I was perusing through my Facebook newsfeed and came across what I initially thought was pretty crazy. Images of kids wearing odd-looking clothing with occult symbols and the words ‘NEW ORDER’ written across the chest. 

I thought it was some joke someone had put together to play on how there has been a long-standing goal of the elite/cabal to create a ‘new world order’ and what better way to start than babies and kids.

It all is shown in a new commercial where Celine Dion is breaking into a hospital baby ward to help bring her new clothing line to babies.

The company Celinununu states in its mission: CELINUNUNU unites two forces by one voice: fashion has the power to shape people’s minds. Inspire your children to be free and find their own individuality through clothes.

The commercial for the product line is interesting on its own. She plays the ‘saviour’ of these babies, against police who are trying to stop her from telling these babies it’s OK to not select a gender.

After she sneaks in, gets to the baby ward, she blows a magical dust onto the children, suddenly turning them all into gender-neutral babies wearing her clothing line.

In cabal/occult terms, one might look at this as casting a spell on the children, something that fits deeply into the constant confusion the cabal is trying to cast on humanity.

One of the long-discussed plans of the elite/cabal has been to create a New World Order. Part of that order involves bringing everyone under one religion, one government, one military, and stopping things like procreation etc so as to have to control fewer people.

“Ho!” — How is this acceptable? She’s a CHILD!


Baby New Order with Skulls Symbolism


The luciferian “elite ” wants a gender neutral poppulation, they want to create chaos and distort basic human physiology and nature by saying that if you have a penis you can be a girl and if you have a vagina you can be a man, or even both sexes. This is pure evil distortion, because evil distrort everything and inverts everything.

This is why it’s so odd that the focus of this clothing line seems to push towards ‘New Order’ while talking about gender neutrality, wich also translates to transgender.

Here is the commercial  being  decoded by  “a call for an uprising” youtube channel:

: Disturbing Pictures from Nununu’s Instagram Account

If the commercial wasn’t creepy enough heres some photos published ont he official instagram and facebook page from Nununu.

The images bellow are clearly representing satanic symbology.

Even if you aren’t familliar with masonic-satanic symbology you can clearly feel that these images are NOT RIGHT.

Your inner wisdom, your higher self knows what these images represent, and you immadiatly feel that this is pure evil symbology.

it can’t get more “in your face” than this..

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Very important to note: “nunu” means private parts of either sex.

And now here are some very disturbing pictures from the company’s Instagram account (be sure to read the photo captions as well):

Children depicted as demons – Is this how they see children?


This is Baphomet , the god of the Illuminati Satanists

This resembles MK-Ultra ritual abuse drawings from victims

A child promoting the Gay Pride parade? Very inappropriate, if you ask anyone sane.

Mickey Mouse ears (Disney), Black Cube (i.e. Saturn worship) and the All-Seeing Eye

They’re at Stand 13, obviously!

The caption says “from behind”? What could possibly mean? DISGUSTING!














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  1. First, Teach your children about God, read the Bible (King James Version) Go to a church that preaches the word of God. Have faith in God, and he will see you through. What we need to remember, Satan has no power, when he is confronted with Jesus. Jesus took back the keys from the devil. The devil knows his time is short. He is using every tacted to bring down Gods people. Listen, We have the power through Jesus Christ. To me, the commercial is powerless, if you have Jesus Christ. The devil even trembles. God bless you all.

    • Where in the Bible says you can only be saved by the King James version? It’s only about 400 years old.
      40,000 denominations will never unite; you really lost your senses.

    • Wow. Until She proclames she serves satan. Dont make assumptions on things that are not biblical. Before using the Bible to attack. Try go and read His word and the only truth.

      • Red flag spotted. If the Holy Bible is the only truth, then you are proclaiming biblolatry. Bad for the brain.
        Prove first the Bible is the so-called word of God. You cannot prove the Ketuvim or Epistles of St. Paul are from God!

  2. I used to like her but since I seen this a few months ago, I quit listening to her music. She has gone crazy. I believe she has turned her life over to Satan for more fame. Shame on you for exploiting our young children for your gain to uplift Satan’s work instead of uplifting our LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST! Unless you change your ways, you’re definitely going to go to (excuse my language) HELL! I PRAYING FOR YOUR SOUL. CELINE GIVE YOUR HEART AND SOUL TO THE LORD INSTEAD OF SATAN!!

  3. This is my second time to write a comment. The first didn’t go.

    I used to like Celine Dion. I have a collection of her albums…but after seeing how she became!…I no longer
    like you Celine Dion!
    How can you use and exploit innocent children to endorse your sick beliefs. SICK SICK SICK.

    • Either Céline was infiltrated by the dark cabal or it’s a false flag by the same cabal to further defile the entertainment industry.

  4. If the clothing line is gender neutral then why are the girls the only ones wearing the dresses in the online store??????

  5. Carl, even satan knows the word God by heart..and loves to twist it and confuse all around..does your behavior sound familiar, legion??

    • Are you following yourself or the church? If you do not have an open mind (like other readers here at PFC), then our conversation will not continue.

  6. Carl you and this celine deon are going straight to hell dude you need Jesus! What bible are you reading and how come when you write about your god it with a little g my God Jesus Christ is ruler over all clothing line and the gates of hell will not prevail my Jesus can burn up this clothing line and every other demon that comes with it test HIM I dare you! Jesus dont bless mess and this is mess shut this junk down!

    • One more thing, where did Jesus Christ say this in the Gospels: “I am God (of AI&J), worship me”?
      It has never been answered to this day.

    • (Looks like my first reply did not pass moderation)
      My god is different from your “God”: your God should’ve got rid of us (Céline and I) and this “clothing line” a very, very, very long time ago. That’s not a sign of an all-powerful, all-knowing God as attested from Judeo-Christian texts in my opinion.
      My god (big G or liitle g if you prefer) is the epitome of love and kindness. If you be in harmony with this world, you’ll see God in its true form. Be one with your God and see the difference. That’s what Prepare for Change is for: to discover the true God/Source for yourself.
      “Demon” in Greek mythology originally referred to neutral spirits. Hell is but a state of mind (aside being a mistranslation, see comments below).
      A warning, your ranting/hatred is not good for your overall health.

    • Not a biblical scholar, but have realized when St. Paul wrote “our preaching is in vain”, it was already that; think about the 100 pounds of aloes and myrrh.
      Have you heard of mystical schools? They’re a great start to your exploration of knowledge hidden from the uninitiated; and Cobra said to use your discernment.
      Getting off-topic though; but years ago my family have watched Céline’s concerts, this article is new on me. So much for the forces putting us into the darkness of ignorance.

  7. Very disturbing to say the least ! A new cult that unfortunately because a,celebrity has inspired will some how transpire! Clearly something has happened to her , very sad I thought she would be for children and advocating for peace and love but I think she snapped after her husband died ! How is it appropriate for a child to wear a shirt with Ho on it n from behind ! I pray true parents find this inappropriate n do not fall into the Celine Demonic Trap !!

  8. Satanist Celine wants you to mark your babies for sacrifice, and offer your children to pedophiles in the liberal utopia aka New World Order.
    A que from Hillary Clinton, THIS INSANITY is what they want normalized. They want your unwanted newborn babies for sacrifice. We can thank Celine Dion for this sickening, but eye opening Moloch moment.

  9. Her being so commercially successful has always been the clue. You sell your soul to the Devil and you get all the perks! Look at Oprah, Ellen de Generes, etc.

  10. https://www.facebook.com/groups/DontPunishPainRally/permalink/1256366827850223/https://www.facebook.com/groups/DontPunishPainRally/permalink/1256366827850223/

  11. This is crazy messed up. Did anyone else notice her facial expressions in the ‘ad’ or her way of carrying herself? I have watched Celine Dion since primary school. It looked totally out of character. Not the same person from what I can remember of her. Something pretty dark going on there. One hears of bodies being hijacked by other kinds of beings and thinks it’s a joke. Yet tell you what, looking at this going down and I am taking it more seriously. Almost like the zombie apocalypse that we have all been on about for years and years. Maybe that is what this is. True. How many people out there in the limelight have changed over night like this? So many. How many people in our own lives have done 180 degree turn arounds over the years that you know of? personally I have seen it happen quite a few times. Where good wholesome people end up being almost demonic.

    As for the pictures on Instagram and all that buzz, being honest, it reminds me of the old MTV’s weird creepy stuff they used to spew out in the 90’s.

    End times guys. Maybe this is what they talk of in the bible. Mark of the beast and all that jazz. True.

    In any event, what we allow will persist. So in this case, I am ever more watchful on what I will allow in my mind space and in my home. This lot is trash and I refuse to take it in.

        • Proof of what, the predictions? Do not take the apocalypse as literal. If that was the case all humanity would be in shambles. Or is it something else?

          By the way, it’s an off-topic issue; better keep your beliefs to yourself.

      • You’re misinformed. All of the prophecies of the bible have happened and are continuing to happen at an ever-increasing pace. Look at God’s prophecies on Israel and on the end times. As a Christian, this demonic stuff sickens me. Satan has infiltrated the world. But it’s all been predicted. It just means that Jesus is coming soon. God bless you all! Put your faith in Jesus.

        • Ad hominem: show me the proof of your so-called prophecies already happened or else you’re committing a thought crime.
          If your God was all-knowing then that God should’ve “ended” this world many, many years ago and we would all be in heaven right now. Your God is inexplicably limited; this goes to show your gullibility. Christians like you should be ashamed of themselves. I’ll give you my truth of why this Earth is suffering only if you ask; just stop your hexing.

          • You can always tell a tree by “it’s” fruits. Yours, Carl, are ill favored. In the name of Jesus Christ, Begone with you! And in the name of Jesus Christ, I BIND you! The Blessed Mother Mary shall crush your ugly head! Begone! The Lord Our God does NOT answer to you, prince of lies! Can you make the stars? Can you make the heavens? You, “Carl” have a beginning, and you shall have an end. You will eternally be bound. But God has no beginning, He has no end. He is Omnipotent, All Knowing, All Seeing, time was made for mankind, He created it, and He, when the time is perfect, will end it. Satan shall be bound forever, and his ugly head shall be crushed by The Woman.

          • Not afraid of you, witch; you preach fear and darkness. You impose a limited God on me and nothing happened.
            Why didn’t Jesus come back after almost 2000 years? The messianic age was already over.
            I affirm I have no beginning, admit you do too.
            Otherwise, you are just a peon to a God that runs on your fears and hatred to others.

      • Any one notice that NONE of the children wearing the clothes look happy, NONE are playing, the kids themselves are scared and unhappy. This is all so sad. What a tragic fall for such a gifted person who’s been so blessed herself by God.

  12. In defense of Mohammed, the Knights Templar, and Baphomet… https://ultraculture.org/blog/2016/02/08/baphomet-sabbatic-goat/

    However, this line of kids clothes and the marketing campaign is disturbing, disgusting, and creepy AF!

  13. Love this line. I can’t wait for my demon spawn to get their mark so they can buy this from the priestesses of evil easy listening.
    We will finally stop the abuse of children in the church and have all priests, preachers and pastors on their knees to accept the power of a new world order.
    The new world order will shield you from the false gods and the damaging dogma.


      • Please reread Matthew 6:6. And do not bring hatred to yourself and everyone in this comment section, idol worshipper.

  14. I’ve never been so disappointed in a person as I am in Celine Dion, shes sick, not at all the person I believed her to be. God Have Mercy

  15. All those objections to this line of clothing need to boycott it. Do not purchase it, do not even make any remarks about it. Give this brand of satanic evil none of your time, anger, or thoughts about it. I’n other words do not help advertise it. If someone purchase’s it for your child douse it in Holy Water, then burn it
    send it back to hell.
    Celine you don’t really need the money from selling satan to children. You need to be prayed for and set free from Satan’s power over you.
    Remember what Jesus speaks of the unquenchable FIRE of Gehenna.Your headed straight for Hell, repent and ask Our Lord Jesus Christ to forgive you, and never promote satan again.

    • Prove your “hell” exists first. Have you been there? Do not use ciruclar reasoning.
      You can’t prove it, because it’s a mistranslation of sheol, (you’re right about) gehenna, and the Hades of Greek mythology.
      Finally, Satan is an angel serving the Elohim Adonai according to Jewish literature, the Christians just bastardize the character for their own selfish ends.
      Also, “God is not a man,” until you realize the obvious.

  16. This is craziness. Celine Dion you could’ve done anything to better the world and you came up with this evil crap. These are children!

  17. She better repent, keep Sabbath (4th commandment REMEMBER the Sabbath and keep it Set Apart!) and A L L the FOREVER Feasts and laws of the Most High Yahuah or she will be destroyed in the end when His Son Yahusha returns with His sword to eliminate these monsters, her globalist, demon possessed, evil loving associates and all of the rest of the world that DARES to think the law that Messiah Himself upheld and kept is done away with! I say GOOD RIDDANCE, I despise evil too!

    • Two problems:
      1. What is ha-Shabbat: Saturday or Sunday? and
      2. Messianics are in error as well: did your Yahusha bring world peace? No peace for the last 2000 years.

  18. Their worst fears are coming to fruition, that the people of the world realize what their agenda truly is, who these people really are, and the things they are trying to hide. We now know that most of the Hollywood elite and the members of the deep state, are Luciferians. They have joined a group of world wide globalists who’s main goal is to take control of the globe, with each person on this earth becoming a slave to them as masters. They have stolen the money of the people for decades in America through high taxation. They use the guise that “we must tax the wealthy to pay for the less fortunate”, but they as the wealthy never pay up. They have their high falutin’ attorneys who can fenagle their books so they don’t have to pay the high taxes they implement. But they force the companies who create jobs to pay ridiculous taxes, causing many to close their doors or move to other nations where they aren’t hit with them. They have allowed foreign nations to charge outrageous tariffs that cause our products to be so expensive that the average Joe can’t even afford them. THEY WANT US POOR. THEY WANT TO CONTROL US. The best way to do this, is to keep us dependent on the government and to keep us divided. They push their nonsense ideas, such as banning a candy cane because it might offend someone since it starts with the same letter as Jesus. THIS is what divides us. The media divides us. They have to separate us into groups that all hate one another, and THAT they have accomplished. The one thing we must do to win this battle, is stop allowing them to divide us. I don’t know the answer as to how we do this, because the Liberals I have tried to convince are so radical that there is no talking to them. I have a son who doesn’t talk to me any more because I have tried to talk to him about these things. He lives in a $450,000 condo in Scottsdale, Arizona (many call it “Snotsdale”), has a wonderful job thanks to his grandfather putting him through college, and yet complains because his condo is only 1400 square feet. He could have moved to any number of towns outside of Scottsdale and had three times the home, but he had to live in one of the most expensive areas of Phoenix. He won’t send his daughter to a community college for the first two years. No, he’ll send her to the best one he can barely afford, then complain about it. He complains about our healthcare system, yet he has great insurance through his work. I wish he had to deal with what I do on Medicare, or experience what it’s like for the millions of Americans who can’t afford insurance. Liberals are the most selfish people there are. It’s all about them. The don’t care about anyone else or what they believe or how they feel about things. It’s their way or the highway. Whether or not we are changing their minds, we have to continue exposing the truth about the elites. They ARE Luciferians, and they also worship Satanic gods like Moloch who if you look up the definition on Wikipedia, is a god that believes in child sacrifice. They sacrifice innocent children and they torture them before drinking and eating their flesh. They believe they will lead longer lives by doing this, and if you look at how long most of these people live, it obviously works to some degree. They use our money to pay scientists to search for their ultimate goal in life, to live forever, because even they fear what will happen to them after their death. If you haven’t read the findings of David Wilcock who has gathered inside information from former members of this group, you should. He explains why the elites constantly throw it in our faces their Satanic preference. We hear it in the songs they write and we watch it in their movies. Their yearly gathering at the Bohemian Grove is not kept completely secret so as to peak our interest in it. Chelsea Clinton wears an upside down cross around her neck, and openly writes comments on Facebook to the Church of Satan. David Wilcock explains why they do this. From what he was told, these Luciferians are much like witches who try to conjure up evil spirits, and they believe in order for these spirits to appear, there are strict rules that must be followed. The biggest one is, they have to get people to agree to being their slaves. Like Wilcock said, you might think, “I’d never agree to that.” But look at the freedoms that are being stripped of people all over the world. Look at the immoral acts we are allowing to be injected into society. I was just watching a program on TV yesterday and heard a girl say the words “cock sucking” on it. I remember the day when the word pregnant couldn’t be used and you couldn’t say damn on TV. Hollywood has been completely taken over by this Satanic group. The elites use pedophilia to control these people. They throw parties and invite the upcoming artists to them, get them drunk, drug them, and photograph them with children in bed with them. Then they blackmail them. This is why Hollywood is full of leftists. Then, after they have blackmailed them, they take it a step further. If you want to reach true fame and fortune, you have to actually rape a child, and it’s filmed. In order to reach ultimate stardom, you have to become a Luciferian. You have to agree to do the things that Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Celine Dion do. They rape and torture innocent children, and eat their flesh and drink their blood, because they believe they get some kind of super human power from a chemical in the blood that is only created when a person is in extreme pain and fear. These people are so incredibly evil, and this is what Trump is dealing with. The biggest thing they fear, is the great awakening that is currently taking place.

  19. Her clothe line is a runoff of Kanye West with a little more style. When I first saw them Kanye popped up in my mind. What’s frightening is nearly all of the child models seem bewildered as if they’re under Monarch Mind Control.

  20. What was done to these women… Celine Dion, Meryl Streep. I always thought they were gentle women, until I found out about satanism. That cannot be underestimated. I’m sure they do things that they never never ever would do if they were free. Brainwashed. I once read that only 1/3 of the contract-signers is aware about the goal. Also that blackmail is used as a weapon to get people on their knees. Hollywood is powerful. I cannot imagine many people would choose out of free will for this direction and kind of life.
    What what what has them in power. Katy Perry escaped the scene. There must be people to know about it. We must help them.

  21. so where do I begin? she, and not Hilary, should be LOCKED UP……

    WHAT THE HELL is her reason for all of this? has she ever explained it??

    I hope that people everywhere will just ignore this incredibly STUPID line of clothing and the ‘philosophy’ that goes with it………

    just when you think you’ve seen it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Her husband is no longer here on this Earth to protect her from being puppetted in this manner by the elite/cabal. #she been hyjacked!
    These images are highly disturbing to say the least and she can and will destroy the minds of our future generations, it’s sad how these people get away with the evil they do each and every day…

  23. I don’t get the clue, but I never was that smart about…. was this sex maybe?
    I’m now reading a book from Paul Theroux, one of my most favorite authors: The pillars of Hercules. It’s a trip around the Medeterinian countries. He is in Sicilië and goes to Cefalú (q) ‘where the english satanis Aleister Crowley lived in the 20s and 30s. There he studied yoga and black art and wrote sad poems. He also climbed mountains (…). From his ‘confessions’, that appeared in 1970, he seems to be one of the craziest figures in recent history. (haha!) And it goes on for a while.
    Was he so powerful that now he seems a freak of fashion, among others?


      • Keep on dreaming. How can an all-powerful, all-knowing god allow evil and much suffering to exist? That god should’ve eliminated all that at the beginning. That’s not the god I want to have a relationship with.
        This is still getting off the topic.

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