slaves.

They manipulate the economy, stocks, and caused all the crashes and devastating depressions.

They sink battle ships and crash passenger jets.

They poison our food, water, the air, the soil, and train doctors to be drug pushers to make their pharmaceutical corporations wealthy beyond measure. They use the medical system to create long-term customers, not to heal.

They vaccinate our children with so much poison before their immune systems are mature some of our babies die. Others develop “autism”. Now you know why they are trying to mandate vaccinations for everyone and take children away from parents who refuse. They want us sick, helpless, or dead.

There are simple, natural ways to eliminate every disease but they will never tell us that and they ruin the lives of those who attempt to reveal it or heal us. They have killed our loved ones for years and blamed it on a disease they created in their labs.

A sweeping statement would be that they have literally weaponized everything.

No, this is not the plot for a horror movie, my friends. This is life on Earth at the hands of off-planet marauders who parade as Human. The entire Universe is fighting to eradicate them because they have destroyed civilizations and planets long before they began on ours. Star Wars is real.

They kidnap children for purposes we won’t get into now. We have expounded on that in other posts… other videos. Suffice it to say they are satanic pedophiles.

We are at a turning point. We either win this war now, or kiss Earth and Humanity goodbye forever.

I suggest you do your research quickly and come up with a plan, but in the interim, you MUST SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP AND PRESIDENT PUTIN in their initiatives to GET THIS DONE.

Tell others what is going on. The evidence is right in front of you, all over the Internet. That is one tool WE have weaponized and use against them.

Even the Sacramento Bee newspaper is now attacking those of us on the Internet who are showing and telling what is happening in California and why. Don’t believe their lies. You do so at your own peril.  ~ CB

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  1. Blind Spots and Gray Areas: this is how we are being exploited.

    “Wildfires” in CA can be explained thus:

    1) The fire location(s) are situated over a bed of magma as on top of volcanoes, see Dutchsinse: and with various hotspots detected and earthquakes recorded at each of the fire locations,

    2) People in Power know about the above and have inserted a (nuke?) or some type of explosive into a volcano crater or fissure – probably on November 9 (9/11) as it registered as an explosion on USGS site last week or so, to exacerbate the situation,

    3) In combination with chemtrail fallout (aluminum, barium, strontium etc.) which are known accelerants, DEW microwave technology, fracking, nuclear test sites, new manufacturing materials in cars and homes, smart meters, GWEN towers and possible other as yet unknown technologys they have created a perfect storm.

    Sounds like a case for:‪ The Venus Project‬
    ‪The Choice is Ours (2016) Official Full Version‬

  2. Now the Terminator World is online
    They couldn’t kill you with mecine and pharmacy
    Now they kill you with laser wapons
    Startet month ago in California
    Then tested it in Greec with 80 cars
    and now the killing fields are in your own land.
    Thank you to the US-Army and Special Forces
    Get you fucking ass out of the world….

    It seems that a president in the US is just an actor who wants to do good things
    the real power is somwere else.

    USA is the most dangerous and criminal part for the whole world.
    and the us-people do not now what happens.

  3. We cannot battle the Cabal in the physical world. Why? It is because those wickedly, evil people have given themselves over to evil and are therefore, controlled, mind and body by devils/fallen angels. Fallen angels are Cherubim as explained by Ezekiel the prophet; having the faces of beasts. Because they are beasts they can only think like beasts. Had they been able to figure out the scriptures, they would have never had Jesus Christ crucified. We are continually told, ‘these people are stupid’. It is because the fallen angels which control them can only think like beasts. It is only through prayer that we can battle the unseen world of the fallen angels/demons. They are principalities (princes), powers, rulers of darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places. The Assyrian (Satan) said, “Are not my princes altogether Kings?”. He is saying that his fallen angels control the kings who are not saved by grace. The powers are the demons of witchcraft who are called upon to do tasks for those foolish enough to call them up. Rulers of darkness of this world are all of the evil ones. Spiritual wickedness in high places are both the stars (angels 1/3 of them the fallen angels) and also in high places in government wherein they control those in government who have given themselves over to evil. These wickedly, evil people have been given this technology by the fallen angels just as they had done before Noah’s flood. King Solomon tells us that there is nothing new under the Sun which means all of this has happened before which is but one reason God destroyed the world with a flood. Jesus tells us in His Word that when He returns it will be ‘as in the days of Noah’. In those days there was wickedness, violence, witchcraft, sexual perversion of all kinds and giants walked the earth and yet, are they not already here? Look for the video of the military man who explained how a giant with six fingers on each hand, six toes on each foot, and two rows of teeth killed and ate a few military men and his troop was sent to look for them only to find the giant which speared one of them. They all shot at his head killing him. The military man explained that the giant was very quick on his feet and very agile. That occurred in Afghanistan a few years ago. People, we are living in the ‘beginning of sorrows’. In Luke 8:17 God tells us that there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed which we are witnessing today. Once all is revealed we will draw ever closer to the time of tribulation. It will not be man which creates the global government, it will be the Son of Perdition who will appear on all ‘images of the beast’ which are known in the occult world as black mirrors as spirit(s) may move freely through them. They are, in fact, TVs, computers and cellphones because they both speak and live. The Son of Perdition will be extremely handsome and charismatic; almost supernatural in appearance, pulling people to him. How do I know that? It is because Satan mimics all that Jesus does but turns it upside down (Psalm 146:9 and Isaiah 26:19). In Isaiah 53 we are told that Jesus was not ‘comely’ in body or face which is why the Son of Perdition will be extremely handsome. When he appears on the ‘image of the beast’, he will convince the people of the world to give up their national sovereignty for global and no one will fight him. This will occur near the end of the first 3 1/2 years of tribulation. Please, if you have not done so, ask the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart for those who are not ‘born again’ cannot see the Kingdom of God. Eternity in hell is a very, very long time. May the Lord God Bless you and protect you.

  4. I accept that the author may be correct in at least some of these frightening scenarios.
    They may even be up to 90% correct.
    Even 99% correct information can be dangerous to the gullible and we will find plenty of examples in movies and popular websites. The 1% twist can manipulate powerfully.
    What would like to point out is that fear only serves the dark-side.
    It is used by politicians, psychopaths and other liars and manipulators to divide and rule.
    I do not encourage anyone to look the other way or to spiritually bypass.
    To deal with these dark forces we need to be spiritually strong and courageous.
    It is important to honestly evaluate current reality and not to hide or avoid any difficult truths.
    Objectivity and measurability are important, yet ultimately we must depend on and develop our own intuition and discernment.
    I must caution anyone who thinks that powerful saviours will act in the interests of the people, we have to do that ourselves.
    Don’t depend on Trump, Putin or anyone else, we have to assume that any politicians will act in their perceived self-interest first and according to their belief-systems and values.
    I know that their belief systems and values do not align to mine so why should I trust them to look after my interests?
    Where are we perceiving the power to be in this situation?
    Wherever we perceive the power both consciously and unconsciously is important as we are the ones giving the power to create as we inform our subconscious minds.
    We are much more powerful than we realise and those trying to control us know it, using fear to keep us powerless.
    The power is in our love, our creativity, our genius and we all have it!
    Our, egos, identities and belief systems expressed by thoughts and feelings are all keeping us powerless.
    These elements of personality are entirely unrelated to our creative genius which is powered by the end result of what we love.

  5. Lucile Ball was probably the smartest female comedian of her time, yet she always appeared as stupid as hell. It takes great intelligence to make others think you are stupid. Donald Trump could not have made all those millions by being an idiot. Killary on the other hand never made any money, she stole it. Doesn’t take any brains to steel from others. Just cunning.

  6. What a travesty this situation is and I am saddened to depths of my heart and soul. I am certain that many of humanity feels this pain also rendering us to feel helpless and hopeless but this is what THEY want. We must be brave, we must be courageous! We must rally together in unification using our OWN God given POWER in eradicating this dark cancer energy by speaking out and using whatever means it takes to bring this monster down. Sounds like a horror movie? You bet it is. WE NEED HELP – AND I PERSONALLY AM PUTTING OUT A CLARION CALL FOR THIS HELP! Where are OUR off world brothers and sisters? It is time for intervention. Unfortunately my magic wand is no longer working. VICTORY OF THE LIGHT! (Not the laser kind – only the LOVE ? kind)

  7. Thank you so much for all that you do and for this article! Post it far and wide my friends. We need to wake humanity up and fast!

  8. I fought 37 forest fires back in the 60’s while in the US Forest service.
    Aluminum wheels don’t melt and bridge asphalt doesn’t burn up.
    Something very strange is going on in CA.

    • Donahue…Its totally normal when this happens, fire gets so super heated from the surrounding fuels it reaches very high temps, ignore the fire triangle or the fact the vegetation and surrounding trees are green and like the 14 new starts at 2AM in Santa Rosa area last year did all that damage. Global Warming..???

    • did you miss the message ?? cannot. wakeup a democrat Trump is working overtime to protect our country. and the out of their minds. libs are doing everything possible to stop him ,, just plain hate and ignorance

      • Jim – I had some trouble parsing your comment, but let’s get one thing clear – Trump is a self-centered fool whose only “overtime” is spent thumbing out messages on his Twitter machine to keep attention on himself. It might be satisfying to think of him as some sort of 5D chess master, but I haven’t seen any evidence yet of him protecting the country. Deploying the military to stop some ragtag caravan doesn’t count. I might be more impressed if he went down to the border himself, but I guess he’s worried that it might rain like it did in Europe to prevent his travels there.

        • Dear Jim, You are seeing out of your own negativity, and do you know of anyone else in govt. leadership who is pointing out where the problems are originating? The darkness we are seeing took decades to build and one person is not going to undo it in two years. The average citizen needs to look to themselves right now for what is best and certainly not to any politicians. That said Trump is in charge now and my gut tells me his heart is in the right place. Why? Because he loves his children and all he worked for and he doesn’t want to see them living like the scene in CA.

          • Spot on with your comment “one person is not going to undo it…”. My research indicates the Alliance, a group of military and others sworn to take back control of the planet from Satan worshipping pedophyles, has been developing this plan since Eisenhower administration. Trump was asked to be the battering ram and he seems to thrive on a massive good fight. I use a love song to God known as a HU pronounced ‘hue’ and sung by many religions around the world. Hallelujah by the Christians. It is very high vibrations and invites Divine Spirit to step in for the betterment of all. Christians know the phrase “ not my will but Thine” It has to be sung with love. Close your eyes, concentrate on the spot between your eyes, visualize your highest spiritual guide be it Jesus, a saint, or the Buddha, what ever your faith is and sing Huuuu…. in a long breath for 10-15 minutes with love for all life. Look for a light, it might be white, blue yellow etc. Do not try to tell God what to do.. Your love will open a channel for God, Holy comforter, Divine Spirit to work through. you are now becoming a coworker with God! There are several videos on YouTube showing how to sing the HU.. I personally like the Eckankar one. It’s easy for me to understand.

  9. Trying to tell Mr and Mrs average anything of these matters might as well tell my slippers. Keep thinking truth my brothers and sisters of Light, the psychos are desperate.


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