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Here are new fantastic stories from people who’ve taken the challenge:


I thought the 2-week challenge was amazing and life changing.

I have hypothyroidism, depression, extreme stomach pains and anemia. Every month I used to take time off of work to deal with my pain and take tons of painkillers, but just after two weeks on this keto meal plan, my pains have gotten much better to non-existent. I didn’t have to take time off if work for the first time in years!

My energy level is higher, my skin looks better and so far I’ve lost 8 lbs (3.5 kg), which was shocking since I didn’t think my body would be able to.

I liked that you can adjust the servings on the recipes to accommodate the size of your family. Everyone loved the meals I prepared.
And most of all I enjoyed receiving the reminder emails every morning with the meals for the day. It helped me prep for the day.

Most of the meals were great, but I do have food limitations which prevented me from having a full experience; as I do not eat mayonnaise or avocado. So I just chose another recipe on the website.

Thank you Diet Doctor — I plan on continuing to use your meal plans.

Are you planning on creating an app at any point? That would be helpful 🙂

Life is looking up,

New York


My husband and I did the 2-week challenge together and we are delighted with the program. Apart from losing weight (15 lbs (7 kg) between us), I’ve noticed a huge reduction in my arthritis flare-ups. We enjoyed the meals and of course, the shopping list is a real good idea too. I find I have less waste in the kitchen, a good thing indeed. We are going to continue with you along the journey to a better and longer life! Thank you for your dedication. For years we struggled and always blamed ourselves. Now we’re learning so much from you. All the best to you and your team.

Warmest regards,
Jeff and Victoria Mowrey
Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania, USA

This was the easiest yet challenge program I’ve tried.

It’s so simple I know I can continue to follow it. In my 2-week challenge, I lost 8 lbs (3.5 kg). I can honestly say that’s better than I’ve done by counting calories or ‘points’. I feel blessed that I’m not hungry and can finally recognize when I have reached satiation. I had never achieved that on any other program.Thank you,
Age 65

I didn’t lose any weight on the low-carb challenge, but I loved everything about it. The food was great, it was so easy to manage and it started me on a good habit of preparing tomorrow’s lunch tonight. I have continued to eat very low carb (less than 25 g). I dropped weight immediately when I started on my own (about 6 lbs (3 kg)), before finding your website, but since then the weight loss has been slow. It’s discouraging because I see how much others lose, but I understand metabolisms vary.

Here’s the good news: my arthritis pain is GONE!!! That in itself is a reason to stick with it. Meanwhile, I’m trying to work myself up to intermittent fasting. The couple of times I have done it, it has helped with the weight loss. All that said, I’m glad you are out there with comprehensive advice and appreciate all you are doing.

Karen in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
5’2″ (157 cm), 158 lbs (72 kg), 52 years old.


I am 46 years old and I live in Costa Rica. I tried the 2-week challenge and found it very easy to follow. Felt very well throughout, liked the food very much and lost four pounds! Best way to lose weight!

Thank you!

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Source: https://www.dietdoctor.com/the-2-week-keto-challenge-my-arthritis-pain-is-gone?


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